A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir

Offers a reference guide to film noir, extending from relevant films from before the genre was established to contemporary neonoirs and other types of film derived from the genre.


Author: John Grant

Publisher: Limelight Editions

ISBN: 1557838313

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 765

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Offers a reference guide to film noir, extending from relevant films from before the genre was established to contemporary neonoirs and other types of film derived from the genre.

Film Noir

4 James Naremore, More than Night: Film Noir in its Contexts (Berkeley:
University of California Press, 1998), 2–3. ... Encyclopedia of Film Noir (Westport,
CT: Greenwood Press, 2000); Michael L. Stephens, Film Noir: A Comprehensive,


Author: Ian Brookes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781780933245

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

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What is film noir? With its archetypal femme fatale and private eye, its darkly-lit scenes and even darker narratives, the answer can seem obvious enough. But as Ian Brookes shows in this new study, the answer is a lot more complex than that. This book is designed to tackle those complexities in a critical introduction that takes into account the problems of straightforward definition and classification. Students will benefit from an accessible introductory text that is not just an account of what film noir is, but also an interrogation of the ways in which the term came to be applied to a disparate group of American films of the 1940s and 1950s.

Encyclopedia of Film Noir

Many low-budget noir films have disappeared from film history. Large films like
Double Indemnity, for example, benefited from Paramount's extensive financial
resources and its large network of theatres situated in prime locations throughout


Author: Geoff Mayer

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313333068

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 477

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Film noir, its directors, actors, histories, and themes, are presented for the student, scholar, and film fan.

Historical Dictionary of Film Noir

Overlook Film Encyclopedia: The Gangster Films. ... Keaney, Michael F. Film Noir
Guide: 745 Films of the Classic Era, 1940–1959. ... Stephens, Michel L. Film Noir:
A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to Movies, Terms and Persons.


Author: Andrew Spicer

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810873788

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 532

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The Historical Dictionary of Film Noir is a comprehensive guide that ranges from 1940 to present day neo-noir. It consists of a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, a filmography, and over 400 cross-referenced dictionary entries on every aspect of film noir and neo-noir, including key films, personnel (actors, cinematographers, composers, directors, producers, set designers, and writers), themes, issues, influences, visual style, cycles of films (e.g. amnesiac noirs), the representation of the city and gender, other forms (comics/graphic novels, television, and videogames), and noir's presence in world cinema. It is an essential reference work for all those interested in this important cultural phenomenon.

Out of the Past

Tom Gunning has suggested that “film noir poses a fascinating thicket for film
critics and the temptation, once one ... of Classic Film Noir or John Grant's
Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: the Essential Reference Guide.55 It
does, ...


Author: Ben Tyrer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319309422

Category: Psychology

Page: 291

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This book presents a new reading of film noir through psychoanalytic theory. In a field now dominated by Deleuzian and phenomenological approaches to film-philosophy, this book argues that, far from having passed, the time for Lacan in Film Studies is only just beginning. The chapters engage with Lacanian psychoanalysis to perform a meta-critical analysis of the writing on noir in the last seven decades and to present an original theory of criticism and historiography for the cinema. The book is also an act of mourning; for a lost past of the cinema, for a longstanding critical tradition and for film noir. It asks how we can talk about film noir when, in fact, film noir doesn’t exist. The answer starts with Lacan and a refusal to relinquish psychoanalysis. Lacanian theories of retroactivity and ontology can be read together with film history, genre and narrative to show the ways in which theory and history, past and present, cinema and psychoanalysis are fundamentally knotted together. Tyrer also explores Lacan through particular noir films, such as Double Indemnity andThe Maltese Falcon — and demonstrates the possibilities for a Lacanian Film Studies (as one that engages fully with Lacan’s entire body of work) that has hitherto not been realised.

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film

This reference provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to film and film studies, covering such aspects as production, national traditions, studios, genres, critical theory and film history.


