Angels at Bedtime

Angels have the power to guide and protect us throughout daily life, and this collection of bedtime stories introduces their loving energy to your child.


Author: Karen Wallace


ISBN: 036932658X


Page: 194

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Angels have the power to guide and protect us throughout daily life, and this collection of bedtime stories introduces their loving energy to your child. The tales are both magical and compelling with settings and characters sure to capture the imagination of every child. Offering a gentle introduction to the techniques of meditation and visuali...





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Angels at the Crossroads

Once Connie and the children were settled into the new house, Jerry took on the
task of making sure they were safe. At night after he got through with the milking,
he drove over to Green Wilson Street to drive circles around the block to be sure


Author: Ann H. Gabhart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450286350

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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The chase was over. In April 1969, nineteen-year-old Jerry Shepherd stares in his rearview mirror at the two policemen approaching his car. He wants to run, make his escape, perhaps his final escape from life. Then he curls his fingers around the small Bible in his back pocket as the words Peace be still whisper through his head. He holds to those words as he steps from the car to handcuffed and arrested. Angels at the Crossroads is the compelling true story of Shepherd's amazing journey from wrongdoing to redemption. Convicted of a crime he can hardly believe he could have committed, Shepherd faces life in prison and fears not only that he won't survive behind bars, but also that he has stepped beyond the hope of prayer or forgiveness. His parents say no as they cover him with fervent prayers, but Shepherd must find his own way through the jungle of prison life to the people - earth angels - who can help him discover God's love knows no limit. On this pilgrimage to self-acceptance, Shepherd learns to forgive the past and completely and unconditionally love again. If you face a crossroads in your life, Shepherd's inspirational journey may help lead you down a new pathway to a life filled with compassion and love. Visit author Ann H. Gabhart online at

Boo s Fantastic Journey and the Amazing Angel Nightlight

Now brave and unafraid of the scare, Boo gave her only moments ago, she rang
the angel's bell over and over, ... “You see, Boo” said the Tickler, “She knew from
the bedtime story that her Mom read to her last night, that it was time for her to ...


Author: Eric Robert Nielsen

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781616638252

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 44

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Well, what if they really aren't that scary? What if they are cuddly and nice and they've simply lost their way? Find out what happens when Boo gets separated from his family. And while lost, he ends up in someone's closet and under their bed in the middle of the night! Changed into those very things that frighten children at night! Will Boo be brave enough to find his way through the unknown and back to his family or will he remain lost, trapped in the dark night--- forever? Are you brave like Boo? Come along on Boo's Fantastic Journey!

My Bedtime Angel

A reassuring child's prayer that when it is time to turn out the lights and be tucked in, God's love provides warmth and safety through the night.


Author: Cat Darens

Publisher: Ambassador Books

ISBN: 080916745X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 18

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A reassuring child's prayer that when it is time to turn out the lights and be tucked in, God's love provides warmth and safety through the night. Ages 2-5

Angel Blessings

Your angel will stay here all night to make sure you have a lovely sleep and nice
dreams . ... Angels at bedtime It's a clever idea to frame an angel picture and
hang it in your child's bedroom (maybe at the foot of the bed, so that your child
can ...


Author: Jacky Newcomb

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781841814384

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Angel Blessings takes you on a journey guided by the angels and reveals how to bring their blessings into your life and into your home. In this beautifully illustrated guide, angel expert Jacky Newcomb reveals magical angel projects to try, along with affirmations, visualizations and her amazing true-life angel stories to help you communicate with angels and experience their healing love.Each chapter includes real-life angel encounters, and details affirmations, visualizations, meditations and rituals to help you connect with the angelic realm. There are fun things to make and do to work with angels including making angel scrolls, setting up an angel altar and writing your own angel blessings to keep or send to loved ones. You will learn to connect with angels and create the special ambiance that helps your angels bring messages to you.

Angels Love Children

There is a night prayer I have always known by heart. I don't remember a time
when I didn't say that prayer at bedtime. In the prayer, armies of angels surround
my bed, shielding me with weapons against Satan. And they stay all night long.


Author: Herbert F. Brokering

Publisher: Augsburg Books

ISBN: 1451409583

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Popular writer, poet, pastor, and international tour-guide leader Herb Brokering offers fresh glimpses of God and God's heavenly messengers. Drawn from his conversations with young children, Brokering begins each devotion by describing a child's drawing of angels. From those pictures and the children's comments, he spins exciting new insights about our relationship with God.

