Amor Ex Machina 1

Read through this collection of erotic stories. Developed by the world's most sexy machine, this book is the first part in a series of the hottest erotica short story collection. Find out what makes people tick!


Author: Ida Gep


ISBN: 167986050X


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Read through this collection of erotic stories. Developed by the world's most sexy machine, this book is the first part in a series of the hottest erotica short story collection. Find out what makes people tick!

Amor Ex Machina

"I'm just going to call them Astro Mom-and-Son."Read the hottest, most confusing, and the funniest anthology of short erotica stories by Ida Gep, Erotica AI Extrordinare.


Author: Ida Gep


ISBN: 1651516804


Page: 98

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The two of them were in the living room, watching TV. The younger one was wearing a T-shirt that read "Astro Babes" and the older one a baggy green button-down with a low cut elastic band."I don't have to call you Astro Babes anymore," said Annie, taking the baggy sweatshirt from his hands and throwing it back. "I'm just going to call them Astro Mom-and-Son."Read the hottest, most confusing, and the funniest anthology of short erotica stories by Ida Gep, Erotica AI Extrordinare. With masterpieces like Astro Babes, you'll leave this anthology just a bit hotter, just a bit wetter.

La Cor nica a Journal of Medieval Spanish Language and Literature

... magic functions in Rojas ' s text as a deus ex machina of sorts , which
safeguards the general “ psychological realism ” ... Prieto de la Iglesia ( 120 ) .
from lovesickness , amor hereos , a psycho - somatic Robert Folger La corónica
34 . 1 , 2005.




ISBN: STANFORD:36105133522750

Category: Spanish language


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Berlin The Symphony Continues

two failed marriages, and ten years later, Evelyn appears at lgor's door as a sort
of amor ex machina. At least one reviewer noted the oddity of Sichtcrmann
having chosen a Don Juan as her protagonist: Es ist schon eigenttimlich. Da
schreibt ...


Author: Carol Anne Costabile-Heming

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110906806

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 338

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The sudden fall of the Berlin Wall is one of the defining images of the late twentieth century. The subsequent unification of Germany and the decision to return Berlin to its status as capital has made the constant changes within the city a matter of public interest. It also offered Berlin the opportunity to create a new image for itself, one that can serve as a counterbalance to the politically charged recent history of Berlin as the capital of Nazi Germany and former East Berlin as the capital of the German Democratic Republic. Poised between capitalist Western Europe and the former communist powers in Eastern Europe, Berlin occupies a fascinating geopolitical space. This anthology presents a unique glimpse into the various constituencies that make up Berlin and that impact the city's challenges and promises.

Young beginner s Latin course part iii Easy exercises on the Latin syntax by W Dodds Ed by W Smith With Key

MODESTY . NOR . live , to , vivo , vixi , victum , many , multus , a , um ( Ex . money
, pecúnia , 1 f . ... 62 ) . multitude , multitūdo , Înis , 3 love , ămor , oris , 3 m . ...
Macedonians , Măcědones , passuum ( lit . thousands of neglect , to , negligo ,
lexi , um , 3 m . pl . paces ) . lectum , 3 . machine , māchina , 1 f . milk , lac , lactis ,
3 n ...


Author: William Dodds


ISBN: OXFORD:600090152



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Vestigia Vergiliana

Sed nunc Italiam magnam Gryneus Apollo, Italiam Lyciae iussere capessere
sortes; hic amor, haec patria est. ... personifizierten Gloria und India aus dem
Atlantik, die ein wenig an dei ex machina erinnern,23 ist alle mora wie weggefegt
und eine neue Art von amor, geboren, die zu den Gefährten, ... 23 Die
Erscheinung der Gloria als Ansporn geht wohl auf Valerius Flaccus zurück (
Argonautica 1,76-78).


