Black Lament

As an Agent of Death, Madeline Black deals with loss every day.


Author: Christina Henry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101622100

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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As an Agent of Death, Madeline Black deals with loss every day. But when tragedy touches her own life, Maddy will have to find the strength within to carry on… Devastated and grieving, Maddy unexpectedly finds hope with the discovery that she is pregnant. But Maddy’s joy is short lived when Lucifer informs her that he wants the baby, hoping to draw on the combined power of two of his bloodlines. Maddy is determined that her grandfather will never have her child, but she’s not sure what she can do to stop him. Being pregnant is stressful enough, but Maddy suddenly finds herself at odds with the Agency—forbidden from meddling in the affairs of the supernatural courts. When a few of her soul collections go awry, Maddy begins to suspect that the Agency wants to terminate her employment. They should know by now that she isn’t the sort to give up without a fight…

The Black Man s Lament Or how to Make Sugar In Verse

... who found In the dark ship their early graves : Ni They bid black men and
LAMENT . ...


Author: Amelia Alderson Opie


ISBN: BL:A0024368283

Category: Antislavery movements

Page: 50

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A Mother s Lament

BLACK VS. WHITE Even before GV passed away, I have always had a
tremendous dread about the color black. Recently, before Mother's Day, Vince
bought a new double-breasted suit. He even showed it to GV and I commented
that I didn't ...



Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.

ISBN: 9712311279



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Prophetic Lament

last two months of 2014, on the heels of two nonindictments in the slaying of
black men, our nation focused its attention on the drastic inconsistencies inherent
in our judicial system. To many observers, black lives had less standing in our ...


Author: Soong-Chan Rah

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830836949

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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The American church avoids lament but lament is a missing, essential component of Christian faith. Soong-Chan Rah's prophetic exposition of the book of Lamentations provides a biblical and theological lens for examining the church's relationship with a suffering world. Hear the prophet's lament as the necessary corrective for Christianity's future.

Love and Lament

Everyone wore black for a long time after the funeral, and the person who wore it
the longest was Mary Bet's mother. It seemed as if she had always worn black
and always would—long black dresses and black high-shouldered jackets on ...


Author: John Milliken Thompson

Publisher: Other Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781590515884

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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A dauntless heroine coming of age at the turn of the twentieth century confronts the hazards of patriarchy and prejudice, and discovers the unexpected opportunities of World War I Set in rural North Carolina between the Civil War and the Great War, Love and Lament chronicles the hardships and misfortunes of the Hartsoe family. Mary Bet, the youngest of nine children, was born the same year that the first railroad arrived in their county. As she matures, against the backdrop of Reconstruction and rapid industrialization, she must learn to deal with the deaths of her mother and siblings, a deaf and damaged older brother, and her father’s growing insanity and rejection of God. In the rich tradition of Southern gothic literature, John Milliken Thompson transports the reader back in time through brilliant characterizations and historical details, to explore what it means to be a woman charting her own destiny in a rapidly evolving world dominated by men.

Foreskin s Lament

Asreligious an institution asthe Yeshiva of Spring Valley had been, ithad,of late,
along withtherest of the community, been spiraling steadily upward: grayhats
became black hats, carefully trimmed goatees became carefully untrimmed
beards, ...


Author: Shalom Auslander

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330462013

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Shalom Auslander was raised with a terrified respect for God. Even as he grew up, defying and eventually being cast out of his community, he could not find his way to a life in which he wasn’t locked in a daily struggle with Him. Foreskin’s Lament is a rich and fascinating portrait of a man grappling with his faith, his family and his community. ‘Bracing and witty . . . Never, frankly, can there have been a more blasphemous book . . . Foreskin’s Lament somehow expresses the ideas of Richard Dawkins in the tone of David Sedaris. You can read it for the humour, you can read it as reportage into a secretive and bizarre world, you can read it as a personal tale of triumph over adversity, or you can just read it for the misery. It doesn’t really matter. But do read it’ William Sutcliffe, Independent on Sunday ‘One of the funniest books I’ve ever read, killingly so’ Hilary Spurling, Observer ‘Exceptional . . . very, very funny’ Time Out ‘Painfully poignant and hilariously noir’ Jewish Chronicle ‘By turns hilarious and devastating . . . Few books are laugh-out-loud funny. This one is’ Naomi Alderman, Sunday Times ‘America’s hottest, funniest, most controversial young Jewish memoirist . . . blackly hilarious, groundbreaking’ The Times

