Clash of Spirits

"This book is truly a fabulous tale in all senses of the word.


Author: Filomeno V. Aguilar

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824820827

Category: History

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"This book is truly a fabulous tale in all senses of the word.... Aguilar combines innovation and sound scholarship to provide insights into another dimension of the Filipino past and substantially expands our conceptualization of 'history from below'." --American Historical Review, October 2000 "In addition to being a talented researcher, Aguilar writes with ease and grace. His book is particularly insightful, albeit a definite downer." --Journal of Asian Studies, August 2000 "This is a world-class original work in which the author, Filomeno Aguilar, combines the skills of a historian, political scientist, anthropologist, and even a bit of an economist in a fascinating inquiry on the history of the island of Negros.... A delightful book." --Pilipinas

Fundamentalism and Pluralism in the Church

An examination of our spirit - language thus may tell us about how we relate with
“ beings who are not like us . " Raul Pertierra , in his study s Filomeno Aguilar , in
his book , Clash of Spirits , offers the theory that the arrival of the Spanish ...


Author: Dennis T. Gonzalez


ISBN: UOM:39015062030468

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The Clash of Cultures


Author: Geoffrey Z. Kapenzi


ISBN: UOM:39015002279985

Category: Christianity

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BUCKLEY BATMAN MYNDIE Echoes of the Victorian culture clash frontier

Part 3: MASSOLA ON THE LAND BEYOND THE SKY The spirits of the dead were Moorup or Pook, 'Shadows'. These spirits did not go immediately to the Land Beyond ...



Publisher: BookPOD

ISBN: 9780992290405

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Sounding 1: BEFORE 1840 The notes, journals and characters of Aboriginal Protectors William Thomas and his Chief George Robinson form the backbone of this compilation. With this ethnographic material we learn something of the Kulin worldview into this mostly white-fella history. Sounding 1: Before 1840 describes the initial British and European experiences, events, observations, intentions, self-serving judgements, ignorance, naivete, treachery and so on when they found Oz and proclaimed the continent theirs by the now obvious fiction of terra nullius – Latin legalese for ‘land belonging to no people’. The reader may enjoy separating the grains of truth from the chaff propaganda of Empire capitalism or racist / sectarian Christian bible dogma that was the self-serving mindset of the white land-takers. Batman and Fawkner’s land-hunting deals with local koori’s along with the re-emergence of the remarkable wild white castaway Buckley made their mark on the first settlement at Melbourne. The focus widens in 1836 with Surveyor-General Major Mitchell’s and his Wuradjuri guides ‘conquering the interior’ from the Murray near Mildura to the Western District at Portland and then back north-east across the state to the Murray upstream at Albury. His wheel tracks opened up Victoria from the north. First contact race interactions at Port Phillip and the notion of cultural-coexistence during the first five years leads to the role of ‘successful battler’ and publican Fawkner in the colonial invasion process from Kulin country to sheep-run to city. Sounding 1 then winds up with Melbourne’s first executions and descriptions of Port Phillip as the money melting pot forming the Melbourne hub of world capitalism. Twentieth century academic studies now identify native religion, language zones, tribal locations and clan heads at the time of dispossession by pirate capitalism. In describing the Australian land-rush the chapter echoes oscillate between history, sociology, race theory, trade and class wars, whaling and sealing, imperialism and the monopoly East India Company army mates all pitted against the ‘vanishing race’ of hunter-gathering ‘savages’. The dispossession was virtually complete in Victoria before the 1850’s gold rushes transformed the sheep-runs into banker’s dividend wealth for the ‘winners’. Sounding 2: DISPOSSESSION AT MELBOURNE: Sounding 2 unfolds gently with a wistful early Melbourne memoir involving Batman’s lost lawyer Gellibrand in 1836 but then we confront the frontier ‘kill or be killed’ point of necessity. The violent life, times and fate of mass murderer Fred Taylor who was first employed as overseer for banker Swanston’s Bellarine peninsula land-grab sets the local dispossession tone. Taylor’s repeated atrocities today exposes a credibility gap in Oz – between civilized progress and slaughter, that now looms over all else in Victoria’s birth as an independent state in 1851. The winter of 1837 saw the first violent death of a white squatter and his servant by ‘savage natives’ north-west of Williamstown at Mt Cotterell. Town leaders such as Fawkner and ‘police chief’ Henry Batman formed a posse that also included clan heads from both the Melbourne and Geelong tribal areas. Buckley refused to take part in the vigilante party and its punitive actions belied the humanitarian standards expressed in Batman’s treaty deed. This revenge slaughter and destruction of ‘villages’ by the white invaders forced the Sydney government to investigate and so began administering ‘law and order’ at Port Phillip. By 1838 Sydney trumped Batman’s land-grab and the penal government of NSW on the one hand executing eight ‘whites’ for killing what the newspapers called ‘savages’, while on the other hand providing sufficient speedy cavalry to tackle black resistance in Victoria at places such as west of Colac and near Benalla after the Faithfull massacre. The arrival in 1839 of first governor La Trobe and the Aboriginal Protectorate plan then unfolds the development of town civic structures while tribal life disintegrates. Government and private measures to ‘tame the naked Melbourne natives’ culminated with the dawn Merri Creek round-up in October 1840 of hundreds of Kulins by Major Lettsom’s redcoats and townsmen. This appears as the death blow to tribal life, and with the first shiploads of migrating British colonists arriving in 1841, near genocide for the Kulin, Mara, Kurnai and Murray River first-peoples.