Author: Barry Keith Grant

Publisher: Schirmer G Books

ISBN: 0028661001

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 2136

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Roll the credits... here's what you get: - Exhaustive coverage of more than 200 topics, such as Costume, Experimental Films, Film Noir, Production Design, Sound, Publicity and Promotion, Marxism, Direction, Criticism, and many others- More than 230 career profiles including Robert Alman, Ingmar Bergman, Marlon Brando, Katharine Hepburn, Steven Spielberg and many other notables- 500 photos/illustrations, 150 of which are full color.- Articles organized by category, ranging in length from 1,500 to 8,000 words- Coverage of international cinemasReaders get all this...This encyclopedia is a critical resource for film studies, or interdisciplinary approaches in English, American Studies, Women's Studies, History, Social Studies, Art, Art History and other fields, featuring articles in the following areas: Disaster Films, Merchandising, Third Cinema, Academy Awards, Cartoons, B Films, Twentieth Century Fox, Expressionism, Festivals, Queer Theory.Each signed essay is organized within a logical category - production, national traditions, studios, genre, critical theory, history and culture - and ranges in length from 1,500 to 8,000 words. Other features include a helpful list of additional resources, an index and 500 photographs/illustrations, 150 of which are full color.This ground-breaking work is as easy to use as it is comprehensive. In the eBook version, hyperlinks to individual entries are provided right from the table of contents, book index and list of illustration, making navigation and lookup fast and easy. Additionally, the eBook is fully searchable by commonly used search terms, such as keyword, entry title, full-text and imagecaptions.Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film has considerable international appeal, given the popularity of film studies worldwide and its coverage of national cinemas, including Australian cinema, Danish cinema, Italian cinema, Indian cinema, Southeast Asian cinema and many others. Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film is available in different media formats - choose from four hardcover volumes (set) or purchase it as an eBook for your Gale Virtual Reference Library.

The Art of the Storyboard

The Dark Side of the Screen: Film Noir. Da Capo Press ... The Film Encyclopedia,
Fifth Edition: The Most Comprehensive Encyclopedia of World Cinema in a
Single Volume. ... The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema. Oxford ...


Author: John Hart

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136133572

Category: Art

Page: 224

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Communicate your vision, tell your story and plan major scenes with simple, effective storyboarding techniques. Using sketches of shots from classic films, from silents to the present day, John Hart leads you through the history and evolution of this craft to help you get to grips with translating your vision onto paper, from the rough sketch to the finished storyboard. More than 150 illustrations from the author's and other storyboard artists' work illuminate the text throughout to help you master the essential components of storyboarding, such as framing, placement of figures, and camera angles. Level: Novice

The Encyclopedia of Hell

A Comprehensive Survey of the Underworld Miriam Van Scott ... DARK ANGEL:
THE ASCENT The 1994 film noir Dark Angel: The Ascent offers an imaginative
twist on modern hell movies: It depicts a brooding DEMONwho tires of torturing ...


Author: Miriam Van Scott

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466891197

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

View: 238

The Encyclopedia of Hell is a comprehensive survey of the underworld, drawing information from cultures around the globe and eras throughout history. Organized in a simple-to-use alphabetic format, entries cover representations of the dark realm of the dead in mythology, religion, works of art, opera, literature, theater, music, film, and television. Sources include African legends, Native American stories, Asian folktales, and other more obscure references, in addition to familiar infernal chronicles from Western lore. The result is a catalog of underworld data, with entries running the gamut from descriptions of grisly pits of torture to humorous cartoons lampooning the everlasting abyss. Its extensive cross-referencing also supplies links between various concepts and characters from the netherworld and provides further information on particular theories. Peruse these pages and find out for yourself what history's greatest imaginations have envisioned awaiting the wicked on the other side of the grave.

Miami Vice

Sanders is especially to be praised for his thorough and careful analysis of
production history, which provides a mine of useful ... R. Barton Palmer, author
Hollywood's Dark Cinema: The American Film Noir and Joel and Ethan Coen "
While ... He is the editor of The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film, co-editor of
The Philosophy of TV Noir, and a contributor to Film Noir: The Encyclopedia and
Blackwell's ...


