The Passion

A magical, wonderful novel about the destinies of Napoleon's faithful cook and the daughter of a Venetian boatman. You will not soon forget this reading experience.


Author: Jeanette Winterson

Publisher: Vintage

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Category: Fiction

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A magical, wonderful novel about the destinies of Napoleon's faithful cook and the daughter of a Venetian boatman. You will not soon forget this reading experience.

The Up to date Cook Book

The Skilful Cook PASSION BISCUITS . Margaret Sims . Cookery WAFFLES . Mrs. C. C. McPhail . F. F. V. Receipt Book BUNS . Mary Harrison . The Skilful Cook SODA SCONES . Anna M. Griggs . Chambers ' Cookery for Housewives POTATO SCONES .




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Recipes compiled from previously published British and American cookbooks.

Cook Your Butt Off

For me, cooking is a passion and an integral part of who I am and where I come from. I am Italian, and we take cooking very seriously! As a small child, I would sit at my Nona's kitchen table in her home in West Hempstead, ...


Author: Rocco DiSpirito

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455523702

Category: Health & Fitness

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Turn the kitchen into your gym! #1 New York Times bestseller and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito helps you stay ahead of your calorie intake by cooking healthy and delicious dishes--all sugar-, gluten-, and lactose-free--designed to burn more calories than they contain! Cardio Cooking is a uniquely engineered type of cooking formulated to help readers burn calories and lose weight while they cook. That's right--for the first time, Rocco turns dinnertime into workout time, showing how to burn calories automatically in the kitchen. These delicious, easy-to-follow recipes were tested for calorie content and calorie burn. It includes 75 all new recipes based on foods that are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, high in prebiotics/probiotics, high in fiber, and supportive of the body's acid-alkaline balance. Whole foods grown locally and made at home equal whole body fitness. Complete with informative sidebars, tips, and tricks to help increase heart rate and physical activity during the cooking process. This book offers exactly what dieters need to cook their butts off!

The Royal Gorkha Cook Book

With the time cooking became my passion. During my free time I kept myself busy reading cook book. With the help of books and experiments I have integrated variety of food techniques. I believe in the quotes -"Nothing is impossible if ...


Author: Chef. Shamson Tamang

Publisher: BlueRose Publishers


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"Food is not only ·a source of nutrition for one's wellbeing but also an expression of identity, pride and power. It is also a source of fascination and pleasure, and reflects the diversities in the plate and the palate. 'The Royal Gorkha Cook Book' which includes several time-tested and the community­ tasted traditional fermented and non-fermented recipes of the Gorkha community further proves these dictums. The traditional foods, which form a part of the tangible as well as in tangible culture, are also marker of the unique identity of the Gorkhas. In his pursuit to safeguard them, apart from on-the-plate recipes, broadly to make the various Gorkha cuisines popular, available, healthy alternative and a successful business endeavors. It is the endeavour of the writer with his experience from own home ,community and star hotels to preserve the rich,hygienic and organic food culture of Gorkhas and tempted him to bring out this The Royal Gorkha Cook Book',"

Frenchie New Bistro Cooking

passion. fruit. caramel. Combine the sugar with the water in a small heavy nonreactive saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring just until the sugar dissolves, then cook, swirling the pan for even cooking, until you have a golden ...


Author: Greg Marchand

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 9781579656102

Category: Cooking

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On a quiet cobblestoned side street north of Les Halles in Paris, a veritable food revolution is happening thanks to chef Greg Marchand’s game-changing restaurant, Frenchie. Here are some of his most inspired and deeply original recipes, dishes that are radiant not just in color but in flavor, and filled with alluring hints of international influences. Chutneys, pestos, and flavored vinaigrettes take the place of heavier and more traditional French fare, and the juxtaposition of ingredients (watermelon with ricotta salata; roasted carrots with oranges and avocado; raw baby turnips and juicy pears) adds energy to a once hidebound bistro tradition. To the question “Is there anything new under the sun?” Frenchie answers, unequivocally, “Yes!”

Kitchen Dynamics

The Rice Way Deji Badiru. among people of all creed and color throughout the world. Mass feeding of everyone within reach is a trademark of all African chefs, which is a direct demonstration of the passion of cooking for many.


Author: Deji Badiru

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491788981

Category: Cooking

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Kitchen Dynamics: The Rice Way is a delightful and humorous rendition of my love of the most popular food in the world, rice. In addition to rice recipes, the book discusses the efficacy of rice in the ethnic diet. As a rice purist, I prefer unadulterated steamed white rice. The other types of cooked rice, such as friend rice, yellow rice, and jollof rice are just a matter of seasoning and garnishing. Although I have harbored the desire to write this book for many years, a December 2015 visit to Hawaii provided the final impetus to go ahead and write the book now. The contents of this book contain technical facts, cultural tales, worldwide appreciation, and recipes of rice. My poetic ode to rice is presented in the first chapter. Nothing beats the sight of a ladle in a pot of rice and beans. So, this book also contains rice-complementing recipes that casual observers might not recognize as excellent accompaniments for rice. A distended stomach that is pumped full of rice is a good remedy for hunger. This speaks well of the versatility of rice in our collective efforts of sustaining life. Readers are welcome to read and enjoy the contents of Kitchen Dynamics: The Rice Way and are encouraged to experiment with cooking and eating rice in all its culinary ramifications.

Always Cook with Passion

This 6x9 in. blank recipe cookbook is perfect for creating new recipes or remembering old ones.This 108 page book includes templates for MULTIPLE recipes.


Author: F. S. K. MART


ISBN: 9798651185191


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This 6x9 in. blank recipe cookbook is perfect for creating new recipes or remembering old ones.This 108 page book includes templates for MULTIPLE recipes.

Culinary Art and Anthropology

They talked of having a passion for food, in general, but they were also likely to relate their cooking skills to 'art' or to their being 'professional'. Ricardo says that he cooks with love, and also with passion.


Author: Joy Adapon

Publisher: Berg

ISBN: 9781847884558

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Culinary Art and Anthropology is an anthropological study of food. It focuses on taste and flavour using an original interpretation of Alfred Gell's theory of the 'art nexus'. Grounded in ethnography, it explores the notion of cooking as an embodied skill and artistic practice. The integral role and concept of 'flavour' in everyday life is examined among cottage industry barbacoa makers in Milpa Alta, an outer district of Mexico City. Women's work and local festive occasions are examined against a background of material on professional chefs who reproduce 'traditional' Mexican cooking in restaurant settings. Including recipes to allow readers to practise the art of Mexican cooking, Culinary Art and Anthropology offers a sensual, theoretically sophisticated model for understanding food anthropologically. It will appeal to social scientists, food lovers, and those interested in the growing fields of food studies and the anthropology of the senses.

New Outlook



Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith


ISBN: CORNELL:31924066372867



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