A history of the witches of Renfrewshire who were burned on the gallowgreen of Paisley Publ by the ed of the Paisley repository J Millar With Appendix by D Semple

And it is very observable that the justices would not put James Welsh to the knowledge of an inquest , though he had confessed himself a witch before the Presbytery of Kirkcudbright , because he was a minor when he confessed the crime ...


Author: Renfrew county


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The Witches Sib

“I guess witch rhymes with bitch for a reason.” She snorted. “A whole family of freaks.” The word witch was the fuse, freaks the trigger. Before Ally knew what had happened, something inside her felt like it was exploding and then, ...


Author: Judi Cutrone

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On the Inconstancy of Witches

The remarkable proceedings of Monsieur Pierre Aupetit, witch priest, who was condemned to die by the vice-senechal of Limousin without beingallowed to return before the ecclesiastical judge. 13. The proceedings against three witch ...


Author: Pierre de Lancre

Publisher: Mrts

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The Witches of Lorraine

Three years before the trial there was another quarrel, when protests from the other women forced Mengeon and Claudatte Claudon to exclude Mengeotte and her daughters from the poisle they had organized, and they left saying the hosts ...


Author: Robin Briggs

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198225822

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Based on perhaps the richest surviving archive of witchcraft trials to be found in Europe, The Witches of Lorraine reveals the extraordinary stories held within those documents. They paint a vivid picture of life amongst the ordinary people of a small duchy on the borders of France and the Holy Roman Empire, and allow a very close analysis of the beliefs, social tensions, and behavior patterns underlying popular attitudes to witchcraft. Intense persecution occurred in the period 1570-1630, but the focus of this book is more on how suspects interacted with their neighbors over the years preceding their trials. One of the mysteries is why people were so slow to use the law to eliminate these supposedly vicious and dangerous figures. Perhaps the most striking and unexpected conclusion is that witchcraft was actually perceived as having strong therapeutic possibilities; once a person was identified as the cause of a sickness, they could be induced to take it off again. Other aspects studied include the more fantastic beliefs in sabbats, shapeshifting, and werewolves, the role of the devins or cunning-folk, and the characteristics attributed to the significant proportion of male witches. This regional study makes a vital contribution to historical understanding of one of the most dramatic phenomena in early modern Europe, and to witchcraft studies as a whole, as well as illuminating related topics in social and religious history.

The Witches of Old Allbyon

Eventually she found a spell she had been taught many years before by a witch down on the coast. It was a dream spell. She would send it out like sowing seeds and hope that the dream message would flower in the dreams of someone who ...


Author: Brandy Pearson

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The Witches Head

It was a month or so after Mr. Cardus's announcement of his pecuniary intentions that a little wedding - party stood before the altar in Kesterwick church . It was a very small party , consisting , indeed , only of Ernest , Dorothy ...


Author: Henry Rider Haggard


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The Witches of New York

Having this terrible possible doom continually before his mind's optics, he felt that it would be only the part of prudence to avoid the company of those black art professors in whose presence he could not keep all his feelings well in ...


Author: K. Philander Doesticks

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752323399

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Reproduction of the original: The Witches of New York by K. Philander Doesticks

Witch Hunts in Europe and America

The akellarres took place frequently — every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in addition to the evenings before the great festivals of the Church. They began late in the evening and continued until dawn. Before the witches left their homes ...


Author: William E. Burns

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313321429

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Covering witch hunts from Germany to New England, this concise encyclopedia is a fascinating reference on the hunt to find and persecute those who practiced witchcraft.

The Witch

Mother .. the tinker saith that the Scotch witches all have familiars . A man or a woman or sometimes children ... His mother looked steadily before her with beady ' I don't know what I think . I think there was somebody or something ...


Author: Mary Johnston


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Rise Of The Snow Queen Book Two The War Of The Witches

I haven't felt anything like this since the witch changed me into a polar bear.” He said aloud before slowing his pace to a stop. He looked down at his arms covered in white fur and remembered how he looked as a man.


Author: G.W. Mullins

Publisher: Light Of The Moon Publishing


Category: Fiction

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What begins as a simple, bittersweet tale about a man turned into a polar bear, grandly unfolds into a rich, mythical adventure in the best-selling book series Rise Of The Snow Queen. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, author G.W. Mullins expands on this story creating a new mythology that takes readers into the world of snow and ice. In part two, the story develops long before the adventures of Gerda and Kai. It takes readers to a remote mountain village where winter claims lives at the Snow Queen's command. The story goes back to the Mirror and how it cracked, sending its shards into the world to infect the innocent. This take on the story, embarks on a much more adult tone with the mood turning rather sinister as the Snow Queen battles to obtain the mirror and rule them all. Rise Of The Snow Queen Two - War Of The Witches, is a dark fairy tale that unfolds to a conclusion you won't expect to see coming.