Jezebel Vs Elijah

The spirit of Jezebel is running rampant, promoting the religion of self.


Author: Bree M. Keyton


ISBN: 1582750521

Category: Religion

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The spirit of Jezebel is running rampant, promoting the religion of self. The spirit of Elijah calls the church to arise with God's power to march against the gates of hell. The end-time clash of these two spirits is beginning. This title takes a detailed look at types and shadows, showing how to overcome Jezebel and be victorious.



Author: C. M. Ward


ISBN: OCLC:232121164

Category: Youth

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Clash of Cultures

The sky had its spirit; so did the trees, the stones, the rivers, the earth itself. All of these spirits had to be respected, for they could do humans good ...


Author: Christopher Collier

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

ISBN: 9781620644911

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History is dramatic-and the renowned, award-winning authors Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier demonstrate this in a compelling series aimed at young readers. Covering American history from the founding of Jamestown through present day, these volumes explore far beyond the dates and events of a historical chronicle to present a moving illumination of the ideas, opinions, attitudes, and tribulations that led to the birth of this great nation.

The Cultural Clash

The second was “The Presentation of Food to the Spirits,” which required a table and some little expense. The third was “Mounting the Platform,” which was ...


Author: Yucheng Qin

Publisher: UPA

ISBN: 9780761866336

Category: Social Science

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This book is a fresh approach to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Drawing on stunning evidence from newspapers and exciting currents in scholarship, Qin presents a new interpretation of the anti-Chinese movement. By examining Chinese native-place tradition in Chinese history, he shows that Chinese native-place sentiment was responsible for almost all important features of Chinese community in the nineteenth-century America. Qin further argues, the main lines along which the anti-Chinese movement ran had been all predetermined in the Chinese native-place rootedness which saw the problem originate and develop. This statement, however, should not cause us to overlook racial prejudice within the movement, which actually received an uninterrupted supply of ammunition from Chinese native-place sentiment and practices.

BUCKLEY BATMAN MYNDIE Echoes of the Victorian culture clash frontier

'The strength of the stone in them, whether swallowed or rubbed in through their heads, adds its strength to theirs, for these stones are living spirits, ...


Author: David Kyhber Close

Publisher: BookPOD

ISBN: 9780992290443

Category: History

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Sounding 6 begins with Bain Attwood’s thesis Blacks & Lohans and an echo titled SEX & SORROW EAST OF MELBOURNE. Then Henry Meyrick’s frontier life and death in Western Port and Gipps Land leads into Echo 93: TAMING MELBOURNE BAYSIDE & THE DANDENONGS. Turning to OPENING GIPPSLAND: elite squatters at Sale are contrasted by surviving Kooris on Jackson’s Track. The narrative then backtracks in time with Echo 95: CONTRIBUTIONS TO TRUTH ABOUT SLAUGHTER IN GIPPSLAND comprising the Porter, Cox, Fels and Gardner versions of the blood-stained land-grab. Fels then reports on the Native Police actions and Morgan’s recent overview of the Ganai before and after white settlement concludes the shameful issues long denied or excused. Echo 96: LIAR’S LUNCH charts the rise and fall of pioneer Angus McMillan MP before the focus shifts to the historical geography of East Gippsland clans and languages and on to missionary Bulmer at Lake Tyers with the stories of the payback of Hopping Kitty and Attwood’s study of Brataualung man Tarra Bobby. Alfred Howitt’s birthing of Oz anthropology with his opus The Native Tribes of South-east Australia published at the start of the 20th century is the source material of several echoes on the making of ‘clever’ men and on songs and song-makers. Sounding 6 closes with extracts reprinted from Professor Elkin’s Aboriginal Men of High Degree – their personality and ‘making’, the powers of medicine men, and in conclusion Echo 106: ABORIGINAL MEN OF HIGH DEGREE IN A CHANGING WORLD.

This Child Will

The driving force of this story is the Humanitarian goal of the spirit, Maggie, an American Slave in life and a crusader for humanity in her spiritual form.


