A Professor s Work

Professor. The. Aloof,. Involved,. Selfish,. Concerned,. Indefatigable. Drone. Here
I was at Dayton Airport, waiting for a flight to San Francisco and the ... It was the
beginning of what was to be a year-long study of a university professor's work.


Author: Matthew Melko

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761812172

Category: Education

Page: 257

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A Professor's Work attempts to clear up questions about the role of the college professor in society by providing a field study of what a professor actually does. The author organizes a year of his work and his colleagues into an overview of a years teaching, research, and service. The first section describes the service work, including a depiction of the search for a new faculty member, and a committee that investigated the appearance of extremely large general educational classes. Then the teaching section focuses on the teaching and evaluation of a single course, and the dealing with problems encountered by the wide variety of students who attend an urban university. Finally, the research section exposes the relationship of writing and publishing to the conflicts and interactions of scholars and with the impact the study had on the university community. The author also includes a representation of community activities, the relationship of a professor's work to his family life, and an evaluation of professors studied against two theoretical models of professional behavior and activity.

Professing to Learn

Professors' learning as part of professors' work: Professors' work requires that
they learn. The work in which professors engage—teaching, research, outreach,
and service—involves acts of cognition, of knowing, for to do the work is to get to


Author: Anna Neumann

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801896408

Category: Education

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Research, teaching, service, and public outreach—all are aspects of being a tenured professor. But this list of responsibilities is missing a central component: actual scholarly learning—disciplinary knowledge that faculty teach, explore in research, and share with the academic community. How do professors pursue such learning when they must give their attention as well to administrative and other obligations? Professing to Learn explores university professors’ scholarly growth and learning in the years immediately following the award of tenure, a crucial period that has a lasting impact on the academic career. Some launch from this point to multiple accomplishments and accolades, while others falter, their academic pursuits stalled. What contributes to these different outcomes? Drawing on interviews with seventy-eight professors in diverse disciplines and fields at five major American research universities, Anna Neumann describes how tenured faculty shape and disseminate their own disciplinary knowledge while attending committee meetings, grading exams, holding office hours, administering programs and departments, and negotiating with colleagues. By exploring the intellectual activities pursued by these faculty and their ongoing efforts to develop and define their academic interests, Professing to Learn directs the attention of higher education professionals and policy makers to the core aim of higher education: the creation of academic knowledge through research, teaching, and service. -- Peter Grabe

Faculty Work and the Public Good

Similar motives can be seen underlying a range of voluntary organizations of
professors. ContInGent eMPloyMent AnD GIVInG ABoVe AnD BeyonD one'S
PlACe For many years scholars have focused on the systematic increase in the ...


Author: Genevieve G. Shaker

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807773512

Category: Education

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At a time when faculty roles are under great scrutiny and faculty work itself has an uncertain future, this book offers a new approach to examining academic professionalism. This collection of essays applies a philanthropic lens to contemporary debates and considers academic work completed out of a moral responsibility to the public good. It provides a counterpoint to narrow conceptions of appropriate faculty work as limited to the production of credit hours and research dollars and offers evidence that faculty can have a wider role both within and beyond the “ivory tower.” By examining faculty members’ many contributions, not only to students but to society-at-large, Faculty Work and the Public Good provides an alternate perspective on America’s colleges and universities that will help preserve and expand professorial contributions to the public good. Although not all faculty are philanthropically inclined, highlighting those who are will help preserve valuable aspects of faculty work and encourage more such contributions to society. This volume is an essential read for higher education policymakers, trustees, and administrators; students and scholars of higher education and philanthropy; and individual faculty concerned about their profession. Contributors: Ann E. Austin, J. Herman Blake, Dwight F. Burlingame, Denise Mott DeZolt, Sean Gehrke, Audrey J. Jaeger, Adrianna Kezar, Jia G. Liang, Elizabeth Lynn, Michael Moody, Emily L. Moore, Thomas F. Nelson-Laird, Jason F. Perkins, William M. Plater, Gary Rhoades, R. Eugene Rice, John Saltmarsh, Lorilee R. Sandmann, Paul Shaker, Marty Sulek, William G. Tierney, Richard C. Turner “The contributors to this volume provide unique insights into this under-appreciated but significant dimension of academic work and culture.” —Jack H. Schuster, professor emeritus, education and public policy, senior research fellow, Claremont Graduate University “Provides a powerful rationale for broadening the definition of what are the valued contributions faculty members can make to their institutions, disciplines, and the public at large” —Judith M. Gappa, professor emerita, Purdue University

