Beloved Stranger

Sandra Matlock. BELOVED STRANGER Q? Sandra Matlock Writers Club Press New York Lincoln Shanghai Beloved Stranger All Rights Reserved © 2002 by Sandra Matl.


Author: Sandra Matlock

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595259564

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

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A heart-warming story of a young woman, Lauren Bradford, who is determined to save her family legacy from bank foreclosure and unmask the villian behind her grandfather's attempted murder. In the middle of her battle, Lauren comes face to face with a ghost from her past...a beloved stranger, Jake Sinclair. His reappearance in her life reopens old wounds and stirs painful memories that Lauren would rather have remain buried in the past. Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, her troubles double when a series of strange occurrences take place at the ranch...leaving Lauren fearing for much more than her financial future...her very life.

Beloved Stranger

Joan Wolf. USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR JOAN WOLF BELOVED STRANGER Beloved Stranger By Joan Wolf Copyright 2021 by Joan Wolf. Front Cover.


Author: Joan Wolf

Publisher: Untreed Reads

ISBN: 9781953601896

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

View: 901

By all rights they should never have met—shy and lovely Susan Morgan, and Ricardo Montoya, baseball’s hottest superstar. But a winter storm brought them together, and in the glow of firelight, they discovered a magical passion. It should have ended there—their worlds were so far apart they could never expect to share more than a beautiful memory. But fate took a hand, and suddenly Susan found that her love had a chance…if only she were strong enough to grasp it…

Beloved Stranger

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Author: Patricia Potter

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504001113

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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A wounded warrior and a beautiful English border thief battle treachery, betrayal, and their own warring hearts to satisfy a dangerous, passionate love As the battle at Flodden Field rages, Lachlan Maclean rides with King James IV of Scotland, sworn to vanquish their English enemies and find redemption for the past that haunts him. But as the battlefield runs red with blood, Lachlan realizes they’re fighting a losing battle. Thrown from his horse, he awakens to find a lovely angel of mercy tending him . . . and no memory of who he is. Once, Kimbra Charlton rode alongside her husband on daring border raids that targeted English and Scottish alike. Now the desperate widow combs battlefields for anything of value to make sure she and her young daughter survive. When she stumbles on a wounded soldier, she recognizes the armor and helmet of her people’s sworn enemy. A Scotsman killed her husband, yet she can’t let this man die—nor can the world know his true heritage. It is a secret on which both their lives depend. But as passion ignites between them, they must face the consequences of their impossible love. Beloved Stranger is the 2nd book in the Scottish Highland series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Dear Beloved Stranger

Dear Beloved Stranger G 2013 Shih-Mu Dino Pai. Published by Distributed by Top Shelf Productions, PO Box 1282, Marietta, GA 3oo61–1282, USA.Top Shelf Productions? and the Top Shelf logo are registered trademarks of ...


Author: Dino Pai

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

ISBN: 9781603092784

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 217

Clueless, na´ve, full of dreams... and unemployed. Fresh out of art school, our hero Dino is ready to start a new chapter in his life, but can't figure out how, and struggles to find his identity as an artist. With a little encouragement from a classmate, he sets out on a fantastic inner journey to wipe the dust off his teenage obsessions and reignite his passion. Blending fact and fiction, past and present, pencil and paint, debut author Shih-Mu Dino Pai brings a wide range of voices and influences to bear on the most intimate story in his heart, in this Xeric Award-winning graphic novel.

Beloved Strangers

I can never forget her face that night – so familiar, so appealing and so inscrutable – the face of a beloved stranger. On Report Card Days I wake up without the aid of an alarm clock. Despite the gusto ofthe ceiling fan, the bed sheets ...


