Computer Aided Design of User Interfaces V

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of
User Interfaces CADUI '06 (6-8 June 2006, Bucharest, Romania) Gaëlle Calvary,
Costin Pribeanu, Giuseppe Santucci, Jean Vanderdonckt. Chapter 21 ...


Author: Gaëlle Calvary

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402058209

Category: Computers

Page: 298

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This book gathers the latest experience of experts, research teams and leading organizations involved in computer-aided design of user interfaces of interactive applications. This area investigates how it is desirable and possible to support, to facilitate and to speed up the development life cycle of any interactive system. In particular, it stresses how the design activity could be better understood for different types of advanced interactive systems.

Computer Aided Design of User Interfaces VI

Univ Politéc de Valencia, Valencia, Spain Fencott C (1999) Towards a Design
Methodology for Virtual Environments. UCDIVE Workshop, York ... In: Computer-
Aided Design of User Interfaces V, ISS, Springer, Berlin, pp. 151–166 UsiXML.
org, ...


Author: Victor Lopez Jaquero

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1848822065

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Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces VI gathers the latest experience of experts, research teams and leading organisations involved in computer-aided design of user interactive applications. This area investigates how it is desirable and possible to support, to facilitate and to speed up the development life cycle of any interactive system: requirements engineering, early-stage design, detailed design, deelopment, deployment, evaluation, and maintenance. In particular, it stresses how the design activity could be better understood for different types of advanced interactive ubiquitous computing, and multi-device environments.

Computer Aided Design of User Interfaces IV

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of
User Interfaces CADUI '2004 Robert J.K. Jacob, Quentin Limbourg, Jean
Vanderdonckt. elled as ... TypFunct TypFunct c V hasPrerreq. TypFunct CI 3 isT ...


Author: Robert J.K. Jacob

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402031459

Category: Computers

Page: 374

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It also addresses User Interface Description Languages.

Computer Aided Design of User Interfaces III

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Computer-Aided Design
of User Interfaces 15–17 May 2002, Valenciennes, France Christophe Kolski,
Jean ... Combining Handcrafting and Automatic Generation of UserInterfaces for
Pervasive Devices. ... 229 E. Furtado, V. Furtado, K. Sousa, and A. Belchior 21.


Author: Christophe Kolski

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401004213

Category: Computers

Page: 389

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Advances in electronics, communications, and the fast growth of the Internet have made the use of a wide variety of computing devices an every day occurrence. These computing devices have different interaction styles, input/output techniques, modalities, characteristics, and contexts of use. Furthermore, users expect to access their data and run the same application from any of these devices. Two of the problems we encountered in our own work [2] in building VIs for different platforms were the different layout features and screen sizes associated with each platform and device. Dan Ol sen [13], Peter Johnson [9], and Stephen Brewster, et al. [4] all talk about problems in interaction due to the diversity of interactive platforms, devices, network services and applications. They also talk about the problems associ ated with the small screen size of hand-held devices. In comparison to desk top computers, hand-held devices will always suffer from a lack of screen real estate, so new metaphors of interaction have to be devised for such de vices. It is difficult to develop a multi-platform user interface (VI) without duplicating development effort. Developers now face the daunting task to build UIs that must work across multiple devices. There have been some ap proaches towards solving this problem of multi-platform VI development in cluding XWeb [14]. Building "plastic interfaces" [5,20] is one such method in which the VIs are designed to "withstand variations of context of use while preserving usability".

Computer aided Design of User Interfaces II

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of
User Interfaces, 21-23 October, 1999, ... Standards Versus Guidelines for
Designing User Interface Software , in Handbook of Human - Computer
Interaction , M ...


Author: Jean Vanderdonckt

Publisher: Kluwer Academic Pub

ISBN: 0792360788

Category: Computers

Page: 355

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This book gathers the latest experiences of experts, research teams and leading organisations involved in computer-aided design of user interfaces for interactive applications supported by software, such as code generators, model editors, task animators, translators, checkers, advice-giving systems and systems for graphical user interfaces. Audience: This volume will be of interest to software development practitioners and researchers whose work involves human--computer interaction, design of user interfaces, frameworks for computer-aided design, formal methods, multimedia systems, interactive applications, and graphical user interfaces.

Developments in Computer Aided Design and Modelling for Structural Engineering

Anumba , C . J . , ( 1994 ) , " Considerations in user interface design for
knowledge based systems , in Topping , B . H . V . and Papadrakakis , M . (
Editors ) , " Artificial intelligence and object oriented approaches for structural
engineering " ...


Author: B. H. V. Topping

Publisher: Civil Comp Press

ISBN: UOM:39015034548837

Category: Computers

Page: 299

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Includes a selection of papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Computing in Civil and Structural Engineering and the Fourth International Conference on the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil and Structural Engineering, held at Cambridge, England, 28-30 August, 1995.

