Change Mummified

Exploring the modern category of history in relation to film theory, film textuality, and film history, Change Mummified makes a persuasive argument for the centrality of historicity to film as well as the special importance of film in ...


Author: Philip Rosen

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816636389

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 444

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Exploring the modern category of history in relation to film theory, film textuality, and film history, Change Mummified makes a persuasive argument for the centrality of historicity to film as well as the special importance of film in historical culture. What do we make of the concern for recovering the past that is consistently manifested in so many influential modes of cinema, from Hollywood to documentary and postcolonial film? How is film related to the many modern practices that define themselves as configuring pastness in the present, such as architectural preservation, theme parks, and, above all, professional historical research? What is the relation of history in film to other media such as television and digital imaging? How does emphasizing the connection between film and modern historicity affect the theorization and historicization of film and modern media culture? Pursuing the full implications of film as cultural production, Philip Rosen reconceptualizes modern historicity as a combination of characteristic epistemological structures on the one hand, and the social imperative to regulate or manage time on the other. Emphasizing a fundamental constellation of pursuit of the real, indexical signification and the need to control time, he interrogates a spectrum of film theory and film texts. His argument refocuses the category of temporality for film and cultural theory while rethinking the importance of historicity. An original and sustained meditation on the historiographic status of cinematic signs, Change Mummified is both an intervention in film and media studies and an argument for the continuing necessity of modern historical thinking in its contradictions.

Change Mummified Once upon a Time in the West

Exploring the modern category of history in relation to film theory, film textuality, and film history, this book argues for the centrality of historicity to film as well as the special importance of film in historical culture.




ISBN: 1452935319

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 444

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The Virtual Window

Phil Rosen's book Change Mummifed : Cinema , Historicity , Theory (
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press ... the image of their duration ,
change mummified as it were " ( 15 ) , as the signal statement about the cinema's
capacities in the ...


Author: Anne Friedberg

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: 9780262512503

Category: Architecture

Page: 357

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The author "examines the window as metaphor, as architectural component, and as an opening to the dematerialized reality framed on the screen, reminding us that how the world is framed is as important as what is in the frame." -- back cover.

Language of Change

Now , for the first time , the image of things is likewise the image of their duration ,
change mummified as it were . ” Of course , the argument pursued so far is that
change is anything but mummified in moving images ; on the contrary , the image


Author: Mark Slade


ISBN: 0039282767

Category: Cities and towns.

Page: 186

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Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics

38. 39. 40. 41. 42. Philip Rosen, Change Mummified: Cinema, Historicity, Theory
(Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press 2001), 139. Beams, “
Subverting Time,”51. Beams, “Subverting Time,” 46. Beams, “Subverting Time,”


Author: Ryan Pierson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190949754

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

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"How can we describe movements in animated films? In Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics, Ryan Pierson introduces a powerful new method for the study of animation. By looking for figures--arrangements that seem to intuitively hold together--and forces--underlying units of attraction, repulsion, and direction--Pierson reveals startling new possibilities for animation criticism, history, and theory. Drawing on concepts from Gestalt psychology, Pierson offers a wide-ranging comparative study of four animation techniques--soft-edged forms, walk cycles, camera movement, and rotoscoping--as they appear in commercial, artisanal, and avant-garde works. In the process, through close readings of little-analyzed films, Pierson demonstrates that figures and forces make fertile resources for theoretical speculation, unearthing affinities between animation practice and such topics as the philosophy of mathematics, scientific and political revolution, and love. Beginning and ending with the imperative to "look closely," Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics is a performance in seeing the world of motion anew. Keywords: animation, film theory, Gestalt psychology, phenomenology, film-philosophy, modernism"--

Queer Times Black Futures

7 Philip Rosen's Change Mummified: Cinema, Historicity, Theory (Minneapolis:
University. Ibid., xv. 6 The seminal Cultural Studies text Policing the Crisis offers
an important analysis of how the American phenomenon of “mugging” was ...


