Comics and Pop Culture

The result is a fascinating re-imagination of the texts that continue to push the boundaries of panel, frame, and popular culture.


Author: Barry Keith Grant

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477319390

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 344

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It is hard to discuss the current film industry without acknowledging the impact of comic book adaptations, especially considering the blockbuster success of recent superhero movies. Yet transmedial adaptations are part of an evolution that can be traced to the turn of the last century, when comic strips such as “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and “Felix the Cat” were animated for the silver screen. Representing diverse academic fields, including technoculture, film studies, theater, feminist studies, popular culture, and queer studies, Comics and Pop Culture presents more than a dozen perspectives on this rich history and the effects of such adaptations. Examining current debates and the questions raised by comics adaptations, including those around authorship, style, and textual fidelity, the contributors consider the topic from an array of approaches that take into account representations of sexuality, gender, and race as well as concepts of world-building and cultural appropriation in comics from Modesty Blaise to Black Panther. The result is a fascinating re-imagination of the texts that continue to push the boundaries of panel, frame, and popular culture.

Comic Con and the Business of Pop Culture What the World s Wildest Trade Show Can Tell Us About the Future of Entertainment

future of comics and pop culture, and each implies a very different cultural
framework for how comics and comics-related media are seen, sold, created, and
consumed. Professionally, these are the things that fascinate me. Demographics


Author: Rob Salkowitz

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071797030

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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The Comic-Con phenomenon—and what it means for your business The annual trade show Comic-Con International isn’t just fun and games. According to award-winning business author and futurist Rob Salkowitz it’s a “massive focus group and marketing megaphone” for Hollywood—and in Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, he examines the business of popular culture through the lens of Comic-Con. Salkowitz offers an entertaining and substantive look at the show, providing a close look at the comic-book and videogame industries’ expanding influence on marketing, merchandising, and the entertainment industry. Rob Salkowitz is founder and Principle Consultant for the communications firm MediaPlant, LLC.

Pop Culture Latin America

comic strip in the daily broadsheets in the late 1950s, and by 1970 A Turma da
Mônica was a very popular comic book. Sousa soon set up his own production
company, and now Maurício de Sousa Produções owns not only a successful ...


Author: Lisa Shaw

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781851095049

Category: History

Page: 404

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A survey of contemporary Latin American popular culture, covering topics that range from music and film to popular festivals and fashion. * Chronology of major developments in the cultural life of post-1945 Latin America * A bibliography of the literature and electronic resources on the major forms of popular culture in each country or region

The Gospel According to Superheroes

Lavishly illustrated, the articles come to startling conclusions about what we have really been reading under the covers with flashlights for generations. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (


Author: B. J. Oropeza

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820474223

Category: Religion

Page: 295

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And 1970s, and the dark and violent creatures who embody the pre- and post-millennial crises of faith. Lavishly illustrated, the articles come to startling conclusions about what we have really been reading under the covers with flashlights for generations. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Feminist Theory and Pop Culture

Describe the role of the Dungeon Dragon in unlocking Nicki Minaj's Rap
superpower in the comic book. ... Nicki Minaj's representation in the Fame comic
book similar or different from current images of Black women in popular culture?


