Bad Men and Bad Towns

Many cattle died in the bad weather and every rancher wanted to find as many of his own as he could . His chances of surviving the loss of so many cattle were slim at best . Many men worked together on the roundup .


Author: Wayne C. Lee

Publisher: Caxton Press

ISBN: 0870043498

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press Wayne C. Lee chronicles the violent history of the Nebraska Territory. The state's history is full of stories about violent feuds between settlers and landowners, native peoples and soldiers, con-artists and bandits. Many of these stories end abruptly at the end of a vigilante rope.

Tales of Badmen Bad Women and Bad Places

He ran out and saw his car pull away from the curb with a man at the wheel , followed by another Ford V - 8 sedan driven by a woman witnesses described as " so little she could barely see ... The 186 BADMEN , BAD WOMEN , AND BAD PLACES.


Author: Charley F. Eckhardt

Publisher: Texas Tech University Press

ISBN: 0896724204

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Presents twenty-one true stories and legends about outlaws in Texas history, including such famous and lesser-known figures as Bonnie and Clyde, Judge Roy Bean, John Wesley Hardin, the Yokums of the Big Thicket, and the Papworths of Erath County.

Big Bad Bodie High Sierra Ghost Town

There are twelve dead bodies in the town, four of which were poor men. They have been lying in Mr. Ward's (the local mortuary) since last Monday for lack of someone to put up for a small pine box. The city authorities say they will not ...


Author: Doug Brodie

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462833849

Category: History

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The mid-19th century mining town of Bodie, California located at 8,369 feet, atop the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just 3 1/2 miles from the Nevada border, was considered one of the richest gold and silver mining towns in the west. Geologists who know of its present rich ore deposits, say it could have been again, but since it became a California historic state park in 1962, that possibility was terminated. The old town, now the best preserved ghost town in the Nation, is maintained in a state of arrested decay by the State of California, meaning it will never be restored to its once rough and tough condition of the 1870s, but it is prevented from further deterioration through a system of constant repair. The public is encouraged to visit the old town, and this book is a compilation of stories, news items, historic information, and reports of its past, some true, some possibly true, and some probably outright lies by citizens of the past and news reporters who wrote for the many old newspapers that described life as it was lived in the years immediately following the Civil War. Authors Jim Watson, photographer, and Doug Brodie, former newspaper reporter, have obtained items heretofore never explained nor described in writings about the old town. Their research has made this book a one of a kind publication.

Alias Smith and Jones The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men

Sister Julia comes up with news that the sheriff is deputizing all the men in town to hunt for Sister Isabel. The boys warn Harry not to tell the good sister what the bad sister may have done. Excusing themselves with herding duties, ...


Author: Sandra K. Sagala

Publisher: BearManor Media




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The Hero s Trail

Our first meeting with these bad men is in the opening scene, as Wild Bill Kearney (Fred Kohler) and Barbwire Tom ... They approach a sign reading: 3 Mi to New Jerusalem A Bad Town For Bad Men “I wonder how they knowed we was coming!


Author: Peter C. Mowrey

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476682389

Category: Performing Arts

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The great American Westerns can be profoundly meaningful when read metaphorically. More than mere shoot 'em up entertainment, they are an essential part of a vibrant, evolving national mythology. Like other versions of the archetypal Hero's Journey, these films are filled with insights about life, love, nature, society, ethics, beauty and what it means to be human, and are key to understanding American culture. Part film guide, part historical survey, this book explores the mythic and artistic elements in more than fifty great Westerns--some orthodox, some subversive--from the genre's first half-century. Each film is given detailed critical analysis, from the earliest silent movies to Golden Age classics like Red River (1948), High Noon (1952) and Shane (1953).

Deadly Days in Kansas

They are but two of the personalities who kept life interesting in Sheridan – a wild little town that popped up at end ... Deadly Days in Kansas joins Lee's Bad Men and Bad Towns , Trails of the Smoky Hill , and Wild Towns of Nebraska ...


Author: Wayne C. Lee

Publisher: Caxton Press

ISBN: 087004379X

Category: History

Page: 130

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Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press Today, Kansas is a peaceful place. Most residents have forgotten that the state was the scene of some of the most violent incidents in Western history. Legends walked the streets of Kansas during those deadly years: Bill Hickock, the Earp brothers and Clay Allison to name a few. Veteran historian Wayne C. Lee presents the stories of more than sixty incidents, illustrated with almost one hundred photographs.

Fraser s Magazine for Town and Country

Thus and good men think on that matter society hanged him : and it unquesjust the other way : and when I see , tionably served him right . too , that Almighty ... “ Are view would show us both right and the Mormons good people or bad ?




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Appletons Town and Country Library

They're all poor men there , but right kind ; and what's it sayin ' , when one poor man helps another poor man , God laughs . " ' ' Dan thought he saw into the heart of the old fellow . His throat grew hard and his eyes dim , and he ...







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Village Sermons and Town and Country Sermons

Then , when the lying spirit comes and whispers to us , by bad thoughts , by bad books , by bad men , that we shall prosper in our wickedness , does God leave us alone to listen to those evil voices without warning ? No !


Author: Charles Kingsley



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Exploring Nebraska Highways

Prominent People Wayne Lee of Lamar is celebrated for his historically accurate novels depicting the violence and adventure of pioneer Nebraska . One of his best - known books is Bad Men and Bad Towns which tells tales of criminal ...


Author: Michael Heim

Publisher: Exploring America's Highway

ISBN: 0974435872

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