Author: Kara Keeling

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814748336

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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A serious intellectual engagement with Afrofuturism and the philosophical questions of space and time Queer Times, Black Futures considers the promises and pitfalls of imagination, technology, futurity, and liberation as they have persisted in and through racial capitalism. Kara Keeling explores how the speculative fictions of cinema, music, and literature that center black existence provide scenarios wherein we might imagine alternative worlds, queer and otherwise. In doing so, Keeling offers a sustained meditation on contemporary investments in futurity, speculation, and technology, paying particular attention to their significance to queer and black freedom. Keeling reads selected works, such as Sun Ra’s 1972 film Space is the Place and and the 2005 film The Aggressives, to juxtapose the Afrofuturist tradition of speculative imagination with the similar “speculations” of corporate and financial institutions. In connecting a queer, cinematic reordering of time with the new possibilities technology offers, Keeling thinks with and through a vibrant conception of the imagination as a gateway to queer times and black futures, and the previously unimagined spaces that they can conjure.

A System of Legal Medicine

The scalp was mummified , rendering its removal rather more difficult than usual ;
but all the organs were in a better ... in the putrefactive change between the
embalmed and non - embalmed during the usual period elapsing between death


Author: Allan McLane Hamilton


ISBN: UOM:39015076780397

Category: Medical jurisprudence


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A Grammar of Murder

Philip Rosen , Change Mummified : Cinema , Historicity , Theory ( Minneapolis :
University of Minnesota Press , 2000 ) , 19-20 . 2. Rosen , Change Mummified ,
23 . 3. Rosen , Change Mummified , 23 . 4. André Bazin , “ Death Every Afternoon


Author: Karla Oeler


ISBN: UOM:39076002843246

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 282

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The dark shadows and offscreen space that force us to imagine violence we cannot see. The real slaughter of animals spliced with the fictional killing of men. The missing countershot from the murder victim’s point of view. Such images, or absent images, Karla Oeler contends, distill how the murder scene challenges and changes film. Reexamining works by such filmmakers as Renoir, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Jarmusch, and Eisenstein, Oeler traces the murder scene’s intricate connections to the great breakthroughs in the theory and practice of montage and the formulation of the rules and syntax of Hollywood genre. She argues that murder plays such a central role in film because it mirrors, on multiple levels, the act of cinematic representation. Death and murder at once eradicate life and call attention to its former existence, just as cinema conveys both the reality and the absence of the objects it depicts. But murder shares with cinema not only this interplay between presence and absence, movement and stillness: unlike death, killing entails the deliberate reduction of a singular subject to a disposable object. Like cinema, it involves a crucial choice about what to cut and what to keep.

An American Text book of Obstetrics

Mummification is analogous to the change which bodies undergo in a dry
atmosphere . A mummified fetus in its general appearance closely resembles
bodies found in arid regions buried in Fig . 157. - Cornual pregnancy . In this
case rupture ...


Author: Richard Cooper Norris


ISBN: UOM:39015020621010

Category: Obstetrics

Page: 1009

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Cry of the Oppressed

Sabasitans must cherish tangible change , not a change mummified in some
constitutional mass of paper invoked only for lip service and platitudinal purposes
' . He cleared his throat . ' African leadership cannot hold back on change ; the ...


Author: Ndikaru wa Teresia


ISBN: UOM:39015063326246

Category: Africa, East

Page: 212

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The Moving Image

PHILIP ROSEN Change Mummified Cinema , Historicity , Theory Exploring the
modern category of history in relation to film theory , film textuality , and film
history , Change Mummified makes a persuasive argument for the centrality of ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105113378033

Category: Motion picture film


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Cinephilia in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press , 3 – 41 . ( 2001b ) ' Old and New :
Image , Indexicality , and Historicity in the Digital Utopia ' , in Change Mummified :
Cinema , Historicity , Theory . Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press , 301 ...


Author: Scott Balcerzak

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215152021

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 244

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This title explores the increasing relevance of digital media in the consumption and analysis of film.

Postmortem Change in Human and Animal Remains

Under prevailing climatic conditions , most mummification processes were
unsuccessful at permanent preservation , so that preservation for short - term
mourning periods was sought , and mummified remains were later burned or
buried .