Handbook of Research on Ubiquitous Computing Technology for Real Time Enterprises

In Engineering Human Computer Interaction and Interactive Systems: Joint
Working Conferences EHCI-DSVIS (pp. 200-221) ... In Proceedings of the Fourth
International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces (pp. 143-
154) ...


Author: Mhlh„user, Max

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599048352

Category: Computers

Page: 662

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"This book combines the fundamental methods, algorithms, and concepts of pervasive computing with current innovations and solutions to emerging challenges. It systemically covers such topics as network and application scalability, wireless network connectivity, adaptability and "context-aware" computing, information technology security and liability, and human-computer interaction"--Provided by publisher.

Ubiquitous Services and Applications

“UIML: Appliance-Independent XML User Interface Language.” Proc. ...
4thInternational M. A., Abrams, Conference M., Shell, on E. Computer-Aided
Building Multi-Platform Design of User User Interfaces (CADUI'2002). France ...
International Journal of Speech Technology, V(5), Issue 1, Kluwer Academic


Author: Claudio Carrelli

Publisher: Margret Schneider

ISBN: 9783800728916


Page: 350

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Intelligence in a Small Materials World

John A. Meech, Y. Kawazoe, V. Kumar, John Francis Maguire ... However, current
development in interactive computer graphics and user interface requires the
user to navigate, select and rotate in 3D. Working toward this target, we use the ...


Author: John A. Meech

Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc

ISBN: 1932078193

Category: Science

Page: 985

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Offers research for software and hardware developed to produce and process materials using higher-level automatic and intelligent systems.

Computer Aided Design

J . D . Foley , V . L . Wallace , P . Chan : The Human factors of computer graphics
interaction techniques . ... P . J . Hayes , P . A . Szekely , R . A . Lerner : Design
Alternatives for User Interface Management Systems Based on Experience with ...


Author: Jose L. Encarnacao

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540520473

Category: Computers

Page: 432

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2 e This book describes principles, methods and tools that are common to computer applications for design tasks. CAD is considered in this book as a discipline that provides the required know-how in computer hardware and software, in systems analysis and in engineering methodology for specifying, designing, implementing, introducing, and using computer based systems for design purposes. The first chapter gives an impression of the book as a whole, and following chapters deal with the history and the components of CAD, the process aspect of CAD, CAD architecture, graphical devices and systems, CAD engineering methods, CAD data transfer, and application examples. The flood of new developments in the field and the success of the first edition of this book have led the authors to prepare this completely revised, updated and extended second edition. Extensive new material is included on computer graphics, implementation methodology and CAD data transfer; the material on graphics standards is updated. The book is aimed primarily at engineers who design or install CAD systems. It is also intended for students who seek a broad fundamental background in CAD.

Expert Systems Decision Support Systems and Computer Assisted Instruction for Water Resource Management

GOSSYM / COMAX is more properly called a modelbased - reasoning system
rather than an expert system . ... The belt - wide farm management test has
provided useful information on designing an enhanced user interface and
developing improved rules to ... Solutions v . 34 ( 4 ) : p . 54-56 . ill ; 1990 Mar.
Language : English Descriptors : Soil fertility ; Weed control ; Computer software ;
Microcomputers ...


Author: Bonnie Emmert

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788122002

Category: Computers

Page: 55

View: 957

Provides 255 citations on the topic of water resource management, wastewater, expert systems, artificial intelligence, & related topics. Most citations have annotations. Includes a subject & author index.

An Object oriented Database System for Computer Aided Design Applications

V . APPLICATIONS OF THE IESE The object - oriented database system is a
general approach to representation and management of engineering objects . ...
Thus the user can run simulation without programming , and all simulation
activities , such as preparation of input data ... V . 1 Interface to the EMTP The
Electro - Magnetic Transients program ( EMTP ) is one of most sophisticated and
widely ...


Author: Yenren Liu


ISBN: WISC:89015016751

Category: Computer-aided design

Page: 368

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Expert Systems in Computer aided Design

Proceedings of the IFIP WG 5.2 Working Conference on Expert Systems in
Computer-Aided Design, Sydney (Jenolan Caves), ... 1 , IIICAD system should
realize flexible and intelligent user interface . ... depth ( d > 0 ) - height ( h > 0 ) -
width ( w > 0 ) - volume ( v = d * h * w ) - color ( c = one of red , blue , yellow , and
black ) ...


Author: John S. Gero

Publisher: North Holland

ISBN: UOM:39015013058048

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 533

View: 264

Computer-Aided Design has progressed from being concerned initially with analysis and evaluation through graphic representation and geometric modelling, to a concern with the design tasks themselves. The role of Expert Systems in performing complex design tasks is examined in this book. Here, expert systems have been defined rather broadly: any system which embodies expert knowledge explicitly and utilises reasoning processes as its computational process. The topics covered include system architectures, representation tools, applications, and specific design concerns. The papers demonstrate the wide variety of knowledge engineering tools needed in computer-aided design.

