All That Bleeds

The shoulder wound had gaped open as he climbed, but he hadn't realized the bleeding was so brisk. He unzipped the wet suit to retrieve a Swiss Army knife ...


Author: Kimberly Frost

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101553879

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 968

As the last heiress of the House of North, Alissa knows that striking up a secret friendship with a half-vampire enforcer is dangerous, but Merrick is a temptation she can't resist. But when Alissa is kidnapped, Merrick proves that he will do anything to protect the woman who tempts him with her very existence.

All Bleeds Through

All. Bleeds. Through. I. “Come on, mate,” the man choked into the stillness of the living room. “You don't have to do this.” His hands were up in surrender, ...


Author: Bartholomew Lander

Publisher: Lunarium Books

ISBN: 9784908656897

Category: Fiction


View: 502

An old vendetta. A persecuted race. The fight for survival in a world ruled by hatred. In an alternate universe, history has been shaped by the rise and fall of the hemomancers – individuals born with the frightening power to manipulate blood. Encumbered by the crimes of their ancestors, the hemomancers now fight to survive the vengeful human society of the 21st century. Some seek revenge for those who were slaughtered for the profit of hemotech corporations; some wish to return the balance of power to the twelve bloodlines that once ruled over all of Europe; others long only to live a peaceful life among the humans in secret, and leave behind the politics and bloodshed of their brethren. In All Bleeds Through, ten tales of hemomancer persecution intertwine, telling a greater story of an ancient feud and century-long war that threatens to wipe out hemomancy and envelope the world with darkness. As two ancient bloodlines wrestle for triumph, will justice prevail?

Desert Bleeds Red

“Imean all thesnakes in the world, son. ... “You're “We're all bleeding,” he says, and without another word leaves the two of them alone.


Author: Jason Hornsby

Publisher: Permuted Press

ISBN: 9781618682710

Category: Fiction


View: 174

A plane crash in the desert. Doubles lurking in the shadows. A missing wife. A clairvoyant mistress. Eight demons. A thousand corpses. One savage journey through the Wastelands of China… Logan Solomon is a Southern gentleman who has lived in Beijing far too long. Aside from the shady business deals, surveillance jobs, and the often decadent lifestyle of the jaded foreigner, he has also managed to alienate his wife Li Na while associating himself with very rough characters—some who might not even be human. Following a seemingly chance encounter aboard a train, a chain of events is set in motion that will change Logan’s destiny forever, and leave a trail of dead in the wake. In response to a pleading late-night phone call from her estranged mother, Li Na and Logan embark on a dangerous trip south to a village unknown to outsiders. They are accompanied by an old friend from Georgia who may or may not be able to see the future; a hulking tattooed sociopath with glowing red eyes and a short temper; and a tall man in black who, when not turning into a spiral or effortlessly passing between impossibly tight spaces, loves waxing philosophic over milk tea and kebabs. When Li Na goes missing somewhere in the bamboo forests of Sichuan, young Solomon conjures up the darkest of forces to assist him in getting her back—a decision that may cost him not only his own life, but those of countless others along the way. On their pilgrimage west to find her and kill whoever is responsible for the abduction, these four strangers will encounter villainous doppelgangers, thugs who vomit locusts, whorehouse succubae, satanic congregations in the wilderness, secret government installations, haunted plains, ravaged outposts, forgotten ruins, and countless cities reduced to rubble. Part epic modern rendition of the King Solomon legends, part hellish travelogue, and all white-knuckle terror, Desert Bleeds Red is critically acclaimed author Jason S. Hornsby’s (Every Sigh, The End and Eleven Twenty-Three) masterpiece, a haunting vision of China and humanity unlike anything you can imagine.

Where the Line Bleeds

like all outside! We going to be late. Go take a shower. Laila came over here to braid y'all's hair, but left 'cause y'all wasn't here, your uncle Paul ...


Author: Jesmyn Ward

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408899830

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 733

The first novel from two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward, a timeless Southern fable of brotherly love and familial conflict Joshua and Christophe are twins, raised by a blind grandmother and a large extended family in a rural town on Mississippi's Gulf Coast. Over the course of a single, life-changing summer, as they struggle to find work and contend with the reappearance of their parents – Cille, who left town for a better job, and Sandman, a dangerous addict – the brothers are forced into a series of decisions that will ultimately damn or save them. A delicate and closely observed portrait of fraternal love and strife and the bonds that can sustain and torment us, Where the Line Bleeds marks the beginning of Jesmyn Ward's extraordinary career in fiction.

If It Bleeds

“If It Bleeds brings together four new stories, all offering vintage King themes with their own particular twist. . . . King, as always, is right on the ...


Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982137991

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 488

*#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER* From the legendary storyteller and master of short fiction Stephen King comes an extraordinary collection of four new “exceptionally compelling novellas that reaffirm [King’s] mastery of the form” (The Washington Post). Readers adore Stephen King’s novels, and his novellas are their own dark treat, briefer but just as impactful and enduring as his longer fiction. Many of his novellas have been made into iconic films, including “The Body” (Stand By Me) and “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” (Shawshank Redemption). Four brilliant new tales in If It Bleeds are sure to prove as iconic as their predecessors. Once again, King’s remarkable range is on full display. In the title story, reader favorite Holly Gibney (from the Mr. Mercedes trilogy and The Outsider) must face her fears, and possibly another outsider—this time on her own. In “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” an intergenerational friendship has a disturbing afterlife. “The Life of Chuck” explores, beautifully, how each of us contains multitudes. And in “Rat,” a struggling writer must contend with the darker side of ambition. If these novellas show King’s range, they also prove that certain themes endure. One of King’s great concerns is evil, and in If It Bleeds, there’s plenty of it. There is also evil’s opposite, which in King’s fiction often manifests as friendship. Holly is reminded that friendship is not only life-affirming but can be life-saving. Young Craig befriends Mr. Harrigan, and the sweetness of this late-in-life connection is its own reward. “Exactly what I wanted to read right now,” said Ruth Franklin in a rave on the cover of The New York Times Book Review. “Phenomenal," said Brian Truitt in USA TODAY. “King still owns the fright business like none other.”

Soul Bleeds The Poetry Melodies and Other Wanderings of Karen Wiesner

If You were all I had, I would never need to close my eyes for my dreams to come true. I wouldn't have to hide all these feelings inside. If You were all I ...


Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781300181217

Category: Poetry


View: 149

Every poem ever written shows us the eyes of the poet. Looking without. As love mirrors the heart, poetry mirrors personality. Many poets write about things outside of themselves. This mirrors their personal character and the way they look at the world. Looking within. Other poets take the outside world into themselves and use the intimate emotions to reveal their own hearts. Just looking. Then there are poets like me, who do a little of both...or a lot of neither. If you're looking for flowery observations on nature, rhyming pieces with any type of standard or pattern, seemingly meaningless verses that you have to know the "code" to understand, you won't find it here. The 39 poems included a combination of honesty, raw emotion, vivid imagery, gritty reality, story metaphors, introspection, depression, and even "song-like" verses. Great poetry is something I can relate to, that moves me, that takes the human condition and makes it both frail and somehow beautiful in its starkness.

Chaos Bleeds

Well, that was all good and well as far as it went, but not every person you had your first experience with almost killed you a little while later.


Author: James A. Moore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743427678

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 754

As the lines between the past and present, as well as between this and other dimensions, are becoming less distinct, Buffy's only hope is Ethan Rayne, her sworn enemy and worshipper of Chaos.

When the Bad Bleeds

As soon as I am dead,/ Come all” (l. 103–105) “May all the wrongs that you have done to me,/ Be utterly forgotten in my death” (l. 117–118).


Author: Imke Pannen

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 9783899716405

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 337

View: 501

Mantic elements are manifold in the English drama of the Renaissance period: they are supernatural manifestations and have a prophetic, future-determining function within the dramatic plot, which can be difficult to discern. Addressing contemporaries of Shakespeare, this study interprets a representative number of revenge tragedies, among them The Spanish Tragedy, The White Devil, and The Revenger's Tragedy, to draw general conclusions about the use of mantic elements in this genre. The analysis of the cultural context and the functionalisation of mantic elements in revenge tragedy of the Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Caroline era show their essential function in the construction of the plot. Mantic elements create and stimulate audience expectations. They are not only rhetoric decorum, but structural elements, and convey knowledge about the genre, the fate of which is determined by retaliation. An interpretation of revenge tragedy is only possible if mantic providentialism is taken into account.

We All Bleed Equal

'We All Bleed Equal' is a Collection of Poems, short stories, and Micro Tales compiled by Rishav Banerjee from India and Liv Smith from The United States of ...


Author: Rishav Banerjee

Publisher: The World Of Hidden Thoughts


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 120

View: 586

‘We All Bleed Equal’ is a Collection of Poems, short stories, and Micro Tales compiled by Rishav Banerjee from India and Liv Smith from The United States of America. This is the outcome of some well-known and influential Co-Authors who have earned success and esteem from society. ‘We All Bleed Equal’, not only a collection of some creative pieces but also a book of justice and respect for the disadvantaged group. Contents in the compilation is truly inspiring and thought-provoking for the readers. It has tried to urge the reader to stand against racism, molestation, female infanticide, and social injustice. Once the world is free from such filthy acts of unkindness, the earth will become a better place to live in. The world needs an effective and impactful education in terms of social acceptance. There are many men and women who have talents stored in their bones, but due to the filthy outlook of society makes me feel loser.

