76 Fallacies

The book presents the following 73 informal fallacies: Accent, Fallacy of Accident, Fallacy of Ad Hominem Ad Hominem Tu Quoque Amphiboly, Fallacy of Anecdotal Evidence, Fallacy Of Appeal to the Consequences of a Belief Appeal to Authority, ...


Author: Michael Cooper Labossiere

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Category: Philosophy

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The book presents the following 73 informal fallacies: Accent, Fallacy of Accident, Fallacy of Ad Hominem Ad Hominem Tu Quoque Amphiboly, Fallacy of Anecdotal Evidence, Fallacy Of Appeal to the Consequences of a Belief Appeal to Authority, Fallacious Appeal to Belief Appeal to Common Practice Appeal to Emotion Appeal to Envy Appeal to Fear Appeal to Flattery Appeal to Group Identity Appeal to Guilt Appeal to Novelty Appeal to Pity Appeal to Popularity Appeal to Ridicule Appeal to Spite Appeal to Tradition Appeal to Silence Appeal to Vanity Argumentum ad Hitlerum Begging the Question Biased Generalization Burden of Proof Complex Question Composition, Fallacy of Confusing Cause and Effect Confusing Explanations and Excuses Circumstantial Ad Hominem Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc Division, Fallacy of Equivocation, Fallacy of Fallacious Example Fallacy Fallacy False Dilemma Gambler's Fallacy Genetic Fallacy Guilt by Association Hasty Generalization Historian's Fallacy Illicit Conversion Ignoring a Common Cause Incomplete Evidence Middle Ground Misleading Vividness Moving the Goal Posts Oversimplified Cause Overconfident Inference from Unknown Statistics Pathetic Fallacy Peer Pressure Personal Attack Poisoning the Well Positive Ad Hominem Post Hoc Proving X, Concluding Y Psychologist's fallacy Questionable Cause Rationalization Red Herring Reification, Fallacy of Relativist Fallacy Slippery Slope Special Pleading Spotlight Straw Man Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy Two Wrongs Make a Right Victim Fallacy Weak Analogy The book contains the following three formal (deductive) fallacies: Affirming the Consequent Denying the Antecedent Undistributed Middle

Fallacies Arising from Ambiguity

So the textbooks that postulate a separate fallacy of ambiguity do actually have a case to back up their point of view. ... AMPHIBOLY Amphiboly continues to be treated as one of the 76 FALLACIES ARISING FROM AMBIGUITY.


Author: Douglas Walton

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We are happy to present to the reader the first book of our Applied Logic Series. Walton's book on the fallacies of ambiguity is firmly at the heart of practical reasoning, an important part of applied logic. There is an increasing interest in artifIcial intelligence, philosophy, psychol ogy, software engineering and linguistics, in the analysis and possible mechanisation of human practical reasoning. Continuing the ancient quest that began with Aristotle, computer scientists, logicians, philosophers and linguists are vigorously seeking to deepen our understanding of human reasoning and argumentation. Significant communities of researchers are actively engaged in developing new approaches to logic and argumentation, which are better suited to the urgent needs of today's applications. The author of this book has, over many years, made significant contributions to the detailed analysis of practical reasoning case studies, thus providing solid foundations for new and more applicable formal logical systems. We welcome Doug Walton's new book to our series.

Fallacies in Mathematics

Hence S1, S2 invert into cirlces S1, S; which also touch at I, J. They are therefore concentric circles. II. THE COMMENTARY F A L L A 0 Y. 2: Fig. 20 Fig. 21 in which the coeificieiit of b", where lc is a. 76 FALLACIES IN MATHEMATICS.


Author: E. A. Maxwell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521026407

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"Enjoyment as well as enlightenment is provided by trying to detect the fallacies, or at least by reading the solutions given by the author of this lovely little work." Science

The Fallacies and Follies of Socialist radicalism Exposed

Henry Strickland Constable. COLUMBIA LIBRARIES OFFSITE CU56691475 329.942 C76 Fallacies and follie ANNEX 329.942 - C76 BIAE NOVIEBORACI Columbia University in the City of New York. Front Cover.


