Awakening Spaces

The Format of this Book The stories of several singers and musicians form the foundation of Awaken- ing Spaces : French Caribbean Popular Songs , Music , and Culture . These provide the basis for an exploration of seven clearly defined ...


Author: Brenda F. Berrian

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226044556

Category: Music

Page: 320

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The fast-paced zouk of Kassav', the romantic biguine of Malavoi, the jazz of Fal Frett, the ballads of Mona, and reggae of Kali and Pôglo are all part of the burgeoning popular music scene in the French Caribbean. In this lively book, Brenda F. Berrian chronicles the rise of this music, which has captivated the minds and bodies of the Francophone world and elsewhere. Based on personal interviews and discussions of song texts, Berrian shows how these musicians express their feelings about current and past events, about themselves, their islands, and the French. Through their lyrical themes, these songs create metaphorical "spaces" that evoke narratives of desire, exile, subversion, and Creole identity and experiences. Berrian opens up these spaces to reveal how the artists not only engage their listeners and effect social change, but also empower and identify themselves. She also explores the music as it relates to the art of drumming, and to genres such as African American and Latin jazz and reggae. With Awakening Spaces, Berrian adds fresh insight into the historical struggles and arts of the French Caribbean.

Visions of Awakening Space and Time

... the final sentences of the prose section before the final closing verse of the chapter, the Buddha says that wherever the sutra is kept, a stu ̄pa should be erected and offerings given, and that in all these spaces buddhas awaken, ...


Author: Taigen Dan Leighton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019972427X

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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As a religion concerned with universal liberation, Zen grew out of a Buddhist worldview very different from the currently prevalent scientific materialism. Indeed, says Taigen Dan Leighton, Zen cannot be fully understood outside of a worldview that sees reality itself as a vital, dynamic agent of awareness and healing. In this book, Leighton explicates that worldview through the writings of the Zen master Eihei D?gen (1200-1253), considered the founder of the Japanese S?t? Zen tradition, which currently enjoys increasing popularity in the West. The Lotus Sutra, arguably the most important Buddhist scripture in East Asia, contains a famous story about bodhisattvas (enlightening beings) who emerge from under the earth to preserve and expound the Lotus teaching in the distant future. The story reveals that the Buddha only appears to pass away, but actually has been practicing, and will continue to do so, over an inconceivably long life span. Leighton traces commentaries on the Lotus Sutra from a range of key East Asian Buddhist thinkers, including Daosheng, Zhiyi, Zhanran, Saigyo, My?e, Nichiren, Hakuin, and Ry?kan. But his main focus is Eihei D?gen, the 13th century Japanese S?t? Zen founder who imported Zen from China, and whose profuse, provocative, and poetic writings are important to the modern expansion of Buddhism to the West. D?gen's use of this sutra expresses the critical role of Mahayana vision and imagination as the context of Zen teaching, and his interpretations of this story furthermore reveal his dynamic worldview of the earth, space, and time themselves as vital agents of spiritual awakening. Leighton argues that D?gen uses the images and metaphors in this story to express his own religious worldview, in which earth, space, and time are lively agents in the bodhisattva project. Broader awareness of D?gen's worldview and its implications, says Leighton, can illuminate the possibilities for contemporary approaches to primary Mahayana concepts and practices.

Mek Some Noise

“ Noisy Spaces : Popular Music Consumption , Social Fragmentation , and the Cultural Politics of Globalization in Trinidad . ... Berrian , Brenda F. Awakening Spaces : French Caribbean Popular Songs , Music , and Culture .


Author: Timothy Rommen

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520250672

Category: Music

Page: 238

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Space Place and Religious Landscapes

31 Sandys and Lehmann, Awakening Letters , 148. ... a Spiritual Realm and Means for Its Preservation ', in Asian Sacred Natural Sites, Philosophy and Practice in Protected Areas and Conservation 142 Space, Place, and Religious Landscapes.


Author: Darrelyn Gunzburg

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350079892

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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Exploring sacred mountains around the world, this book examines whether bonding and reverence to a mountain is intrinsic to the mountain, constructed by people, or a mutual encounter. Chapters explore mountains in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Ireland, the Himalaya, Japan, Greece, USA, Asia and South America, and embrace the union of sky, landscape and people to examine the religious dynamics between human and non-human entities. This book takes as its starting point the fact that mountains physically mediate between land and sky and act as metaphors for bridges from one realm to another, recognising that mountains are relational and that landscapes form personal and group cosmologies. The book fuses ideas of space, place and material religion with cultural environmentalism and takes an interconnected approach to material religio-landscapes. In this way it fills the gap between lived religious traditions, personal reflection, phenomenology, historical context, environmental philosophy, myths and performativity. In defining material religion as active engagement with mountain-forming and humanshaping landscapes, the research and ideas presented here provide theories that are widely applicable to other forms of material religion.

Performance and Personhood in Caribbean Literature

Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000. Best, Stephen M. Fugitive's Properties: Law and the Poetics of Possession. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004.