Author: Maria Chaudhuri

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408844618

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 344

On and on we dream, we wish, we love - no matter that the dreams come to an end, the wishes evolve or that love dissipates like dust in the wind. Perhaps, what matters only is that we have lived long enough to dream, hard enough to wish and indisputably enough to love. One of Maria's early memories growing up in Dhaka is of planning to run away with her friend Nadia. Even then, Maria couldn't quite figure out why she longed to escape. It is not that home is an unhappy place. It's just that in her family, joy is ephemeral. With a mother who yearns for the mountains, the solitude and freedom to pursue her own dreams and career, and a charismatic but distant father who finds it difficult to expresses emotion, they are never able to hold on to happiness for very long. Maria studies the Holy Book, says her daily prayers and wonders if God is watching her. She dreams, like her mother, of unstitching the seam of her life. It is her neighbour, Bablu, the Imitator of Frogs, who both excites and repulses Maria by showing her a yellowing pornographic magazine, but it is Mala, a girl her own age who comes to work in their house, whose wise eyes and wicked smile makes her dizzy with longing. When she moves to New England for university at eighteen Maria meets Yameen, a man who lives in a desperately squalid apartment in Jersey City, woos her with phone calls and a marathon night of drinking in New York bars, and is not what he seems? From Dhaka to New York, this is a candid and moving account of growing up and growing away, a meditation on why people leave their homes and why they sometimes find it difficult to return. Beloved Strangers is an unforgettable memoir marking the arrival of a brilliant new voice from Bangladesh.

Beloved Stranger

He was strange to her in so many ways , and yet so familiar in another . A stranger , yes ... but such a beloved stranger . Unexpectedly he grinned . “ This place reminds me of a Russian dacha , ” he confessed .


Author: Meg Hudson

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 0373700946


Page: 384

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Beloved Stranger by Meg Hudson released on Nov 24, 1983 is available now for purchase.

Beloved Stranger

BKM R.K. BELOVED STRANGER Judith Pella When she pledged “ For Better , For Worse , ” she didn't know she would face both so soon . ... After a chance meeting off the coast of Puerto Vallarta , Frank Stefano and Shelby Martin sense an ...


Author: Judith Pella

Publisher: G K Hall & Company

ISBN: 0783884958

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 156

Married after a whirlwind romance, Shelby returns to California with her new husband, only to discover a secret from his past that threatens to destroy their marriage

Beloved Stranger

A Novel Susan Evans McCloud. BELOVED STRANGER ) SUSAN EVANS MCCLOUD A NOVEL BY ISBN 0-88494-761-0 SKU 2034988 $ 10.95 BELOVED STRANGER Susan Evans Front Cover.


Author: Susan Evans McCloud

Publisher: Bookcraft, Incorporated

ISBN: 0884947610

Category: Mormons

Page: 196

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The Beloved Stranger

Two Books of Song & a Divertisement for the Unknown Lover Witter Bynner. Peace When I am crucified upon his brow , Will the strange god be at peace ? The Bell Beloved stranger , You who were a god —96—


Author: Witter Bynner


ISBN: UCAL:B4102752

Category: American poetry

Page: 136

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Beloved Strangers

... America Anne C. Rose, Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies Anne C Rose. INTERFAITH FAMILIES IN NINETEENTH Beloved Strangers CENTURY AMERICA BY ANNE C. ROSE Beloved Strangers This One X7TX - ZPW - 9Z1G. Front Cover.


Author: Anne C. Rose

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674006402

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 105

Interfaith marriage is a visible and often controversial part of American life--and one with a significant history. This is the first historical study of religious diversity in the home. Anne Rose draws a vivid picture of interfaith marriages over the century before World War I, their problems and their social consequences. She shows how mixed-faith families became agents of change in a culture moving toward pluralism. Following them over several generations, Rose tracks the experiences of twenty-six interfaith families who recorded their thoughts and feelings in letters, journals, and memoirs. She examines the decisions husbands and wives made about religious commitment, their relationships with the extended families on both sides, and their convictions. These couples--who came from strong Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish backgrounds--did not turn away from religion but made personalized adjustments in religious observance. Increasingly, the author notes, women took charge of religion in the home. Rose's family-centered look at private religious decisions and practice gives new insight on American society in a period when it was becoming more open, more diverse, and less community-bound.