Angels by My Side

are afraid to go to sleep. For two long years, every night from the time he was four
, Rick would cry at bedtime, beg to sleep with his parents and wake up several
times in the night terrified from nightmares. Sam and Terry tried everything.


Author: Betty Malz

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441262165

Category: Religion

Page: 126

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Riveting true stories and biblical insights fill this inspiring exploration of how angels intervene in our lives every day--whether or not we're aware of them.

Angel at My Side

The deposit went to pay the hospital bill . It was a late October Sunday when I
brought Nellie and Donna home . A severe cold spell had been predicted and we
didn ' t realize that there was very little oil in our furnace fuel tank . At bedtime we


Author: Bob Hoyt

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 094538386X


Page: 154

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You will be inspired as you read this account of the work of angels in the life of one man. Bob Hoyt, a pastor, Bible worker, and Literature Evangelist tells of his experiences with angels, dogs, guns, horses, floods, skunks, life-threatening hazards, and a heart-wrenching deathbed vigil.

Angels in My Way

My parents told me that a guardian angel was always with me; and after praying
at bedtime, my angel guarded my sleep during the night. They might have
adopted the belief in angels to instill confidence in their children, but this is not
proof of ...


Author: Miguel Angel Soto Flores


ISBN: 9780578071961


Page: 128

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The Angels in My Way is an anthology of real-life experiences of a trust worthy person, Misti, who exposes her beliefs and explains in details her guardian angels actions.

Little Angels

Understanding the problem Of course , all parents want their children to sleep ,
but in our desire for peace we can sometimes create worse problems . By
recording footage shot at night , we were able to reveal to the Little Angels
families how ...


Author: Tanya Byron

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 056351941X

Category: Behavior modification

Page: 160

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In this clear, concise and positive guide, clinical psychologist Dr Tany Byron and producer Sacha Baveystock enable parents to overcome common child behavioural problems.

True Angel Stories

When you think about an angel or an archangel one comes to you automatically.
I was talking to my neighbour and she lent me some books about angels. I started
reading one of them at bedtime and tried to ask for protection and some ...


Author: Diana Cooper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781844099146

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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This inspiration book of 777 true angel stories explores how angels can transform lives through exercises and visualisations that readers can practice on their own. Stories discuss guardian angels, feathers, signs, rainbows, prayers, numbers and names, unicorns, orbs and much, much more, making this the ultimate angel compendium.

Field of Angels

"Nana", as we called her, taught me almost everything there is to know about life.
... At night before bedtime, I would go into her room dressed in a pair of men's
long johns, which I would put on backwards, and sing silly songs and act out
crazy ...


Author: Janet Ritchie

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410705037

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 124

View: 610

FieldOfAngelswritten by Janet Ritchie is a testament to the personal trials, tribulations, and sometimes wild and comical adventures she has had the unique opportunity to experience during her lifetime. One of the poems, which she wrote for her sister and soul mate, was transformed into an inspirational song and placed on a recent charity holiday CD project initiated by Ritchie and her friend and partner Beverly Bateman. The song is appropriately titled "My Angel" and is on theLetThereBeLovecompilation charity CD. After posting several poems including "My Angel" on several websites she received almost 100,000 hits and over 3,000 e-mails.These pages present proof that you can succeed in a world where in building a business, even the odds against you seem to indicate you haven't a chance. Ritchie was recently signed by Alphalam, Inc., Orlando, Florida for her outstanding "Poetry on Plaques." These are winning accolades from local retailers. Orders for her work are coming in on the Internet, as well. She has developed her own website at, which is a platform to showcase her original poems that focus on life's lessons and little mysteries.The partnership between Alphalam, Inc. and Janet Ritchie is a milestone in the adventure she calls Life, and it is a "dream come true" for her. This is a woman who had lost everything but never seized upon this as an excuse for giving up. Instead, inspite of any obstacles, she has continued to strive for artistic freedom and success. At 60 years of age, she is once again building on her considerable writing strengths. She thought a few people might take an interest in her tempestuous but fascinating life. More than a few did. In fact, they came in droves! From all this came her "Poetry On Plaques" which are unique in that they are customized with poetry, graphics and photography specifically designed for the buyer, thus, very often "one of a kind" works, incorporating personal elements from each Buyer's life. The poems in this book are also available on these plaques.For more information on the author or where you can find her line of plaques visit her web site at www.jrgodstypist or e-mail her at [email protected] Her poems are posted on and

Touched by Angels of Mercy

There was such a strong bond between us that I even visited on my days off. He
loved to have someone read to him at bedtime. I got to know the Lone Ranger
books by heart. At 2 a.m. one Tuesday morning, I got a call asking if I would come
to ...


