Consuming Dance

Consuming Dance: A Brief History of the Dance Commercial.” In Proceedings of the Thirty-first Annual Conference, Society of Dance History Scholars, ...


Author: Colleen T. Dunagan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190491369

Category: Music

Page: 264

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Dance in TV advertisements has long been familiar to Americans as a silhouette dancing against a colored screen, exhibiting moves from air guitar to breakdance tricks, all in service of selling the latest Apple product. But as author Colleen T. Dunagan shows in Consuming Dance, the advertising industry used dance to market items long before iPods. In this book, Dunagan lays out a comprehensive history and analysis of dance commercials to demonstrate the ways in which the form articulates with, informs, and reflects U.S. culture. In doing so, she examines dance commercials as cultural products, looking at the ways in which dance engages with television, film, and advertising in the production of cultural meaning. Throughout the book, Dunagan interweaves semiotics, choreographic analysis, cultural studies, and critical theory in an examination of contemporary dance commercials while placing the analysis within a historical context. She draws upon connections between individual dance-commercials and the discursive and production histories to provide a thorough look into brand identity and advertising's role in constructing social identities.

Consuming Dance

Consuming Dance offers a clear history and analysis of dance in advertising and demonstrates the ways in which the form articulates with, informs, and reflects U.S. culture.


Author: Colleen T. Dunagan


ISBN: 019049140X



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Whether advertising clothes or technology, dance is staple of advertising today. Consuming Dance offers a clear history and analysis of dance in advertising and demonstrates the ways in which the form articulates with, informs, and reflects U.S. culture.

Flesh for Fantasy

The essays in Flesh for Fantasy cover everything from workplace policies and conditions, legal restrictions, customer behavior, and the struggle to overcome the stereotypes associated with the profession.


Author: Danielle Egan

Publisher: Seal Press

ISBN: 1560257210

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

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With a recent burst of feature films, documentaries, and books on strippers, the business of exotic dancing is hotter than ever. Over the last decade there has been a steadily expanding interest in exotic dance, from its role as an "art form" to its benefits as a means of exercise. While the breadth of discussion generated on this topic has expanded, the fundamental debate remains the same: are female strippers empowering themselves or allowing themselves to be exploited? With her follow-up to Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire, M. Lisa Johnson moves beyond the old debates and gives the reader a glimpse of what exotic dancing is like through the eyes of the stripper. The essays in Flesh for Fantasy cover everything from workplace policies and conditions, legal restrictions, customer behavior, and the struggle to overcome the stereotypes associated with the profession.

Vision of the Sacred Dance

mode known as Tripura Tandavam ; in the Tambra Sabha at Tirunelveli , fringed
with paddy fields , the King of Dance ... Manikkavacakar in his Tiruvacakam
makes a reference to this violent and all - consuming dance of Kali which might
have ...


Author: K. C. Kamaliah


ISBN: UOM:39015017905913

Category: Dance

Page: 132

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Essays on the dance forms of Nataraja; includes English translation of Tirukkūttut tarican̲am, verse work forming part of Tirumular's Tirumantiram of the Saivasiddhanta school in Hindu philosophy.

The Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook

Dancers and choreographers worked in a variety of industries , such as private
educational services , which includes dance studios and schools , as well as
colleges and universities ; food services and drinking establishments ; performing
arts ...




ISBN: PSU:000054716124

Category: Job descriptions


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America s Top Jobs for People Without a Four Year Degree

Because of the strenuous and time - consuming dance training required ,
Working Conditions some dancers view formal education as secondary .
However , a broad , general education including music , literature , history , and
the visual ...


Author: J. Michael Farr

Publisher: JIST Works

ISBN: 1563708825

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 528

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Offers job descriptions and career planning information for people who choose not to pursue a college degree.

Folklore of Bengal

It is an exciting and time - consuming dance . Tusu - festival is held in the month
of Pous . Bhadu is held in the month of Bhadra . Both are feminine dances .
Women of Bankura , Birbhum , Midnapur etc. places of West Bengal , themselves


Author: Sankar Sen Gupta

Publisher: Calcutta : Indian Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015019044794

Category: Bangladesh

Page: 248

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Occupational Outlook Handbook 2002 2003

Because of the strenuous and time-consuming dance training required, some dancers view formal education as secondary. However, a broad, general education ...


Author: Claitors Publishing Division

Publisher: Claitor's Pub Division

ISBN: 1579807828

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 639

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Discusses the duties, earnings, qualifications, and employment opportunities for occupations ranging from lawyers and computer programmers to carpenters and typists.

Consuming Korean Tradition in Early and Late Modernity

A photograph of one of Ch'oe's early dances, With No Path to Follow (choreographed in the early 1930s), shows the dancer's tension-filled fingers spread ...


