A Meditation on Murder

An exciting and enchanting crime thriller from the from the creator of the hit TV series, Death in Paradise. Praise for Robert Thorogood‘I love Robert Thorogood’s writing’ Peter James ‘An utter delight’ Heat


Author: Robert Thorogood

Publisher: Canelo

ISBN: 9781788631228

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 555

The first instalment of the Death in Paradise Mysteries, perfect for fans of Caroline Graham and Agatha Christie DI Richard Poole has been seconded from London to the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Marie. More comfortable in woollen suits than short-sleeved shirts, he’s struggling to adapt to his new home. But this paradise is about to get deadly. When self-appointed guru Aslan Kennedy gets murdered in his spiritual retreat for wealthy holidaymakers, it’s down to DI Poole to find the killer. The murder took place in a locked room with five other people inside, and when someone confesses, it seems an open and shut case. But DI Poole knows the facts just don’t add up, and there is more to the mystery than meets the eye.... A Meditation on Murder is the first in the Death in Paradise Mysteries, from the creator of the hit TV series, Death in Paradise. ‘I love Robert Thorogood’s writing’ Peter James ‘Fans of Agatha Christie style BBC drama Death in Paradise will enjoy this book from the show’s creator’ Mail On Sunday ‘An utter delight’ Heat A Death in Paradise Mystery Meditation on Murder Killing of Polly Carter Death Knocks Twice

The Girl in Saskatoon

As Sharon Butala writes, all of Saskatoon “came to a stop,” stunned by the brutal death of an attractive young woman who was a graduate nurse and had been crowned a beauty queen in local pageants.


Author: Sharon Butala

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9781443402880

Category: True Crime

Page: 224

View: 325

In 1961, Alexandra Wiwcharuk was found murdered on the banks of the Saskatchewan River. As Sharon Butala writes, all of Saskatoon “came to a stop,” stunned by the brutal death of an attractive young woman who was a graduate nurse and had been crowned a beauty queen in local pageants. The murder became a touchstone moment for Saskatoon. More than 40 years later, it still haunts the residents, especially those who, like Butala, were Alexandra’s friends. Compelled by her memories of Alex and her time, Butala returns to that still-unsolved murder. In The Girl in Saskatoon—a title taken from a song that Johnny Cash sang to Alex at a concert only months before her death—she faces the horror of those past events to create a portrait of friendship and remembrance, of a time when life appeared so much simpler. Written in Butala’s intimate, eloquent style, The Girl in Saskatoon is at once an in-depth investigation of a tragic death, a nostalgic coming-of-age story and an exploration of the nature of good and evil.


Baldwin ' s metaphysics , his grandiloquence , arise from a quite different place
than that obliged by the tale of murder . His “ sermon ” is not a meditation on the
hereafter , but on the here and now ; not an apologetic paean to death but a ...


Author: Sara Louise Knox


ISBN: IND:30000056856655

Category: Social Science

Page: 283

View: 395

An analysis of American murder narratives across a number of genres including novels, sociological texts and true crime accounts.

Bloody Murder

If Jay's zombified characters cannot die, then, by extension, they cannot be
murdered. Consequently, My So-Called Death can be read as a meditation on
the status of murder in a posthuman, posthomicide age. Together with adding
important ...


Author: Michelle Ann Abate

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421408415

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

View: 616

Given the long-standing belief that children ought to be shielded from disturbing life events, it is surprising to see how many stories for kids involve killing. Bloody Murder is the first full-length critical study of this pervasive theme of murder in children’s literature. Through rereadings of well-known works, such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, and The Outsiders, Michelle Ann Abate explores how acts of homicide connect these works with an array of previously unforeseen literary, social, political, and cultural issues. Topics range from changes in the America criminal justice system, the rise of forensic science, and shifting attitudes about crime and punishment to changing cultural conceptions about the nature of evil and the different ways that murder has been popularly presented and socially interpreted. Bloody Murder adds to the body of inquiry into America's ongoing fascination with violent crime. Abate argues that when narratives for children are considered along with other representations of homicide in the United States, they not only provide a more accurate portrait of the range, depth, and variety of crime literature, they also alter existing ideas about the meaning of violence, the emotional appeal of fear, and the cultural construction of death and dying.

