Traces the historical evolution of written language, public literacy, and libraries; assesses the impact of the alphabet on thought processes and memory as well as society; and analyzes the potential effects of the current erosion of ...


Author: Ivan Illich

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: IND:39000016249166

Category: Psychology

Page: 187

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Traces the historical evolution of written language, public literacy, and libraries; assesses the impact of the alphabet on thought processes and memory as well as society; and analyzes the potential effects of the current erosion of literacy on the futur

In the Vineyard of the Text

A select and annotated bibliography to support this opinion will be found in Ivan
Ilhch and Barry Sanders, ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind (San
Francisco: North Point Press, 1988), pp. 128-66. 4. This essay has been
concerned ...


Author: Ivan Illich

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226372367

Category: History

Page: 154

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In a work with profound implications for the electronic age, Ivan Illich explores how revolutions in technology affect the way we read and understand text. Examining the Didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victor, Illich celebrates the culture of the book from the twelfth century to the present. Hugh's work, at once an encyclopedia and guide to the art of reading, reveals a twelfth-century revolution as sweeping as that brought about by the invention of the printing press and equal in magnitude only to the changes of the computer age—the transition from reading as a vocal activity done in the monastery to reading as a predominantly silent activity performed by and for individuals.

Europe America and Technology Philosophical Perspectives

... gave a talk on the background and reception of that work. Brian Winston, Dean
of Penn State's School of Communications, gave an equally provocative talk on
ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind (co-authored with Barry Sanders, ...


Author: P.T. Durbin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792312546

Category: Philosophy

Page: 264

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As Europe moves toward 1992 and full economic unity, and as Eastern Europe tries to find its way in the new economic order, the United States hesitates. Will the new European economic order be good for the U.S. or not? Such a question is exacerbated by world-wide changes in the technological order, most evident in Japan's new techno-economic power. As might be expected, philosophers have been slow to come to grips with such issues, and lack of interest is compounded by different philosophical styles in different parts of the world. What this volume addresses is more a matter of conflicting styles than a substantive confrontation with the real-world issues. But there is some attempt to be concrete. The symposium on Ivan Illich - with contributions from philosophers and social critics at the Penns- vania State University, where Illich has taught for several years - may suggest the old cliche of Old World vs. New World. Illich's fulminations against technology are often dismissed by Americans as old-world-style prophecy, while Illich seems largely unknown in his native Europe. But Albert Borgmann, born in Germany though now settled in the U.S., shows that this old dichotomy is difficult to maintain in our technological world. Borgmann's focus is on urgent technological problems that have become almost painfully evident in both Europe and America.

Feeding a Thousand Souls

1987. Toward a History of Needs. Berkeley: Heyday Books. Illich, Ivan, and Barry
Sanders. 1988. ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind. San Francisco:
North Point Press. Ishimoto, Yukitaka. 2009. “Solving Infinite Kolam in Knot
Theory ...


Author: Vijaya Nagarajan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195170825

Category: Religion

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Every day millions of Tamil women in southeast India wake up before dawn to create a kolam, an ephemeral ritual design made with rice flour, on the thresholds of homes, businesses and temples. This thousand-year-old ritual welcomes and honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and alertness, and Bhudevi, the goddess of the earth. Created by hand with great skill, artistry, and mathematical precision, the kolam disappears in a few hours, borne away by passing footsteps and hungry insects. This is the first comprehensive study of the kolam in the English language. It examines its significance in historical, mathematical, ecological, anthropological, and literary contexts. The culmination of Vijaya Nagarajan's many years of research and writing on this exacting ritual practice, Feeding a Thousand Souls celebrates the experiences, thoughts, and voices of the Tamil women who keep this tradition alive.

Prophetically Incorrect

... 1982); Eric Havelock, The Literature Revolution in Greece and Its Cultural
Consequences (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1987); and Barry Sanders
and Ivan Illich, ABC: Alphabetization of the Popular Mind (New York: Vintage
Books, ...


