Adult Virgins Anonymous

ADULT VIRGINS ANONYMOUS He looked around him. Was this a joke? Had his friends done this? Or Damien somehow? No, Baz and Wayne didn't have any idea, at least he hoped not. Damien then? They rarely talked about this kind of thing, ...


Author: Amber Crewe

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529336177

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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'A GORGEOUS FEEL-GOOD READ' - SUN 'THIS UPLIFTING BOOK IS WHAT WE COULD ALL DO WITH IN OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW' - HEAT 'UPLIFTING' - SUNDAY POST 'QUITE POSSIBLY BOTH THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ, AND THE BOOK OF 2021. ALREADY.' - BOOKSTAGRAMMER @lost_in_her_bookland _________________________________________________ Are you still a virgin? Want to talk about it in a safe space? Meetings every other Tuesday. You're not alone. Kate Mundy's life is not going to plan. Nearing thirty, she's been made redundant from her job, her oldest friends have quietly left her behind, and she can barely admit her biggest secret: she's never even been on a date, let alone taken her underwear off with a member of the opposite sex. Freddie Weir has spent most of his twenties struggling severe OCD and anxiety, and now his only social interactions consist of comic book signings and fending off intrusive questions from his weird flatmate Damien. There's no way Freddie could ever ask a girl out and now he's wondering if this is the way it might be forever. When Freddie and Kate meet at a self-help group for adult virgins, they think they might just be able to help each other out so they can both get on with finding their real romantic destinies. But might these two have more in common than just their lack of experience? _________________________________________________ Readers LOVE Adult Virgins Anonymous! Adult Virgins Anonymous is a fun, easy and light modern romance. - 5* Left me with such a positive feeling! - 5* I could not put the book down. It was warm, loving and straight to the point. Definitely a pick me up when you are feeling quite blue or needing to move on from a book hangover. - 5* Light-hearted, great read to lose yourself in. - 5* Every once in a while, a novel comes along that speaks to your soul. Adult Virgins Anonymous was that novel for me. - 5* Such a wonderful read. It's awkward. It's cute. It's so very relatable. I loved what it had to say about friendship and finding the right friends that suit you. - 5* Overall I highly enjoyed this thoughtful book that explores experiences not represented in contemporary fiction. This is a cute romance book for readers looking for something fresh and original. - 5* A cute and lovely book, that deserves a place on my for-a-rainy-day shelf. - 5*

That Jewish Thing

Amber Crewe. Want more from Amber Crewe? 'This uplifting book is what we could all do with in our lives right now' HEAT Buy Adult Virgins Anonymous now.


Author: Amber Crewe

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529366914

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Tamsyn Rutman is at yet another wedding, for yet another cousin. She wouldn't mind - the food's pretty good, the location is fabulous and there's a moderately famous singer crooning away - but what is a Jewish wedding if not the perfect opportunity for the bride to do a bit of matchmaking on behalf of her single, workaholic cousin? Tamsyn's not at the table with her parents and her family, she's sitting next to Ari Marshall. Ari is everything Tamsyn doesn't want for herself, and everything her family want for her. Stubbornly determined not to fall into the trap of someone else's happily ever after, Tamsyn decides to focus on work, and while interviewing London's hottest new chef, finds herself being swept off her feet . . . by someone her family definitely wouldn't approve of. But somehow, Ari and Tamsyn keep crossing paths, and she's about to find out that in love, and in life, it's not always easy to run away from who you really are...

Virgin Envy

Anonymous. “Sub-Umbra, or Sport among the She-Noodles.” Pearl, August 1879, _aug_1879/index.htm. Bernau, Anke. Virgins: A Cultural History.


Author: Jonathan A. Allan

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.