Murder on the Trans Siberian Express

Rostnikov thought the younger detective was in serious need of a change of
scenery. It would probably be snowing in Siberia. He could spend hours looking
out at mountains, losing himself in a meditation he would not recognize as
meditation ...


Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky


ISBN: 9783958593480

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 868

A century-old mystery takes Rostnikov halfway around the world. In the waning days of the Russian Empire, the Czar inked a secret treaty with Japan that was stolen en route by one of the workmen on the Trans-Siberian Railway. More than a one hundred years later, the Soviet Union has gone the way of the Czardom, and police inspector Porfiry Rostnikov is trying to find his way in the Russia of Vladimir Putin. A large amount of money is being sent from Odessa to Vladivostok to purchase a mysterious Czarist document, and Rostnikov's superior believes it may be this long-lost treaty. Eastbound ticket in hand, Rostnikov sets out to investigate. Meanwhile, his subordinates in Moscow tackle a female Jack the Ripper and an anti-Semitic punk rocker whose mob connections may have gotten him kidnapped. It's a brave new world in western Russia, but where Rostnikov is going, the landscape hasn't changed in centuries. About the Author. Stuart M. Kaminsky (1934-2009) was one of the most prolific crime fiction authors of the last four decades. Born in Chicago, he spent his youth immersed in pulp fiction and classic cinema - two forms of popular entertainment which he would make his life's work. After college and a stint in the army, Kaminsky wrote film criticism and biographies of the great actors and directors of Hollywood's Golden Age. In 1977, when a planned biography of Charlton Heston fell through, Kaminsky wrote Bullet for a Star, his first Toby Peters novel, beginning a fiction career that would last the rest of his life. Kaminsky penned twenty-four novels starring the detective, whom he described as "the anti-Philip Marlowe." In 1981's Death of a Dissident, Kaminsky debuted Moscow police detective Porfiry Rostnikov, whose stories were praised for their accurate depiction of Soviet life. His other two series starred Abe Lieberman, a hardened Chicago cop, and Lew Fonseca, a process server. In all, Kaminsky wrote more than sixty novels. He died in St. Louis in 2009. Review quote. "Kaminsky stands out as a subtle historian, unobtrusively but entertainingly weaving into the story itself what people were wearing, eating, driving, and listening to on the radio. A page-turning romp." - Booklist. "If you like your mysteries Sam Spade tough, with tongue-in-cheek and a touch of the theatrical, then the Toby Peters series is just your ticket." - Houston Chronicle. "For anyone with a taste for old Hollywood B-movie mysteries, Edgar winner Kaminsky offers plenty of nostalgic fun . . . The tone is light, the pace brisk, the tongue firmly in cheek." - Publishers Weekly. "Marvelously entertaining." - Newsday. "Makes the totally wacky possible . . . Peters [is] an unblemished delight." - Washington Post. "The Ed McBain of Mother Russia." - Kirkus Reviews.

How to Bury Your Spouse Without Committing Murder

One suggestion when starting a meditation practice is to find a simple mantra. As
simple as “OM,” which was mentioned twice in this book. Another mantra that is
good for beginners is: SA, TA, NA, MA. Hold the mala bead next to the guru bead


Author: Divorce Buddha

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982205157

Category: Religion

Page: 146

View: 132

Are you going through a divorce? Do you sometimes wish that you could bury your spouse? If so, this book is for you. But this book is not actually about burying your spouse. Rather, it is about showing you how to bury the suffering you associate with your spouse, and we are going to show you how to do it with our unique strategy.