Author: Steven Sanders

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814334199

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 120

View: 239

Discusses the aesthetic appeal, production history, philosophical themes, and enduring importance of the groundbreaking 1980s television series.

Robert Siodmak

A Biography, with Critical Analyses of His Films Noirs and a Filmography of All
His Works Deborah Lazaroff Alpi ... The Film Encyclopedia . ... A comprehensive
and scholarly reference , offering detailed plot summaries and critical analyses of
25 films noirs , an annotated filmography of 490 more , a listing of “ off - genre ...


Author: Deborah Lazaroff Alpi

Publisher: McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015045680207

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 406

View: 387

Trained in the German Expressionist tradition, Robert Siodmak brought a uniquely European flavor to Hollywood. Such Siodmak features as Phantom Lady, Cry of the City, and The File on Thelma Jordan contributed to the establishment of film noir as a movie genre. This study opens with a detailed biography of the director, focusing on the development and evolution of his thematic and visual style. Critical analyses of each of his noir films are next presented, as well as plot synopses and comments on the movie's place in the Siodmak canon. An exhaustive filmography of all of Siodmak's works, including those uncompleted, is then given, with full cast and credits, running time, release date, alternate titles, and studio.

Crime Films

Extending Naremore ' s argument beyond noir to theorize a continuing “ legacy of
dissidence ” linking the 1930s ... incorporate extensive entries on crime films as
well : Chris Steinbrunner and Otto Penzler ' s Encyclopedia of Mystery and ...


Author: Thomas Leitch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521646715

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 383

View: 320

This book surveys the entire range of crime films, including important subgenres such as the gangster film, the private eye film, film noir, as well as the victim film, the erotic thriller, and the crime comedy. Focusing on ten films that span the range of the twentieth century, Thomas Leitch traces the transformation of the three leading figures that are common to all crime films: the criminal, the victim and the avenger. Analyzing how each of the subgenres establishes oppositions among its ritual antagonists, he shows how the distinctions among them become blurred throughout the course of the century. This blurring, Leitch maintains, reflects and fosters a deep social ambivalence towards crime and criminals, while the criminal, victim and avenger characters effectively map the shifting relations between subgenres, such as the erotic thriller and the police film, within the larger genre of crime film that informs them all.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film

Also includes plot synopses, critiques, re-title/translation information, running times, photographs, and several cross-referenced indexes (by artist, year, song, etc.). Paperback.


Author: R. G. Young

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1557832692

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1016

View: 415

Thirty-five years in the making, and destined to be the last word in fanta-film references! This incredible 1,017-page resource provides vital credits on over 9,000 films (1896-1999) of horror, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, heavy melodrama, and film noir. Comprehensive cast lists include: directors, writers, cinematographers, and composers. Also includes plot synopses, critiques, re-title/translation information, running times, photographs, and several cross-referenced indexes (by artist, year, song, etc.). Paperback.

Film Noir

A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to Movies, Terms, and Persons Michael
L. Stephens. The Encyclopedia 10. Raymond Burr ' s performance in one of his
most chilling roles . Abandoned ( Universal , 1949 ) . 78 min . Producer : Jerry ...


Author: Michael L. Stephens

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015032510078

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 424

View: 911

Film Noir is a uniquely American genre that has stylistic links to the German expressionist cinema of the 1920s and thematic links to the hard-boiled crime fiction that emerged in the 1930s. Generally the milieu is urban and middle class, and the overall feel is one of repression and fatalism. Whether shot in black and white or color, the style reinforces the overall feel. Films, directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, art directors, themes, plot devices and many other elements are contained in this encyclopedic reference work. Each movie entry includes full filmographic data (studio, running time, production and cast credits, and plot synopsis) along with an analysis of its place in the genre. Biographical entries focus on the persons role in noir and provide a complete filmography of their film noir work. Terms are placed in the context of the genre and relevant examples from films are given.





