Pleasure for a Virgin Adult Erotica

Erotica is any artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter.


Author: Tara Hough

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1985587742


Page: 156

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Erotica is any artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter. All forms of art may depict erotic content, including painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music or literature. A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.

The Virgins A Novel

The Virgins is the story of Aviva Rossner and Seung Jung's erotic awakening at Auburn Academy re-imagined in richly detailed episodes by their classmate Bruce, a once-embittered voyeur, now repentant narrator, whose envy spurs the novel's ...


Author: Pamela Erens

Publisher: Tin House Books

ISBN: 9781935639633

Category: Fiction

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The Virgins is the story of Aviva Rossner and Seung Jung's erotic awakening at Auburn Academy re-imagined in richly detailed episodes by their classmate Bruce, a once-embittered voyeur, now repentant narrator, whose envy spurs the novel's tragic end. * A New York Times Editor's Choice selection * A Chicago Tribune Editor's Choice selection * A Best Book of 2013, The New Yorker * A Best Book of 2013, The New Republic * A Critics' Choice selection for 2013, Salon * A Best Indie Title of 2013, Library Journal * One of Redbook's "Top Ten Beach Reads of 2013" * One of O Magazine's "Ten Titles to Pick Up Now," August 2013 * Featured in The Millions's "Most-Anticipated" List 2013 * A "This Week's Hot Reads" selection, The Daily Beast * A Vanity Fair Hot Type selection * The Virgins was a finalist for the John Gardner Award * Publishers Weekly named The Virgins one of the best boarding school books of all time It’s 1979, and Aviva Rossner and Seung Jung are notorious at Auburn Academy. They’re an unlikely pair at an elite East Coast boarding school (she’s Jewish; he’s Korean American) and hardly shy when it comes to their sexuality. Aviva is a formerly bookish girl looking for liberation from an unhappy childhood; Seung is an enthusiastic dabbler in drugs and a covert rebel against his demanding immigrant parents. In the minds of their titillated classmates—particularly that of Bruce Bennett-Jones—the couple lives in a realm of pure, indulgent pleasure. But, as is often the case, their fabled relationship is more complicated than it seems: despite their lust and urgency, their virginity remains intact, and as they struggle to understand each other, the relationship spirals into disaster. The Virgins is the story of Aviva and Seung’s descent into confusion and shame, as re-imagined in richly detailed episodes by their classmate Bruce, a once-embittered voyeur turned repentant narrator. With unflinching honesty and breathtaking prose, Pamela Erens brings a fresh voice to the tradition of the great boarding school novel.

The Pleasure of Poetry

... The Author, Mr. William Shakespeare, and What He Hath Left Us" (Jonson), 50-51 "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" (Herrick), 61-63 Translations, ...


Author: Nicolas H. Nelson

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:39015064898268

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 267

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Takes readers on a tour of the major works and figures of 17th- and 18th-century English poetry.

Bought for the Frenchman s Pleasure

As a top model, Sorcha Murphy commands a high price.


Author: Abby Green

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426814969

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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As a top model, Sorcha Murphy commands a high price. But a terrible, hidden secret is about to return to haunt her. Romain de Valois knows Sorcha is damaged goods-her hedonistic reputation speaks for itself. But he wants her for one final assignment, and he's prepared to pay. Romain believes Sorcha hasn't changed her ways, and decides to change the deal: her paycheck will be recouped in the bedroom!

How Sex Got Screwed Up The Ghosts that Haunt Our Sexual Pleasure Book Two

He claimed that poor girls commonly sold their virginity. He ignored the fact that for many 14- to 16-year-old girls, that might be a basic matter of ...


Author: Jon Knowles

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781622734160

Category: Psychology

Page: 1034

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The ghosts that haunt our sexual pleasure were born in the Stone Age. Sex and gender taboos were used by tribes to differentiate themselves from one another. These taboos filtered into the lives of Bronze and Iron Age men and women who lived in city-states and empires. For the early Christians, all sex play was turned into sin, instilled with guilt, and punished severely. With the invention of sin came the construction of women as subordinate beings to men. Despite the birth of romance in the late middle ages, Renaissance churches held inquisitions to seek out and destroy sex sinners, all of whom it saw as heretics. The Age of Reason saw the demise of these inquisitions. But, it was doctors who would take over the roles of priests and ministers as sex became defined by discourses of crime, degeneracy, and sickness. The middle of the 20th century saw these medical and religious teachings challenged for the first time as activists, such as Alfred Kinsey and Margaret Sanger, sought to carve out a place for sexual freedom in society. However, strong opposition to their beliefs and the growing exploitation of sex by the media at the close of the century would ultimately shape 21st century sexual ambivalence. Book Two of this two-part publication traces the history of sex from the Victorian Era to present day. Interspersed with ‘personal hauntings’ from his own life and the lives of friends and relatives, Knowles reveals how historical discourses of sex continue to haunt us today. This book is a page-turner in simple and plain language about ‘how sex got screwed up’ for millennia. For Knowles, if we know the history of sex, we can get over it.

