Angel Pets

#:2,aa 00" Q' o 7 g 5' Angel Pets at Work ah "'I '0 6': '1' When pets have a job to do, '3 '1. they know more than we think. ". Life can produce knocks and setbacks, leaving us frustrated, angry, unfulfilled, sad or depressed.


Author: Margrit Coates

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407062945

Category: Pets

Page: 272

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Margrit Coates is an internationally acclaimed animal healer and communicator. In Angel Pets, she reveals how animals talk to us all the time and shares their incredible true stories. Meet Rusty, the lost dog whom Margrit guided home using the psychic connection between them; Mitzi, the brave little cat who made the greatest sacrifice; Twinkle, the determined rabbit who saved a girl's life; Gypsy, the sheepdog with special healing powers; Freddy's friend, the demon cat who was really an angel in disguise, and many, many more wonderful animals. Through these amazing stories, Margrit answers the question that every pet owner will have asked themselves: what is my pet really thinking? Offering helpful tips, she unlocks the secret of tuning into and connecting with pets at the very deepest level. A heartwarming read, this book will change the way you relate to animals forever.

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

The Andersons are clergy members and pet experts who travel around the country speaking to animal organizations, businesses, colleges, and churches. They are contributing authors and hosts of the Angel Pets Fan Club at


Author: Alan Anderson

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317678

Category: Pets

Page: 176

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In this thoughtful book, Allen and Linda Anderson walk you through the numbing pain and dreadful sense of loss that arise when a beloved animal dies. They offer solace to help you deal with grief, remember and honor key moments in the animal’s life, find comfort through groups and with professionals, and get past the depression. They also include exercises, affirmations, and meditations to use through the various stages of grief. The Andersons’ caring, practical advice covers all aspects of pet loss, offering guidance on: helping children grieve, honoring your religious beliefs, grieving for runaway pets, helping others know what to say or do to console you, planning an appropriate memorial ceremony or tribute. The book also explores the concept of after-death experiences of departed companion animals and relates many beautiful stories, including the Rainbow Bridge story, that reinforce the love and sense of peace that come from honoring the place animals hold in our lives.

Pet Prayers Blessings

A GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR YOUR PET They say pets are our guardian angels , but who watches over them ? You can ask the pets you have loved — and lost — to do the job . May this animal be blessed with special angels to watch over her .


Author: Laurie Sue Brockway

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402741529

Category: Pets

Page: 228

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At least 65% of all American homes include pets, and many owners have begun to recognize the divine nature of all ?creatures great and small.” This unique collection of blessings specifically addresses the spiritual needs of those modern-day pet owners . Besides offering original prayers and adaptations of classics, it explains how to lead rituals and celebrations, and provides advice on involving pets in spiritual events, including those conducted by the clergy. Although the work honors many faiths, it is non-denominational and non-religious, and encompasses elements from many cultures and traditions. There are healing prayers for ailing animals, ceremonies for special occasions (such as the arrival of a new pet), and blessings for a long and happy life with your animal companion.

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ANGE 117 ANGELL Ange Gardien Foundation , Until December 2004 , Angel Kiss Foundation , Reno , Nv . Angela Marie ... Angel Fire , N. M. Angel Pets Animal Welfare Society Inc. , Linden , N. J. Angelic Society Inc. , Azusa , Ca.


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The Golden Bible

... leopard - Extracts from Book of MormonIts Jesus versus the Jesus of the New Testament - Angelic pets -Angelic ignorance ... grammar " Stabbed with a garb of secrecy " - " Rote upon the rent ” -Smith and his angel wondrously alike .


Author: Martin Thomas Lamb


ISBN: IOWA:31858048009843

Category: Book of Mormon

Page: 344

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Isadore Or The Day Star of Hope

They were those of Isadore's golden - haired angel pets . One with the same soft eyes which were the charm of Isadore's attractive face ; the other with a high and haughty beauty , contrasting strangely in their loveliness .


Author: Delle De Norman


ISBN: OSU:32435066353343


Page: 331

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The Encyclopaedia of Death and Life in the Spirit world

Oh ! little Eddie and Lulu , my angel pets , whose smiles and presence I enjoyed but for a I short time on earth , seemed to overflow with gladness , and in their exuberance of feeling they bestowed on me their innocent love and ...


Author: John Reynolds Francis


ISBN: UCAL:B3527653

Category: Death

Page: 412

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A service of angels

You know what care you take of the canary at home because it was the pet of your sister , who is far away . Look on all living creatures . as the Angels ' pets . The animals are all happy in their own way because they answer their end .


Author: Henry Latham


ISBN: OXFORD:590583925

Category: Angels

Page: 256

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Chase You

They are even responsible for sending us our next earth angel pet. Monica's clients often tell her that they still see and feel their beloved pets. When she tunes into the Other Side, she can see them there as well.


Author: Elizabeth Kendig

Publisher: Post Hill Press

ISBN: 9781637583678

Category: Self-Help

Page: 94

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We spend our lives chasing what we think will make us happy: money, relationships, careers, a bigger house, a better body. But the chase doesn’t end until we stop chasing things outside of ourselves and start chasing who we came here to be. Standing by to help is the Other Side, a team of spiritual guides dedicated to giving us the confidence and clarity to live out our mission. Following a near-death experience at age nine, Monica Lawson has been able to hear, see, feel, and know the Other Side. She now inspires clients from all walks of life on how to connect with their spiritual team. One of those people is Elizabeth Kendig, a recovering perfectionist who found peace and purpose after putting the lessons in this book into practice. Together they will teach you how to do the same. They will teach you how to chase you.

Precious Moments

112424 28 & oc Samb Do angel pets fly ? Can they hop , skip , or walk ? And do angel pets Really know how to talk ? Does an angel pet sleep In a basket or bed ? And what is its name , Angelina or Fred ? o Do angel pet choirs Like to ...


Author: Victor Gilbert Beers

Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

ISBN: 0801009928

Category: Children's stories, American

Page: 256

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Brief story-poems heighten our awareness of the special features of wake-up time, mail time, chore time, family time, and other such times of the day, highlighting God's role in all aspects of our lives.