Author: Laurel Kendall

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824860813

Category: History

Page: 272

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Contributors to this volume explore the irony of modern things made in the image of a traditional "us." They describe the multifaceted ways "tradition" is produced and consumed within the frame of contemporary Korean life and how these processes are enabled by different apparatuses of modernity that Koreans first encountered in the early twentieth century. Commoditized goods and services first appeared in the colonial period in such spectacular and spectacularly foreign forms as department stores, restaurants, exhibitions, and staged performances. Today, these same forms have become the media through which many Koreans consume "tradition" in multiple forms. In the colonial period, commercial representations of Korea—tourist sites, postcard images, souvenir miniatures, and staged performances—were produced primarily for foreign consumption, often by non-Koreans. In late modernity, efficiencies of production, communication, and transportation combine with material wealth and new patterns of leisure activity and tourism to enable the localized consumption of Korean tradition in theme parks, at sites of alternative tourism, at cultural festivals and performances, as handicrafts, art, and cuisine, and in coffee table books, broadcast music, and works of popular folklore. Consuming Korean Tradition offers a unique insight into how and why different signifiers of "Korea" have come to be valued as tradition in the present tense, the distinctive histories and contemporary anxieties that undergird this process, and how Koreans today experience their sense of a common Korean past. It offers new insights into issues of national identity, heritage preservation, tourism, performance, the commodification of contemporary life, and the nature of "tradition" and "modernity" more generally. Consuming Korean Tradition will prove invaluable to Koreanists and those interested in various aspects of contemporary Korean society, including anthropology, film/cultural studies, and contemporary history. Contributors: Katarzyna J. Cwiertka, Kyung-Koo Han, Keith Howard, Hyung Il Pai, Laurel Kendall, Okpyo Moon, Robert Oppenheim, Timothy R. Tangherlini, Judy Van Zile.

Safe Dance Practice

Despite this, research states that many female dancers and athletes do not consume enough iron and are iron deficient (Clarkson, 1998).


Author: Quin, Edel

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781450496452

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 304

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Safe Dance Practice bridges the gap between research and application for dancers and dance educators at all levels. The book presents integrated guidelines and principles that will maximize physical and mental well-being without compromising creativity and expression.

Qualitative Research for Physical Culture

While demanding and time consuming, dance performance ethnography can, nevertheless, be a rewarding and exciting way of representing qualitative research.


Author: Pirkko Markula

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230230248

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 252

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Qualitative Research for Physical Culture is a practical guide to qualitative research methods in the multidisciplinary field of physical culture. This innovative, unique and clearly-written book provides a complete one-stop manual to designing, researching and writing an effective research project. The authors identify the '7 Ps' of research which allows the reader to navigate a clear pathway through the research process. The '7 Ps' are divded into three areas: - Design which examines the Purpose of using qualitiative methods; Paradigms of approach; and the Process of putting together a project - Doing which looks at a range of different methodological Practices and the Politics of Interpretation of such approaches - Dissemination which examines the Presentation of research and the Promise - how to judge the quality of research Exploring interviewing, textual analysis, narrative analysis and field methods such as ethnography, case studies and participatory action research, the text also includes invaluable advice on the writing process and how to critically assess the quality of research, and will be invaluable as a teaching tool or essential reference for experienced and inexperienced researchers alike.

Consuming Power

At the end of the nineteenth century, inexpensive theaters, trolley travel, amusement parks, vaudeville, dance halls, indoor sports such as basketball, ...


Author: David E. Nye

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262640384

Category: History

Page: 331

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Nye uses energy as a touchstone to examine the lives of ordinary people engaged in normal activities. How did the United States become the world's largest consumer of energy? David Nye shows that this is less a question about the development of technology than it is a question about the development of culture. In Consuming Power, Nye uses energy as a touchstone to examine the lives of ordinary people engaged in normal activities. He looks at how these activities changed as new energy systems were constructed, from colonial times to recent years. He also shows how, as Americans incorporated new machines and processes into their lives, they became ensnared in power systems that were not easily changed: they made choices about the conduct of their lives, and those choices accumulated to produce a consuming culture. Nye examines a sequence of large systems that acquired and then lost technological momentum over the course of American history, including water power, steam power, electricity, the internal-combustion engine, atomic power, and computerization. He shows how each system became part of a larger set of social constructions through its links to the home, the factory, and the city. The result is a social history of America as seen through the lens of energy consumption.

Dance in Canada

DANCERS & NUTRITION : The Importance of an Adequate Diet and Good Eating
Habits by Raymond Nadon , PhD , Nicole Dufresne , MED , Jean - Pierre Cuerrier
, PhD , & Paul Deshaies , PhD A seven - day dietary survey was conducted by ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105014783968

Category: Dance


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Ballerina Body

In her first health and fitness book, celebrated ballerina Misty Copeland shows you how to find the motivation to get healthier and stronger, and how to refine the body you were born with to be lean, strong and flexible, with step-by-step ...