A Sparrowhawk s Lament

The eyelids are yellow and the feathered area below the eye is black, helping to
minimize glare, and this marking continues down either side of the face to form
the characteristic pirate's moustache. The yellow, waxy cere, containing the nares


Author: David Cobham

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400850211

Category: Nature

Page: 256

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Britain is home to fifteen species of breeding birds of prey, from the hedgerow-hopping Sparrowhawk to the breathtaking White-tailed Eagle. In this handsomely illustrated book, acclaimed British filmmaker and naturalist David Cobham offers unique and deeply personal insights into Britain's birds of prey and how they are faring today. He delves into the history of these magnificent birds and talks in depth with the scientists and conservationists who are striving to safeguard them. In doing so, he profiles the writers, poets and filmmakers who have done so much to change the public's perception of birds of prey. There are success stories—five birds of prey that were extinct have become reestablished with viable populations—but persecution is still rife. Featuring drawings by famed wildlife artist Bruce Pearson, this book reveals why we must cherish and celebrate our birds of prey, and why we neglect them at our peril.

Blacks of the Rosary

[Oh, the old black was a captive The princess freed him The old black was a
slave Then became the master.] — Lamento do negro (Black's lament) from the
Missa Conga The almost-four-hundred-year history of slavery in Brazil came to
an end ...


Author: Elizabeth W. Kiddy

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271045757

Category: History

Page: 287

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Blacks of the Rosary tells the story of the Afro-Brazilian communities that developed within lay religious brotherhoods dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary in Minas Gerais. It shows how these brotherhoods functioned as a social space in which Africans and their descendants could rebuild a communal identity based on a shared history of an African past and an ongoing devotional practice, thereby giving rise to enduring transnational cultures that have survived to the present day. In exploring this intersection of community, identity, and memory, the book probes the Portuguese and African contributions to the brotherhoods in Part One. Part Two traces the changes and continuities within the organizations from the early eighteenth century to the end of the Brazilian Empire, and the book concludes in Part Three with discussion of the twentieth-century brotherhoods and narratives of the participants in brotherhood festivals in the 1990s. In a larger sense, the book serves as a case study through which readers can examine the strategies that Afro-Brazilians used to create viable communities in order to confront the asymmetry of power inherent in the slave societies of the Americas and their economic and social marginalization in the twentieth century.


About Bitches Brew I had a passionate Penchant For the Black Woman's
Prodigious Posterior So the portrayal of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Was a
positively Potent prescription For euphoria, Engendered by an Earth shattering
Emotional ...


Author: Carl Harris

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781491820599

Category: Poetry

Page: 120

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".....I looked through the historical catalog depicting the classic American beauty and could not find an image of the Nubian Booty....." " I made an unrehearsed approach, but my mind went blind and I stumbled on my lines...." "......gritted my teeth in deference to Democracy and did hard, hard time at Fox, then hours and hours in detox at CNN and MSNBC...."

African American Pastoral Care

In Graham's exposition oflament, he creditsa phoneconversation with me for
introducing the meaningof lament. Inmy books,Claiming God, ReclaimingDignity:
African American Pastoral Careand Counseling and The WindsofPromise:
Building ...


Author: Edward P. Wimberly

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9780687649495

Category: Religion

Page: 151

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Respond to God's unfolding drama to bring healing and reconciliation. In this major revision of his classic book, Dr. Edward Wimberly updates his narrative methodology by examining current issues in African American pastoral care and counseling. "In this new edition, Ed Wimberly reconfigures what comprehensive care means for the African American struggle for dignity and proposes pastoral care approaches to the crisis of disconnection. Using his own narrative, Wimberly courageously describes how pastors and churches can claim a new narrative method for reestablishing the African American village. His paradigm for African American pastoral theology is inspiring." --Homer U. Ashby Jr., W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Professor of Pastoral Care, McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois "Wimberly's revision of his classic work African American Pastoral Care invites readers to reconsider narrative theology as a primary framework for pastoral care in the African American community and congregation. He adds perspectives on human sexuality and other current day issues to this new volume. First-time readers will find themselves taken by Wimberly's own use of narrative as his conceptual and practical wisdom emerges throughout the book." --Teresa E. Snorton, Executive Director, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., Decatur, Georgia

Daughters of the Diaspora

Highly acclaimed by the Afro- Uruguayan community as a writer and intellectual,
Brindis de Salas was the first Black woman writer in South America to publish two
books, and, according to poet Gabriela Mistral, ... 'Black Lament', 'The Colored.