Author: Adrienne Trier-Bieniek

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789463000611

Category: Education

Page: 133

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Feminist Theory and Pop Culture synthesizes feminist theory with modern portrayals of gender in media culture. This comprehensive and interdisciplinary text includes an introductory chapter written by the editor as well as nine contributor chapters of original content. Included in the text: • Historical illustration of feminist theory • Application of feminist research methods for the study of gender • Feminist theoretical perspectives such as the male gaze, feminist standpoint theory, Black feminist thought, queer theory, masculinity theory, theories of feminist activism and postfeminism • Contributor chapters cover a range of topics from Western perspectives on Belly Dance classes to television shows such as GIRLS, Scandal and Orange is the New Black, as well as chapters which discuss gendered media forms like “chick lit”, comic books and Western perspectives of non-Western culture in film • Feminist theory as represented in the different waves of feminism, including a discussion of a fourth wave • Pedagogical features • Suggestions for further reading on topics covered • Discussion questions for classroom use Feminist Theory and Pop Culture was designed for classroom use and has been written with an eye toward engaging students in discussion. The book’s polished perspective on feminist theory juxtaposes popular culture with theoretical perspectives which have served as a foundation for the study of gender. This interdisciplinary text can serve as a primary or supplemental reading in undergraduate or graduate courses which focus on gender, pop culture, feminist theory or media studies. “This excellent anthology grounds feminism as articulated through four waves and features feminists responding to pop culture, while recognizing that popular culture has responded in complicated ways to feminisms. Contributors proffer lucid and engaging critiques of topics ranging from belly dancing through Fifty Shades of Grey, Scandal and Orange is the New Black. This book is a good read as well as an excellent text to enliven and inform in the classroom.” Dr. Jane Caputi Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Communication & Multimedia at Florida Atlantic University “Feminist Theory and Pop Culture is destined to be as popular as the culture it critiques. The text plays up the paradoxes of contemporary feminism and requires its readers to ask difficult questions about how and why the popular bring us pleasure. It is a contemporary collection that captures this moment in feminist time with diverse analyses of women’s representations across an impressive swath of popular culture. Feminist Theory and Pop Culture is the kind of text that makes me want to redesign my pop culture course. Again.” Dr. Ebony A. Utley, Assistant Professor of Communication at California State University-Long Beach, author of Rap and Religion Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Ph.D. is a professor of sociology at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. She is the author of Sing Us a Song, Piano Woman: Female Fans and the Music of Tori Amos (Scarecrow 2013) and the co-editor of Gender & Pop Culture: A Text-Reader (Sense 2014).

Comics Pop Culture and Politics

Kevin Given looks at how politics are influencing current forms of entertainment as in comic books and films.


Author: Kevin Given


ISBN: 1707640491


Page: 166

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Kevin Given looks at how politics are influencing current forms of entertainment as in comic books and films.

The Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture

In the hopes of limiting this discussion to a manageable textual territory , however
, the material I will be drawing conclusions from is largely manga , the
extraordinarily popular comic and cartoon narratives which pervade Japanese
culture ...


Author: Dolores Martinez

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521637295

Category: Social Science

Page: 212

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International team of authors explores Japanese popular culture, including sumo, manga and women's magazines.

The Comic Book Guy s Book of Pop Culture

The latest release from the best-selling Simpsons Library of Wisdom series.


Author: Matt Groening


ISBN: 0007208154

Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: 96

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The latest release from the highly acclaimed Simpsons Library of Wisdom series.Resident of Springfield and owner of the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, the infamous Comic Book Guy spends his days at the comfort of his stool, patiently awaiting his next paying customer. The Comic Book guy embodies all the traits of your typical comic book shop owner, being tubby, and wearing his brown hair in a pony tail. He is also known for being extremely sarcastic. Being a sci-fi, comic and movie buff, the Comic Book Guy holds several prized collectibles: A rare copy of Mary Worth, in which Mary advises a friend to commit suicide, as well as his rare Photo of Sean Connery, signed by Roger Moore.In some scenarios, the Comic Book Guy can be found sporting his alter- ego, "The Collector", a menacing superhero with the intention of finding the most sought-after collectible! (The Collector makes his first appearence in the Treehouse of Horror X Halloween special).

Philosophy and the Interpretation of Pop Culture

Popular. Art. Theodore Gracyk ACCESSIBILITY While there is much to admire in
David Carrier's The Aesthetics of Comics, one passage in chapter 5 puzzles me. "
The interpretation of comics (and other genuine mass-culture art)," Carrier ...


Author: William Irwin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 074255175X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 297

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Containing thirteen articles, this book makes the case to philosophers that popular culture is worthy of their attention. It considers popular art forms such as movies, television shows, comic books, children's stories, photographs, and rock songs.

Popular Culture

Of particular interest to the development of the comic book genre is the fact that
comic book heroes are now crossing over to the movies and vice versa ,
indicating a true convergence of media stages in this domain of pop culture .
Watchmen ...


Author: Marcel Danesi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 074255547X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 315

View: 458

What is pop culture? Why do we so often hate to love it and love to hate it? What makes us embrace parts of it and not others? Marcel Danesi explores our human desire for meaning and the need to symbolize it in music, language, art, and other creative forms. He offers a variety of perspectives to help us understand the products of popular culture_from music and websites to fads, celebrities, and more_tapping into the fun of pop culture without making us feel guilty for enjoying it.