So You Want to Be a Professor

any work belonging to others, I would be only too glad to attribute this in future
editions. In the end, candor and honesty and ... As with other salaried people, you
the professor are never “off duty.” Professors are “on the job” all the time.


Author: P. Aarne Vesilind

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452263397


Page: 208

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Maybe you'd like to combine the two loves of your life, teaching and scholarship, and perhaps build a satisfying and profitable academic career, but you're not sure if this is really what you want or how to go about it. Or maybe you've made up your mind but need some good advice on how to succeed. If so, this book is written for you. So You Want To Be a Professor begins with a discussion of jobs in academia and how to find them. Chapters cover a wide range of political skills for future academic success, including lecturing, organizing a course, meeting your first class, testing, maintaining a research program, and writing for publication. No other book provides such a practical overview of essential career-building skills. Even junior faculty will benefit from the advice in this engaging, comprehensive book.

Teaching in Social Work

White privilege and male privilege: A personal account of coming to see
correspondences through work in women's studies. ... Trends in student–faculty
ratios and the use of non-tenure-track faculty in MSW programs. ... A professor's


Author: Jeane W. Anastas

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231520935

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Drawing from her extensive classroom and field experience, Jeane W. Anastas merges the "practice wisdom" of today's social work educators with contemporary theories on instruction and learning. Built around a teacher- and student-in-situation framework, Teaching in Social Work examines the effect of social issues, professional norms and needs, and various educational settings on the interactions among educators, students, and the subjects they learn. The result is a singular volume that focuses specifically on teaching within the field of social work, identifying the factors that result in effective educational outcomes. Anastas draws on the theories and selected research findings of higher education and social work education literature. She illuminates the critical aspects of teaching and learning as an adult, the best uses of different modalities of instruction, and the issues of diversity that influence all aspects of teaching and learning. Her book includes guest-authored chapters on field learning and the latest advances in teaching technology. It also engages with ethics, teaching and learning assessments, and faculty work in full-time social work education.

Independence Social and Study Strategies for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The daunting task of meeting individually with a professor for the first time is
easier when students are aware of different ways to approach the conversation.
Similarly, working on techniques for communicating with professors using email ...


Author: Amy Rutherford

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784500603

Category: Education

Page: 232

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The BASICS College Curriculum presents a hands-on approach to learning essential life and study skills for college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book focuses on the transition to college, developing key academic skills, navigating campus social life, and living away from home for the first time. Ideal as a textbook for ASD college programs and suitable for students to use for self-study, it teaches independence skills, self-advocacy, organization, stress management, and social skills. Each chapter has a lesson-based progressive structure, providing valuable information and advice for the student, useful diagrams, practical exercises and workbook components that can be filled in at home or in class. Self-assessment tools ensure the skills from each chapter can be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

Coping with Faculty Stress

In sum , Type A professors can be characterized as overly competitive achievers ,
aggressive , fast working , impatient ... in life besides work , not easily irritated ,
working steadily , seldom lacking time , not preoccupied with social achievement


Author: Walter H. Gmelch

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0803949707

Category: Education

Page: 85

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This useful book outlines the chief forms and major causes of academic stress. Practical advice shows how to distinguish negative from positive stress and how to deal with negative stressors in life and at work. The book includes exercises to help the academic understand how stress affects him or her, as well as forms to help design programmes for coping with stress.