Author: Marc S. Micozzi

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited

ISBN: IND:30000027211386

Category: Social Science

Page: 124

View: 582

"Postmortem change in human and animal remains: A Systematic Approach provides a unique, synthetic treatment of postmortem change presented in a systematic fashion with attention to the relative chronologies of both physical and cultural factors that influence human and animal remains. This book integrates reports and observations in the anthropology/archaeology literature with material as appropriate from medicine, pathology, paleopathology, ethnography (cultural anthropology) and the forensic sciences, as well as reporting on original observations by the author. In addition to discussing transformation of skeletal remains (as is the focus of most taphonomic studies in anthropology and archaeology), comprehensive treatment is given to changes in soft tissue remains, as well as to conditions under which such remains may be preserved postmortem. The immediate changes that occur within minutes/hours have been traditionally described by forensic pathologists, while this book "fills in the blanks" between where pathology has traditionally left off, and before anthropology has traditionally begun. It also includes an integrated review of what anthropology traditionally considers. More and more anthropologists and forensic scientists are called upon to systematically interpret postmortem changes "from beginning to end," cutting across various fields of study."--Pub. desc.

The Limits of Secular Criticism

Now , for the first time , the image of things is likewise the image of their duration ,
change 34 mummified as it were . When Bazin employs the term , " change
mummified , ” he invokes a curious shift between figural reading and literal
reading ...


Author: Michael Allan


ISBN: UCAL:C3482660


Page: 402

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The Case of the Mummified Pigs

Not only that , the plant species inside these plots had changed . Pink - flowered
storksbill and yellow - flowered lotus plants now covered the plots . But several
other annual plants , like the tiny popcorn flower and woolly daisy , had become ...


Author: Susan E. Quinlan


ISBN: UOM:49015002325273

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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A description of scientific research that explains the reasons for phenomena in nature

The Science and Art of Midwifery

The pathological changes which the fætus undergoes when retained in the
uterus after its death vary with the ... occurs chiefly in connection with twin
pregnancies , one fætus being fully developed while the other becomes
mummified .


Author: William Thompson Lusk


ISBN: UOM:39015053093715

Category: Obstetrics

Page: 761

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Wide Angle

... cinema is " objectivity in time . . , change mummified , as it were ... " ( WC1 , 14-
15 ) . But note the deliberately oxymoronic aspects of the phrase " change
mummified . " reality , he also believes that it is under constant subjective
analysis even ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105007308278

Category: Motion pictures


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A quarterly journal of film history, theory, criticism, and practice.

Documentary Time

L ' oeil mesure donc le temps grâce à des modifications spatiales " ; my
translation . 36 . For a thorough account of this critique , see Philip Rosen ,
Change Mummified : Cinema , Historicity , Theory ( Minneapolis : University of
Minnesota Press ...


Author: Malin Wahlberg


ISBN: UOM:39015073667787

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 170

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Wahlberg discusses a thought-provoking corpus of classical and recent experiments in film and video (including Andy Warhol's films) in which creative approaches to the time of the image and the potential archive memory of filmic representation illuminates meanings of temporality and time experience. She also offers a methodological account of film and brings Deleuze and Ricoeur into dialogue with Bazin and Mitry on the subject of cinema and phenomenology.

Signs of Promise

And all mummies are alike , whether a mummified theology that came from Rome
or a mummified theology that comes from ... Nevertheless , the standards of
ethics change from age to age ; they change in their actuality and they change in
the ...


Author: Lyman Abbott


ISBN: UOM:39015006950573

Category: Congregational churches

Page: 301

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New Scholarship from BFI Research

20 Watching the moving image , the ' mummified changes ' , the movements
through time are replayed . It is this capacity of the moving image to re - present
the past as if it were the present that makes possible the double - layering of the ...


Author: Professor Duncan Petrie

Publisher: British Film Inst

ISBN: UOM:39015037343657

Category: Arts, Modern

Page: 207

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