Cancionero musical de la Catedral de Segovia

Preciado, Dionisio: "Pervivencia de una melodía de las Cantigas en el Cancionero Musical de Palacio", en Actas del Congreso Internacional 'España en la Música de Occidente'. Madrid, Ministerio de Cultura, 1987, vol. I, pp. 95-99.


Author: Víctor de Lama de la Cruz

Publisher: Junta de Castilla y Leon Consejeria de Cultura y Turismo

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Companion to Music in the Age of the Catholic Monarchs

Labrador Herraiz & DiFranco 2oo7 / José J. Labrador Herraiz and Ralph A. DiFranco, ed., Cancionero autógrafo de Pedro de ... Lama de la Cruz 1994/ Víctor Lama de la Cruz, Cancionero musical de la Catedral de Segovia (Salamanca, 1994).



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The Companion to Music in the Age of the Catholic Monarchs, edited by Tess Knighton, offers a major new study that deepens and enriches our understanding of the forms and functions of music that flourished in late medieval Spanish society.

Devotional Music in the Iberian World 1450 1800

... Cancionero Musical de la catedral de Segovia (Junta de Castilla y León: Consejería de Cultura y Turismo). Lambea Castro, Mariano (1998): 'Los villancicos de Joan Pau Pujol (1570-1626). Contribución al estudio del villancico en ...


Author: Tess Knighton

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From the fifteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century, devotional music played a fundamental role in the Iberian world. Songs in the vernacular, usually referred to by the generic name of 'villancico', but including forms as varied as madrigals, ensaladas, tonos, cantatas or even oratorios, were regularly performed at many religious feasts in major churches, royal and private chapels, convents and in monasteries. These compositions appear to have progressively fulfilled or supplemented the role occupied by the Latin motet in other countries and, as they were often composed anew for each celebration, the surviving sources vastly outnumber those of Latin compositions; they can be counted in tens of thousands. The close relationship with secular genres, both musical, literary and performative, turned these compositions into a major vehicle for dissemination of vernacular styles throughout the Iberian world. This model of musical production was also cultivated in Portugal and rapidly exported to the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in America and Asia. In many cases, the villancico repertory represents the oldest surviving source of music produced in these regions, thus affording it a primary role in the construction of national identities. The sixteen essays in this volume explore the development of devotional music in the Iberian world in this period, providing the first broad-based survey of this important genre.

Love Religion and Politics in Fifteenth Century Spain

16th_17th century Cancionero de poesías varias . c . 1560 Cancionero musical de Palacio . 1498-1520 Oxford , All Souls . Sixteenth century Cancionero de Baena . c . 1450 Cancionero musical . Catedral de Segovia . c .


Author: Ian Richard Macpherson

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Ian Macpherson and Angus MacKay have collaborated on many occasions, and the sixteen articles brought together in this volume provide insights into the complex relationships between real life and imaginative writing in this turbulent period of Spanish history.

The Church Music of Fifteenth century Spain

Perales de la Cal , Ramon , F. Albertos , and Hilario Sanz , eds . , Cancionero de la Catedral de Segovia . Segovia , 1977 . Perkins , Leeman L. Music in the Age of the Renaissance . New York , 1999 .


Author: Kenneth Kreitner

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He moves on from this to set Penalosa's work, written in a more mature, northern-oriented style which influenced Iberian composers for generations after his death."--BOOK JACKET.

Methods Models Simulations and Approaches Towards a General Theory of Change

... sources kept in Madrid (Cancionero Musical de Palacio) and Segovia (Cancionero de la Catedral de Segovia). ... set into music at first for two or three voices with an omorhyhtmic or imitative modulation where the lowest line has ...


Author: Gianfranco Minati

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Other approaches are based on considering (1) periodic changes in structure as for processes of self-organisation; (2) non-periodic but coherent changes in structure, as for processes of emergence; (3) the quantum level of description. Papers in the book study the problem considering its transdisciplinary nature, i.e., systemic properties studied per se and not within specific disciplinary contexts. The aim of these studies is to outline a transdisciplinary theory of change in systemic properties. Such a theory should have simultaneous, corresponding and eventually hierarchical disciplinary aspects as expected for a general theory of emergence.

Secrets of Pinar s Game 2 vols

Cancionero musical de la Catedral de Segovia (Salamanca: Junta de Castilla y León). Lama, Víctor de, 1995. 'Fama póstuma de Justa fue mi perdición, canción atribuida a Jorge Manrique', Medioevo y literatura: Actas del V Congreso de la ...


Author: Roger Boase

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In Secrets of Pinar’s Game, Roger Boase deciphers a card game completed in 1496 for Queen Isabel, Prince Juan, her daughters and her 40 court ladies. This book reveals information about the court culture that cannot be found in official sources.

Bibliographic Guide to Music


Author: New York Public Library. Music Division


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Mythical Indies and Columbus s Apocalyptic Letter

Cancionero musical de la Catedral de Segovia. Prologue, Alan Deyermond. Estudios de lengua y literatura. Valladolid: Junta de Castilla y León, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, 1994. A facsimile edition. Delaney, Carol. “Columbus's.


Author: Elizabeth Moore Willingham

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With his Letter of 1493 to the court of Spain, Christopher Columbus heralded his first voyage to the present-day Americas, creating visions that seduced the European imagination and birthing a fascination with those "new" lands and their inhabitants that continues today. Columbus's epistolary announcement travelled from country to country in a late-medieval media event -- and the rest, as has been observed, is history. The Letter has long been the object of speculation concerning its authorship and intention: British historian Cecil Jane questions whether Columbus could read and write prior to the first voyage while Demetrio Ramos argues that King Ferdinand and a minister composed the Letter and had it printed in the Spanish folio. The Letter has figured in studies of Spanish Imperialism and of Discovery and Colonial period history, but it also offers insights into Columbus's passions and motives as he reinvents himself and retails his vision of Peter Martyr's Novus orbis to men and women for whom Columbus was as unknown as the places he claimed to have visited. The central feature of the book is its annotated variorum edition of the Spanish Letter, together with an annotated English translation and word and name glossaries. A list of terms from early print-period and manuscript cultures supports those critical discussions. In the context of her text-based reading, the author addresses earlier critical perspectives on the Letter, explores foundational questions about its composition, publication and aims, and proposes a theory of authorship grounded in text, linguistics, discourse, and culture.

Music Books on Music and Sound Recordings

197-1 Cancionero musical de Segovia . Cancionero de la Catedral de Segovia : ed . facsimilar del códice de la Santa Iglesia Catedral de Segovia i dirigida por Ramón Perales de la Cal . - Segovia : Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad ...


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