Author: Misty Copeland

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780751565652

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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In her first health and fitness book, celebrated ballerina Misty Copeland shows you how to find the motivation to get healthier and stronger, and how to refine the body you were born with to be lean, strong and flexible, with step-by-step advice, meal plans, workout routines and words of inspiration. Misty offers her own time-tested, ballet-inspired movements that are perfect for women who want to lengthen and strengthen, but don't want to run a marathon or lift weights. She also demonstrates the floor exercises that helped maintain her own ballerina body while recovering from an injury. Misty's eating plan focuses on vegetables, fruits, plant fats, animal proteins and beneficial oils - all of which keep her energetic and in top shape. With simple and delicious recipes for Granola, Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad, Quick Salsa Chili, and even a Ballerina Smoothie, you'll be satisfied and happy while getting leaner. To keep you motivated, Misty gives tips and words of encouragement on persevering even when you may want to give up, including a peek into her personal journal, to inspire you and help you stay on the road to your own ballerina body.

Parliamentary Debates

on the subject of drinking at or near dance The Right Hon . ... Mr. ROY ( Clutha ) said that the consuming The police considered that many of the of liquor ...


Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives


ISBN: UCAL:B2890273



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The Routledge Dance Studies Reader

This privileging of consumption is also evident within work in dance studies that seeks to address the popular. Young (1999) draws upon inter- view material ...


Author: Jens Richard Giersdorf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135173487

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 406

View: 127

The second edition of The Routledge Dance Studies Reader offers fresh critical perspectives on classic and modern dance forms, including ballroom, tango, Hip-hop, site-specific performance, and disability in dance. Alexandra Carter and Janet O’Shea deliver a substantially revised and updated collection of key texts, featuring an enlightening new introduction, which tracks differing approaches to dance studies. Important articles from the first edition are accompanied by twenty new works by leading critical voices. The articles are presented in five thematic sections, each with a new editorial introduction and further reading. Sections cover: Making dance Performing dance Ways of looking Locating dance in history and society Debating the discipline The Routledge Dance Studies Reader gives readers access to over thirty essential texts on dance and provides expert guidance on their critical context. It is a vital resource for anyone interested in understanding dance from a global and contemporary perspective.

Pleasure Consuming Medicine

Bumping became common in the 1990s on the sexually charged dance floors of the U.S. West Coast primarily as a means of enhancing stamina and mood.


Author: Kane Race

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822390886

Category: Medical

Page: 278

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On a summer night in 2007, the Azure Party, part of Sydney’s annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, is underway. Alongside the party outfits, drugs, lights, and DJs is a volunteer care team trained to deal with the drug-related emergencies that occasionally occur. But when police appear at the gates with drug-detecting dogs, mild panic ensues. Some patrons down all their drugs, heightening their risk of overdose. Others try their luck at the gates. After twenty-six attendees are arrested with small quantities of illicit substances, the party is shut down and the remaining partygoers disperse into the city streets. For Kane Race, the Azure Party drug search is emblematic of a broader technology of power that converges on embodiment, consumption, and pleasure in the name of health. In Pleasure Consuming Medicine, he illuminates the symbolic role that the illicit drug user fulfills for the neoliberal state. As he demonstrates, the state’s performance of moral sovereignty around substances designated “illicit” bears little relation to the actual dangers of drug consumption; in fact, it exacerbates those dangers. Race does not suggest that drug use is risk-free, good, or bad, but rather that the regulation of drugs has become a site where ideological lessons about the propriety of consumption are propounded. He argues that official discourses about drug use conjure a space where the neoliberal state can be seen to be policing the “excesses” of the amoral market. He explores this normative investment in drug regimes and some “counterpublic health” measures that have emerged in response. These measures, which Race finds in certain pragmatic gay men’s health and HIV prevention practices, are not cloaked in moralistic language, and they do not cast health as antithetical to pleasure.

Beginning Hip Hop Dance

Because carbohydrate is the primary fuel used during physical activity, you must consume it on a daily basis. Trained athletes and dancers should consume 5 ...


Author: Durden, E. Moncell

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492544456

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 120

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Beginning Hip-Hop Dance provides dance students and general education students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of hip-hop—its techniques, styles, aesthetics, history, significant works, and artists. The text comes with a web resource of 56 video clips to aid in practicing techniques.

The New Zealand Law Reports

Consumption of liquor at social gatherings on unlicensed premises - ( 1 )
Notwithstanding anything in this Act , it shall be ... conditions and with the
following additional conditions : “ ( a ) That the only liquor consumed at the dance
shall be the ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105062465153

Category: Courts


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Vols. for 1933-1936 include "The Law journal supplement to the New Zealand law reports."