Murder in Passy

“Xavierre's murder's not your fault, or your responsibility,” René said. “But I owe
Morbier,” she said, biting ... Saj, their parttime hacker, had gone on a wellearned
vacation: a meditation retreat in southern India. René said. “He's at the ashram in


Author: Cara Black

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 9781569478868

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 494

The eleventh Aimée Leduc investigation set in Paris Business is booming for Parisian private investigator Aimée Leduc. But she finds time to do a favor for her godfather, Commissaire Morbier, who asks her to drop by the gorgeous Passy home of his girlfriend, Xavierre d’Eslay, a haut bourgeois matron of Basque origin. Xavierre has been so busy with her daughter’s upcoming wedding that she has stopped taking Morbier’s calls, and he’s worried something serious is going on. When Aimée crashes the rehearsal dinner, Xavierre is discovered strangled in her own yard, and circumstantial evidence makes Morbier the prime suspect. To vindicate her godfather, Aimée must find the real killer. Her investigation leads her to police corruption, radical Basque terrorists, and a kidnapped Spanish princess.

Murder at Monticello

Rare moments bring forth a meditation on spirituality, philosophy, and the
meaning of life. But the backbeat, the pulse, the percussion of exchange, was, is,
and ever shall be gossip. Today gossip reached a crescendo. Mrs. Hogendobber


Author: Rita Mae Brown

Publisher: Crimeline

ISBN: 0553898639

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 457

Mrs. Murphy digs into Virginia history—and gets her paws on a killer. The most popular citizen of Virginia has been dead for nearly 170 years. That hasn't stopped the good people of tiny Crozet, Virginia, from taking pride in every aspect of Thomas Jefferson's life. But when an archaeological dig of the slave quarters at Jefferson's home, Monticello, uncovers a shocking secret, emotions in Crozet run high—dangerously high. The stunning discovery at Monticello hints a hidden passions and age-old scandals. As postmistress Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and some of Crozet's Very Best People try to learn the identity of a centuries-old skeleton—and the reason behind the murder—Harry's tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy, and her canine and feline friends attempt to sniff out a modern-day killer. Mrs. Murphy and corgi Tee Tucker will stick their paws into the darker mysteries of human nature to solve murders old and new—before curiosity can kill the cat—and Harry Haristeen. From the Paperback edition.

Murder Simply Stitched

“Caroline will begin with a meditation about the sad passing of our friend and
fellow trustee Wanda Hunt.” Caroline cleared her throat. “I thought of this
passage as soon as I heard the news." She recited a portion of the Rime of the
Ancient ...


Author: Isabella Alan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101638415

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 891

When Angela Braddock enters her quilts in an Amish auction, she never expects one of her neighbors to end up going, going, gone.... Angie is finding her niche as the new owner of her late aunt’s Amish quilt shop, Running Stitch. But as the summer is winding down, so is business. To bolster support for the shop, Angie decides to sell her quilts in the Rolling Brook Amish Auction, including some of her aunt’s most prized works. The quilts promise to be a hit—but the gavel comes down on the lively event when Angie stumbles upon the body of township trustee Wanda Hunt behind a canning shed. The cause of death: a poisoned blueberry fry pie from Rachel Miller’s bakery table. Now Angie’s closest friend is a murder suspect. With Angie taking the lead, she and the other women of her aunt’s quilting circle set out to patch together the clues and stop a killer set on shredding the simple peace of Rolling Brook. Includes Quilting Tips!


The author chronicles the brutal rape and murder of her aunt in a collage of hard-hitting poems, Jane's actual diaries, dream accounts, and documentary sources, reconstructing the traumatic event and its long legacy within the author's ...


Author: Maggie Nelson

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 9781932360714

Category: Poetry

Page: 224

View: 813

The author chronicles the brutal rape and murder of her aunt in a collage of hard-hitting poems, Jane's actual diaries, dream accounts, and documentary sources, reconstructing the traumatic event and its long legacy within the author's family. Original.

A Mind for Murder

“Ellen, there's no hocus-pocus involved in meditation,” I told her firmly. “It just
relaxes you.” I was projecting more ease than I felt about the project—I needed
some company in this adventure. In the end she agreed to come, but only
because it ...


