City Birds Country Birds

Sharon Stiteler, widely known as The Bird Chick, shares practical and versatile tips that everyone can use, whether you live in an urban apartment or home, small-town condo or sprawling rural farm.


Author: Sharon Stiteler


ISBN: 1591931258

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You can get great birds at your feeding station! Sharon Stiteler, widely known as The Bird Chick, shares practical and versatile tips that everyone can use, whether you live in an urban apartment or home, small-town condo or sprawling rural farm.

City Birds Country Birds

Blackburnian Warbler What's ideal about bird festivals is that they are organized for people who have never visited the area to show you the great spots to ...


Author: Sharon Stiteler

Publisher: Adventure Publications

ISBN: 9781591935391

Category: Nature

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The city, the country, an apartment, it doesn't matter where you live; you can draw birds to your area. "The BirdChick" Sharon Stiteler shares tips and secrets that will help you bird watch from any residence. Get info about feeders, seed and bird houses, and find out how to attract wanted guests and how to deal with unwanted visitors.

Our Domestic Birds

Although many farmers keep small flocks of pigeons, the pigeon in modern times is a city bird rather than a country bird. The strong flying types are all ...


Author: John H. Robinson

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732679294

Category: Fiction

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Reproduction of the original: Our Domestic Birds by John H. Robinson

1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know

This accessible guide includes fun facts, such as where certain birds got their names, how birds eat, how they find a life partner, and how they build a home for the chicks.


Author: Sharon Stiteler

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780762448326

Category: Nature

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Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in America, and 1,001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is the first photographic guide and fact book written in a humorous conversational tone that appeals to every age and skill level. Replete with sound information, 1,001 Secrets will expose many birding myths: a bald eagle cannot carry off a four-month old baby, and crows do not go sledding for fun. This accessible guide includes fun facts, such as where certain birds got their names, how birds eat, how they find a life partner, and how they build a home for the chicks. Other useful information includes identification tips, migration patterns, and where the best birding vacation spots are. Packed with full-color photos, 1,001 Secrets Every Bird Watcher Should Know is a fun, informative read for every bird watcher.

City Birds and Country Birds

A book. Copyright 2012 The Communication Tree. The Garden of Eden Galesville, WI. City Birds & Country Birds. Author Sherri Jones. The town was called The Garden of Eden by a preacher.


Author: Sherri Jones

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 1479151866

Category: History

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A book. Copyright 2012 The Communication Tree. The Garden of Eden Galesville, WI. City Birds & Country Birds. Author Sherri Jones. The town was called The Garden of Eden by a preacher. It was also the home of a Native American chief and family. I felt something special about the town while visiting then decided to do a history and share my findings. Sherri Louise Jones

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America Second Edition

City birds often sootier than clean country birds. VOICE: Hoarse chirp and shillip notes, also a rising sweep. Song a series of such notes.


Author: Roger Tory Peterson

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9781328771469

Category: Nature

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A new edition of the best-selling field guide with 25 all-new plates covering the birds of Hawaii. For decades, the Peterson Field Guide to Birds has been a popular and trusted guide for birders of all levels, thanks to its famous system of identification and unparalleled illustrations. Now that the American Birding Association has expanded its species Checklist to include Hawaii, the Peterson Guide is the first edition to include the wonderful and exotic species of our fiftieth state. In addition, the text and range maps have been updated, and much of the art has been touched up to reflect current knowledge.

Behavioural and Ecological Consequences of Urban Life in Birds

The town bird and the country bird: problem solving and immunocompetence vary with urbanization. Behav. Ecol. 27, 637–644. doi:10.1093/beheco/arv201 Ausprey ...


Author: Caroline Isaksson

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889454976


Page: 364

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Urbanization is next to global warming the largest threat to biodiversity. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly evident that many bird species get locally extinct as a result of urban development. However, many bird species benefit from urbanization, especially through the abundance of human-provided resources, and increase in abundance and densities. These birds are intriguing to study in relation to its resilience and adaption to urban environments, but also in relation to its susceptibility and the potential costs of urban life. This Research Topic consisting of 30 articles (one review, two meta-analyzes and 27 original data papers) provides insights into species and population responses to urbanization through diverse lenses, including biogeography, community ecology, behaviour, life history evolution, and physiology.

Urban Aviary

Through Stephen Moss’s expert knowledge and insight, Urban Aviary provides a beautiful guide to some of the most extraordinary species of city birds that have become native, including helpful spotting hints and fact boxes for each bird, ...