Evangelical Christians and Popular Culture

Comic. Books,. Graphic. Novels,. and. Superheroes. Thomas J. Carmody Amber
is a vivacious young women intrigued by the friendly young man in her high
school English class who always smiles and makes a point to talk to her before


Author: Robert Woods

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313386541

Category: Social Science

Page: 979

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This three-volume collection demonstrates the depth and breadth of evangelical Christians' consumption, critique, and creation of popular culture, and how evangelical Christians are both influenced by—and influence—mainstream popular culture, covering comic books to movies to social media.

Studying Comics and Graphic Novels

They inform how we consider popular culture: it is trivial, gratifying, and does not
engage critically. ... Pop. Art. and. Underground. Comix. After 1954, the comics
industry largely abided by the Comics Code and aimed to produce inoffensive ...


Author: Karin Kukkonen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118499917

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 283

This introduction to studying comics and graphic novels is a structured guide to a popular topic. It deploys new cognitive methods of textual analysis and features activities and exercises throughout. Deploys novel cognitive approaches to analyze the importance of psychological and physical aspects of reader experience Carefully structured to build a sequenced, rounded introduction to the subject Includes study activities, writing exercises, and essay topics throughout Dedicated chapters cover popular sub-genres such as autobiography and literary adaptation

Comic Book Guy s Book of Pop Culture

Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture is an all–new book from the ongoing series: The Simpsons Library of Wisdom.


Author: Matt Groening

Publisher: Harper Design

ISBN: 0060748214

Category: Humor

Page: 96

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Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture is an all–new book from the ongoing series: The Simpsons Library of Wisdom. Allow the portly proprietor of 'The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop' to guide you through the ins and outs, the fast food takeouts, online dates, things he hates, Wonder Woman dreams, internet schemes, chick flicks, Kung Fu kicks, gaming freaks, fan boy geeks, comic books, condescending looks, Tolkien's Middle Earth, his own middle girth, and every other aspect of pop culture from his own expertly acerbic point of view. Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture – it's the worst, we mean . the best book ever! In The Simpsons Library of Wisdom, Matt Groening, the creator of 'The Simpsons', offers an ongoing series of portable and quotable books that will eliminate the need for all religions and philosophies, exalt man's role in the universe and make the world a better place ... sort of. No other television show in history has commented so freely and so humorously on modern times, and there seems to be no end in sight for the sharp satire and pointed parody that 'The Simpsons' serves up every night of the week all around the world.

Pop Culture India

And despite the criticisms, Amar Chitra Katha remains a unique feature of the
histories of Indian publishing and Indian popular culture. Seeing a bright future
for comics in India, Marvel Comics launched an indige- nized version of
Spiderman ...


Author: Asha Kasbekar

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781851096367

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 689

Looks at popular culture in India, including television, motion pictures, mass media, sports, literature, and lifestyles.

Leisure and Popular Culture in Transition

While I do not wish to be identified with Dr . Wertham ' s hysteria , 26 I feel that as
an instrument of socialization or cultural transmission and as an educational
device , the American comic falls short of its excellent European counterpart .


Author: Thomas M. Kando

Publisher: Saint Louis : Mosby

ISBN: UCAL:B4968074

Category: Leisure

Page: 308

View: 589

5000 Years of Popular Culture

Popular Culture Before Printing Fred E. H. Schroeder ... of life in the ancient Near
East is derived from biblical sources , either directly or through the popular media
of epic movies , historical novels , Sunday - school readers and Bible comics .


Author: Fred E. H. Schroeder

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879721472

Category: Social Science

Page: 325

View: 414

This collection of insightful essays by outstanding artists, anthropologists, historians, classicists and humanists was developed to broaden the study of popular culture and to provide instances of original and innovative interdisciplinary approaches. Its first purpose is to broaden the study of popular culture which is too often regarded in the academic world as the entertainment and leisure time activities of the 20th century. Second, the collection gives recognition to the fact that a number of disciplines have been investigating popular phenomena on different fronts, and it is designed to bring examples of these disciplines together under the common rubric of “popular culture.” Related to this is a third purpose of providing instances of original and innovative interdisciplinary approaches. Last, the collection should be a worthwhile contribution to the component disciplines as well as to the study of popular culture.