Author: Noreen Renier

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 1612830021

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 280

View: 737

The only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. From the discovery and development of her unique talents to becoming a respected figure in the police community, this is the true account of Noreen Renier's remarkable life and career. Included here are the stories of:Her prediction of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.The client who was a professional mercenary.The police officer suspected of being a rapist and murderer.Her involvement in the Laci Peterson murder (she told the police where to find the body)A Mind for Murder has all the elements of true crime, memoir, and psychic mystery.

Cinema of Outsiders

A meditation on violence, inspired by the real and infused with the surreal, it's
loosely based on an actual incident in which a marine was arrested for murdering
his wife and burying her in the Mojave Desert. The murder represents an ...


Author: Emanuel Levy

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814752890

Category: Social Science

Page: 601

View: 209

A Los Angeles Times Bestseller The most important development in American culture of the last two decades is the emergence of independent cinema as a viable alternative to Hollywood. Indeed, while Hollywood's studios devote much of their time and energy to churning out big-budget, star-studded event movies, a renegade independent cinema that challenges mainstream fare continues to flourish with strong critical support and loyal audiences. Cinema of Outsiders is the first and only comprehensive chronicle of contemporary independent movies from the late 1970s up to the present. From the hip, audacious early works of maverick David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, and Spike Lee, to the contemporary Oscar-winning success of indie dynamos, such as the Coen brothers (Fargo), Quentin Tarentino (Pulp Fiction), and Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade), Levy describes in a lucid and accessible manner the innovation and diversity of American indies in theme, sensibility, and style. Documenting the socio-economic, political and artistic forces that led to the rise of American independent film, Cinema of Outsiders depicts the pivotal role of indie guru Robert Redford and his Sundance Film Festival in creating a showcase for indies, the function of film schools in supplying talent, and the continuous tension between indies and Hollywood as two distinct industries with their own structure, finance, talent and audience. Levy describes the major cycles in the indie film movement: regional cinema, the New York school of film, African-American, Asian American, gay and lesbian, and movies made by women. Based on exhaustive research of over 1,000 movies made between 1977 and 1999, Levy evaluates some 200 quintessential indies, including Choose Me, Stranger Than Paradise, Blood Simple, Blue Velvet, Desperately Seeking Susan, Slacker, Poison, Reservoir Dogs, Gas Food Lodging, Menace II Society, Clerks, In the Company of Men, Chasing Amy, The Apostle, The Opposite of Sex, and Happiness. Cinema of Outsiders reveals the artistic and political impact of bold and provocative independent movies in displaying the cinema of "outsiders"-the cinema of the "other America."

How Now Butterfly

This book is a meditation on grief, loss, and forgiveness unlike any other. It’s also an inspirational story of a true survivor. How Now, Butterfly? is a haunting memoir that no reader will soon forget.


Author: Charity Lee

Publisher: WildBlue Press

ISBN: 9781948239639

Category: True Crime

Page: 306

View: 709

A mother recounts her unthinkable experience after her thirteen-year-old son murders his little sister—and her struggle to emerge from devastation. Losing a young daughter to murder is the worst nightmare that a mother could possibly imagine—but what if the killer was her son? Charity Lee was thrust into this unimaginable situation when her thirteen-year-old son, Paris, murdered her beloved four-year-old daughter, Ella. Charity goes through intense grief at the loss of her daughter, while at the same time trying to understand why her son would have done something as horrific as this, and how she could have missed the signs that Paris was a true psychopath. While barely holding herself together throughout her intense grief, Charity is still a mother and feels a need to advocate for her son to receive appropriate treatment while incarcerated, while at the same time trying to ensure he stays in prison so he can never hurt someone again. Charity still loves her son and craves a connection with him despite all he has done. Because of her experiences, she rebuilds her life and starts a non-profit to help other families of victims, as well as offenders. This book is a meditation on grief, loss, and forgiveness unlike any other. It’s also an inspirational story of a true survivor. How Now, Butterfly? is a haunting memoir that no reader will soon forget.

