Malting and Brewing Science

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These two exceptional volumes, both part of the second edition of a well established textbook, explore the biological, biochemical and chemical aspects of malting and brewing science. Focusing on the scientific principles behind the selection of raw materials and their processing, these two insightful text include brief descriptions of the equipment used.

Malt and malting an historical scientific and practical treatise

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Author: Henry Stopes


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Malt and Malting

Brewers ' Journal , 1882 , pp . 145—147 , 185 , 186 ; Journ . Brass . ann . 11 , no . 28 ; And Pp . 16. 8vo . London , 1882 . 1953 . Brewing in England . Engineer , 1882 , pp . 6—8 Brewers ' Guardian , 1882 . 1954 .


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British Breweries

The towns and cities in which William Bradford built or altered breweries or mailings are as follows: Alton, Bishop's Stortford, Bolton, ... William Bradford, 'Brewery Construction', Brewers' Guardian, 15, 17 November 1885, pp.


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Covering the history of the architecture of breweries, this account ranges from the country house brewhouse of the 18th century to the great breweries of Georgian and Victorian England, which reached their ornate peak in the 1880s and 1890s. It deals with the practical considerations that brewers' architects and engineers had to take into account, as well as the architectural styles and the decorative features employed. The author has also included a gazetteer of brewery architecture.

Brewing Science Technology and Print 1700 1880

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How did the brewing of beer become a scientific process? Sumner explores this question by charting the theory and practice of the trade in Britain and Ireland during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The London and suburban licensed victuallers hotel and tavern keepers directory compiled under the superintendence of H D Miles

THE BREWERS ' GUARDIAN is the recognised representative of the various important trades connected with the Brewing interest , and is the Official Organ of “ The Country Brewers ' Society , ” founded in 1822 .


Author: London and suburban licensed victuallers' directory


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It is believed that beer has been produced, in some form, for thousands of years - the ancient Egyptians being one civilization with a knowledge of the fermentation process. Beer production has seen many changes over the centuries, and Brewing, Second Edition brings the reader right up to date with the advances in the last decade. Covering the various stages of beer production, reference is also made to microbiology within the brewery and some pointers to research on the topic are given. Written by a recently retired brewer, this book will appeal to all beer-lovers, but particularly those within the industry who wish to understand the processes, and will be relevant to students of food or biological sciences.

Alcoholic Beverages

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Sensory evaluation methods are extensively used in the wine, beer and distilled spirits industries for product development and quality control, while consumer research methods also offer useful insights as the product is being developed. This book introduces sensory evaluation and consumer research methods and provides a detailed analysis of their applications to a variety of different alcoholic beverages. Chapters in part one look at the principles of sensory evaluation and how these can be applied to alcoholic beverages, covering topics such as shelf life evaluation and gas chromatography – olfactometry. Part two concentrates on fermented beverages such as beer and wine, while distilled products including brandies, whiskies and many others are discussed in part three. Finally, part four examines how consumer research methods can be employed in product development in the alcoholic beverage industry. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Alcoholic beverages is an invaluable reference for those in the brewing, winemaking and distilling industries responsible for product development and quality control, as well as for consultants in sensory and consumer science and academic researchers in the field. Comprehensively analyses the application of sensory evaluation and consumer research methods in the alcoholic beverage industry Considers shelf life evaluation, product development and gas chromatography Chapters examine beer, wine, and distilled products, and the application of consumer research in their production