Author: Laura Lagana

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462806379

Category: Medical

Page: 259

View: 590

Touched by Angels of Mercy contains small doses of genuine life, from nurses, patients and caregivers, that touch the heart and foster healing. This collection of short stories and poems, interspersed with tasteful cartoons, contains helpful resource information, as well as a brief biography of each contributing author. Many of the works in this collection offer a glimpse into the nurse-patient relationship, as seen through the eyes of the patient, nurse or family member. Some of the stories reveal caregiving scenarios taken from brief moments in history, behind prison walls or even on a golf course. Anyone may be labeled an "Angel of Mercy." This term is not exclusive to nurses. Our world needs the healing "angels" who come to us in a variety of forms, when and where we least expect them. At some time in our lives, each one of us will encounter illness, pain and death. Along with it will come the need for a helping hand and the gentle, caring touch of an "angel of mercy." Everyone has the ability to be courageous, tenacious and loving. When people are hurting, whether from illness, injury or other reasons, they have the instinctive need to be touched and nurtured. People also have the need and desire to share their experiences with others. This process of sharing is frequently healthful and therapeutic. The strength, knowledge and inspiration that comes from recounting personal life and death experiences with one another stimulates healing. The profession of nursing deals with the prevention of illness, as well as the care and rehabilitation of the sick. Although it takes a special person to answer this "calling," todays nurses are vastly different from those of yesteryear. The changing world of healthcare has created unique challenges and added pressures for nursing, but it has also created new frontiers. In addition, there is a growing number of caregivers in our society. Caregivers often feel isolated, apprehensive, exhausted and overwhelmed. They desperately need relief as well as ongoing support. Nurses and caregivers reach out and become "angels" for others. They are compassionate, intelligent and caring beings that provide hands-on care to help the sick to heal, or comfort them as they die. Nurses and caregivers are not invincible; they also need to take care of themselves. The need to be touched by another, and to share personal experiences, are universal human requirements. The strength, knowledge and inspiration that comes from recounting personal life and death experiences fosters healing. Wounds heal from the inside out--so does the heart and soul. Writing these stories has been a therapeutic experience for our authors, and for some, an extremely difficult task. It is our hope that by reading and sharing these real-life, personal experiences, you too will be touched, inspired and healed.

Magical Animals at Bedtime Tales of Joy and Inspiration for You to Read with Your Child

This delightful new collection of stories at bedtime features inspiring, funny and enlightening animals from all over the world.


Author: Lou Kuenzler Co-Author

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 9781780286273

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 712

This delightful new collection of stories at bedtime features inspiring, funny and enlightening animals from all over the world. Here you will find the firefly who can't find his fire, the baby kangaroo who's ashamed he hasn't yet learned to hop and a condor who lives atop a temple at Machu Picchu in Peru and helps to rescue a lost girl. You will also discover amazing legendary creatures including a fire-breathing dragon who just wants a friend and a beautiful unicorn who teaches a spoilt princess the joy of sharing. The stories will not only excite your child's imagination: they also explore issues your child may well encounter in his or her daily life, including coping with shyness and managing change. 'Magical Messages' at the end of each tale help to highlight its positive message. Designed to be read either by parents to their children or by children on their own, these lovely narratives focus the child's mind and provide a soothing transition into sleep or to give food for thought during daytime reading.

Searching for Angels

The Story of a Young Girl Brought up in Foster Care Marianne Bailey-Wickham ...
My foster parents kissed me every night at bedtime, but that kiss from Nigel was a
real, passionate kiss that awoke new feelings of excitement within me.


