Air Pollution Control Engineering

While based on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, the book is accessible to any reader with only one year of college chemistry.


Author: Noel de Nevers

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 9781478634737

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 598

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Engineers in multiple disciplines—environmental, chemical, civil, and mechanical—contribute to our understanding of air pollution control. To that end, Noel de Nevers has incorporated these multiple perspectives into an engaging and accessible overview of the subject. While based on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, the book is accessible to any reader with only one year of college chemistry. In addition to detailed discussions of individual air pollutants and the theory and practice of air pollution control devices, de Nevers devotes seven chapters to topics that influence device selection and design, such as atmospheric models and U.S. air pollution law. The Third Edition’s many in-text examples and end-of-chapter problems provide a more complex treatment of the concepts presented. Significant updates include more discussion on the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and a thorough look at the Volkswagen diesel-emission scandal.

Paul L. Bishop ,王学军等译, Pollution Prevention : Fundamentals and Practice 污染预防:理论与实践• Mackenzie L. Davis , David A. Comwell ,王建龙译, Introduction to Environmental Engineering ( Third Edition ) )环境工程导论(第 3 版) 教辅 ...


Author: 内韦尔

Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司

ISBN: 7302008140

Category: Air

Page: 586

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著者规范译名: 内韦尔

Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry Third Edition

Livingston, James, V., Ed. Livingston, James, V., Ed. Air Pollution: New Research Air Pollution: New Research. ... Yung-Tse Hung, and Kathleen Hung, Eds. Air Pollution Control Engineering Air Pollution Control Engineering.


Author: Stanley E. Manahan

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420052695

Category: Science

Page: 1264

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Written by an expert, using the same approach that made the previous two editions so successful, Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Third Edition expands the scope of book to include the strongly emerging areas broadly described as sustainability science and technology, including green chemistry and industrial ecology. The new edition includes: Increased emphasis on the applied aspects of environmental chemistry Hot topics such as global warming and biomass energy Integration of green chemistry and sustainability concepts throughout the text More and updated questions and answers, including some that require Internet research Lecturers Pack on CD-ROM with solutions manual, PowerPoint presentations, and chapter figures available upon qualifying course adoptions The book provides a basic course in chemical science, including the fundamentals of organic chemistry and biochemistry. The author uses real-life examples from environmetnal chemistry, green chemistry, and related areas while maintaining brevity and simplicity in his explanation of concepts. Building on this foundation, the book covers environmental chemistry, broadly defined to include sustainability aspects, green chemistry, industrial ecology, and related areas. These chapters are organized around the five environmental spheres, the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and the anthrosphere. The last two chapters discuss analytical chemistry and its relevance to environmental chemistry. Manahan’s clear, concise, and readable style makes the information accessible, regardless of the readers’ level of chemistry knowledge. He demystifies the material for those who need the basics of chemical science for their trade, profession, or study curriculum, as well as for readers who want to have an understanding of the fundamentals of sustainable chemistry in its crucial role in maintaining a livable planet.

Handbook of Air Pollution Control Engineering and Technology

This handbook provides information for professionals attempting to reduce and eliminate air pollution problems.


Author: John C. Mycock

Publisher: Lewis Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015034900533

Category: Nature

Page: 405

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This handbook provides information for professionals attempting to reduce and eliminate air pollution problems. It contains information on all aspects of air pollution, and also examines the technical aspects of air pollution control equipment. Many practical applications are provided, and the text is referenced to assist the reader in further research. The major scientific areas of air pollution are brought together with practical engineering solutions, and will help air quality and pollution control managers to reduce maintenance costs and prevent deterioration of installations.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to air, water, noise, and radioactive materials pollution and its control.


Author: P. Aarne Vesilind


ISBN: UOM:39015032976378

Category: Environmental engineering.

Page: 544

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Environmental Engineering, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to air, water, noise, and radioactive materials pollution and its control. In addition to the engineering principles governing the generation and control of these pollutants, this up-to-date third edition focuses on legal and regulatory principles, risk analysis, and the effect these pollutants have on the environment. Beginning with a historical background of environmental engineering, topics explored include water quality and waste water treatment, air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste disposal, noise pollution, environmental ethics, and a discussion on the increasingly important field of environmental engineering. Introduces air, water, noise and radioactive materials pollutants and how to control them. Includes the engineering and legal and regulatory principles involved. Discusses the effects that the pollutants can have on the environment and how to analyze these risks.