Jewish and Christian Views on Bodily Pleasure

householders because it fit with their desire for their daughters to remain virgins only until their betrothal.33 ambrose argued that Mary had remained a ...


Author: Robert Cherry

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532647444

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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At the beginning of the Common Era, Jewish renewal movements, including Jesus’ ministry, had similar views: embracing moderate ascetic behavior. Over the next three centuries, however, they moved in opposite directions. Christianity came to firmly privilege anti-pleasure views and female lifelong virginity while the Babylonian Talmud strongly embraced positive views on bodily pleasures and female sexuality. The books most distinguishing feature is that it is the first time that one book contrasts in detail the evolution of Christian and Jewish ascetic beliefs. More than other books, it systematically presents the critical role played by Babylonian Jewry: how they became the center of world Jewry with the virtual extinction of the Palestinian community; their decisive rejection, more so than the Palestinian community, of any ascetic tendencies; and how they came to migrate to the European continent during the medieval period. It concludes by relating how the eighteenth-century Hasidic movement and the nineteenth-century Irish devotional movement reestablished the contrasting views that helps explain why Jewish immigrants and not Irish Catholics came to dominate twentieth-century vaudeville.

For the Sheikh s Pleasure Arabian Nights

The Sheikh's Virgin Bride Petra is betrothed -- to rich, eligible Sheikh Rashid.


Author: Penny Jordan

Publisher: Mills & Boon

ISBN: 1488765650

Category: Love stories

Page: 560

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The Sheikh's Virgin Bride Petra is betrothed — to rich, eligible Sheikh Rashid. But she plans to ruin her reputation so Rashid won't want her. Blaize, a fellow guest at her hotel, agrees to be Petra's pretend lover — though soon he's taken her virginity! Then Petra makes a shocking discovery. Blaize is actually none other than the man she's supposed to be marrying -- Sheikh Rashid One Night With the Sheikh The searing attraction between Sheikh Xavier Al Agir and Mariella Sutton was instant and all consuming.When a storm left Mariella stranded at Xavier's desert home, passion soon took over... It was a night she would never forget! But having always yearned for a child of her own, Mariella planned just one more night with the sheikh — to conceive his baby.... Posessed by the Sheikh Stranded in the sands, Katrina is rescued by the Sheikh and taken back to his lavish desert camp...In order to protect her, he will have to wed her! Then he discovers that she's a virgin! He's a desert sheikh who lives by a strict code of honor: Katrina must become his wife...for real!

Virgin Rhymes

These poems reflect highly romantic mood. Virgin rhymes is poetry of sentiments and sensual love. This is an emotional love poetry book which enthralls the reader. This is a beautiful combination of delight and melancholia.


Author: Muhammad Bilal


ISBN: 9798688307368


Page: 120

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These poems surpass in lyrical elegance;blunt expression of sensual love;rhythmic precision; metaphorical language and rhetoric- a material evidence of author's poetic genius. Muhammad Bilal, a new author, has made his mark while introducing his book to the readers.This collection is an exquisite blend of emotion and thought.Vivid portrayl of pathetic romance entices the reader who feel dazzled by the beauty of lyrical account of sufferers of love.Thematic diversity adds to the dynamic resonance of the poems while concrete, crisp and lucid details of natural landscape lull the reader to slumber. Author has succeeded phenomenally in providing his readers exotic joy and pleasure.Therapeutic influence is a key feeture of these poems.Poet's meditation also takes him to an indistinct valley of philosophisation where he deals with more complex matters of man and his existence. Here, he reflects on topics those galubrious and glum, unleashing his cynicims. Crumbling existence of man is at the centre of such poems. Most of them are written in free verse, suitable for more refined topics. Egalitarianism is well reflected in his poems that mirror to horrible conditions caused by deprivation and poverty. The tone of these poems is depressed, and a mood of melancholy descends on the reader.Conclusively, author has dealt with themes of love, pity, fear, apprehension, injustice, jocundity, nature and death which prove verstility of author.

Secret Heirs Billionaire s Pleasure Secrets of a Billionaire s Mistress Engaged for Her Enemy s Heir the Virgin s Shock Baby

Secrets of a billionaire's mistress: Waitress Darcy Denton knew she wasn't Renzo Sabatini's usual type. But enthralled by the powerful magnate, unworldly Darcy becomes addicted to their passionate nights together...


