Confessions of a Cartel Hitman

In this book, Martin’s shocking first-hand confessions illuminate his descent from teenage drug dealer to murderous member of the drug cartel run by the Arellano brothers that dominated the Southern California drug trade - and initiated ...


Author: Martin Corona

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781473552210

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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From Boy Scout to assassin – the true confessions of a cartel hitman At the age of twelve Martin Corona started dealing drugs. After years in and out of prison, he rose through the ranks to become the leader of an elite killing squad for a notorious Tijuana drug cartel. Now haunted by his past deeds, he lives with the fact that he once pulled the trigger on a pregnant woman in front of her seven-year-old child, and accidentally shot a cardinal while hunting down El Chapo in an airport. Martin Corona has been convicted of multiple murders committed during his time as a cartel career hitman. These killings were brutal and cruelly efficient. Corona's gang would cross into the United States from their luxurious hideout in Mexico, eradicate whoever needed to be killed north of the border, and return home in the afternoon. In this book, Martin’s shocking first-hand confessions illuminate his descent from teenage drug dealer to murderous member of the drug cartel run by the Arellano brothers that dominated the Southern California drug trade - and initiated much violent gang warfare - for decades. Martin's story illuminates how a young boy, who played Little League football and was a Boy Scout, became a vicious criminal. Both shocking and powerful, it asks us how someone can inflict so much evil and whether they can find forgiveness on the other side.

El Sicario

In grim and graphic detail he offers a series of confessions: -- Why he first became involved with the cartels and how they operate -- The most effective way to torture your victim -- The corrosive experience of looking into someone's eyes ...


Author: Molly Molloy

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446457849

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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MEET EL SICARIO. A fugitive in the US with a $250,000 price tag on his head. He has executed hundreds of people, is an expert in torture, spent years working for the state police, and received training from the FBI. In grim and graphic detail he offers a series of confessions: -- Why he first became involved with the cartels and how they operate -- The most effective way to torture your victim -- The corrosive experience of looking into someone's eyes as you strangle them to death To read this book is to enter a world of terror and corruption and to understand the man who has seen it all and, for now, lived to tell the tale.

The Cartel

... Anabel Hernández—Narcoland; Charles Bowden—El Sicario: Confessions of
a Cartel Hitman and Murder City; George W. Grayson—Mexico: Narco-Violence
and a Failed State?: Blog del Narco–Dying for the Truth; Howard Campbell–Drug


Author: Don Winslow

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9781101875001

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the internationally best-selling author of the acclaimed novel The Power of the Dog comes The Cartel, a gripping, true-to-life, ripped-from-the-headlines epic story of power, corruption, revenge, and justice spanning the past decade of the Mexican-American drug wars. It’s 2004. DEA agent Art Keller has been fighting the war on drugs for thirty years in a blood feud against Adán Barrera, the head of El Federación, the world’s most powerful cartel, and the man who brutally murdered Keller’s partner. Finally putting Barrera away cost Keller dearly—the woman he loves, the beliefs he cherishes, the life he wants to lead. Then Barrera gets out, determined to rebuild the empire that Keller shattered. Unwilling to live in a world with Barrera in it, Keller goes on a ten-year odyssey to take him down. His obsession with justice—or is it revenge?—becomes a ruthless struggle that stretches from the cities, mountains, and deserts of Mexico to Washington’s corridors of power to the streets of Berlin and Barcelona. Keller fights his personal battle against the devastated backdrop of Mexico’s drug war, a conflict of unprecedented scale and viciousness, as cartels vie for power and he comes to the final reckoning with Barrera—and himself—that he always knew must happen. The Cartel is a story of revenge, honor, and sacrifice, as one man tries to face down the devil without losing his soul. It is the story of the war on drugs and the men—and women—who wage it. From the Hardcover edition.