Author: Miriam DeCosta-Willis

Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers

ISBN: 9789766370770

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 500

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Daughters of the Diaspora features the creative writing of 20 Hispanophone women of African descent, as well as the interpretive essays of 15 literary critics. The collection is unique in its combination of genres, including poetry, short stories, essays, excerpts from novels and personal narratives, many of which are being translated into English for the first time. They address issues of ethnicity, sexuality, social class and self-representation and in so doing shape a revolutionary discourse that questions and subverts historical assumptions and literary conventions. Miriam DeCosta-Willis's comprehensive Introduction, biographical sketches of the authors and their chronological arrangement within the text, provide an accessible history of the evolution of an Afra-Hispanic literary tradition in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America. The book will be useful as textbook in courses in Africana Studies, Women's Studies, Caribbean, Latina and Latin American Studies as well as courses in literature and the humanities.

A Companion to African American Literature

Black Angels in Latin American and Latino/a Cultural Productions: The Depth of
Diasporan Practice and Identity In the 1940s, Venezuelan poet Andrés Eloy
Blanco wrote “Píntame angelitos negros,” a poem in which a black woman's
lament ...


Author: Gene Andrew Jarrett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118651193

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 488

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Through a series of essays that explore the forms, themes, genres, historical contexts, major authors, and latest critical approaches, A Companion to African American Literature presents a comprehensive chronological overview of African American literature from the eighteenth century to the modern day Examines African American literature from its earliest origins, through the rise of antislavery literature in the decades leading into the Civil War, to the modern development of contemporary African American cultural media, literary aesthetics, and political ideologies Addresses the latest critical and scholarly approaches to African American literature Features essays by leading established literary scholars as well as newer voices

The Expanding Boundaries of Black Politics

... “has yet to get beyond it most rudimentary stage” (Jones 1990). Furthermore,
Persons feels that absent a critical re-examination of this malaise, “analysts of
black politics, especially black analysts, endlessly lament what they see as the
lack ...


Author: Georgia A. Persons

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412809078

Category: Social Science

Page: 404

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This volume joins the preceding volumes in this distinguished series in presenting contemporary research by leading political scientists addressing topics of interest to those concerned with African-American affairs. It captures the expanding boundaries of black politics and the persistent interests of the black community at large. The anchoring symposium, "The Expanding Boundaries of Black Politics," presents the scholarship of a cadre of young black political scientists actively engaged in the critical tasks of moving forward the study of black politics. Their concerns include expanding the boundaries of black politics along the lines of epistemology and methodology, especially in regard to core issues and areas within this field. In an introductory essay by Todd Shaw, the work of these scholars is situated within the context of temporal shifts in scholarly emphases. Overlapping issues and concerns across time as well as black political scholarship as defined in the field since its beginning are addressed. The second part of this volume, entitled "Maximizing the Black Vote; Recognizing the Limits of Electoral Politics," concentrates on serious lingering social concerns. These include the policy significance of black mayors affecting the concomitant impact of the black vote, the boundaries being pushed concerning the conjunction of black theology and sexual identity, a gendered analysis of familial policies, and the deepening social and economic plight of young black males including felon disfranchisement. The Expanding Boundaries of Black Politics carries forth the search for an understanding of the relationship between religion, the black church, and black political behavior; cross-racial group coalitions as concerns matters of immigration, growing multiculturalism, and the impact on black politics; maximizing the impact of the black vote focusing on voting rights enforcement, the black vote in presidential elections, and the voice of the Congressional Black Caucus in American foreign policy; and persistent social inequalities especially as it concerns ideology, federalism, and social welfare policy.

The Skein Of Lament

Mishani was small, plain, pale and thin, with a mass of black hair that hung down
to her ankles in a careful arrangement of thick braids and ornaments tied in with
strips of dark red leather, far too impractical for anyone but a noble and carrying ...