The Professor Is In

The definitive career guide for grad students, adjuncts, post-docs and anyone else eager to get tenure or turn their Ph.D. into their ideal job Each year tens of thousands of students will, after years of hard work and enormous amounts of ...


Author: Karen Kelsky

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: 9780553419436

Category: Education

Page: 448

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The definitive career guide for grad students, adjuncts, post-docs and anyone else eager to get tenure or turn their Ph.D. into their ideal job Each year tens of thousands of students will, after years of hard work and enormous amounts of money, earn their Ph.D. And each year only a small percentage of them will land a job that justifies and rewards their investment. For every comfortably tenured professor or well-paid former academic, there are countless underpaid and overworked adjuncts, and many more who simply give up in frustration. Those who do make it share an important asset that separates them from the pack: they have a plan. They understand exactly what they need to do to set themselves up for success. They know what really moves the needle in academic job searches, how to avoid the all-too-common mistakes that sink so many of their peers, and how to decide when to point their Ph.D. toward other, non-academic options. Karen Kelsky has made it her mission to help readers join the select few who get the most out of their Ph.D. As a former tenured professor and department head who oversaw numerous academic job searches, she knows from experience exactly what gets an academic applicant a job. And as the creator of the popular and widely respected advice site The Professor is In, she has helped countless Ph.D.’s turn themselves into stronger applicants and land their dream careers. Now, for the first time ever, Karen has poured all her best advice into a single handy guide that addresses the most important issues facing any Ph.D., including: -When, where, and what to publish -Writing a foolproof grant application -Cultivating references and crafting the perfect CV -Acing the job talk and campus interview -Avoiding the adjunct trap -Making the leap to nonacademic work, when the time is right The Professor Is In addresses all of these issues, and many more.

Multilingualism at Work

student but was not quite sure about his latest choice, and would see the
professor as a mentor er who could help me and who is here to help me. Int: hmm
P: And er well, he had it, like, when one wants it that way, is also so
straightforward, ...


Author: Bernd Meyer

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027219299

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 274

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This volume focuses on work situations in Europe, North America and South-Africa, such as academic, medical and public sector, or business settings, in which participants have to make constant use of more than one language to cooperate with partners, clients, or colleagues. Central questions are how the social and linguistic organization of work is adapted to the necessity of using different languages and how multilingualism impinges on the communicative outcome of different types of discourse or genres. Thus, the authors are all interested in multilingual practices 'at work', which is to say how different forms of multilingual communication are managed, flexibly adjusted to, acquired, and/or improved in a given workplace setting that often calls for particular implicit or explicit language policies. Thus, this volume contributes to the study of workplace communication in a globalized world by drawing on different types of authentic data.

The American Faculty

This volume depicts the scope and depth of the transformation, combining empirical data drawn from three decades of national higher education surveys.


Author: Jack H. Schuster

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801882834

Category: Education

Page: 572

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"In-depth, insightful, with a masterful handling of the relevant data, The American Faculty provides the most comprehensive overview of the status of the academic profession that is available." -- Jay Chronister, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

Faculty Development in a Time of Retrenchment

Only a fraction of faculty would ever seriously consider giving up a secure job
even if insurance benefits could ease their way into a new kind of work.
Nonetheless, that fraction could make a big difference to the climate of an
institution, and ...


Author: Group for Human Development

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 1412823285


Page: 96

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101 Careers in Social Work Second Edition

director of bSW Program and associate Professor, Pacific University, forest Grove
, oregon I completed my PhD in social work at the University of Texas at Austin in
2006, and I am a now a tenured social work professor. I have to say, “I love my ...