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Leo King, “Bandits, Mafia, Cartel. Bank Traders' Astonishing Online Messages,”
Forbes, May 21, 2015, forex-barclays-
citi-ubs-jpmorgan-online-chat-instant-messenger. 3. Harrison and Thompson, “5


Author: John Perkins

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781626566750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Featuring 15 explosive new chapters, this new edition of the New York Times bestseller brings the story of Economic Hit Men up-to-date and, chillingly, home to the U.S.―but it also gives us hope and the tools to fight back. Former economic hit man John Perkins shares new details about the ways he and others cheated countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Then he reveals how the deadly EHM cancer he helped create has spread far more widely and deeply than ever in the US and everywhere else—to become the dominant system of business, government, and society today. Finally, he gives an insider view of what we each can do to change it. Economic hit men are the shock troops of what Perkins calls the corporatocracy, a vast network of corporations, banks, colluding governments, and the rich and powerful people tied to them. If the EHMs can't maintain the corrupt status quo through nonviolent coercion, the jackal assassins swoop in. The heart of this book is a completely new section, over 100 pages long, that exposes the fact that all the EHM and jackal tools—false economics, false promises, threats, bribes, extortion, debt, deception, coups, assassinations, unbridled military power—are used around the world today exponentially more than during the era Perkins exposed over a decade ago. As dark as the story gets, this reformed EHM also provides hope. Perkins offers specific actions each of us can take to transform what he calls a failing Death Economy into a Life Economy that provides sustainable abundance for all.


dog ex - drug prosecutor Cartel adversary denies misdeeds De Greiff fired back
that challenges to his sincerity ... The case was against a Medellin Cartel hit man
... De Greiff wrote that his office already had a confession in the bombing from
another Medellin killer - who had never implicated the defendant in New York .




ISBN: UTEXAS:059172134753681

Category: Latin America


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Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.

Andean Newsletter

His alliance with the Cali Cartel and the war declared on Escobar has led more
than one Colombian expert to assume ... (DEA) that led to the capture of
Dandenys Muñoz, alias La Quica, (See DTU #19) head of the Medellín Cartel's




ISBN: STANFORD:36105061141060

Category: Civil rights


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Written Out of Television


Author: Steven Lance


ISBN: STANFORD:36105018346010

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 507

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Examines cast changes in television programs in nearly 400 entries filled with fascinating television facts and trivia.

Puzzlers Economic Sting

... manipulative international cartel ( pp . xvii - xviii ) , especially if viewed in the
light of the confessions of a former economic hit man , whose book is featured in
the Internet ( John Perkins , Confessions of an Economic Hit Man , San Francisco


Author: Marcelo L. Tecson


ISBN: UCSD:31822035161421

Category: Financial crises

Page: 247

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New Orleans

Chávez , the democratically elected president of Venezuela , put the interests of
his people over the interest of what John Perkins , in Confessions of an Economic
Hit Man , calls the corporatocracy , that is , a cartel composed of the U . Keeping ...


Author: Ian Smart


ISBN: 0939423111

Category: African Americans

Page: 163

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Information Services Latin America

The killings throughout Mexico this month may be signs of score settling or
murderous competition among the cartels . ... was the confession of an al - " What
kind of security can we ment decided to intervene beleged hit man that drew
Presi ...




ISBN: UTEXAS:059172147826562

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Drug Wars

The Mexican Cartels Al Cimino ... The Bloody Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels
by Ioan Grillo, Bloomsbury, London, 2012 El Sicario: Confessions of aCartel
HitMan edited by Molly Molloy and Charles Bowden, William Heinemann,
London, ...


Author: Al Cimino

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781784280444

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

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With the suppression of the Colombian cartels, the Mexican crime syndicates took over the Latin American drug trade, controlling ninety per cent of the cocaine entering the US. This is their story.

Film Directors

... Italian International Film , Parodis Films , Cartel , RAI , Canal Plus 1994 Noel
Archambault CON QUALE AMORE CON QUANTO AMORE ... 1937 Joe May +
THE CONFESSION Golden Eagle 1965 William Dieterle + THE CONFESSION
Paramount 1970 Costa - Gavras ... Jerome Boivin CONFESSIONS OF A
HITMAN 1994 Larry ...


Author: Michael Singer


ISBN: UOM:39015068933939

Category: Motion picture producers and directors


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Women and the Gift Economy

friendly ( rather than hostile ) competition and increasing collaboration — not as
exploitative cartels , but as ventures ... so horrifically describes them in his new
book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ( 2004 ) , is absolutely necessary if we


Author: Genevieve Vaughan

Publisher: Inanna Publications & Education Incorporated

ISBN: IND:30000122412400

Category: Social Science

Page: 388

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Women and the Gift Economy: A Radically Different Worldview is Possible is an attempt to respond to the need for deep and lasting social change in an epoch of dangerous crisis for all humans, cultures, and the planet. Featuring articles by well-known feminist activists and academics, this book points to ways to re-create the connections, which have been severed, between the gift economy, women, and the economies of Indigenous peoples, and to bring forward the gift paradigm as an approach to liberate us from the worldview of the market that is destroying life on the planet. Shifting to a gift paradigm can give us the radically different worldview which will make another, better, world possible.