Author: Chris Wooding

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575085961

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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The second book in the acclaimed new fantasy trilogy The grip of the Weavers on Saramyr's rulers has grown ever tighter. And all the while the blight that they have brought to the land grips ever more harshly. This cannot last and, sure enough, the land is slipping into civil war. In the growing chaos Kaiku and the orphaned heir-Empress must fight for their destiny and their survival as Saramyr succumbs to the twisting of the Weave and the unknowable ambitions of the secretive Weavers. Chris Wooding has created a vivid and turbulent world with an authentic oriental air and its own rich and ancient history. Across this world plays an action packed plot of politics, violence and betrayal. This is an extraordinary fantasy for the 21st century.

Faith and Morals

(Nicholas) Black Elk (1863-1950) was an Oglala Lakota (the older designations "
Ogalala," "Dakota," and "Sioux" are now disfavored). His life spanned ... Compare
and contrast Black Elk's lament for his people with Elie Wiesel's Night. JOHN G.


Author: David Felty

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761801286

Category: Philosophy

Page: 363

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The Cheviot the Stag and the Black Black Oil

If we achieved any one of these, it was enough. * * * One thing I had insisted on
was that we broke out of the 'lament syndrome'. Ever since Culloden, Gaelic
culture has been one of lament – for exile, for death, for the past, even for the ...


Author: John McGrath

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472529572

Category: Drama

Page: 216

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Written during the 1970s, John McGrath's winding, furious, innovative play tracks the economic history and exploitation of the Scottish Highlands from the post-Rebellion suppression of the clans to the story of the Clearances: in the nineteenth century, aristocratic landowners discovered the profitability of sheep farming, and forced a mass emigration of rural Highlanders, burning their houses in order to make way for the Cheviot sheep. The play follows the thread of capitalist and repressive exploitation through the estates of the stag-hunting landed gentry, to the 1970s rush for profit in the name of North Sea Oil. Described by the playwright as having a “ceilidh” format, The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil draws on historical research alongside Gaelic song and the Scots' love of variety and popular entertainment to tell this epic story. A totally distinctive cultural and theatrical phenomenon, the play championed several new approaches to theatre, raising its profile as a means of political intervention; proposing a collective, democratic, collaborative approach to creating theatre; offering a language of performance accessible to working-class people; producing theatre in non-purpose-built theatre spaces; breaking down the barrier between audience and performers through interaction; and taking theatre to people who otherwise would not access it. The play received its premiere in 1973 by the agit-prop theatre group 7:84, of which John McGrath was founder and Artistic Director, and toured Scotland to great critical and audience acclaim.

Studies in Black Literature

The “ Lament of the Silent Sisters ” sequence is given to us in highly ambiguous
terms which are sung by a Crier and a Chorus . The songs lament the destruction
. Music more than image is important in this sequence . It is the expression of a ...




ISBN: UOM:39015011599910

Category: African literature


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Foreskin s Lament

A lament is an act of mourning; for Greg McGee's Gaelic ancestors it named a
pipe air, the dirge for a dead hero. ... answering the only call that mattered — c'
mon black! . . . while the nectar flowed till you could almost see the reflection of
your ...


Author: Greg McGee

Publisher: Victoria University Press

ISBN: 9780864737991

Category: Drama

Page: 96

View: 464

One of the most successful and well-known New Zealand plays is also compelling reading on the page. The power, humour and irony of the language all serve to illustrate a penetrating analysis of New Zealand society, as seen through the lens of sport.

Origins of the African American Jeremiad

Black. Nationalism. in. the. Early. Republic. Let us not be cast down under these
and many other abuses we at present ... However, black nationalists, such as
Hall, used the African American jeremiad to lament African Americans' lack of ...


Author: Willie J. Harrell, Jr.

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786488315

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 239

View: 225

In the moralistic texts of jeremiadic discourse, authors lament the condition of society, utilizing prophecy as a means of predicting its demise. This study delves beneath the socio-religious and cultural exterior of the American jeremiadic tradition to unveil the complexities of African American jeremiadic rhetoric in antebellum America. It examines the development of the tradition in response to slavery, explores its contributions to the antebellum social protest writings of African Americans, and evaluates the role of the jeremiad in the growth of an African American literary genre. Despite its situation within an unreceptive environment, the African American jeremiad maintained its power, continuing to influence contemporary African American literary and cultural traditions.