It Happens at Comic Con

This collection of 13 new essays employs ethnographic methods to investigate San Diego's Comic-Con International, the largest annual celebration of the popular arts in North America.


Author: Ben Bolling

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786476947

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 848

This collection of 13 new essays employs ethnographic methods to investigate San Diego's Comic-Con international, the largest annual celebration of the popular arts in North America. Working from a common grounding in fan studies, these individual explorations examine a range of cultural practices at an event drawing crowds of nearly 150,000 each summer. Investigations range from the practices of fans costuming themselves to the talk of corporate marketers. The collection seeks to expand fan studies in general and to explore more deeply into Comic-Con International than any publication before it.

Black Superheroes Milestone Comics and Their Fans

This popular image, a precise, symbolic shorthand, has often been used to
alarming effect in relation to the supposed ... Of course we usually do not think of
education as brainwashing; school is good, but popular culture is different—
popular ...


Author: Jeffrey A. Brown

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1604737638

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

View: 726

What do the comic book figures Static, Hardware, and Icon all have in common? Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans gives an answer that goes far beyond “tights and capes,” an answer that lies within the mission Milestone Media, Inc., assumed in comic book culture. Milestone was the brainchild of four young black creators who wanted to part from the mainstream and do their stories their own way. This history of Milestone, a “creator-owned” publishing company, tells how success came to these mavericks in the 1990s and how comics culture was expanded and enriched as fans were captivated by this new genre. Milestone focused on the African American heroes in a town called Dakota. Quite soon these black action comics took a firm position in the controversies of race, gender, and corporate identity in contemporary America. Characters battled supervillains and sometimes even clashed with more widely known superheroes. Front covers of Milestone comics often bore confrontational slogans like “Hardware: A Cog in the Corporate Machine is About to Strip Some Gears.” Milestone's creators aimed for exceptional stories that addressed racial issues without alienating readers. Some competitors, however, accused their comics of not being black enough or of merely marketing Superman in black face. Some felt that the stories were too black, but a large cluster of readers applauded these new superheroes for fostering African American pride and identity. Milestone came to represent an alternative model of black heroism and, for a host of admirers, the ideal of masculinity. Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans gives details about the founding of Milestone and reports on the secure niche its work and its image achieved in the marketplace. Tracing the company's history and discussing its creators, their works, and the fans, this book gauges Milestone alongside other black comic book publishers, mainstream publishers, and the history of costumed characters.

The Deranged Stalker s Journal to Pop Culture Shock Therapy

Doug Bratton. To: Dan Dear Pop Culture Shock Therapy Cartoonist, DO YOU


Author: Doug Bratton

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9781449402181

Category: Humor

Page: 256

View: 479

Ah, what would popular culture be without characters such as Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, along with the pop culture--centrific media that covers them? For starters, Doug Bratton's The Deranged Stalker's Journal of Pop Culture Shock Therapy might not exist, and, well, that would be very sad indeed. Inside The Deranged Stalker's Journal of Pop Culture Shock Therapy, Bratton skewers pop culture icons ranging from Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie to Harry Potter. Fashioned as a mock-style journal whose author is just a little bit unstable, The Deranged Stalker's Journal of Pop Culture Shock Therapy lambasts the best--and worst--of popular culture, one cartoon panel at a time. From recent news headlines to celeb-inspired mockumentaries, Bratton offers a humorously skewed view of fame, popular culture, and American Idol-worship. So if you are one of the millions of people who often wonders what it would be like if a psychopath and his imaginary friend kept a journal of a funny-yet-obscure comic that will most likely never appear in your newspaper, this is certainly the book to read!

Mass Media and Popular Culture

This brief history of the development of comics , which were created to appeal to
a wide spectrum of people , demonstrates their essential nature as ... Audience M
Message Comic strips are among the most popular forms of pop - ular culture .


Author: Kathleen J. Turner


ISBN: STANFORD:36105040196516

Category: Mass media

Page: 38

View: 542