Author: Robert H. Jr. Woods

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441212396

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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The Bible includes prophetic speech and at times the church and its representatives are called to speak prophetically. But in our media-saturated age when many claim to speak for God, how can we evaluate the avalanche of supposedly prophetic speech? What does it mean to truly be prophetic? And when Christians should speak prophetically, how can they do so in a biblical and effective way? Using vivid examples, this book offers clear guidelines for creating, critiquing, and consuming popular media, as well as practical suggestions for faithful communication. It also helps readers think critically about communication technology. The book includes a foreword by Quentin Schultze and a preface by Clifford Christians.

The Way of the Beloved

In no two places is their configuration the same. The gender contrast in speech is
just as fundamental as the contrast in phonemes, but it has barely been remarked
” (A B C: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind., 1988: p. 8). Five years later ...


Author: Robert Arsdale

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491796115

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The foundation of the Way of the Beloved is discovered in the heart of love itself, where there lives and moves a will to exaltation of the other. To truly love another is to will the spiritual ideal upon that beloved one. When there is a mutual intention to exalt infusing the daily life of a man and woman, they enter into the Way of the Beloved. This handbook is an attempt to put into book form what authors Robert and Diana Van Arsdale have been teaching to small groups of couples since 1976. Their workshops offer an ageless set of protocols for the transformation of the love relationship between a woman and a man into a path of spiritual development. Here they present an integrated body of progressive, experiential exercises and meditations that were taught originally taught by Herman Rednick. Simply stated, The Way of the Beloved teaches a couple how to actualize the potential of their relationship through the intensification of love and compassion. Designed for couples in search of spiritual and emotional exploration, this guide offers methods intended to help them realize a vision of love fulfilled.

Beitr ge zur Rezeptions und Wirkungsgeschichte der Volkserz hlung

In : Consequences of Literacy , Hg . Jack Goody and lan Watt . Comparative
Studies in Society and History V , Nr . 3 ( 1963 ) , 42-54 ; ILLICH , Ivan /
SANDERS , Barry : ABC . The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind . San
Francisco 1988 , dt . v ...


Author: Leander Petzoldt

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: IND:30000124245246

Category: Folklore

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Im vorliegenden Band wurde in einprägsamen Fallbeispielen aus neun europäischen Ländern ein breites Panorama der Wirkungsgeschichte von Volkserzählungen entworfen. Bemerkenswert ist die Vielzahl der theoretischen Zugänge, die von der ikonographischen Analyse und der altnordischen Philologie über die moderne Sagen- und Brauchforschung bis hin zur Tiefenpsychologie reichen und die gerade das besondere Gesprächsklima der interdisziplinären Symposien auf der Brunnenburg (Südtirol) ausmachen. Seit Mitte der 1980er Jahre bietet diese vom Institut für Europäische Ethnologie/Volkskunde organisierte Tagungsreihe einen Rahmen für interdisziplinären Austausch zu aktuellen, aber auch grundlegenden Fragen der Erzählforschung und verwandter Forschungsfelder.

Forthcoming Books


Author: Rose Arny


ISBN: UOM:39015033709562

Category: American literature


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Design Issues

ABC : The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind 13 _ building on the work of such
scholars as Milman Parry , Albert Lord , and Eric Havelock 1 - carries historical
archeology forward into the area of literacy , as does In the Vineyard of the Text .




ISBN: UOM:39015058305544

Category: Architectural design


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Reference Library of Jewish America International Jewish figures

For example , in his work ABC : The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind he
shows how our way of thinking has made three shifts throughout time . The first
shift that changed our ways of seeing resulted from the introduction of the
alphabet .




ISBN: 0787641812

Category: Jews, American


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A comprehensive survey of Jews in America including their history, immigration laws, education, business, language, religion, literature, art, music, and prominent people.

Ivan Illich in Conversation

Illich and Barry Sanders, ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind, North
Point Press, Berkeley, 1988 "Literacy: The Medium and the Message," Ideas,
CBC Radio, 1988. (Transcript available for $10 from Ideas Transcripts, Box 500, ...