Author: Kate Hewitt

Publisher: Mills & Boon

ISBN: 1867214814


Page: 672

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Secrets Of A Billionaire's Mistress - Sharon Kendrick Neither tall, willowy or sophisticated, waitress Darcy Denton knew she wasn't Renzo Sabatini's usual type. But enthralled by the powerful magnate, unworldly Darcy became addicted to their passionate nights together. Ensconced in Renzo's secluded Tuscan villa, Darcy glimpses Renzo's troubled past and desolate soul. She should end it before she gets in too deep, but then she discovers she's pregnant! Harbouring her own childhood secrets, Darcy dare not tell Renzo, but as the mother of his child it's only a matter of time - nine months to be exact - before he claims what's his... Engaged For Her Enemy's Heir - Kate Hewitt When ruthless Rafael Vitali learns the woman in his bed is the daughter of his sworn enemy, he can't get her out of his penthouse quick enough. But when Allegra reveals she's pregnant, Rafael seizes the opportunity to assert his control. He insists Allegra move to Sicily... as his wife! Allegra's night of abandon with Rafael shattered the life she once knew. His claim over her body, and their unborn child, is undeniable but giving him a claim over her fragile heart is beyond foolish...yet the temptation he poses is wildly, wickedly irresistible... The Virgin's Shock Baby - Heidi Rice Vulnerable Megan Whittaker has orders to find out if tycoon Dario De Rossi plans to acquire her father's business. Reluctantly agreeing, she doesn't expect to be so distracted by their searing chemistry that she ends up in his bed! Dario does have takeover ambitions, but when Megan is violently punished for her night with the enemy, he feels honour-bound to protect her. They escape to Italy, but this commanding businessman soon discovers a deeper problem. Not only is Megan suffering from amnesia, meaning she believes they're engaged and passionately in love...but she's also carrying his baby!

Summa Theologica Third Part of the Second Part

Now the greatest reward is due to virginity, namely the hundredfold fruit, ... The "new hymn" which virgins alone sing, is their joy at having preserved ...


Author: St. Thomas Aquinas


ISBN: 9781773562094


Page: 280

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The fourth volume in this epic and classic undertaking by one of the most notable theologians of the Roman Catholic Church. This volume features theological considerations towards such topics as Virtues, Fortitude and Temperance, Graces and States of Life and other important topics that we often take for granted in our thinking in the church and in worship towards God. These topics must be carefully considered if we are to ever have a deep understanding and love of the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.

Sins of a Virgin

A brilliant new talent has emerged on the historical romance scene, and author Sarah MacLean calls her, “Perfect!” Anna Randol, a boldly original voice, returns with her second novel, Sins of a Virgin, a most unusual love story as edgy, ...


Author: Anna Randol

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062197986

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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A brilliant new talent has emerged on the historical romance scene, and author Sarah MacLean calls her, “Perfect!” Anna Randol, a boldly original voice, returns with her second novel, Sins of a Virgin, a most unusual love story as edgy, sexy, and exciting as her magnificent debut, Secret in Her Kiss. The always daring—and dazzling—Anna Randol sets this, the start of a new series, in seedy underbelly of London where a desperate heroine facing destitution is about to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder, but is saved by a dashing lord who seeks her help in his mission of vengeance. Fans of Loretta Chase, Sherry Thomas and Stephanie Laurens take note: these innovative and sensual Sins are just the sort of romance you crave.

Menacing Virgins

Representing Virginity in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Nancy Weitz Kathleen Coyne ... embody it , presumably for the pleasure of the male listeners .


Author: Nancy Weitz

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874136490

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

View: 194

The essays in Menacing Virgins: Representing Virginity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance examine the nexus of religious, political, economic, and aesthetic values that produce the Western European myth of virginity, and explore how those complex cultural forces animate, empower, discipline, disclose, mystify, and menace the virginal body. As the title suggests, the virgin can be seen alternately or even simultaneously as menaced or menacing. To chart the history of virginity as a steady, evolutionary progression from a religious ideal in the Middle Ages toward a more secularized or sovereign ideal in the Renaissance would obscure how unstable a concept chastity is in both periods. What this collection demonstrates is that medieval and early modern attitudes toward virginity are not general and evolutionary, but specific, changeable, and often conflicted.

The Virgin s Spy

It was rather an absence of feeling—which after the weeks of sharp grief followed by manic preparation was almost pleasure in itself.


