Christian Believing and Living Sermons

For it supposes that in the soul which has confessed its calling , where Christ is “ formed within , ” there is a ... Christian discipleship that has been too far lost out of the modern habits of living , and even out of the belief and ...


Author: Frederic Dan Huntington


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Christian Belief for Everyone The Living God

Believing there was no God, Gibbon took the view that the mess of history reflected the moral failures of humanity. Early Christian writers, however, saw the rapid progress of Christianity in the Roman Empire as a sign of God's ...


Author: Alister McGrath

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281068364

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The Christian Belief for Everyone series comprises five guides to the basic ideas of the Christian faith. Full of stories and helpful illustrations, these guides have been written primarily for ordinary churchgoers, though they will no doubt also appeal to interested readers outside the church. The approach Alister McGrath adopts is non-denominational, very similar to the 'mere Christianity' advocated by C. S. Lewis. Indeed, the series may be seen as a guide to 'mere Christianity', focusing clearly as it does on the life of faith. We look at why Christians believe what they do; how we can best understand these ideas, and the difference they make to the way we think about ourselves and our world.

A Pocket Guide to Christian Belief

Christian belief and Christian living Convictions change lives It is slightly artificial to write a separate chapter on the Christian life. What Christians believe about how life should be lived is a direct consequence of what they ...


Author: Benno Van Den Toren

Publisher: Lion Books

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This book explains the main elements of the Christian faith in a warm and approachable way, giving special attention to questions that are raised about the Christian faith in a multicultural and postmodern setting.

Christian Belief

Such ultimate superiority could no more be said to ' live ' in any ordinary sense than it could be said to ' be ' . Yet Judaism could cite the Old Testament on the question of God's existence . God said , ' I am that I am ' ( Exodus 3.2 ) ...


Author: Gillian Rosemary Evans

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195315545

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This accessible book offers just such a map. It provides a concise guide to the conflicted history of Christian thought on such topics as the nature of God, free will, evil, death, the afterlife, and heaven. Throughout, Evans makes clear the ongoing relevance of these debates to modern believers. The book will appeal to Christian clergy and laity and will also make an ideal text for courses in Christian doctrine and apologetics.

Christian Belief and Practice

May she rest in peace ' Belief in eternal life A belief in life after death is important to Christians . It is this belief that makes the Christian faith relevant to people today . • It helps them to make sense of the fact that in many ...


Author: Gordon Geddes

Publisher: Heinemann

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Christian belief and practice (GCSE Religious studies for AQA)

The Basics of Christian Belief

On the one hand, we are children of God who are united with Christ; on the other hand, we find that God and Christ can seem quite distant. Hence, we live in a kind of limbo. We are restored by grace, yet we struggle to live out that ...


Author: Joshua Strahan

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9781493423934

Category: Religion

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This reader-friendly yet robust introduction to the Christian faith explores the essentials of Christianity and the impact they have on life, worldview, and witness. Written in an accessible and engaging voice for college-age readers, the book connects the biblical plotline, the Apostles' Creed, the comparative distinctiveness of Christianity, and life's big questions. The author shows how the Christian metanarrative speaks to questions about purpose, worth, ethics, personhood, and more, and helps readers understand what it means to be a Christian in a post-Christian world.

Mirfield Essays in Christian Belief

As the Son is God who receives all , so the Spirit is God who is given , the divine life and love being bestowed . Christians believe in a living personal God whose life is revealed to us through Jesus Christ and in the present ...


Author: Community of the Resurrection

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725230842

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This book is not a formidable series of learned papers on abstruse theology, but a plain and coherent outline of the Christian faith, written by members of the Community of the Resurrection and intended for the ordinary educated layperson. There are no Hebrew or Greek words; scholarship will be found mainly in the notes. The central theme is the faith of the Resurrection. This is prepared for by essays on the relevance of the Old Testament, the Incarnation and the Cross. A chapter on the Resurrection of our Lord closes Part I. Part II contains a series of more reflective essays, looking back on what is involved in the claim for the Resurrection: arguments for the existence of God, the Christian doctrine of God, Creation and the Fall, the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. Part III considers the consequences of the Resurrection: the Church Worship in the Body, Baptism and Christian Unity, Prayer in the Body, and the Christian answer to pain and evil. Part IV deals with the consequences for the Church and the World: the secular challenge to the Church, the witness of the Church in an expanding World, Vocation, and the End of All Things.

On Christian Belief

A Defence of a Cognitive Conception of Religious Belief in a Christian Context Andrew Collier. polytheism, and if I had no constraints but my own oice on what I should worship, I would probably worship trees. But these are not live ...


Author: Andrew Collier

Publisher: Routledge

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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Christian Belief

We have seen that both baptism and the Lord's Supper are connected in the New Testament with living lives that make appropriate ethical ... The sacraments both point to what God has done for Christians, not what we can do for God.


Author: Alister McGrath

Publisher: Lion Books

ISBN: 9781912552047

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In this highly accessible guide a team of expert contributors provide an authoritative and comprehensive survey of Christian belief. After an initial historical overview, six major chapters on Faith, God, Jesus, Salvation, the Church and Christian Hope assess in detail the breadth of Christian teaching and doctrine. Each chapter is interspersed with user-friendly boxed features that focus on key subjects such as Jesus and women and Christian ethics. Culminating with an anthology of extracts from major Christian thinkers, this book provides an ideal overview for scholars at all levels of study seeking to become acquainted with the sweep of Christian teaching.