Bigger Than Life

For his daughter, Dinah Lenney, the loss sparked a self-reckoning that led to this candid memoir that is by turns funny and sad, frustrating and fulfilling.


Author: Dinah Lenney

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

ISBN: UCSD:31822035685163

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 227

View: 178

When Nelson Gross was killed by a couple of teenagers in a botched abduction and robbery, the murder shook his family in predictable and terrible ways. For his daughter, Dinah Lenney, the loss sparked a self-reckoning that led to this candid memoir that is by turns funny and sad, frustrating and fulfilling.

Murder in Clichy

“Next time, Aimée, be open to the divining board; that's a form of meditation.” Like
a large wooden ouija board, the divining board stood near the all-seeing divine
eye, the Cao Dai's symbol, a huge globelike eyeball suspended over the altar.


Author: Cara Black

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 9781569477236

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 124

A botched assignment leaves Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc in possession of a cache of priceless Vietnamese jade. The jade’s history is steeped in colonial bloodshed—and someone is willing to spill even more blood to get it back Private investigator Aimée Leduc has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner, René Friant. He urges her to learn to meditate: she could use a more healthful approach to life. The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aimée to attain her goal, so when she asks Aimée for a favor—to go to the Clichy quartier to exchange an envelope for a package—René prompts Aimée to agree. But the intended recipient, Thadée Baret, is shot and dies in Aimée’s arms before the transaction can be completed, leaving Aimée with a wounded arm, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of ancient jade artifacts. Whoever killed Baret wants the jade. The RG—the French secret service—a group of veterans of the war in Indochina and some wealthy ex-colonials and international corporations seeking oil rights are all implicated. And the nun, Linh, has disappeared. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Murder Without Motive

PRAISE FOR MARTIN MCKENZIE-MURRAY ‘Penetrating and insightful … one of the most cogent and persuasive aspects of A Murder Without Motive is [McKenzie-Murray's] candid and forensic analysis of the youth culture of the northern-suburbs ...


Author: Martin McKenzie-Murray

Publisher: Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925307511

Category: True Crime

Page: 240

View: 470

SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2016 NED KELLY AWARDS, BEST TRUE CRIME CATEGORY In 2004, the body of a young Perth woman was found on the grounds of a primary school. Her name was Rebecca Ryle. The killing would mystify investigators, lawyers, and psychologists – and profoundly rearrange the life of the victim's family. It would also involve the author’s family, because his brother knew the man charged with the murder. For years, the two had circled each other suspiciously, in a world of violence, drugs, and rotten aspirations. A Murder Without Motive is a police procedural, a meditation on suffering, and an exploration of how the different parts of the justice system make sense of the senseless. It is also a unique memoir: a mapping of the suburbs that the author grew up in, and a revelation of the dangerous underbelly of adolescent ennui. PRAISE FOR MARTIN MCKENZIE-MURRAY ‘Penetrating and insightful … one of the most cogent and persuasive aspects of A Murder Without Motive is [McKenzie-Murray's] candid and forensic analysis of the youth culture of the northern-suburbs badlands and the “swell of casual violence and unripe, immature masculinity” he believed silently festered in these young people.’ The West Australian ‘I can’t think of a better, more literate and perceptive reporter.’ ABC Radio National

Daniel Webster and the Salem Murder

However, upon a little further explanation and meditation, he agreed to the
request with the same good grace with which he afterward went to his task. He
made himself master of all that my friend could communicate, and before
daybreak was ...


Author: Howard A. Bradley

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781584777274

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 230

View: 519

Reprint of the sole edition. "This is the story of a famous murder...and of the trials of John Francis Knapp and of Joseph Jenkins Knapp. It is also the story of the part Daniel Webster played in those trials. His summation in one of those trials is thought by some to be the greatest ever delivered in America.": Introduction [9].

