A Short Bright Flash Augustin Fresnel and the Birth of the Modern Lighthouse

Called the feu éclair, this “lightningflashlight” was both as bright and as brief as its name implied. In fact, the flashesfrom Bourdelles's first attempts were a little too short. A tenth ofa second worked finein experiments, ...


Author: Theresa Levitt

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“Combin[es] matters of biography, science, engineering, technology, art, history, economics and politics seemingly effortlessly and definitely seamlessly. An excellent book and a joy to read.”—Henry Petroski, Wall Street Journal Augustin Fresnel (1788–1827) shocked the scientific elite with his unique understanding of the physics of light. The lens he invented was a brilliant feat of engineering that made lighthouses blaze many times brighter, farther, and more efficiently. Battling the establishment, his own poor health, and the limited technology of the time, Fresnel was able to achieve his goal of illuminating the entire French coast. At first, the British sought to outdo the new Fresnel-equipped lighthouses as a matter of national pride. Americans, too, resisted abandoning their primitive lamps, but the superiority of the Fresnel lens could not be denied for long. Soon, from Dunkirk to Saigon, shores were brightened with it. The Fresnel legacy played an important role in geopolitical events, including the American Civil War. No sooner were Fresnel lenses finally installed along U.S. shores than they were drafted: the Union blockaded the Confederate coast; the Confederacy set about thwarting it by dismantling and hiding or destroying the powerful new lights. Levitt’s scientific and historical account, rich in anecdote and personality, brings to life the fascinating untold story of Augustin Fresnel and his powerful invention.

How to Photograph Insects Spiders

These electronic flashes deliver very short , bright flashes of light . With many 35mm camera through - thelens ( TTL ) flash systems , the amount of light and the timing of the flash are controlled by the flash and camera .


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A guide to capturing butterflies, spiders, bees, ants, and even scorpions on film. It provides instruction on close-up photography and new fill-flash techniques.

A Description and List of the Lighthouses of the World 1887

From this cause , the flash in a revolving light is but of short duration , while that from revolving reflectors lasts ... for above 3 minutes ; then a short , but not total eclipse , for about 10 seconds ; then a very bright flash , of ...


Author: Alexander G. Findlay


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A Description and List of the Lighthouses of the World 1872 Thirteenth Edition

From this cause , the flash in a revolving light is but of short duration , while that from revolving reflectors lasts ... for above 3 minutes ; then a short , but not total eclipse , for about 10 seconds ; then a very bright flash , of ...


Author: Alexander George Findlay


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A Description and List of the Lighthouses of the World

From this cause , the flash in a revolving light is but of short duration , while that from revolving reflectors lasts ... for above 31 minutes ; then a short , but not total eclipse , for FE about 10 seconds ; then a very bright flash ...




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A description and list of the lighthouses of the world 1861

u a who was connected with the French Commission des Ponts et Chaussèes , a short time before the death of M. Augustin ... then a very bright flash , of much greater intensity than the preceding fixed light ; then another short eclipse ...


Author: Alexander George Findlay


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Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies

This allowed photographers to shootfour imagesina row without having tochangethe flash bulb. Modern flashes produce a very bright flash of light for a very short period of time, but from the smallest builtin flash tothe biggest studio ...


Author: Dirk Fletcher

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Improve your lighting technique to produce better quality photographs Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies features the tools, concepts, and steps you need to give your subjects a high-quality look and feel. Everyone from advanced beginners to aspiring professional photographers will improve their understanding of lighting basics as well as the parts and functions of their camera. Explains the different kinds of lighting that different situations require and guides you through changing the settings on your camera Shows you how to set up equipment to capture the photograph you want with the proper amount of light and shadow Offers information on the latest lighting equipment and accessories Includes techniques and skills used by film photographers like David Bailey, Ansel Adams, and Annie Leibovitz Reach for Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies and take your knowledge of lighting and photography to the next level!


Just as the last of the sun sank into the ocean - wait for it, that little bright flash of green would come and go, so brief it was hardly discernible at all. And then - the sun was down. No flash. They looked at each other. “Huh?


Author: Freya Velander

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A woman airline pilot finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue filled with sexy heroic men - who have and keep secrets, and who are very good at much more than flying jets. New to the jet-set, major-airline scene, she encounters a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams, exciting and seductive, countered with bouts of terror. Freya Velander, of Norse descent, grew up on the beaches of Southern California. A feminine tomboy, she rode dirt bikes before she was old enough to drive cars. Racing cars became her next passion and then flying planes. She has been a corporate captain, a regional captain, and a flight officer at a major airline. She now lives with her husband in Southwestern Florida.

Cephalopods of Australia and Sub Antarctic Territories

Observations on bioluminescence from living animals have shown a rapid flash response from the arm tip ... It attained speeds of 7.2–9.0 km hour–1 when it attacked a bait rig, emitting short, bright flashes from its two arm-tip ...


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Australian waters contain the highest diversity of cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopus) found anywhere in the world. They are highly significant ecologically, both as top-level predators and as prey for numerous vertebrates, including fishes, seals, cetaceans and seabirds. Cephalopods of Australia and Sub-Antarctic Territories is a comprehensive guide covering 226 species, which represent over a quarter of the world’s cephalopod fauna. With an emphasis on identification, this book includes keys, species descriptions, full-colour illustrations and distribution maps, as well as a summary of the biology and behaviour of cephalopods and fisheries information. This is an invaluable tool for researchers and fisheries experts as well as amateur naturalists, fishers and divers.

The Black Galaxy

The short-circuit had been repaired—a painter had shifted some welding-rods to make room for a comfortable nap during his ... And there was but one possible source for brief unthinkably-bright flashes of light which would last only for ...


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When Stellaris, the first human interstellar ship, unexpectedly hurtles off the earth, it takes the ship's designer, Rob Cantrell, his girlfriend and a skeleton crew with it into the furthest reaches of space. If only that was their biggest problem! With no star maps, killer aliens on their tail and a ship that was only half finished, their journey home is going to be quite the challenge!