Architectural Principles in the Age of Fraud

The book presents a powerful criticism of modernist views on architecture and argues that the rise of obfuscation and philosophical posturing among architects and architectural academics is a defensive strategy intended to draw attention ...


Author: Branko Mitrović

Publisher: Oro Editions

ISBN: 1954081456


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Philosophy exercises a massive influence on contemporary architectural culture and the understanding of the built environment. Discussions of architects and architectural academics are heavily loaded with theoretical ideas, concepts and views imported from the works of philosophers. At the same time this architectural employment of philosophy rarely goes beyond the tendency to mine philosophical works for ideas, words and phrases and use them, often without much understanding, in order to promote architectural agendas and embellish theoretical claims made by architects and academics. The book presents the history of this phenomenon for the past hundred years. It describes and analyzes numerous, often funny, entertaining as well as embarrassing, examples of false intellectual pretense and pompous but incompetent philosophical posturing by prominent architects and architectural academics of the era and their efforts to bamboozle readers, colleagues and the general public. The book presents a powerful criticism of modernist views on architecture and argues that the rise of obfuscation and philosophical posturing among architects and architectural academics is a defensive strategy intended to draw attention away from the failure of Modernism in architecture.

The Christian Poet in Paradise Lost

While the poet is praying that his own heart will not be deceived, “led by fraud,” that he will not build an ... Rudolf Wittkower, Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism (London: Alec Tiranti, 1952); and Otto von Simson, ...


Author: William G. Riggs

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520336315

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This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press’s mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1972.

Green Philosophy

Scruton, Roger, The Classical Vernacular: Architectural Principles in an Age of Nihilism, Manchester, Carcanet, 1992. ... Political Persecution, and Fraud – and Those Who are Too Fearful to Do So, Minneapolis, Richard Vigilante, 2008.


Author: Roger Scruton

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781782395034

Category: Nature

Page: 300

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The environment has long been the undisputed territory of the political Left, which has seen the principal threats to the earth as issuing from international capitalism, consumerism and the over-exploitation of natural resources. In Green Philosophy, Scruton argues that conservatism is far better suited to tackle environmental problems than either liberalism or socialism. He shows that rather than entrusting the environment to unwieldy NGOs and international committees, we must assume personal responsibility and foster local sovereignty. People must be empowered to take charge of their environment, to care for it as a home, and to affirm themselves through the kind of local associations that have been the traditional goal of conservative politics. Our common future is by no means assured, but as Roger Scruton clearly demonstrates in this important book, there is a path that we can take which could ensure the future safety of our planet and our species.

Principles Methodologies and Service Oriented Approaches for Cloud Computing

3.3.3 Enterprise Fraud Management Whetherit is check fraud, embezzlementor credit card fraud, enterprise fraud is a serious problem costing ... Cloud Computing is an up-and-coming architecture with strengths and room for improvement.


Author: Yang, Xiaoyu

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466628557

Category: Computers

Page: 452

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Innovations in cloud and service-oriented architectures continue to attract attention by offering interesting opportunities for research in scientific communities. Although advancements such as computational power, storage, networking, and infrastructure have aided in making major progress in the implementation and realization of cloud-based systems, there are still significant concerns that need to be taken into account. Principles, Methodologies, and Service-Oriented Approaches for Cloud Computing aims to present insight into Cloud principles, examine associated methods and technologies, and investigate the use of service-oriented computing technologies. In addressing supporting infrastructure of the Cloud, including associated challenges and pressing issues, this reference source aims to present researchers, engineers, and IT professionals with various approaches in Cloud computing.

Designing Security Architecture Solutions

The principles of insurance define risk as uncertainty concerning loss. ... Peril from an accident, for example, could depend on many factors: the age of the driver, the prior driving ... Insurance fraud results from moral hazards.


Author: Jay Ramachandran

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471430131

Category: Computers

Page: 480

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The first guide to tackle security architecture at the softwareengineering level Computer security has become a critical business concern, and, assuch, the responsibility of all IT professionals. In thisgroundbreaking book, a security expert with AT&T Business'srenowned Network Services organization explores system securityarchitecture from a software engineering perspective. He explainswhy strong security must be a guiding principle of the developmentprocess and identifies a common set of features found in mostsecurity products, explaining how they can and should impact thedevelopment cycle. The book also offers in-depth discussions ofsecurity technologies, cryptography, database security, applicationand operating system security, and more.

West s South Eastern Reporter

Fraud 13 ( 2 ) predecessor corporation for more than 13 There was no evidence that president years as an architect , and Carroll worked of contractor knew , at time principles of for ABC for several years as an indepenagreement were ...




ISBN: UCAL:B4427275

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Basic Knowledge on FinTech

Younger people under the age of 30 jumped to the top victims of fraud, accounting for 46.4%. ... insurance, trusts, and consumer financing, presenting China's current regulatory principles for the major online finance industries.


Author: TABF Editorial Board

Publisher: Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd.

ISBN: 9789863991793

Category: Business & Economics


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As the field of FinTech continues its progress, financial institutions must not only enhance their digitization, but also make serious efforts to understand the resulting new opportunities it creates. In line with these developments, TABF has published the book Basic knowledge on FinTech, which was designed by us as a reference for the FinTech Knowledge Test. Co-authored by TABF staff and other experts, it features balanced and credible analysis, avoiding trivia and overly complex concepts while emphasizing readability. The content structure is based on the World Economic Forum (WEF)'s roadmap for FinTech development, adding in TABF's research findings plus other domestic and international trends and practices. Not only is Basic knowledge on FinTech suitable for financial proficiency testing, but it can also be used as a textbook in university courses, supplementing theoretical knowledge with up-to-date practical knowledge in this rapidly changing field.