Blood Will Out The True Story of a Murder a Mystery and a Masquerade

—NANCY ROMMELMANN Oregonian “Blood Will Out is a sharp meditation on
Kirn's friendship with Rockefeller, Rockefeller's trial and eventual conviction, and
the nature of belief in this day and age. . . . A book that shifts the way you see the


Author: Walter Kirn

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780871407337

Category: True Crime

Page: 352

View: 383

A USA Today Top 10 Best Book of Winter 2014 "Equals Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood as a nonfiction novel of crime.”—Gerald Bartell, San Francisco Chronicle In the summer of 1998, Walter Kirn—then an aspiring novelist struggling with impending fatherhood and a dissolving marriage—set out on a peculiar, fateful errand: to personally deliver a crippled hunting dog from his home in Montana to the New York apartment of one Clark Rockefeller, a secretive young banker and art collector who had adopted the dog over the Internet. Thus began a fifteen-year relationship that drew Kirn deep into the fun-house world of an outlandish, eccentric son of privilege who ultimately would be unmasked as a brazen serial impostor, child kidnapper, and brutal murderer. Kirn's one-of-a-kind story of being duped by a real-life Mr. Ripley takes us on a bizarre and haunting journey from the posh private clubrooms of Manhattan to the hard-boiled courtrooms and prisons of Los Angeles. As Kirn uncovers the truth about his friend, a psychopath masquerading as a gentleman, he also confronts hard truths about himself. Why, as a writer of fiction, was he susceptible to the deception of a sinister fantasist whose crimes, Kirn learns, were based on books and movies? What are the hidden psychological links between the artist and the con man? To answer these and other questions, Kirn attends his old friend’s murder trial and uses it as an occasion to reflect on both their tangled personal relationship and the surprising literary sources of Rockefeller's evil. This investigation of the past climaxes in a tense jailhouse reunion with a man whom Kirn realizes he barely knew—a predatory, sophisticated genius whose life, in some respects, parallels his own and who may have intended to take another victim during his years as a fugitive from justice: Kirn himself. Combining confessional memoir, true crime reporting, and cultural speculation, Blood Will Out is a Dreiser-esque tale of self-invention, upward mobility, and intellectual arrogance. It exposes the layers of longing and corruption, ambition and self-delusion beneath the Great American con.

An American Dictionary of the English Language

MURDER - OUS , a . 1 . Guilty of murder . 2 . Consisting in raw material from
which loaf and lump sugar are premurder ; done with murder . 3 . Committing
murder . 4 . cured by refining . Premeditating murder . - Syn . Bloody ; sanguinary
; blood ...


Author: Noah Webster


ISBN: NYPL:33433038556696

Category: English language


View: 900

Murder at Moot Point

So he would walk into Chinook, mind you at his age, along the beach, and eat
hot beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy and wash them down with
chocolate malteds. Sometimes, when she was at a group meditation or whatever,


Author: Marlys Millhiser

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504010245

Category: Fiction

Page: 262

View: 233

Hollywood agent Charlie Greene gets tangled up in a world of holistic intervention, out-of-body experiences, and murder in this thrilling paranormal mystery Hollywood literary agent and single mother Charlie Greene heads out of town to fog-bound Moot Point, Oregon, to meet a client, reclusive New Age author Jack Monroe. But Charlie barely has time to sample a veggie meal and bond with Jack’s bronze Buddha statue before she runs into trouble: Local gossip Georgette Glick and her Schwinn bicycle have just been found under the wheels of Charlie’s Toyota—which makes Charlie the prime suspect in Georgette’s murder. Luckily, Moot Point sheriff Bennett discovers that Glick was shot, not run over, so Charlie is in the clear. But there are still too many unanswered questions. Who delivered the fatal bullet to Glick’s head? And why was the seventy-eight-year-old riding her bike on a night with zero visibility in the first place? Alongside Sheriff Bennett, whose interest in Charlie seems decidedly more than professional, she resolves to find the murderer among the town’s eccentrics, who include the suspiciously nongrieving widower, a holistic veterinarian, the victim’s terrified neighbor, and a Byronic artist whose painting of a century-old local shipwreck matches the one in Charlie’s recent nightmares. With the killer still at large, Charlie may be tempting an out-of-body experience of her own in this quirky and suspenseful novel.