When Cut We All Bleed Red

I remembered what Monica, a Maori friend of ours, had told us over lunch after a healing session with her, 'When cut we all bleed Red'.


Author: Alistair Cran



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 71

View: 749

The Day of Love Healing Book Series provides resources that reconnect us with 'Heart Centred' human qualities; Love & Compassion, Courage, Vulnerability, Humility... Suffering from a number of major illnesses, a major insight emerged; the pathway to healing one’s physical body might be through healing the emotional body, the spiritual body and then integrating them to achieve a new level of happiness.

She Dreams When She Bleeds

Although I may bleed with the moon When I bleed I am the sun With all its rays pointed inwards And everything around me sucked in by my gravity All the ...


Author: Nikki Tajiri

Publisher: Nikki Tajiri


Category: Poetry


View: 657

“It is time to celebrate / It is time to menstruate” You will never look at your period the same way again. This book is an ode to women’s menses. Beautiful poetry with stunning, vivid artwork. Are you read to fall in love with your menstrual cycle? Just as we can love our bodies regardless of the shape, we can love our menstruation regardless of its frequency, flow, or pain. Poetry. Paintings. Period love. About learning to love our blood and our bodies and our cyclical selves.About defining our own menstrual experience.About period positivity and sisterhood. And a touch of outrage. More about the book: She Dreams When She Bleeds is simply put, poems about periods. The collection is over 50 poems; half of the poems are accompanied by vibrant alcohol ink paintings. The poems reflect the author’s reverence for periods and the power they hold, and follow her on her journey as she heals her relationship with her own cycle, femininity, and past period shame. Nikki inspires us to look past the mundane aspects of menstruation, and gather the spiritual and emotional wisdom that our periods can reveal to us. The poems explore themes of power, shame, sisterhood, societal expectations of women while menstruating, and celebration of first blood. Nikki’s poetry is simple, relatable, and poignant. Nikki’s paintings are a rich complement to her poetry; full of texture, movement, and color. This book would make an excellent gift for any woman – a sister, friend, mother, or daughter. A perfect coming-of-age book for young girls just starting to form their worldview around their bodies and their menstruation.

If It Bleeds

When I did that four stretch in the Scrubs I learned all the names of the states by heart to get me to sleep at night because there was this nutter in the ...


Author: Duncan Campbell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755385041

Category: Fiction

Page: 267

View: 619

The brilliant new novel about contemporary London gangland crime by the hugely well reviewed author of THE PARADISE TRAIL. Britain's best known gangster, Charlie Hook, wants to tell his life story and chooses crime reporter Laurie Lane as his reluctant ghost. But the next day Hook is dead, his blood and hair on the walls of his north London mansion. Who has killed the last of the London Godfathers, the man who used to be a driver for the Kray twins? Laurie is having his own problems - he's suspected of fiddling his expenses and his country singer wife has left him for an older man - but he needs to find the killer to keep his job. Could it be a Russian businessman with a love of Scottish poetry and something dodgy in his Hampstead garden?

True Love Never Bleeds

At all times, we should value our lives more than the bounty.” Omar takes a deep breath and exhales loudly. “I'd love my share of that payment, ...


Author: Robert W. Barker

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781663217509

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 719

True Love Never Bleeds is a fast-paced, multilayered thriller, with a love story fraught with contradictions and potential for betrayal. With the background of the election of a Fascist president in the United States, old enemies attack Peter Binder and his lover, Maria Davidoff, on the shore of a frozen, Canadian lake. Peter, a geological explorer and troubled former SEAL, and Maria, a former Russian spy once tasked with Peter’s murder, survive the attack. Investigators discover a listening device in Peter’s cabin. Who has been listening to the conversations in the cabin? And why? Using old accusations of murder, from when Peter served in Afghanistan, the CIA holds him to a contract. Alden Sage, advisor to the former president, brings release, but with a cost – one last job. Russian interests work with North Korea to fast-track development of Cerro Nublado, a highly controversial copper deposit in Peru. Alden suspects a hidden agenda, and a secret at Cerro Nublado that may threaten the safety and security of the entire free world. Alden tasks Peter with discovering that secret, but Maria angrily insists he must stay away from Peru. Will Peter survive the multiple and vicious attacks on his way to Peru and Cerro Nublado? Will he survive El Come Huevos, The Egg Eater, who tortures his victims before he kills them? Do the rocks of Cerro Nublado really hide a dangerous secret in plain sight? Even if Peter survives the hidden Russian agendas, relentless attacks, and the world of the Fascist president, can he survive his love for Maria? In the end, he must search in the jungle, for the truth at Cerro Nublado, and he must search in his heart, for the truth that is Maria.

