Art on the Rocks

Turn plain rocks and stones into beautiful works of art. Packed with creative ideas, step-by-step projects, and endless inspiration, Art on the Rocks offers a colorful, modern approach to rock painting.


Author: F. Sehnaz Bac

Publisher: Walter Foster

ISBN: 9781633222168

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Turn plain rocks and stones into beautiful works of art! Packed with creative ideas, step-by-step projects, and endless inspiration, Art on the Rocks offers a colorful, modern approach to rock painting. Following an overview of how to gather and prepare your rocks, as well as a basic review of the tools and materials necessary for each project, three talented rock-painting artists demonstrate a range of contemporary designs featuring patterns, animals, mandalas, and more. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and invites creativity and originality, encouraging readers to sit back, relax, and develop their own unique Art on the Rocks.

The Rock Art of Africa

Hudson, W. (1962) 'Pictorial Perception and Educational Adaptations in Africa', Psychologia Africana, 9, 226–39 Inskeep, R.R. (1962) 'The Age of the Kondoa Rock Paintings in the Light of Recent Excavations at Kisese II Rock Shelter', ...


Author: A.R. Willcox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315515359

Category: Social Science

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It has long been known that all forms of art – rock paintings, carvings and scribings, and also portable sculpture – are present at various locations throughout Africa. This book was the first inclusive survey and brings together in one volume accounts of African rock art which were previously scattered in scholarly monographs, journals and travellers’ tales. The range of the coverage is geophysically comprehensive, from the Atlas Mountains to the Cape of Good Hope. The art styles are set into a firm chronological framework, and are displayed against a background of human, physical and cultural evolution. Considerable discussion is also devoted to the varied purposes which the paintings and carvings served in the communities which produced them, looking at the differing interpretations fully and fairly. A fascinating collection of illustrations, some in colour, truly reflects the variety of forms in which African rock art is manifested. Originally published 1984.

The Rock Art Landscapes of Rombalds Moor West Yorkshire

Background to the Study The study of British rock-art is now very much focused on examining rock-art within its landscape context. Bradley, perhaps the first to bring this approach into prominence, was very critical of studies that ...


Author: Vivien Deacon

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789694598

Category: Art

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This landscape study of the rock-art of Rombalds Moor, West Yorkshire, considers views of and from the sites. In an attempt to understand the rock-art landscapes of prehistory the study considered the environment of the moor and its archaeology along with the ethnography from the whole circumpolar region.

Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non Literate Peoples

Proceedings of the XVII UISPP World Congress (1–7 September, Burgos, Spain): Volume 1 / Session A20 Emmanuel Anati. Research of Classification and Stages of the Rock Art on Lusen Mountain in Qinghai1 Jing Yanqing Research Association of ...


Author: Emmanuel Anati

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784912826

Category: Social Science

Page: 404

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Proceedings of the session 'Intellectual and Spiritual Expression of Non-literate Peoples', part of the XVII World UISPP Congress, held in Burgos, 2014. The session brought together experts from various disciplines to share experience and scientific approaches for a better understanding of human creativity and behaviour in prehistory.

Travelling the Korosko Road Archaeological Exploration in Sudan s Eastern Desert

KRP8 – general view of the hill from the south with the cliff face on which the rock art 143 and inscriptions are carved. 12.42. KRP8(6) – stone structure associated with pottery sherds. 143 12.43. KRP8(8) and (9). 143 12.44.


Author: Derek A. Welsby

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789698046

Category: Social Science

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This volume publishes accounts of archaeological exploration carried out in the Sudanese Eastern Desert. A pioneering programme of expeditions along the so-called ‘Korosko Road’ revealed a rich archaeological landscape frequented over millennia, including gold-production areas and their associated settlements.

Rock Art at Little Lake

Slope had probably tumbled during previous earthquakes, and thought that some rock art once visible was probably now hidden. Von Werlhof (1965:22) had previously noted this circumstance at Atlatl Cliff.


