The Population Crisis and the Use of World Resources

He is the author of numerous books and articles on Spanish and Latin American subjects, among them the Handbook of Hispanic Source Materials in the United States, Campoamor Spain and the World, and Four Studies in Franco-Spanish ...


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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

PURNIMA BOSE CAMPOAMOR, CLARA (1888–1972), Spanish feminist, suffragist, and lawyer of Republican ideology. Clara Campoamor Rodriguez was born in Madrid into a liberal and progressive family of modest means, and she worked from girlhood ...


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This encyclopedia captures the experiences of women throughout world history and illuminates how they have influenced and been influenced by these historical, social, and demographic changes. It contains over 1,300 signed articles covering six main areas: biographies; geography and history; comparative culture and society; organizations and movements; womens and gender studies; and topics in world history.

Feminist Writings from Ancient Times to the Modern World A Global Sourcebook and History 2 volumes

Spain. (1931). Clara Campoamor Clara Campoamor (1888–1972) was a lawyer and politician who argued for women's suffrage and women's rights in Spain. Campoamor grew up in a working-class family and graduated from the University of Madrid ...


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Collecting more than 200 sources in the global history of feminism, this anthology supplies an insightful record of the resistance to patriarchy throughout human history and around the world. • More than 200 chronologically arranged entries on feminist writers, thinkers, and organizations across 4,000 years of human history • Contributions from more than 100 international scholars, including historians, sociologists, literary, cultural theorists, religious scholars, writers, and activists • Brief bibliographies of further readings, websites, and other relevant resources with each entry • Lists of entries arranged by region as well as by broad topic, in addition to a comprehensive index

Researching the Song

SELECTED READING: R. Hilton, Campoamor, Spain and the World, . (SOURCE: Kunitz, Colby, ) CANA, KANA (Ger.): a biblical village in Galilee that overlooks a marshy plain, the scene of the first two miracles performed by ...


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Singers are faced with a unique challenge among musicians: they must express not just the music, but the lyrics too. To effectively communicate the meaning behind these words, singers must understand the many references embedded in the vast international repertoire of great art songs. They must deal with the meaning of the lyrics, frequently in a language not their own and of a culture unfamiliar to them. From Zelter and Schubert to Rorem and Musto, Researching the Song serves as an invaluable guide for performers, teachers, and enthusiasts to the art song repertoire. Its more than 2,000 carefully researched entries supply information on most of the mythological, historical, geographical, and literary references contained in western art song. The authors explain the meaning of less familiar literary terms, figures, and authors referenced in song while placing songs in the context of larger literary sources. Readers will find entries dealing with art songs from the German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, South American, Greek, Finnish, Scandinavian, and both American and British English repertoires. Sources, narratives, and explanations of major song cycles are also given. Organized alphabetically, the lexicon includes brief biographies of poets, lists of composers who set each poet's work, bibliographic materials, and brief synopses of major works from which song texts were taken, including the plots of all Restoration theater works containing Purcell's vocal music. The more performers know and understand the literary elements of a song, the richer their communication will be. Researching the Song is a vital aid for singers and teachers in interpreting art songs and building song recital programs.

Widener Library Shelflist Spanish history and literature

Span 5662.8 Spanish literature • Individual authors , etc. · 19th century · Calvo Acacio , Vicente ... 19th century · Campoamor , Ramón de ... Panamá , 1917 Span 5665.95 Hilton , R. Campoamor , Spain , and the world . Toronto , 1940 .


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Writers Directory

Studies, since 1965, and Ed., World Affair Report, since 1970. Ed., Who's Who in Latin America, Stanford Univ. Press, 1946–51. Publy: Campoamor, Spain and the World, 1940; (ed.) Handbook of Hispanic Source Materials in the United States ...


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Women in World History Brem Cold

Campoamor , Clara ( 1888–1972 ) ) Spanish lawyer , politician , and feminist at the time of Spain's Civil War . Born in Madrid , Spain , on February 12 , 1888 ; died on April 30 , 1972 , in Lausanne , Switzerland ; daughter of Manuel ...


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"Locating information on women is difficult and the editors have done a fine job assembling and publishing information extant on individual women from many nations both living and dead. Because in some cases only birth, marriage, children, and death dates are known, the 10,000 articles vary in length according to the subject. If you haven't been able to answer reference questions on women, you need this set."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2001.

Gender and Identity around the World 2 volumes

The first three women to be elected deputies in Spain were Clara Campoamor, Victoria Kent, and Margarita Nelken. Interestingly, they were elected in 1931, in the first general elections of the Second Republic, at a time when females ...


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This book provides an indispensable resource for high school and college students interested in the history and current status of gender identity formation and maintenance and how it impacts LGBTQ rights throughout the world. Gender and Identity around the World explores a variety of gender and LGBTQ experiences and issues in countries from all the world's regions. Guided by more than 50 recognized academic experts, readers will examine how gender and LGBTQ identities are developed, fought for, perceived, and policed in countries as diverse as France, Brazil, Russia, Jordan, Iraq, and China. Each chapter opens with a general introduction to a country or group of countries and flows into a discussion of gender and identity in terms of culture, education, family life, health and wellness, law, work, and activism in that region of the world. A section on contemporary issues specific to the country or group of countries follows this discussion. Readers gain in-depth information from more than 50 recognized experts writing from around the world Readers can compare and contrast life experiences from a number of different geopolitical and cultural regions Each chapter explores a country or region's gender and LGBTQ experiences in terms of culture, law, family life traditions, education, health and wellness practices, work norms, and activist movements