When The Sky Bleeds

If you kill the hen which lays golden eggs, everything finishes. Always make sure she eats properly, never hit her on the face, and even if you are angry ...


Author: Ashna Khan

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 598

When the sky bleeds is a tale of love, sacrifice, struggle, courage, poverty, betrayal and revenge. It's all about finding inner strength even when there's hardly any glimmer of hope. It concludes with conviction that where there's true love, there's way. At the centre of the action is a small village in Rajasthan. The story covers three generations and shows how when the time changes, everything around changes; however the women of the village remain doomed forever under the mercy of dominating men and selfish relatives. The protagonist of the story is a soft-spoken, kind hearted village woman - Bhoomi. True to her name, she remains patient like the earth, which bears all the misdoings of mankind. Then one fine day, just like the earth which when loses its patience, wreaks havoc; the protagonist Bhoomi emerges from the background and even in dire circumstances, stands for what truly belongs to her. How Bhoomi stands up for her loved ones, how she triumphs in spite of everything and becomes a testimony of love and sacrifice for the women folk around her, forms the crux of the story. As the story progresses, the action shifts between Mumbai and Rajasthan, unleashing an eager feeling of what could unfold next. The plight of the women, from the village to city, seems no different. This aspect touches one's heart and bleeds it profusely.

Bliss and All That Bleeds from It

There are often moments that are deeply moving as the written word, the beautiful images and the narration all blend into one great wave of unrepressed emotion. This is a book for everybody. For those who are in pain, it will be healing.


Author: Richard King


ISBN: 1320149375



View: 933

'Bliss and all that bleeds from it' is an enhanced poetry eBook of exception. The poems evoke deep emotions and clearly come from the writer's own experiences. The honesty is startling and begs to be let in. While much poetry can tend towards the sentimental, this collection of poems often reaches far beyond. While the emotions are often as pleasingly endless as the yearning sea the author retains a place from where he can dispassionately observe the strange meanderings of the human condition. A huge bonus, and one of the blessings of eBooks, is that all the poems have been narrated by the author. With many years experience as a professional singer he is able to raise these poems up to sublime levels with his mellifluous voice. There are often moments that are deeply moving as the written word, the beautiful images and the narration all blend into one great wave of unrepressed emotion. This is a book for everybody. For those who are in pain, it will be healing. For those in love, it will offer companionship. For those who long to be in love, it will bring hope. And for those who are numb, you will begin to feel again. To quote one reader "Wow! Very moving poetry. Have listened to all sitting here in T5 (Heathrow airport). Several of the poems make me cry. Amazing."

Cut One They All Bleed

It isn't only the Cousins ' clan who all bleed if you cut one . ” 99 CHAPTER FOUR A Bad Loser " All right , god CUT ONE , THEY ALL BLEED 33.


Author: John Thomas Edson

Publisher: Diamond Books

ISBN: 1557731357

Category: Fiction

Page: 179

View: 230

When someone takes aim at the Cousins family, shooting one of their clan in a bank raid, the family sets out to avenge themselves on the lawman who tangled with them

Let It All Bleed Out

TRANSFUSIONS IN TERROR A gifted killer , like a gifted surgeon , brings all his skill to bear on the smallest of incisions - a bullet hole here , a blade or ...


Author: Alfred Hitchcock


ISBN: 0440147557



View: 534

All That Falls

When her boyfriend dies under mysterious circumstances and her powers vanish, Cerise, tormented by half-formed memories, turns to fallen archangel Lysander for help since he seems to hold the key to restoring her memories and abilities.


Author: Kimberly Frost

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 0425250903

Category: Fiction

Page: 321

View: 441

When her boyfriend dies under mysterious circumstances and her powers vanish, Cerise, tormented by half-formed memories, turns to fallen archangel Lysander for help since he seems to hold the key to restoring her memories and abilities. Original. 35,000 first printing.

If It Bleeds It Leads

missing most of what really matters all these years? Is it possible that the closer we look at television news, the more it disappears?


Author: Matthew Robert Kerbel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429979576

Category: Social Science

Page: 164

View: 491

You've been watching television news forever. You're intimately familiar with the friendly faces and soothing voices that nightly tell you what's wrong with the world. You think you know everything there is to know about them. You're wrong.If It Bleeds, It Leads takes us minute-by-minute through two-and-one-half real hours of syndicated, local, and network information programming to uncover the truth behind what passes as news. Why is the only real difference between Jerry Springer and Dan Rather that Dan's guests usually don't need medical attention? How did a load of baking powder spark two minutes of high-strung local news coverage? It's all here: the personal revelations of talk show guests; the dangers lurking in your neighborhood; sports; sex; celebrity; power; and weather updates every ten minutes--all real material taken from real broadcasts designed to keep viewers glued to the screen.