ISBN: STANFORD:36105131561941

Category: Academic libraries


View: 109

The Best Books for Academic Libraries Language and literature

F54.574 1995 Stephens , Michael L. , Film noir : a comprehensive , illustrated
reference to movies , terms , and persons / by Michael L. Stephens . ... R49 1994
Reyes , Luis , Hispanics in Hollywood : an encyclopedia of film and television ...



Publisher: Best Books

ISBN: 0722200137

Category: Reference

Page: 1107

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Books recommended for undergraduate and college libraries listed by Library of Congress Classification Numbers.

Facets Video Encyclopedia


Author: Catherine Foley

Publisher: Academy Chicago Publishers, Limited

ISBN: IND:30000067544308

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1030

View: 348

Calling it 'a virtual cinemath'que on video', the Telluride Film Festival gave its coveted Silver Medallion award to Facets Video Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia lists more than 35,000 rare films on video, laser disc and DVD. Included are foreign, independent, classic American, silent, documentary, experimental, cult and children's films. Each is carefully described and lists director, country of origin, year and running time credits and is categorized and cross-referenced by director and country. All films are available for sale or rent from Facets Multimedia.

Make Mine a Mystery

Stephens , Michael L . Film Noir : A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference to
Movies , Terms and Persons . ... This sub - genre receives a comprehensive
treatment in an encyclopedia format that covers the directors , actors , films , plot
devices ...


Author: Gary Warren Niebuhr

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105111809591

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 605

View: 367

Presents a comprehensive guide for mystery and detective fiction, compiling over 2,500 titles from more than 200 authors and including plot overviews, a history of the genre, and a discussion on collection development.

The Film Encyclopedia 6e


Author: Ephraim Katz

Publisher: Collins Reference

ISBN: UCSD:31822037102670

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1567

View: 313

The updated sixth edition of the comprehensive film reference features more than 7,500 alphabetically organized entries on the artistic, technical, and commercial aspects of movies, including style, genres, actors and actresses, directors, producers, and motion picture studios. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Gangster Films

A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to People, Films, and Terms Michael L.
Stephens. 335 SELECTED ... The Encyclopedia of Film . New York : Perigee ...
Ottoson , Robert . A Reference Guide to the American Film Noir , 1940 – 1958 .


Author: Michael L. Stephens

Publisher: McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015037815860

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 377

View: 109

The conventions of gangster movies have become well known: the gum-chewing moll, the kiss of death, incorruptible G-men and well-dressed gangsters toting machine guns. The genre was first popularized in the silent era and has continued with such contemporary releases as Billy Bathgate and Bugsy. Films, actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, plot devices, themes and more are included in this encyclopedic reference work to gangster films. For people, there are biographical sketches that focus on their work in gangster films. The film entries include year of release, distributor, cast and production credits, and a brief synopsis. Terms are placed in the context of the genre, with relevant examples from gangster films given.

Walford s Guide to Reference Material Generalia language and literature the arts

[ 4619 ) HARRIS , S . Film , television and stage music on phonograph records : a
discography . Jefferson , NC ... 0ANI [ 4628 ] LENBURG , J . Encyclopedia of
animated cartoons . Rev . ed . ... 0 Film noir [ 4631 ) STEPHENS , M . L . Film noir
: a comprehensive , illustrated reference to movies , terms and persons .
Jefferson ...


Author: Albert John Walford

Publisher: London : Library Association Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015045611525

Category: Reference

Page: 1186

View: 412

From its first edition the purpose of Walford has been to identify and evaluate the widest possible range of reference materials. No rigid definition of reference is applied. In addition to the expected bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and directories, a number of important textbooks and manuals of general practice are included. While the majority of the items are books, Walford is a guide to reference material. Thus periodical articles, microforms, online and CD-ROM sources are all represented. In this volume a particular effort has been made to improve coverage of the latter two categories.