Author: Dr. Jessica A. Ritter, BSW, MSSW, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826129062

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 314

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PRAISE FOR THE FIRST EDITION: "This is a vital and necessary guide to the social work profession. This book clarifies the social work mission, goals, and objectives, and strengthens and promotes them as well." óCarmen Ortiz Hendricks, MSW, DSW, ACSW, LCSW Professor & Dean, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University "The authors do an excellent job of illustrating the uniqueness, diversity, and richness of the profession. I strongly recommend this book for use in social work orientation, advising, and education." óSaundra Starks, EdD, LCSW, Professor, Western Kentucky University What do documentary filmmakers, conflict mediators, forensic social workers, researchers, mental health practitioners, human services administrators, medical social workers, and policy advocates have in common? They are all potential careers for social workers. The second edition of this popular guide to social work careers has been completely updated and expanded to reflect current trends in social work education and social work practice, including the employment outlook in various fields of practice, current accreditation standards, core competencies, and licensing requirements, along with new opportunities for social workers resulting from health care reform and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. With a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of social work, the book describes both traditional careers and those that are off the beaten path in such arenas as forensic social work, social entrepreneurship, working in political systems, international careers, and community practice. Well organized and written in a conversational tone, each chapter describes a particular social work domain, illustrating specific careers within that field including best features, challenges, required core competencies and skills, and educational and licensing requirements needed to succeed. For each career the book also discusses employment outlook and includes recommended references for more in-depth information. Vivid stories from social workers across the country further help readers to choose a career that is a good fit. Additionally, the book includes updated job-hunting tools and websites, including international opportunities, and ways to offset the high cost of higher education. Questionnaires and self-assessment checklists provide additional fodder to help readers choose a social work career tailored to their unique talents, interests, and passions. New to the Second Edition: Presents updated accreditation standards, core competencies, and licensing requirements Describes new opportunities for social workers resulting from health care reform and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Discusses the impact of our current social, economic, and political climate on the profession Includes new career-planning and job-hunting tools Addresses how students can offset the high cost of higher education

Professors in the Gig Economy

Machine generated contents note: Preface, by Kim Tolley Acknowledgements 1. From Golden Era to Gig Economy, by A. J. Angulo 2. Understanding the Need for Unions, by Adrianna Kezar and Thomas DePaola 3.


Author: Kim Tolley

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421425337

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 219

View: 102

Machine generated contents note: Preface, by Kim Tolley Acknowledgements 1. From Golden Era to Gig Economy, by A. J. Angulo 2. Understanding the Need for Unions, by Adrianna Kezar and Thomas DePaola 3. A Long History of Activism and Organizing, by Timothy R. Cain 4. Union Organizing and the Law, by Gregory Saltzman 5. A Just Employment Approach to Adjunct Unionization, by Joseph McCartin and Nicholas Wertsch 6. Unionizing Adjunct and Tenure-Track Faculty at Notre Dame de Namur, by Kim Tolley, Marianne Delaporte, and Lorenzo Giachetti 7. Unions, Shared Governance, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, by Elizabeth K. Davenport 8. Forming a Union, by Shawn Gilmore 9. Wall to Wall, by Luke Elliot-Negri 10. California State University East Bay, by Kim Geron and Gretchen M. Reevy Conclusion, by Kim Tolley and Kristen Edwards Contributors Appendix Index.

The Quarterly Review

... which the Commission proposes for the discharge of important duties by
professors who are highly salaried for it . The first is the guarantee of appointment
, and of that we have spoken . The next guarantee for a professor working is the
very ...




ISBN: ONB:+Z252727300



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A Professor s Rage

The twenty-two students she taught in that class liked her enough to send a
petition, signed by all of them, to try and save their professor's job. It had been
delivered to her department head and began with: “Dr. Bishop is a brilliant and
excellent ...