Author: Henry Strickland Constable



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A Few Fallacies of the Faith

... with Christians , orthodox and hetorodox ! But , I repeat , the theory of rank and culture is a mere diversion from our main topic , and affects not its issues . man Of this Heaven - gifted man , the paragon 76 FALLACIES OF THE FAITH .


Author: Stephen Corneck Freeman




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An Exposition of Fallacies in the Hypothesis of Mr Darwin

When comparing the beautiful diversity of form , moulded upon the same plan , in the Radiata , Agassiz thus expresses himself :• Only a thinking power could devise such a plan ; 76 FALLACIES OF DARWINISM .


Author: Charles Robert Bree


ISBN: BL:A0022100526

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Cumulated Index Medicus

Failure of therapeutic compliance -- facts , fantasies and Are your patient relations good enough to attract all the J Med Soc NJ 73 ( 11 ) : 985-8 , Nov 76 fallacies ( editorial ) Joubert P. S Afr Med J 52 ( 7 ) : 254–5 , referrals you ...




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Critical Thinking for Managers

Just because someone supports a conclusion with a fallacy does not make the conclusion false, unlike what one of these people think: The Minister ... One of them is an interesting book named 76 Fallacies, by Michael LaBossiere (2013).


Author: Radu Atanasiu

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030736002

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This book discusses critical thinking as a tool for more compassionate leadership, presenting tried and tested methods for managing disagreement, for anticipating and solving problems, and for enhancing empathy. Employing a lighter tone of voice than most management books, it also shows how and when less-than-rational mechanisms such as intuition and heuristics may be efficient decision-making tools in any manager’s toolbox. Critical thinking is useful for analyzing incoming information in the context of decision-making and is crucial for structuring outgoing information in the context of persuasion. When trying to convince a client to buy a service, an executive board to fund a project, or a colleague to change a procedure, managers can use the simple step-by-step guides provided here to prepare for successful meetings and effective pitches. Managerial thinking can be steadily improved, using a structured process, especially if we learn to think about our thinking. This book guides current and would-be managers through this process of improving and metathinking, in connection with decision-making and persuasion. Using examples from business, together with research insights from Behavioral Economics and from Management and Organizational Cognition, the author illustrates common pitfalls like hidden assumptions and cognitive biases, and provides easy-to-use solutions for testing hypotheses and resolving dilemmas.

The Mind of Man

... 29 pronouns , 73 extreme range of , 2 prepositions , 76 fallacies of , 168 , 169 Want of definition of moral laws , reasoning by , 21 , 109 , 114 , 122 how it affects the mind , 6 136 , 143 relations of , 114 faith , 158 Wasp's comb ...


Author: Alfred Smee


ISBN: UOM:39015026435175

Category: Philosophy of mind

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The Mind of Man Being a Natural System of Mental Philosophy Illustrated Etc

... xlii , 188 tion are , 176 177 limited nouns in a sentence , 78 , Vision , 184 Volume , 19 79 centre of , 230 Voluntary action , 28 , 29 pronouns , 73 extreme range of , 2 prepositions , 76 fallacies of , 168 , 169 Want of definition ...


Author: Alfred SMEE (F.R.S., Surgeon to the Bank of England.)


ISBN: BL:A0025173483



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Pakistan Facts and Fallacies

Behar, 86 Bengal; —Congress and, 34 —establishment of Pakistan and, 70-76, 131, —Hindu migration to India from, 70-72, Bengladesh; see Bangladesh Bengali Language, 70 Bharat: see India, Bharatiya Bhavan, 85 Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali, ...