Author: John Watson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438957463

Category: Fiction

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In 1958 the year of our Lord, high school sweet hearts, Donny and Julie became united in marriage. Although it would only last for eight years due to a drunk driver. Their love would be carried on by a girl named C.S. McMullen. Years later, as Carol readies herself for her very first prom. Corey, a member of the Haven Ridge Hoodlum's asks her to the prom, but he is turned down; in favor of her high school sweetheart George. Embarrassed by this, Corey and several other gang members wait in the shadows for George and Carol to walk by and when they do the attack commences. Wielding a tire iron they beat George to unconsciousness, while they dragged her into the weeds and raped her. After giving birth to a little boy named Chris, she gave him to a youth center and her guilt feelings over George's death. She begins to walk a psychological razor sharp fence in her tortured life. Yet its her alter ego Jade that defeats most of the gang that started her nightmarish life. And in the process, she loses an envelope which is used by a shadow gang to black mail her into working for them. Although, she lets the police know about gang activities, such as Sinister Garden. The cops use a very unorthodox weapon in this fight with the gang, a five hundred pound tiger named Burma.

Translations on People s Republic of China

Hasn ' t he mentioned " supernatural protectors " , the " spirit of the theme , the
spirit of the construction , and the spirit of the clash ? " The spearhead of this
opposition to the socalled " supernatural " is obviously pointed at the party ' s ...




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The Spirit of Missions

... perennially . only three hundred dollars , out of • Oh that the Spirit of Life ... with which such collections would clash , we shall never press them .




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Category: Missions


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Includes the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Society.

Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit

It is divinely comprehending and understanding a human spirit — the kind of
spirit a person possesses . This gift is not a clash of human personalities .
Sometimes when a wife has had a fight with her husband , she may think he is
possessed ...


Author: Lester Sumrall

Publisher: Whitaker Distribution

ISBN: 0883682362

Category: Gifts, Spiritual

Page: 266

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The gifts of the Spirit can destroy any force the devil might use against Christians. You are a candidate for the gifts of revelation, power, and inspiration. They will function anywhere--right where you are now! Dr. Sumrall discusses subjects including the charismatic renewal, the weapons of our warfare, how you can receive the gifts, the devil's counterfeit, and the purpose of ministry gifts. You can be included in the great outpouring of God's Spirit!

The Fire spirits

LVI He heard a clash of pots and crockery , and Hirlanda ran out . Thank God the
master was back again . All sorts of vagrant people had been coming up from the
Valley , demanding food and drink , and casting thievish glances at everything ...


Author: Paul Busson


ISBN: OXFORD:502413341


Page: 315

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Working People Working Spirits

Person, Power, and Poetry in a Brazilian Religion of Spirit Possession Robert
Glenn Etter ... The two overlapping kinship networks sometimes clash ; for
example , one seita leader in Barro Preto had her own mother as a spiritual
daughter ...


Author: Robert Glenn Etter


ISBN: UCAL:C3442054

Category: Afro-Brazilian cults

Page: 1302

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Ardent Spirits

On May 3, 1886, in a clash between workers striking against Chicago's
McCormick Harvest Machine Company and professional scabs, six men were
killed. The next night anarchists held a protest meeting on Haymarket Square.
When the ...


Author: John Kobler

Publisher: Penguin Adult HC/TR

ISBN: 039911209X

Category: Prohibition

Page: 386

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"It is here at last -- dry America's first birthday," proclaimed the Anti-Saloon League of New York. The date was January 16, 1920, a Friday. "At one minute past twelve tomorrow morning a new nation will be born ... Tonight John Barleycorn makes his last will and testament. Now for an era of clear thinking and clean living! The Anti-Saloon League wishes every man, woman, and child a happy New Dry Year." - p. [11].

Spirits Distilled

... the sun crawls onto wooden planks , Serene under shadows Of black metal
railings Where warmth dances against my skin And I am kissing my wife Who is
miles away Charting the delicate flow Of misguided hands , How automobiles
clash ...


Author: Jeffrey Lamar Coleman


ISBN: UOM:39015066805071

Category: Poetry

Page: 95

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This debut collection of forty-five poems explores a range of subjects, including the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd, Jr., former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, September 11, the war in Iraq, and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The collection also contains poems about the 2001 massacre of Nepal's royal family, people living with AIDS, the Confederate Flag issue in South Carolina, and the influence of Gwendolyn Brooks and James Baldwin.

Restless Spirits

But no human figures blotted the landscape ; only the faint , musical clash of
distant scythes ( a sound as natural as the cawing and loving and interminable
twittering of the busy animal world all around ) spoke of men . Then one day ( it
might ...


Author: Catherine A. Lundie


ISBN: 1558490558

Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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Presents a collection of twenty-two ghostly tales