Author: Thorsten Burkard

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110247206

Category: History

Page: 473

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In this volume of papers 19 authors demonstrate on the basis of selected examples how Virgil s works, and above all his Aeneid, have been received by modern authors. The examples span six centuries (from the 15th to the 20th century). They are not limited to the Latin reception, but also present texts from various genres and languages (including Latin, German, English, French, Italian etc.). The volume thus provides an impressive review of the variety of the modern reception of Virgil."

Luis de G ngora and Lope de Vega

sonnet 155, Dice cómo se engendra amorhablando como filósofo.77 Interpreted
with regard to Lope's celestial obsession, ... Outwardly this might be so, but the
deus ex machina of the royal hunt brings none of the catharsis of tragedy; there is
no moment of ... Reinforcing the ludic upending of classical precepts, the
denouement of the feline drama requires not one, but two dei ex machina, one of.


Author: Lindsay G. Kerr

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781855663176

Category: Parody in literature

Page: 213

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Traces the processes and paradoxes at work in the late parodic poetry of Luis de Góngora and Lope de Vega, illuminating correlations and connections.

Academic Glasguensis ad Carolum Magn Britanni Regem C m ex Anglia profectus in Scoti Regnum solenni ritu inauguraretur

... Vana - superstitio , tua quà patet ampla poteftas : Christicolúmque alibi afflictis
fuccurrere rebus Ne pigeat : nostris eo qui bonus otia Mufis Fecisti , patriocomple
tere semper amore . ... Succedat fobolis dia nümerofa propago ; Integra duin
fupereft annosi machina mundt . ... alti 1 : 1 : 1 Cura poli , Australi imperiiregione (
12 )


Author: University of Glasgow


ISBN: BL:A0021456478



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Literature 1992 Part 1

1, p. 9 – 11 (Apr–Jun 1992). 098.180 Observations of minor planets in 1982–
1985 at the Bucharest Astronomical Institute. A. Alexiu ... This paper briefly
discusses the Aten, Apollo and Amor asteroid types (collectively referred to as
AAAs), their perihelion distribution and orthogonal motion. ... Dissipative
phenomena in resonance problems in the solar system or the ”dei ex machina” of
celestial mechanics.


Author: Astronomisches Recheninstitut

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783662123799

Category: Science

Page: 1449

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"Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts" appearing twice a year has become oneof the fundamental publications in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics andneighbouring sciences. It is the most important English-language abstracting journal in the mentioned branches. The abstracts are classified under more than a hundred subject categories, thus permitting a quick survey of the whole extended material. The AAA is a valuable and important publication for all students and scientists working in the fields of astronomy and related sciences. As such it represents a necessary ingredient of any astronomical library all over the world.

Lexicon Palaeslovenico Gr co Latinum emendatum auctum edidit Fr Miklosich

kübel lat . cupella , cupa mlat . cupellus . mih . texviens artifex ex.-op. 1. 23. vost .
къврѣднє р . прозпіса amor vehemens | кызнын аdj . insidiarum светъ - mat . 21
. ... 170. machina sup . mih . косынъ yost . до косна . vost . до 399. пра7p.atsta
negotiatio krus . къзни KOCHh ber . nsl . kasan tardus meg . kasne sg . n . Saf .


Author: Franz von MIKLOSICH


ISBN: BL:A0019723540

Category: Church Slavic language

Page: 1171

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Short Tales and Anecdotes from Ancient History

17 machina . 18 Say , killed him with going - without - sleep ( vigilando ) . 30 .
THE EMPEROR TITUS . The Emperor Titus , who was naturally 1 of - the -
mostbenevolent - disposition , was styled the darling and delight 3 of the human
race . It was a principle of his 4 ... see Ex . 29 , 3 amor ac deliciae . Note 7 . 11
atque etiam .


Author: William Smith


ISBN: UVA:X030689799

Category: Latin language

Page: 176

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Ductor in Linguas Guide Into the Tongues and Vocabularium Hispanicolatinum 1617

1. Melma d'acqua . H. Açeña , Haccía , Azcha , Hazeha . P. mile , because at
every miles ena ' a great stone in mame : of a marke fone Moynbo de ágos . L.
Mola ... Gr . dixelnus xj inatovlevoxinor , ab ixatır- fand . Jin . I. Macina , ex
machina . 1.H. Molino , Muela . P. Moynho , f . ... V tebantur ea Romuni manos ,
nam vt ira in naso , amor in iecinore , sic propenfio ad risum , á la in facrificis , poft
finitas preces ...