ISBN: 9781786990372

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Virginity is of concern here, that is its utter messiness. At once valuable and detrimental, normative and deviant, undesirable and enviable. Virginity and its loss hold tremendous cultural significance. For many, female virginity is still a universally accepted condition, something that is somehow bound to the hymen, whereas male virginity is almost as elusive as the G-spot: we know it's there, it’s just we have a harder time finding it. Of course boys are virgins, queers are virgins, some people reclaim their virginities, and others reject virginity from the get go. So what if we agree to forget the hymen all together? Might we start to see the instability of terms like untouched, pure, or innocent? Might we question the act of sex, the very notion of relational sexuality? After all, for many people it is the sexual acts they don’t do, or don’t want to do, that carry the most abundant emotional clout. Virgin Envy is a collection of essays that look past the vestal virgins and beyond Joan of Arc. From medieval to present-day literature, the output of HBO, Bollywood, and the films of Abdellah Taïa or Derek Jarman to the virginity testing of politically active women in Tahrir Square, the writers here explore the concept of virginity in today’s world to show that ultimately virginity is a site around which our most basic beliefs about sexuality are confronted, and from which we can come to understand some of our most basic anxieties, paranoias, fears, and desires.

Chastity Is for Lovers

So in 2013, I conducted an anonymous survey about attitudes toward it. One respondent wrote that encouraging virginity ... The show shadows adult virgins, whose sexual inexperience is either by choice or for lack of access to partners.


Author: Arleen Spenceley

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 9781594714818

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Winner of a 2015 Catholic Press Award: Books for Teens and Young Adults (First Place). In 2012, journalist Arleen Spenceley outed herself as a twenty-six-year-old virgin in a Tampa Bay Times op-ed that went viral. In Chastity Is for Lovers, Spenceley expands on that piece, advocating Catholic teaching on sex and marriage with candor and humor, and without judgment. In her debut book, seasoned journalist and self-professed “happy virgin” Arleen Spenceley offers a mature, funny, and relatable vision of Catholic teaching on chastity for young adults. Chastity Is for Lovers provides perspective on a variety of topics—the difference between chastity and abstinence, how virginity is an affirming and valuable life choice, how the word “purity” can be harmful in ministry settings, how to date well, and why sexual self-control is the best form of marriage preparation—and gives single adults the best possible chance to find true love. She carefully avoids using language that shames readers and instead presents a view of chastity that is joyful and positive.

Pure Resistance

The authors maintain that vowed chastity ( and virginity ) is " a point of faith " ( sig . ... society denied women a " profession " as virgins and had no social place to offer adult virgin women , it still continued to prize the virgin ...


Author: Theodora A. Jankowski

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812235525

Category: Drama

Page: 283

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Noting that though Christian thought has consistently held virginity to be purer than married life, a virgin woman has always queer been in social terms, Jankowsky (English, Washington State U.) explores the tensions behind the many representations of virgin women in English stage plays from 1590 to about 1670 and how those representations can be considered queer. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Signs of Virginity

Testing Virgins and Making Men in Late Antiquity Michael Rosenberg ... The Mishnah relates that a woman who as an “adult" (gedolah) had sexual relations with a “minor” boy (katan), when marrying later in life, receives the 200-zuz ...


Author: Michael Rosenberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190845896

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Although the theme of bloodied nuptial sheets seems pervasive in western culture, its association with female virginity is uniquely tied to a brief passage in the book of Deuteronomy detailing the procedure for verifying a young woman's purity; it seldom, if ever, appears outside of Abrahamic traditions. In Signs of Virginity, Michael Rosenberg examines the history of virginity testing in Judaism and early Christianity, and the relationship of these tests to a culture that encourages male sexual violence. Deuteronomy's violent vision of virginity has held sway in Jewish and Christian circles more or less ever since. However, Rosenberg points to two authors-the rabbinic collective that produced the Babylonian Talmud and the early Christian thinker Augustine of Hippo-who, even as they perpetuate patriarchal assumptions about female virginity, nonetheless attempt to subvert the emphasis on sexual dominance bequeathed to them by Deuteronomy. Unlike the authors of earlier Rabbinic and Christian texts, who modified but fundamentally maintained and even extended the Deuteronomic ideal, the Babylonian Talmud and Augustine both construct alternative models of female virginity that, if taken seriously, would utterly reverse cultural ideals of masculinity. Indeed this vision of masculinity as fundamentally gentle, rather than characterized by brutal and violent sexual behavior, fits into a broader idealization of masculinity propagated by both authors, who reject what Augustine called a "lust for dominance" as a masculine ideal.

