Being forbidden to actively participate in its development, I cannot take an active hand in guiding the inhabitants. “However...” Chapter One The sphere hung in the eternity of breathless Catlorianv.


Author: R. L. Pool

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480924109

Category: Fiction

Page: 666

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Catlorian By R. L. Pool “Wanted: Persons of skill and daring to undertake, for gain and adventure, a quest for knowledge.” So comes the summons from within Catlorian. From all around the call is answered, each adventurer with a unique motivation to seek treasure, revenge, and—above all—truth. Coincidence brought them together—or was it the Fates? Now, they must depend on each other for their success, for their survival, and for the good of the worlds around them. Nothing is ever as it seems in Catlorian, and nothing is ever simple. And, as the strangely mixed group begins to find out, everyone has their own secret.

Catlorian V

The city and Realm of Shedran upon the small continent of Sharlend was now free of the tyranny of a usurper.


Author: R. L. Pool

Publisher: Life Rich Publishing

ISBN: 1489721835

Category: Fiction

Page: 502

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The city and Realm of Shedran upon the small continent of Sharlend was now free of the tyranny of a usurper. Prince Jason Shedran and Illycia DeLonge must travel to each of the great realms upon that continent to see that safety is assured and that alliances can be made to keep it that way. With the aid of Will Butler and Bobby Jackson, two soldiers who came from Thom DeLonge's world, Jason and Illycia must move carefully. To think that Banshe'e and his lieutenants would only care about the one city, no matter how extensive a realm it was, was foolish. They would have to stand firm with each realm to ensure that evil had no foothold. To do otherwise would be to invite disaster and chaos back into the lives of those they vowed to protect. What they find is worse than they could have imagined. Thom DeLonge, with his trusted men and the help of Nethan DeBurge, must see that the usurper of Shedran has no way to claim the crown of Catlorian. Yet they also must see that the ten young girls, those who volunteered to accompany the rotund pedophile to keep the younger girls from his bed, were somehow freed as well from a life of slavery in Seaborne. The game was still in its early stages. Each set of pieces Lord Banshe'e moved into play were falling quietly to the might of the valorous few, yet his endgame was still hidden. All these could do was stand ready, move assertively and hope that what evil was planned could be thwarted.