... ( Third Edition )生态学——关于变化中的地球(第 3 版) • Metcalf & Eddy Inc. , Wastewater Engineering , Treatment and Reuse ... Air Pollution Control Engineering ( Second Edition )大气污染控制工程(第 2 版) • George Tchobanoglous , Hilary ...


Author: 布什

Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司

ISBN: 7302068380

Category: Ecology

Page: 477

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Air Pollution V4

This book discusses the various gas and air cleaning devices used to eliminate or reduce emissions of air polluting substances.


Author: Arthur C. Stern

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780323162005

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 970

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Air Pollution, Third Edition, Volume IV: Engineering Control of Air Pollution focuses on the sampling, measurement, analysis, and monitoring of air pollution. This book discusses the various gas and air cleaning devices used to eliminate or reduce emissions of air polluting substances. Organized into three parts encompassing 21 chapters, this edition starts with an overview of the methods of air pollution control that are designed to minimize the production or emission of contaminants. This book then discusses the techniques of rational air use management, which is based on the principle that air quality standards have been set at levels that protect the population from harm with an acceptable margin of safety. This text explores as well the waste-disposal process of incineration in which combustible wastes are burned completely under controlled conditions. Other chapters discuss the production of nonferrous metals, which has been very significant in the development of the science of air pollution control. Engineers, physicist, chemists, meteorologists, agronomists, toxicologists, sociologists, physicians, and lawyers will find this book extremely useful.

Air Pollution

Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation, Third Edition Jeremy Colls, Abhishek Tiwary ... De Nevers, N. (2000) Air Pollution Control Engineering (2nd edition), McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York. Donovan, R. G., Stewart, H. E., Owen, S. M., ...


Author: Jeremy Colls

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351988469

Category: Nature

Page: 508

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A one stop, comprehensive textbook, covering the three essential components of air pollution science. The Third Edition has been updated with the latest developments, especially the inclusion of new information on the role of air pollutants in climate change. The authors give greater coverage to the developing economies around the world where air pollution problems are on the rise. The Third Edition continues to cover a wide range of air quality issues, retaining a quantitative perspective. Topics covered include - gaseous and particulate air pollutants, measurement techniques, meteorology and dispersion modelling, mobile sources, indoor air, effects on plants, materials, humans and animals. Moving away from classical toxic air pollutants, there is a chapter on climate change and another on the depletion of stratospheric ozone. A special feature of this new edition is the inclusion of a fresh chapter on air pollution mitigation by vegetation, mainly its role in maintaining a sustainable urban environment. Recommended for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses specialising in air pollution, both for environmental scientists and engineers. The new material included in the Third Edition extends its use by practitioners in consultancies or local authorities.

Air Pollution Control Engineering

T. Allen , Particle Size Measurement , Chapman and Hall , London , 3rd Edition ( 1981 ) . 2. J.K. Beddow , Particle Characterization in Technology : Vol . I , Applications and Microanalysis , CRC Press Inc. , Boca Raton , ( 1984 ) . 3.


Author: William Licht

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0824778987

Category: Nature

Page: 496

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Environmental Pollution Control Engineering

If the environmental lapse rate is dry adiabatic and the terrain is fairly smooth , a is approximately 1/7 . The exponent a is observed ... 1 , 3rd Edition , ( Academic Press New York ) , 1976 = 0 at and also that 0.13 1000 0.105 0.827.


Author: C. S. Rao

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 812241835X

Category: Pollution

Page: 442

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This Revised Edition Of The Book On Environmental Pollution Control Engineering Features A Systematic And Thorough Treatment Of The Principles Of The Origin Of Air, Water And Land Pollutants, Their Effect On The Environment And The Methods Available To Control Them. The Demographic And Environmental Trends, Energy Consumption Patterns And Their Impact On The Environment Are Clearly Discussed. Application Of The Physical, And Chemical Engineering Concepts To The Design Of Pollution Control Equipment Is Emphasized. Due Importance Is Given To Modelling, Quality Monitoring And Control Of Specific Major Pollutants. A Separate Chapter On The Management Of Hazardous Wastes Is Added. Information Pertaining To Indian Conditions Is Given Wherever Possible To Help The Reader Gain An Insight Into India Sown Pollution Problems.This Book Is Mainly Intended As A Textbook For An Integrated One-Semester Course For Senior Level Undergraduate Or First Year Post-Graduate Engineering Students And Can Also Serve As A Reference Book To Practising Engineers And Decision Makers Concerned With Environmental Pollution Control.