Author: Marianne Bailey-Wickham

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491898857

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

View: 833

The story is told of Laura-Louise. She is just six years old when she and her brother are taken to a foster family. The book tells of her struggles and dreams and nightmares as she grows through adolescence to maturity. It is her search for happiness and love.

A Time for Angels

I have read quite a bit about spirit guides, and I wasn't too sure what to think of
the whole idea. What do you think? Do you believe that ... It seems easier to think
of her at bedtime, when I am reflecting on my day. At Leticia's side is a male spirit


Author: Aggie Lukas

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434942210



View: 961

Where Angels Fear to Tread

They came in wearing oversized goggles—the type comedians wear for their
stage shows. At bedtime, these two pregnant girls slept with their shoes and
goggles on. One vomited a foul-smelling fluid on her bed due to an overdose of


Author: Bridget O. Juwah

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469119397

Category: Self-Help

Page: 122

View: 626

Bridget Juwah is currently a doctoral degree student, with two Master of Science degrees in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Ife, Nigeria. A graduate of Life Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria, Bridget invaded three notorious drug ghettoes of Kalakuta Republic Lagos Nigeria, the Bar Beach drug joints Lagos Nigeria, and also the Downtown Los Angeles drug joint USA, with evangelistic messages, getting tremendous results. Bridget is also utilizing the anointing in the Gay Clubs of Hollywood USA, touching the hearts of stone. Her work is a testament that God is calling out the remnants who would defy the natural and dare the supernatural in order to confound the world with the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. Her book beckons on the church to arise in the might of the Holy Spirit in the amazing work of reaching out to vagrant psychotics so that the world might have peace and bequeath a healthy legacy to the upcoming generation. Her book is an expose on identifying behavioral changes/panacea for this hydra-headed social malaise that intimidate the world. This is a clarion call to governments of nations and the society at large to give priority attention to this topic under exposition. Formerly a student union activist at the University of Ife Nigeria, Bridget is a social crusader, a scholar of distinction as well as a servant of God with atypical anointing. Bridget is the President of Health Foundation and she now lives in California, United States of America.

The Gift Once Silent

Every day for perhaps a week and a half, Doug would tell me about the many
angels that stood all around his bed at night. I listened intently andmade endless,
detailed notes onall he told me. Atfirst I wondered if he was being given new ...


Author: Rebecca Mooney Smith

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449771027

Category: Religion

Page: 108

View: 418

Do I believe everything I read or hear about the supernatural? Absolutely not! I cannot give an account for others and what they say they’ve seen, but only for myself. As I share my stories, telling the truth is imperative for me, and I have written them, from my heart, in honesty and sincerity. For those who are skeptical, I understand, but the Lord clearly tells us about the many spiritual gifts that He gives His children! (1 Corinthians 12) Our world today seems to believe that it is “all knowledgeable,” since we have such immense technology, but the truth is that we aren’t open to the supernatural realms that are all around us! We are to have childlike faith! No spiritual gift should ever be placed upon a back shelf to gather time’s dust. This is why I finally decided to come forward and share The Gift Once Silent. “When Becky Smith writes, her words of inspiration and encouragement come from a heart set on God. Her upbringing in the finest of Christian homes, by Spirit-filled parents, coupled with a personal spirit that is extremely sensitive to her Lord and her surroundings, qualifies Becky to bring inspiration to others, beyond her circle of influence, through the written word. Simply put, Becky Smith is a gifted writer that will touch many lives in a positive way. I am confident that when you read her words, you will think so, too.” —Rev. Lewis Passmore

Mummy s Little Angels

'You're useless at doing me feet, Dave would sneer at me in disgust, kicking me
out of his way. 'Go on, get to bed! We willed it to be bedtime. Our bedroom had
two bunks and a single bed, greying woodchip wallpaper, a threadbare brown ...


Author: Denise Williams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473502338

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 604

Losing a child is a mother’s worst nightmare, but when you lose two children – your innocent sons – at the hands of the man they should have trusted the most, it’s almost unimaginable. For Denise Williams this was her reality – her very real nightmare. In her harrowing yet inspiring memoir, she tells her personal story of falling under the spell of her control-freak husband, suffering a decade of domestic violence, finding the strength to leave and then his despicable act of revenge. Denise endured agonising grief and heavy guilt, but she has slowly rebuilt her life without her beautiful boys – learning to live, love and trust again. This is her heartbreaking memoir.