Africa My Beloved

Mr . Perkins further writes about remuneration to agents of the international
financial cartel ; “ We are paid – well paid ... 55 John Perkins , Confessions of an
Economic Hit Man ( San Francisco , CA : Berrett - Koehler Publishers , Inc . , 2004
) , p ...


Author: Remigius Kintu


ISBN: STANFORD:36105133105754

Category: Africa

Page: 378

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TV Guide

A old boy being raised by his elderly instructor tangles with a drug cartel . ... Arch
The Confession * * ( 1998 ) RA Adaptation of John Grisham ' s novel Hall Jr .
makes a big operation out of about an 11 - year - old ( Brad Rentro ) lawyer ( Alec
... The problems of a Clubhouse Detectives in Scav double life as a CIA hit man .




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New York

Detailed confessions implicating him came from two crackhead women who were
former lovers ; one of them was trying to use her testimony to wriggle out of a life
sentence . ... Then he added a shocking twist . issued a sketch of the hit man and
identified twenty suspects . ... Black had been in sters with ties to a Colombian
cartel killed De Dios — but believ custody for months ; the case was cleared .




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Category: New York (N.Y.)


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The Guardian Index




ISBN: UOM:39015066404081

Category: Guardian (Manchester, England)


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Narcos Over the Border

Burnett , ' Mexico's Ferocious Zetas Cartel Reigns through Fear ' . For
background on the Gulf Cartel , see Brophy , Mexico : Cartels , Corruption and
Cocaine ' . 7. US Drug Enforcement ... Lavandera , ' Police : US Teens were
Hitmen for Mexican Cartel ' . 18. Southern Pulse ... For a narco - video confession
of captured Zetas , see Corchado and Samuels , ' Video offers brutal glimpse of
cartel ' . 32.


Author: Robert J. Bunker


ISBN: UCSD:31822038155131

Category: Political Science

Page: 237

View: 913

The book takes a hard hitting look at the drug wars taking place in Mexico between competing gangs, cartels, and mercenary factions; their insurgency against the Mexican state; the narco-violence and terrorism that is increasingly coming over the border into the United States, and its interrelationship with domestic prison and street gangs. Analysis and response strategies are provided by leading writers on 3GEN gang theory, counterterrorism, transnational organized crime, and homeland security. Narcos Over the Border is divided into three sections: narco-opposing force (NARCO OPFOR) organization and technology use; patterns of violence and corruption and the illicit economy; and United States response strategies. The work also includes short introductory essays, a strategic threat overview, an afterword and selected references. Specific topics covered include: advanced weaponry, internet use, kidnappings and assassinations, torture, beheadings, and occultism, cartel and gang evolutionary patterns, drug trafficking, street taxation, corruption, and border firefights. This book was published as a special issue of Small Wars and Insurgencies.

Lucifer s Banker

Why? With Lucifer's Banker, Birkenfeld reveals how he became the single most important whistleblower in financial history.


Author: Bradley Birkenfeld

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250116910


Page: 320

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In January 2010, Bradley C. Birkenfeld, an internationally-successful banker from suburban Boston, entered the Schuylkill Federal Correctional Facility, where he was cuffed, processed, and issued standard prison garb. Nearly three years later, soon after being released, he was issued a United States government check from the Internal Revenue Service for $75 million. Why? With Lucifer's Banker, Birkenfeld reveals how he became the single most important whistleblower in financial history. Birkenfeld exposed-and finally helped bring down-the Swiss banking system that allowed plutocrats, drug lords, art collectors, politicians, terrorists, and hundreds of thousands of dishonest rich people to conceal and grow their wealth. In the United States alone, Birkenfeld assisted the Treasury in recovering over $10 billion in back taxes, fines, and penalties from Americans who had been cheating the IRS by hiding cash, gold, silver, and other precious metals, artwork, antiques, and a range of valuable assets in the secret underground vaults of Swiss accounts-including those of his employer, UBS, then the largest bank in the world. Part Wolf of Wall Street, part Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Lucifer's Banker is a dramatic, entertaining, and enraging expose of international fraud, financial scandal, wild parties, high-stakes espionage, and the ongoing collusion between our government and some of the wealthiest people in the world.