Author: Michele R. McPhee

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429968311

Category: True Crime

Page: 272

View: 561

A devoted wife and mother and a Harvard-educated scientist working as a biology professor at the University of Alabama–Huntsville, Amy Bishop seemed to have it all. But when she was denied tenure, her whole world came crashing down...and she reacted in a way no one ever could have imagined. On February 13, 2010, Amy was charged with murder for opening fire in a staff meeting the day before, killing three colleagues and injuring others. How could one woman's fury unleash such destruction? While the campus massacre made national headlines, authorities began a thorough investigation and uncovered another chilling episode in Amy's past. When she was twenty-one, Amy fatally shot her teenage brother, Seth. His death was ruled an accident—and no charges were pressed. But for many involved in the case, Amy's story didn't add up, and law-enforcement officials suspected it was murder...After the Huntsville rampage, the cold case was reopened and Amy would find herself charged with killing her own brother—murder in the first degree. If Amy had been found guilty twenty-four years earlier, three lives might have been saved. A Professor's Rage is the chilling true story of an intelligent woman with a secret past ... a past that would burst out in a shocking killing.

The Essential College Professor

Coaching of various kinds (athletic, musical, professional) must be conducted
independently, and there are numerous other circumstances under which
students may need to work directly with a professor. Each of these situations
brings with it ...


Author: Jeffrey Buller

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470373736

Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 903

The Essential College Professor is about the "how" and "why" of being a faculty member today. Based on the author's series of highly successful faculty development workshops, each chapter deals concisely with the most important information college professors need at their fingertips when confronted by a particular challenge or faced with an exciting opportunity. Written both as a comprehensive guide to an academic career and as a ready reference to be consulted whenever needed, The Essential College Professor emphasizes proven solutions over untested theories and stresses what faculty members have to know now in order to be successful in their careers. Each chapter is concluded by a short exercise that faculty members can perform to help them, for instance, completely revise a course by restructuring the syllabus and course materials, bring new life to a research project by reframing it as a book proposal or grant application, and so on.

Why Work

The Perceptions of a "real Job" and the Rhetoric of Work Through the Ages Robin
Patric Clair, Stephanie Bell, Megan ... We wrote this book in order to provide
professors and students with a comprehensive yet succinct reference book that ...


Author: Robin Patric Clair

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 1557534543

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

View: 124

Why Work explores the contemporary cultural construction of work, beginning with the expression, "A Real Job." This volume examines "work" in the writings of Aristotle, Plato, Confucius, St. Benedict, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, Mother Jones, Emma Goldman, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Frederick Winslow Taylor, and Mary Parker Follett to answer the question, "Can the concept of work be divorced from the thinker's past?" A final chapter re-examines the core issue in light of the vary concept of "work" and ask one more time "why work?" This work is a result of an Honors seminar at Purdue University.

Harvey Mudd College College Prowler Off the Record

In listening to the students speak about their professors ; you come away with two
impressions : the professors work them hard , but they are available to help . The
smallness of the campus provides for a homier atmosphere . It ' s definitely not ...


Author: Moana Evans

Publisher: College Prowler, Inc

ISBN: 1596580623

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Faculty Work in Schools of Education

Professors engage in a variety of tasks in their daily work; in general, these tasks
fall under the headings of research, teaching, and service. In both research and
teaching, and at times in service, inquiry is a central part of what professors do.


Author: William G. Tierney

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791448150

Category: Education

Page: 235

View: 470

A full-bodied, robust discussion of issues of concern to faculty in schools of education.

Against the Tide

Law professors themselves had little or no experience practicing law, and
students left school with a dearth of necessary skills. ... Also, he believed that
students, while in school, should help professors work on real cases. "One does
not ...


Author: Debbie Hagan

Publisher: Massachusetts School of Law

ISBN: 0761828389

Category: Education

Page: 284

View: 780

Against the Tide is a carefully constructed reporting of the Massachusetts School of Law's struggle to become a fully accredited legal educational institution for minority students and/or those with limited financial resources. It is a detailed account of several legal educators' struggle to diversify legal education against corrupt personalities and politically influential establishment forces.