Author: David Cayley

Publisher: House of Anansi

ISBN: 9780887848612

Category: Education

Page: 320

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For more than fifteen years, iconoclastic thinker Ivan Illich refused to be interviewed. Finally, in 1988, CBC's David Cayley persuaded Illich to record a conversation. This first interview led to additional sessoins that continued until 1992 and are now gathered in Ivan Illich in Conversation. In these fascinating conversations, which range over a wide selection of the celebrated thinker's published work and public career, Illich's brilliant mind alights on topics of great contemporary interest, including education, history, language, politics, and the church.

Books in Print

... K 240 ( 8 % 191264 JH Childs Bks . Alphabetization of the Popular Mind . Ivan
Illich & bany Sanders 1989. ... Gary Cokins . 1993. pap . 15.00 ( 0-86641-220-4
Inst Mgmt Account A.B.C. Manual For N.Y.S. Law Enforcement Personnel . 55p .


Author: Bowker Editorial Staff


ISBN: 0835235033


Page: 13800

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Becoming Beside Ourselves

A B C : The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind . San Francisco : North Point
Press . ✓ Jakobson , Roman , and Morris Halle . 1971 . Fundamentals of
Language . The Hague : Mouton . Kahn , Douglas . 1999 . Noise , Water , Meat .
Cambridge ...


Author: Brian Rotman

Publisher: Duke University Press Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131607363

Category: Computers

Page: 176

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DIVTheoretical study of the relationship between technoscience and the human body that examines the ways in which bodies and machines "speak" not just through language but also through gesture, numbers, and other non-alphabetic systems of expressio/div

Constructionist Learning

The Hague , Paris : Mouton Publishers . Illich , Ivan , and Sanders , Barry ( 1988 )
. ABC , The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind . New York : Vintage Books .
Illich , Ivan ( 1973 ) . Tools for Conviviality . London and New York : Marion
Boyars .


Author: Idit Harel


ISBN: UOM:39015062074888

Category: Cognition in children

Page: 475

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Reading in Four Dimensions

... which are too complex to be understood , are often identified piecemeal
through the back door that is the chance brain ... S . Eliot ' s Four Quartets ; the
other is Ivan Illich and Barry Sanders ' ABC : The Alphabetization of the Popular
Mind .


Author: Mary Alden Schwartzburg


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119692338

Category: Artists' books

Page: 540

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Echoes and Reflections

ABC : The alphabetization of the popular mind . New York : Vintage . Innis , H . A .
( 1949 ) . The press : A neglected factor in the economic history of the twentieth
century . London : Oxford University Press . Innis , H . A . ( 1951 ) . The bias of ...


Author: Lance Strate

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UOM:39015066785570

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 180

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The author describes the interdisciplinary, communication-centered field of media ecology, the study of media as environments, a field that encompasses the study of technology, symbol systems and aesthetic form, in addition to traditional conceptions of media and mediation. This book provides the first comprehensive overview of the field, followed by a case study concerning the relationship between modes of communication and constructions of the self.

Mirage of Modernization

Marx and Engels , Sochineniia , vol . 33 , p . 55 . 73 . Ideologicheskie protsessy ,
p . 89 . 74 . I . Illich , V . Sanders , ABC : the alphabetization of the popular mind (
New York , 1989 ) , p . 67 . 75 . Filosofiia epokhi rannikh burzhuaznykh revoliutsii


Author: Boris Kagarlitsky


ISBN: STANFORD:36105012367384

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 334

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Public Schooling in America

See American Association of State Colleges and Universities ABC : The
Alphabetization of the Popular Mind , 82 Abraham , William , 194 The Absorbent
Mind , 74 ACE . See American Council on Education ACEI . See Association for ...


Author: Richard D. Van Scotter

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015024891387

Category: Education

Page: 240

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Essays discuss desegregation, equality of educational opportunity, safety, conflicting values, school restructuring, and educational trends