Author: John C. Bretney

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9781950446056

Category: Art

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Recipient of the Jo Anne Stolaroff Cotsen Prize The product of ten years of fieldwork at Little Lake Ranch in the Rose Valley, the southern gateway to the Owens Valley, this book presents the results of intensive rock art analyses carried out by the interdisciplinary research team of the UCLA Rock Art Archive. The research attempts to establish a connective web of associations to break down traditional but artificial barriers between rock art and the rest of archaeology. Through time-honored methods of stylistic analysis, the focus is on recent breakthroughs in the analysis of meaning and religion in the context of landscape attributes and ecological opportunities. Regional or ethnic differences suggested by the rock art record has made it possible to create a flexible analytical framework containing previously unpublished or overlooked archaeological excavation and object data. This book describes the occurrence, concentration, distribution, and formal variation of pecked and painted motifs. Scratched, pecked, and painted patterns are analyzed separately. Full-color illustrations throughout enhance the physical appeal of this beautiful book.

Elevated Rock Art

Towards a maritime understanding of Bronze Age rock art in northern Bohusl_n, Sweden Johan Ling. Figure 12.4. The sea in the rock, the rock in the sea, represented by the 3D-reconstruction by Chris Sevara of Tanum 311. Figure 12.5.


Author: Johan Ling

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 9781782977629

Category: Art

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How may Bohusl_n rock art and landscape be perceived and understood? Since the Bronze Age, the landscape has been transformed by shore displacement but, largely due to misunderstanding and certain ideas about the character of Bronze Age society, rock art research in Tanum has drawn much of its inspiration from the present agrarian landscape. This perception of the landscape has not been a major issue. This volume, republished from the GOTAC Serie B (Gothenburg Archaeological thesis 49) aims to shed light on the process of shore displacement and its social and cognitive implications for the interpretation of rock art in the prehistoric landscape. The findings clearly show that in the Bronze Age, the majority of rock art sites in Bohusl_n had a very close spatial connection to the sea. Much rock art analysis focuses on the contemplative observer. The more direct activities related to rock art are seldom fully considered. Here, the basic conditions for the production of rock art, social theory and approaches to image, communication, symbolism and social action are discussed and related to palpable social forms of the ñreadingî of rock art. The general location and content of the Bronze Age remains indicate a tendency towards the maritime realm, which seems to have included both socio-ritual and socio-economic matters of production and consumption and that Bronze Age groups in Bohusl_n were highly active and mobile. The numerous configurations of ship images on the rocks could indicate a general transition or drift towards the maritime realm. Marking or manifesting such transitions in some way may have been important and it is tempting to perceive the rock art as traces of such transitions or positions in the landscape. All this points to a maritime understanding of Bronze Age rock art in northern Bohusl_n.

The Cutting Edge Khoe San rock markings at the Gestoptefontein Driekuil engraving complex North West Province South Africa

He also suggested that I was doing my job of documenting the rock art rather too thoroughly. Others found it hard to understand what kept me so busy on the hill – they had walked over it and 'seen nothing'. They were especially negative ...


Author: Jeremy Charles Hollmann

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784917043

Category: Social Science

Page: 418

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This book addresses rock engravings on the wonderstone hills just outside Ottosdal, South Africa. Much of the rock art has been destroyed due to mining activities, with very few records and the largest remaining outcrop is still threatened. The study hopes to bring this situation to the attention of the public and the heritage authorities.

A Guide to the Rock Art of the Matopo Hills Zimbabwe

Cran K. Cooke The writing of this book originated from a desire to share the beauty of rock art with those visiting the Matopo hills, whilst throwing some light upon interpretation. Equally important was a desire to encourage ...


Author: Elspeth Parry

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9780797424555

Category: Art

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A Guide to the Rock Art of the Matopo Hills Zimbabwe is an essential book for anyone visiting these hills of western Zimbabwe and for those with an interest in rock art. Copies of the paintings by Janet Duff bring the art to life. It discusses the lifestyle and beliefs of the Stone Age hunter-gathers who painted on the rocks, as well as considering the art itself and its interpretation. It concludes with a description of the major sites in the Matopop hills.

African Traditional Religion in South Africa

"Motivation in African Rock Art." Antiquity, vol. 46: 124-33. This is a review of four books: Brentjes' African Rock Art, Cooke's Rock Art of Southern Africa, Lee and Woodhouse's Art on the Rocks of Southern Africa, and the Rudners' The ...


Author: David Chidester

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313304743

Category: Religion

Page: 462

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A comprehensive guide to the indigenous religious heritage of South Africa that reviews the literature and provides introductory essays and detailed annotations that define the field of study.