Born to Prophesy

It is not God's desire that a believer pursue solely prophecies but to pursue, covet, or desire to prophesy according to 1 Corinthians 14:1. Born to Prophesy: God's Voice Speaking Through You shines light on the gift of prophecy and the ...


Author: Hakeem Collins

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A comprehensive guide to the gift of prophecy.

Life Death and After

Jesus — Born of a Woman Prophesied: (Genesis 3:15) Fulfilled: (Galatians 4:4) This prophesy was recorded in the Book of Genesis shortly after God created the heavens and earth, approximately six thousand years ago.


Author: Jack M. Hilliard

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Life, Death, and After Why a Biblical Perspective? By: Jack M. Hilliard Have you ever wondered why you are here? What life is really about? When and how you will die? What happens after death? All these questions are important. Throughout generations all people have asked these questions. Our life could end at any moment without notice. The end of this world as we know it may be near. If that did happen would you be ready to face death? This book will explain what we should be doing today to prepare for this event. It will also explain what God says happens after death. We will explain why the Bible is without error and how we can trust its truths about life, death, and all other subjects. Life is not a promise it is a gift. Each of us will face death. Are you ready? Jack M. Hilliard received his BS and MBA from California Coast University. He is the Author of "Understanding Revelation" ISBN 978-1-60791-055-8 hardback, and ISBN 978-1-60266-650-4 paperback, published by Xulon Press in 2007 and 2008. Jack has been a student of the Bible since his salvation experience in 1978. He has served God by teaching Sunday school for over twenty years, teaching teachers, serving as Chairman of the Deacons, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, etc. Jack retired in 2005 after serving 35 years in the utility industry, where he held positions of leadership as he served as General Manager of a Utility, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the: Tennessee Valley Municipal Gas Association, Alabama Natural Gas Association, American Public Gas Association, Electric Cities of Alabama, and APGA Research Foundation, Inc. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Gas Research Institute and Gas Technology Institute.

An Analysis and Summary of Old Testament History and the Laws of Moses

Isaac , Jacob comes to reside with him - his death 60 Isaiah , begins to prophesy 480 his prediction to Ahaz 491 his ... See Jacob . history of the divided monarchy of 365 Issachar , son of Leah , born 50 Jacob's prophecy respecting him ...


Author: James Talboys Wheeler


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Know Your Spiritual Enemies and Destroy Their Kingdom of Darkness

According to this prophecy in Isaiah 9:6-7: For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulder, And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, ...


Author: Gilbert Enyidah-Okey Ordu

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Prophecy - Virgin Birth Isaiah 7:14 “ The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son , and will call him ... birth consists of treading in the footprint of god which the mother of Hou Chi did and was born like a ' lamb ' .


Author: Philip Gardiner


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Many years ago the author challenged himself to find out whether there really was any evidence for the existence of God. This book is the practical conclusion to his searching. Some say there can be no proof either way. This book challenges you to decide for yourself. Outlined within the pages of this book is all the evidence from all sides, in lay-mans terms. It is time to decide for yourself.

Miraculous Power Overcoming Hopeless Adversity

Say that (a specified thing) will happen in the future: “Jacques was prophesying a bumper harvest”.2. ... But you also said that you will have your first son before 1960” [My son, Rajah, was born on November 2, 1959]. My prophecy of ...


Author: George Kuttickal Chacko

Publisher: Balboa Press

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Confounding Medical Consensus, an 81-year-old hatha yoga master, whom a surgical error rendered a quasi-quadriplegist, and who was told independently by three doctors that he would never walk again, WALKS in 8 Months! A Triumph of Therapy; A Triumph of Faith! Until I directly confronted the Health Care Provider Medical Director at the Hebrew Home, for 10 weeks I was flailing against lengthening shadows of ignorance of my truly hopeless condition because my surgeon chose to violate his legal requirement to tell me my physical condition. Is this affliction a punishment from God? Can I, who have delivered many Prophetic Messages to meet many concrete needs of many people at four different churches in Asia and America over 60 years, ask God for a Prophecy of Healing? Will God find me Faithless if I don't take literally Prophecy I &/Or II regarding my healing? In the second week of my stay at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, D.C, the Health Care Provider Medical Director decided to discharge me around September 30. Two fundamental miracles had to occur to void the imminent discharge. I sketch the Herculean efforts to re-create 23 functionalities beginning with the likes of crawling: (1) Crawl -> (2) Kneel -> (3) Scoot -> (4) Stand -> (5) Transfer -> (6) Walk. The re-creation of functionalities takes place within the certainty of the date of my death, known since 1979 at age 49, which assures me that the quadriplegia is not unto death. I have confounded medical consensus that I will never walk again, thanks to the faith of several communities continually praying for my recovery-the faith creating and consummating the miracle of a quasi-quadriplegist walking in 8 months, rapidly progressing to walking 3 miles a day unassisted.

A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy

ŶẎčŸSỴ In John 9[1] Jesus sees a man who was born blind. “Rabbi,” the disciples ask him, “who sinned, this man or his parents, that hewas born blind?” Jesus tells them their focus is off, asif theyare looking through the wrong end of a ...


Author: Stan Guthrie

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A glance at tabloid headlines reveals that we have an almost insatiable desire to see into the future. In our search to know what is to come, many turn to the Bible for answers. Both the Old and the New Testament are loaded with prophets and prophecies. Who were these people who supposedly could predict the future? Have their prophecies come true? Now readers can get to the bottom of 60 crucial Bible prophecies quickly and easily with A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy. This accessible handbook will help readers understand prophecies within their biblical context and avoid common misinterpretations. Author Stan Guthrie explains what each prophecy meant to those who first received it, summarizes what it means for us today, and provides verses or passages for further individual or group study.

Signs of the End Time 21St Century Fulfilment of the Bible Prophecy Matthew 24

4. Daniel and his companions explained the dream to the king. One of the greatest Bible prophecies in the scripture—First, Christ's birth was a greater prophecy that was fulfilled; read Isaiah 9:6. 'For unto us a child is born, ...


Author: Pastor Amoah Da Costa

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God has revealed himself to his servant to write this great revelation about the signs of the End Times according to the biblical prophecy and its fulfilment in these last evil days of mass media as predicted by the Lord Jesus Christthere will be wars, famine, earthquakes, and a false Messiah. This book is the result of ten years of studying and meditation of the book of Matthew, chapter 24, as directed by the Holy Spirit to make people aware of the End Times signs and to awaken humanity about the End Times and get people ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Signs of the End Times as Predicted by Christ The destruction of the temple foretold. Many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ. Rumours of wars. Famines and pestilences. Earthquakes in diverse places. False prophets shall rise. False prophets. The Gospel must be preached as a witness. Great tribulation. The fulfilment of the biblical prophecy.

The Ante Nicene Fathers

And if you choose to follow the After him Jehosaphat his son reigned twenty- grammarian Crates , and say that Homer was born five years . In his reign prophesied Elias the about the time of the expedition of the HeraThesbite ...




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