Collections of Painting in Madrid 1601 1755 Parts 1 and 2

Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Rubens Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous ... 11 D334 : 1 13 Adult Christ with the twelve apostles 11 D34 : 73D8 Adult Christ with instruments of the Passion and ...


Author: Marcus B. Burke

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9780892364961

Category: Art

Page: 1808

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This two-part book on collections of paintings in Madrid is part of the series Documents for the History of Collecting, Spanish Inventories 1, which presents volumes of art historical information based on archival records. One hundred forty inventories of noble and middle-class collections of art in Madrid are accompanied by two essays describing the taste and cultural atmosphere of Madrid in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Young Adult Mental Health

According to the National Survey of Adolescent and Young Adults: Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes, ... Almost one-fourth (24%) of the young adult virgins in this survey noted that they had engaged in ''intimate'' behavior with a ...


Author: Jon E. Grant

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195332711

Category: Medical

Page: 448

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The years between 18 and 29 have become an extended period of development between adolescence and middle adulthood; young adulthood is a time of many new personal, social, and cultural pressures. Risk-taking behaviors, including substance use, typically peak during this time period in part due to neurobiological development, identity exploration, and social interactions, and most major psychiatric disorders develop during young adulthood. Young Adult Mental Health will provide researchers and clinicians in the United States and elsewhere with a clear understanding of the developmental, clinical, and socio-cultural features of mental health unique to young adults, and how this developmental period influences critical assessment and treatment. Bringing together leading experts from psychology and psychiatry, the book surveys how major developmental milestones such as marriage and childrearing influence mental health and well-being among young adults, and the ways in which psychiatric disorders may present differently in this age group. It also reviews the conceptual and assessment challenges, phenomenology, and appropriate pharmacological and behavioral treatments of the many psychiatric difficulties faced by young adults. Finally, the book examines current research on mental health issues in young adults and reviews the strengths of the evidence, providing mental health professionals with a thorough grasp of mental health issues that will allow them to talk intelligently with young adults and to make well-informed assessment and treatment decisions based on the unique needs of this age group. Young Adult Mental Health is an essential resource for psychiatrists and psychologists who treat young adults. It will also be useful to researchers in various areas of mental health, and to scientists who are interested in issues of age and development.

American Independent Cinema

and also of adult authority (which, as in The Virgin Suicides, seems anonymous and feckless). The world of Elephant is a bleak one in which people fail to connect meaningfully, something which Van Sant acknowledges: In daily life in ...


Author: Anna Backman Rogers

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748693610

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

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Examining films by Gus Van Sant, Jim Jarmusch and Sofia Coppola to highlight their use of cinematic time as a mode of philosophical thought, this book brings new and exciting perspectives to American independent cinema.

Virginity Revisited

Medical writers of the Hippocratic Corpus, composing their anonymous treatises in the fifth and early fourth centuries BC, situated the parthenos at the brink of a perilous transition from child to adult.1 No English word overlaps well ...


Author: Bonnie MacLachlan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802090133

Category: History

Page: 204

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From Classical Antiquity to the present, virginity has been closely allied with power: as someone who chooses a life of celibacy retains mastery over his or her body. Sexual potency withheld becomes an energy-reservoir that can ensure independence and enhance self-esteem, but it can also be harnessed by public institutions and redirected for the common good. This was the founding principle of the Vestal Virgins of Rome and later in the monastic orders of the middle ages. Mythical accounts of goddesses and heroines who possessed the ability to recover their virginity after sexual experience demonstrate a belief that virginity is paradoxically connected both with social autonomy and the ability to serve the human community. Virginity Revisited is a collection of essays that examines virginity not as a physical reality but as a cultural artefact. By situating the topic of virginity within a range of historical 'moments' and using a variety of methodologies, Virginity Revisited illuminates how chastity provided a certain agency, autonomy, and power to women. This is a study of the positive and negative features of sexual renunciation, from ancient Greek divinities and mythical women, in Rome's Vestal Virgins, in the Christian martyrs and Mariology in the Medieval and early Modern period, and in Grace Marks, the heroine of Margaret Atwood's novel Alias Grace.