Author: Stephen Moss

Publisher: White Lion Publishing

ISBN: 9781781318409

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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A unique guide to the unusual and often surprising birds that soar above our cities around the world. From frigatebirds wheeling over Rio de Janeiro to bowerbirds displaying in the suburbs of Canberra, penguins in Cape Town to pelicans in San Francisco, and huge flocks of starlings roosting around the Colosseum in Rome, the world’s cities are home to a remarkable array of feathered citizens. Through Stephen Moss’s expert knowledge and insight, Urban Aviary provides a beautiful guide to some of the most extraordinary species of city birds that have become native, including helpful spotting hints and fact boxes for each bird, all of which are brought to life by Marc Martin’s distinctive and beautiful watercolours.

Ecology and Conservation of Birds in Urban Environments

Urban atlases constitute the majority of all (70 or so) bird atlases which have appeared ... Poland is the country with the second largest number of urban ...


Author: Enrique Murgui

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319433141

Category: Science

Page: 525

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This book provides syntheses of ecological theories and overarching patterns of urban bird ecology that have only recently become available. The numerous habitats represented in this book ranges from rows of trees in wooded alleys, to wastelands and remnants of natural habitats encapsulated in the urban matrix. Authored by leading scientists in this emergent field, the chapters explore how the characteristics of the habitat in urban environments influence bird communities and populations at multiple levels of ecological organization and at different spatial and temporal scales, and how this information should be incorporated in urban planning to achieve an effective conservation of bird fauna in urban environments. Birds are among the most conspicuous and fascinating residents of urban neighborhoods and provide urban citizens with everyday wildlife contact all over the world. However, present urbanization trends are rapidly depleting their habitats, and thus knowledge of urban bird ecology is urgently needed if birds are to thrive in cities. The book is unique in its inclusion of examples from all continents (except Antarctica) in an effort to arrive at a more holistic perspective. Among other issues, the individual chapters address the censusing of birds in urban green spaces; the relationship between bird communities and the structure of urban green spaces; the role of exotic plant species as food sources for urban bird fauna; the influence of artificial light and pollutants on bird fauna; trends in long-term urban bird research, and transdisciplinary studies on bird sounds and their effects on humans. Several chapters investigate how our current knowledge of the ecology of urban bird fauna should be applied in order to achieve better management of urban habitats so as to achieve conservation of species or even increase species diversity. The book also provides a forward-looking summary on potential research directions. As such, it provides a valuable resource for urban ecologists, urban ecology students, landscape architects, city planners, decision makers and anyone with an interest in urban ornithology and bird conservation. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive overview for researchers in the fields of ecology and conservation of urban bird fauna.

Birds of the Texas Hill Country

FAMILY COLUMBIDAE : Pigeons and Doves Rock Dove ( Columba livia ) Common permanent resident in urban areas throughout the region .


Author: Mark W. Lockwood

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292788290

Category: Nature

Page: 262

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Situated in the center of a state renowned for its abundant and varied birdlife, the Texas Hill Country provides habitat for 420 resident and migratory species, including the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo. Mark Lockwood, a biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, has monitored these and other bird populations throughout the Hill Country for many years. In this book, he offers a complete, up-to-date guide to the status and distribution of every bird species reliably reported on the Edwards Plateau. The species accounts focus on four key characteristics of each bird: relative abundance, distribution within the region, habitat, and timing of occurrence. In addition, Lockwood discusses species that have been reported, but not documented, in the Hill Country, as well as those that might be expected to occur. For birders and ornithologists less familiar with the region, Lockwood also gives a general introduction to the ecology of the Edwards Plateau and to the flora and birdlife found in eighteen parks and birding areas.


ontents C What Is a Bird? 4 Backyard Birds 6 City Birds 8 Forest Birds 10 Water Birds 12 Seabirds 14 Birds of Prey 16 Owls 18 Country Birds 20 Follow That ...


Author: Victoria Munson

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781508196624

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Birds are graceful, magnificent creatures that have fascinated humans since the dawn of time. There is so much to learn about these incredible winged creatures, and this book is the perfect place to start. This informative volume introduces readers to the wonderful world of birds. They'll encounter key science concepts, including life cycles, habitats, and food. Stunning full-color photographs and a vibrant design will captivate readers and encourage an interest in science. Simple descriptions help readers easily identify different types of birds. Readers will be flocking to this awesome book about birds.

Birds of the Cottage Country

The robin of the Cottage Country seems to be a quite different bird to the one of the cities. It is much shyer, much wilder, the first to sound an alarm ...


Author: William C. Mansell

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459718319

Category: Nature

Page: 216

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Birds of the Cottage Country is a virtual storybook account of the author’s personalized observations throughout Ontario’s cottage playground. It clearly illustrates the downright fun, vast beauty, and consuming involvement of bird watching – even for the most skeptical of laymen. Bill Mansell’s daily experiences at birding, spread over a period of sixty-five years, result in such a familiarity with his subject that the reader is drawn as a participant into a delicately beautiful intimacy with avian nature. Birds of the Cottage Country will be read by some solely for its humour and humanistic style; yet serious birdwatchers will also find it a refreshingly new guide and reference tool.