Directory of Published Proceedings

( COMPRAIL ) 7th : Computers in railways VII Computer aided optimum design of
structures , 7th Intl . conf . ... 2503 4 5th : Surface treatment V : computer methods
& experimental measurements for surface treatment effects 6 / 01 - 0348 5
Computer methods ... aided assessment & control , Localized damage IV : 6 / 96 -
3460 4 Computer - aided design of user interfaces II 1999 - 25295 Computer -
aided ...




ISBN: UOM:39015057255476

Category: Engineering


View: 893

Computing Skills and the User Interface

... Slack , W . V . ( 1978 ) . Converse : a means to write , edit , administer , and
summarize computer - based dialogue . ... GILT document No . 1 , Computer
Aided Design Centre , Cambridge . ... Simplifying the user interface : the key to
effective manmachine dialogue . In Interactive ... R . and Facey , P . V . ( 1977 ) .
BASYS - a ...


Author: Jim L. Alty


ISBN: UOM:39015002920331

Category: Computers

Page: 499

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Part I. The needs of computer users. Communicating with university computers users: a case study. University computer users: characteristics and behaviour. The needs of the commercial user. Part II. The nature and acquisition of computing skills. Teaching novices programming. Comprehending and debugging computer programs. The art of notation. When do diagrams make good computer languages? Acquiring a first computer language: a study of individual differences. Generating a programming environment for learners. Part III. The design of the user interface. The user interface: how we may compute. Design procedures for user involvement and user support. Adaptive man-computer interfaces. The design of an adaptable terminal. Empirical and formal methods for the study of computer editors.

Integrating Advanced Computer Aided Design Manufacturing and Numerical Control Principles and Implementations

The development of Web-based front-end software has made them more user-
friendly and easier to interact with. ... that utilising Web browsers as the PDM
interface is incredibly cost-effective, simple to comprehend, and capable of
supporting almost all users. ... V rtual. Organ sat on. Poss ble. A virtual
organisation is defined as a temporary union of companies that possess
expertise in a specific field and ...


Author: Xu, Xun

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599047164

Category: Computers

Page: 424

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"This book presents basic principles of geometric modelling while featuring contemporary industrial case studies"--Provided by publisher.

Introduction to Static Analysis Using SolidWorks Simulation

Radostina V. Petrova ... As a result, we find strong collaborations among
developers of today's computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools. ... the realworld
situation without developing costly prototypes, SolidWorks Simulation provides a
user-friendly virtual design and prototyping environment. ... These are mainly
intended particularly for new users so that getting used to the graphical user
interface and the ...


Author: Radostina V. Petrova

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482236194

Category: Science

Page: 353

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Uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as Implemented in SolidWorks Simulation Outlining a path that readers can follow to ensure a static analysis that is both accurate and sound, Introduction to Static Analysis using SolidWorks Simulation effectively applies one of the most widely used software packages for engineering design to the concepts of static analysis. This text utilizes a step-by-step approach to introduce the use of a finite element simulation within a computer-aided design (CAD) tool environment. It does not center on formulae and the theory of FEM; in fact, it contains essentially no theory on FEM other than practical guidelines. The book is self-contained and enables the reader to progress independently without an instructor. It is a valuable guide for students, educators, and practicing professionals who wish to forego commercial training programs, but need to refresh or improve their knowledge of the subject. Classroom Tested with Figures, Examples, and Homework Problems The book contains more than 300 illustrations and extensive explanatory notes covering the features of the SolidWorks (SW) Simulation software. The author presents commonly used examples and techniques highlighting the close interaction between CAD modelling and FE analysis. She describes the stages and program demands used during static analysis, details different cases, and explores the impact of selected options on the final result. In addition, the book includes hands-on exercises, program commands, and a summary after each chapter. Explores the static studies of simple bodies to more complex structures Considers different types of loads and how to start the loads property managers Studies the workflow of the run analysis and discusses how to assess the feedback provided by the study manager Covers the generation of graphs Determines how to assess the quality of the created mesh based on the final results and how to improve the accuracy of the results by changing the mesh properties Examines a machine unit with planar symmetrical geometry or with circular geometry exposed to symmetrical boundary conditions Compares 3D FEA to 2D FEA Discusses the impact of the adopted calculating formulation by comparing thin-plate results to thick-plate results Introduction to Static Analysis using SolidWorks Simulation equips students, educators, and practicing professionals with an in-depth understanding of the features of SW Simulation applicable to static analysis (FEA/FEM).

Optimization in Computer aided Design

Proceedings of the IFIP WG 5.2 Working Conference on Optimization in
Computer-Aided Design, Lyon, France, 24-26 October, ... 4 User Interface Any
interaction between a human and a KBS ( consultations , tutorial sessions etc )
should be carried out in an ... 0 ) This will aid in determining 9 V . P . Lane and P .
Loucopoulos .


Author: John S. Gero

Publisher: North Holland

ISBN: WISC:89011868049

Category: Computer-aided design

Page: 373

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