Author: Jeannine Murray-Román

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813938493

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Focusing on the literary representation of performance practices in anglophone, francophone, and hispanophone Caribbean literature, Jeannine Murray-Román shows how a shared regional aesthetic emerges from the descriptions of music, dance, and oral storytelling events. Because the historical circumstances that led to the development of performance traditions supersede the geopolitical and linguistic divisions of colonialism, the literary uses of these traditions resonate across the linguistic boundaries of the region. The author thus identifies the aesthetic that emerges from the act of writing about live arts and moving bodies as a practice that is grounded in the historically, geographically, and culturally specific features of the Caribbean itself. Working with twentieth- and twenty-first-century sources ranging from theatrical works and novels to blogs, Murray-Román examines the ways in which writers such as Jacques Stephen Alexis, Zoé Valdés, Rosario Ferré, Patrick Chamoiseau, and Marlon James experiment with textually compensating for the loss of the corporeality of live relationship in performance traditions. Through their exploration of the interaction of literature and performance, she argues, Caribbean writers themselves offer a mode of bridging the disjunction between cultural and philosophical approaches within Caribbean studies.

Modeling Ethnomusicology

203–215. Berliner, Paul. 1994. Thinking in Jazz. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Berrian, Brenda F. 2000. Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Black, Max.


Author: Timothy Rice

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190616908

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Ethnomusicology is an academic discipline with a very broad mandate: to understand why and how human beings are musical through the study of music in all its geographical and historical diversity. Ethnomusicological scholarship, however, has been remiss in articulating such goals, methods, and theories. A renowned figure in the field, Timothy Rice is one of the few scholars to regularly address this problem. In this volume, he offers a compilation of essays drawn from across his career that finds implicit and yet largely unrecognized patterns unifying ethnomusicology over its recent history. Modeling Ethnomusicology summarizes thirty years of thinking about the field of ethnomusicology as Rice frames and reframes the content of eight of his most important essays from their original context in relation to the environment of today's ethnomusicology. Rice proposes a variety of models meant to guide students and researchers in their study of ethnomusicology. Some of these models pull together disparate strands of the field, while others propose heuristic models that generate questions for researchers as they plan and conduct their research. A new introduction to these essays reviews the history of his writing about ethnomusicology and proposes an innovative model for theorizing in ethnomusicology by ethnomusicologists. This book will be an enduring, essential text in undergraduate and graduate ethnomusicology classrooms, as well as a must-buy for established scholars in the field.

New West Indian guide

Awakening Spaces : French Caribbean Popular Songs , Music , and Culture . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . BETTS , RAYMOND F. , 1970. Assimilation and Association in French Colonial Theory , 1890-1914 . New York : AMS Press .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105122346427

Category: Caribbean Area


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Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality 1848 2016

See Brenda Berrian, Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000), 76. Union des Femmes de Martinique, “Adhésion féministe à la cause lgbt,” http:// ...


Author: Félix Germain

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496201270

Category: History

Page: 292

View: 444

Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality, 1848–2016 explores how black women in France itself, the French Caribbean, Gorée, Dakar, Rufisque, and Saint-Louis experienced and reacted to French colonialism and how gendered readings of colonization, decolonization, and social movements cast new light on the history of French colonization and of black France. In addition to delineating the powerful contributions of black French women in the struggle for equality, contributors also look at the experiences of African American women in Paris and in so doing integrate into colonial and postcolonial conversations the strategies black women have engaged in negotiating gender and race relations à la française. Drawing on research by scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds and countries, this collection offers a fresh, multidimensional perspective on race, class, and gender relations in France and its former colonies, exploring how black women have negotiated the boundaries of patriarchy and racism from their emancipation from slavery to the second decade of the twenty-first century.

The Cambridge Companion to Caribbean Music

... Identity and Privilege from the US to the Congo (Lexington Books, 2021) and Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music and Culture (University of Chicago Press, 2000), and the recipient of many fellowships and awards, ...


Author: Nanette de Jong

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108386418

Category: Music

Page: 275

View: 589

The diverse musics of the Caribbean form a vital part of the identity of individual island nations and their diasporic communities. At the same time, they witness to collective continuities and the interrelatedness that underlies the region's multi-layered complexity. This Companion introduces familiar and less familiar music practices from different nations, from reggae, calypso and salsa to tambú, méringue and soca. Its multidisciplinary, thematic approach reveals how the music was shaped by strategies of resistance and accommodation during the colonial past and how it has developed in the postcolonial present. The book encourages a comparative and syncretic approach to studying the Caribbean, one that acknowledges its patchwork of fragmented, dynamic, plural and fluid differences. It is an innovative resource for scholars and students of Caribbean musical culture, particularly those seeking a decolonising perspective on the subject.

The Struggle of Non Sovereign Caribbean Territories

Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Bhabha, Homi. 1994. The Location of Culture. New York: Routledge. Burton, Richard D. E. 1993. “ 'Ki moun nou ye?


Author: H. Adlai Murdoch

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978815742

Category: History

Page: 237

View: 467

The Struggle of Non-Sovereign Caribbean Territories is an essay collection made up of two sections; in the first, a group of anglophone and francophone scholars examines the roots, effects and implications of the major social upheaval that shook Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, and Réunion in February and March of 2009. They clearly demonstrate the critical role played by community activism, art and media to combat politico-economic policies that generate (un)employment, labor exploitation, and unattended health risks, all made secondary to the supremacy of profit. In the second section, additional scholars provide in-depth analyses of the ways in which an insistence on capital accumulation and centralization instantiated broad hierarchies of market-driven profit, capital accumulation, and economic exploitation upon a range of populations and territories in the wider non-sovereign and nominally sovereign Caribbean from Haiti to the Dutch Antilles to Puerto Rico, reinforcing the racialized patterns of socioeconomic exclusion and privatization long imposed by France on its former colonial territories.