Preliminary Census of Birds of the United States

Ordinarily this bird is thought of as a city rather than as a country bird , for nowhere on farms can the flocks of hundreds be found which are a common ...


Author: Wells Woodbridge Cooke


ISBN: HARVARD:32044107223919

Category: Birds

Page: 11

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Pp. 10.

Butchering Small Game and Birds

The feral pigeon is the bird that you see in London's Trafalgar Square and in every other city centre up and down the country. These birds, which have a ...


Author: John Bezzant

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 9781847979698

Category: Cooking

Page: 112

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Butchering Small Game and Birds is essential reading for those who have embraced self-sufficiency, and who regard small game and birds, both domesticated and wild, as an essential part of their diet. The book covers rabbits, hare, quail, chicken and turkey as well as game birds and provides comprehensive guidance relating to all aspects of the craft of butchery. It begins with an in-depth examination of equipment and presents instructions on how to use and maintain knives correctly. This is followed by a careful consideration of how to humanely dispatch the animal or bird for butchering with speed and precision. The volume then studies in detail the butchery techniques and procedures including basic small game and bird anatomy, the importance of meat inspection and hygiene and dealing with aged birds and animals. Further sections cover techniques such as paunching, the removal of offal, extraction of shot, skinning, plucking, drawing and dressing birds, washing carcases, jointing rabbits and hares and trussing. The preservation of meat, preparing meat for the freezer and hanging and curing of skins is also covered following the philosophy that every part of an animal or bird that is usable should be used. This invaluable book presents a complete manual for anyone who wishes to become a humane and skilled home butcher, and is superbly illustrated with 164 colour step-by-step photographs.

Birds and Marshes of the Chesapeake Bay Country

The proximity of this marsh to the city made it very popular and , while there were plenty of birds , there were also scores of hunters .


Author: Brooke Meanley

Publisher: Cornell Maritime Press

ISBN: 0870332074

Category: Nature

Page: 157

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A remarkably diverse population of bird life, migratory and indigenous, lives in the region known as the Chesapeake Bay country. It is one of the finest locations on the eastern seaboard for observing wild birds. Among the cattail and wild rice, the cordgrass and loblolly, from the countryside north of Baltimore to the windswept beaches of the Atlantic, are the imperiled canvasback, the boat-tailed grackle, the secretive king rail, the fragile egret, and the evasive snowy owl. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings, this book is indispensable to bird watchers and conservationists in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City

South Street Seaport: Financial District Stuyvesant Cove Park: Stuyvesant Town, ... Morris Park, Norwood Orchard Beach: Coop City, Eastchester, Country Club ...


Author: Leslie Day

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421416199

Category: Science

Page: 384

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Once you enter the world of the city’s birds, life in the great metropolis will never look the same.

The Twelve Birds of Christmas

This also means that city birds can begin breeding earlier, and finish later, than their country cousins: blackbirds usually have two or three broods a year ...


Author: Stephen Moss

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473569836

Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 342

Naturalist Stephen Moss digs beneath the surface of some of our most popular Christmas carols in an ornithological celebration of the Festive Season. Using the structure of the carol as a jumping off point, he explores the place of twelve fascinating British birds in our history, culture and landscape. Some of the birds are obvious, there’s the swan and of course the partridge. Other chapters are loose interpretations of a verse: for drummers drumming he delves into the woodpecker's distinctive drumming tap. Woodpeckers, he explains, have special padded skulls to mitigate against using its head like hammer drills. They carefully select dead trees for the most hollow, sonorous sound. With brilliant anecdotes and insights, Stephen Moss weaves history, culture, bird behaviour and folklore into a compelling narrative for each species, tracing its fortunes over the past two centuries. PRAISE FOR STEPHEN MOSS: 'A superb naturalist and writer' Chris Packham 'Moss has carved out an enviable niche as a chronicler of the natural world' Daily Mail

Conservation of Exotic Wild Birds

Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society . ... Mid - America Cagebird Society Motor City Bird Breeders . ... Town & Country Feathered Friends .


Author: United States


ISBN: UCAL:B5131701

Category: Birds

Page: 165

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The Gift of Birds

Then I sprinkle some grain and lift out my bird . I open my hands , and up he soars into the clear air , a country bird not a city one .


Author: Larry Habegger

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1885211414

Category: Travel

Page: 322

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An anthology of essays and short stories exploring the ways birds enrich our lives from contributors such as Kenn Kaufman, Peter Dunne, Alice Walker, and Louise Eldrich

Birds Scythes and Combines

Welwyn Garden City . Turner , E.L. 1924. Broadland Birds . Country Life . London . Venables , L.S.V. & Venables , U.M. 1955. Birds and Mammals of Shetland .


Author: Michael Shrubb

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521814634

Category: Nature

Page: 371

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A history of birds and agricultural change in Britain from 1750.