Author: Qadīruddīn Aḥmad


ISBN: UOM:39015027042780

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Prelude to Philosophy

... fallacies Aristotle, 104, 106, 109, 124n6, 156 art, 46-47, 46n34, 47n36, 115-16, 115n21 prooftexting and, 97-98, ... 172-78 fair use of evidence in, 175-76 fallacies and, 189 good reasoning in, 173 illumination in, 177-78 orderly ...


Author: Mark W. Foreman

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830896608

Category: Religion

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Unlike a full introduction to philosophy, Mark Foreman's book is a prelude to the subject, a prolegomenon that dispels misunderstandings and explains the rationale for engaging in philosophical reasoning. Concise and straightforward, Prelude to Philosophy is a guide for those looking to embark on the "examined life."

Critical Thinking The Art of Argument

44 Fallacy: Appeal to Pity 76 Fallacy: Appeal to Popularity 78 Editorial review has deemed that any suppressed content does not materially affect the overall learning experience. Cengage Learning reserves the right to remove additional ...


Author: George W. Rainbolt

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285969749

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With a complete, approachable presentation, CRITICAL THINKING: THE ART OF ARGUMENT, 2nd Edition, is an accessible yet rigorous introduction to critical thinking. The text emphasizes immediate application of critical thinking in everyday life and helps students apply the skills they are studying. The relevance of these skills is shown throughout the text by highlighting the advantages of basing one's decisions on a thoughtful understanding of arguments and presenting the overarching commonalities across arguments. With its conversational writing style and carefully selected examples, the book employs a consistent and unified treatment of logical form and an innovative semiformal method of standardizing arguments that illustrates the concept of logical form while maintaining a visible connection to ordinary speech. Without sacrificing accuracy or detail, the authors clearly present the material, with appropriate study tools and exercises that emphasize application rather than memorization. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Thinking Your Way to Freedom

... 99; fallacies and, 98–99; response to, 99; “Truth Is a Function of Reason and/or Evidence, Not Mathematics: Fallacy ... 93–97, 208, 210, 212; good analogies and, 93–97; practical reasoning and common fallacies and informal, 76–102.


Author: Susan T. Gardner

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592138685

Category: Education

Page: 304

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An appealing new guide to critical thinking for college students.

English Mechanic and World of Science

... Sir Wm . , 605 Fairy fountain , 76 Fallacies , watch makers ' trade , 177 Fallacy as to infinity , 36 ; logical , 352 , 353 Falsetto , 281 , 305 Fares , collecting in omnibuses , 419 Farmer's enemies , 1 Fastening : railway tires ...




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Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering

See Preventive maintenance Regression testing , 172 Reifer , Donald J. , 47-48 Reilly and Maloney , 147 Reliability , 128 , 129-132 , 133–134 , 134-139 Requirements , 31 , 65–67 , 67–76 , 132–134 Requirements - driven testing , 92–93 ...


Author: Robert L. Glass

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 0321117425

Category: Computers

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The practice of building software is a “new kid on the block” technology. Though it may not seem this way for those who have been in the field for most of their careers, in the overall scheme of professions, software builders are relative “newbies.” In the short history of the software field, a lot of facts have been identified, and a lot of fallacies promulgated. Those facts and fallacies are what this book is about. There's a problem with those facts–and, as you might imagine, those fallacies. Many of these fundamentally important facts are learned by a software engineer, but over the short lifespan of the software field, all too many of them have been forgotten. While reading Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering , you may experience moments of “Oh, yes, I had forgotten that,” alongside some “Is that really true?” thoughts. The author of this book doesn't shy away from controversy. In fact, each of the facts and fallacies is accompanied by a discussion of whatever controversy envelops it. You may find yourself agreeing with a lot of the facts and fallacies, yet emotionally disturbed by a few of them! Whether you agree or disagree, you will learn why the author has been called “the premier curmudgeon of software practice.” These facts and fallacies are fundamental to the software building field–forget or neglect them at your peril!