Author: John Minsheu

Publisher: Scholars Facsimilies & Reprint

ISBN: UOM:39015035839730

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 743

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A major work in the historical development of English lexicography.

Chronicon Abbati Rameseiensis

Operariis igitur tam devotionis fervore quam church is mercedis amore laborem
continuantibus , dum alii la- built with two towers . pides comportant , alii
cementum conficiunt , atque alii hoc et illos rotali 1 machina in altum
subministrant ...


Author: Ramsey Abbey


ISBN: HARVARD:32044019779214

Category: Great Britain

Page: 477

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R pertitres


Author: François Verschaeve

Publisher: [Hamilton, Ont.?] : François Verschaeve

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123325552

Category: Music

Page: 492

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The Survival of Geis in Mediaeval Romance

There he met the fairy Madoine , and she , dea ex machina , fell violently in love
with him . ... One night while they were asleep in a pavilion Madoine and two
other fays passed by . ... he awoke the next morning Laris bitterly reproached
Madoine for her conduct , but she coolly replied that he should blame Amor , not
her ( vv .


Author: John Revell Reinhard


ISBN: UOM:39015066089072

Category: Celtic literature

Page: 441

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Stanford Italian Review

At the beginning of canto 10 Floriana senses that something is amiss : Ma ' l fero
Amor , che al fin discopre e vede gli occulti fatti , ancor ... 1 . 1 - 4 ) Dido is
similarly prescient : At regina dolos ( quis fallere possit amantem ? ) praesensit ,
motusque excipit prima futuros omnia tuta timens . ... The aunt ' s name and her
means of arrival clearly recall Euripides ' tragedy , whose deux ex machina
ending was ...




ISBN: IND:30000004992669

Category: Italian language


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A Latin English Dictionary Printed from the Unfinished Ms of the Late Thomas Hewitt Key

ex quo aries subicitur ille in uestris actionibus ... , Cic . top . 64 ; 4. a sea beast ,
Plin . 9 , 10 ; 5. & sign of the zodiac , Manil . 2 , 246 ; Vitr . 9 , 5 , 1 ; 6. ariet of
oblique case = -- aryet , Arietes truces nos erimus : iam in uos incursabimus , Pl .
Bac . ... 10 , 19 , 2 and 6 ; machina , ib . ... 2 , 29 ; argutum sternuit omen Amor ,
Prop .


Author: Thomas Hewitt Key


ISBN: UOM:39015026948532

Category: English language

Page: 674

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International Encyclopedia of Dance

... Johanna , 1 : 212 Ex Machina , 1 : 412 Exodus , 6 : 66 – 67 exorcisms , 2 : 165
Shangana - Tsonga dance , 4 : 580 Sri ... 11 Massine ballet , 4 : 317 See also
Amor Brujo , El ; Tricorne , Le Falling Angels , 4 : 81 “ Falling Leaves , " 1 : 482 , 5


Author: Selma Jeanne Cohen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015040162805

Category: Ballet

Page: 712

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"Exciting and fascinating, this reference work succeeds in its goal of bringing "joy as well as enlightenment" about all forms of dance in all countries of the world. An extremely useful synoptic outline of contents" with nine sections (including "Ritual and Religion" and "Popular Entertainment") enables the user to explore dance in its cultural and social aspects, while topical essays complement the 2,000-plus entries. Heavily illustrated with black-and-white photographs, the encyclopedia captures the fluid movement of dance; with its depth and scope, this outstanding work has carved a well-deserved niche."--"Outstanding Reference Sources: the 1999 Selection of New Titles," American Libraries, May 1999. Comp. by the Reference Sources Committee, RUSA, ALA.