Author: Laura Andersen

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780804179393

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 405

Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, The Virgin’s Spy is award-winning author Laura Andersen’s second novel about the next generation of Tudor royals—a mesmerizing historical novel filled with rich period detail, vividly drawn characters, and all the glamour and seduction of the fabled Tudor court. Queen Elizabeth I remains sovereign of England and Ireland. For the moment, at least. An Irish rebellion is growing and Catholic Spain, led by the Queen’s former husband, King Philip, plans to seize advantage of the turmoil. Stephen Courtenay, eldest son of Dominic and Minuette, Elizabeth’s most trusted confidantes, has accepted a command in Ireland to quell the unrest. But the task will prove dangerous in more ways than one. The Princess of Wales, Elizabeth’s daughter, Anabel, looks to play a greater role in her nation, ever mindful that there is only one Queen of England. But how is Anabel to one day rule a country when she cannot even govern her own heart? Praise for The Virgin’s Spy “Andersen delivers another dramatic thriller complete with spies, battles, ruthless villains and twists on historical events that draw the reader deeply into the lives of her characters. There is magic here, and Andersen’s fantastic storytelling will keep readers coming back for more.”—RT Book Reviews (4 1/2 stars, Top Pick!) Find your next book club pick, read special features, and more. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle.

Submit To Desire Immersed In Pleasure

A virgin?” Mark asked. “A virgin over the age of twentyone? I don't buy it. They don't exist.” Derek smiled into his drink. “Yes, she was a virgin,” he ...


Author: Tiffany Reisz

Publisher: 8th Circle Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 939

SUBMIT TO DESIRE Charlotte Brand is tired of dull boyfriends and boring sex. Kingsley Edge, who owns clubs rumored to supply more than just cocktails, seems just the man to revive her: intense, sophisticated…and looking for a submissive he can train for an elite client. Charlotte is seduced by the offer…and by Kingsley himself. Soon they are engaged in a series of lessons that test her darkest desires. But when their training is over, will Charlotte be ready to let him go? IMMERSED IN PLEASURE The Manhattan Mermaids: Believed to be the most beautiful women in the city, they entertain wealthy, powerful men in an exclusive club called Fathoms….and are all virgins. Derek Prince doesn’t believe they really exist, until he meets the stunningly sensual Xenia. She drives him wild with desire, but giving in to temptation means losing her position at Fathoms. Derek is incredibly turned on by the thought of being Xenia’s first…but will he be willing to wait for her?

Virgin Territory

As Nicky Hart has noted, the promotion of individual social and sexual pleasure over collective duties and roles suggests that "procreation is ultimately ...


Author: Tamar Jeffers McDonald

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814336953

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

View: 182

A critical and in-depth investigation of how virginity is represented in film.

The Palace of Pleasure

Vpon that noble matron's auctoritye and interception , they ceassed from their filthy fact : and then the woman tooke the virgins out of the people's handes ...


Author: Joseph Jacobs


ISBN: UOM:39015003470831

Category: Classical literature


View: 256


The Billionaire’s Virgin Maid Amy selalu mengagumi Jake dari jarak aman karena ia tidak ingin terlibat dalam masalah.


Author: Carmen LaBohemian

Publisher: DarkRose Publisher




View: 301

The Billionaire’s Virgin Maid Amy selalu mengagumi Jake dari jarak aman karena ia tidak ingin terlibat dalam masalah. Tapi, masalah datang menghampirinya ketika pria itu menuduhnya telah mencuri. Sekarang, Amy harus melakukan apapun yang diinginkan Jake supaya ia tidak berakhir di penjara. Punished by the Billionaire Dana mencintai Axel, itu dulu. Tapi ia membencinya sekarang, terlebih karena Axel bertekad untuk menyulitkan hidupnya. Tapi demi menolong kekasih barunya, ia bersedia menemui pria itu sekali lagi dan membuat kesepakatan dengan milyuner angkuh tersebut - menghabiskan satu malam dengan mantan kekasihnya itu. Bred by the Billionaire Max membutuhkan pewaris untuk memenuhi permintaan aneh kakeknya. Di sisi lain, ada Evelyn yang seumur hidupnya telah bermimpi untuk keluar dari lingkaran kemiskinan yang menjeratnya. Ketika tawaran itu datang, ia menyambarnya tanpa pikir panjang. Merelakan dirinya disewa oleh seorang milyuner kaya tidaklah seburuk bayangannya akan masa depan yang suram. Sold to the Billionaire Menjual diri? Letty bahkan tidak pernah memikirkannya. Tapi, ketika ibunya terjerat utang-utang yang bahkan tidak ingin ia ketahui asalnya, Letty terpaksa melakukan tindakan drastis. Seperti misalnya, melelang keperawanannya kepada para milyuner kaya yang tidak segan-segan mengeluarkan segepok uang untuk bersenang-senang. The Billionaire’s Sexy Assistant Bagi Aline, mabuk adalah bencana buatnya. Tapi, ia tetap melakukan ketololan tersebut dan berakhir dengan tidur bersama atasannya. Aline bertekad menyebutnya sebagai kesalahan satu malam dan berharap mereka kembali seperti awal. Tapi sayangnya, Oscar tidak berpendapat demikian. Kini, Aline membutuhkan segenap kendali dirinya agar tetap mampu bersikap seperti seorang asisten pribadi yang profesional.