The Prostate Health Program

CHOOSING THE RIGHT MEALS Good nutrition is the foundation of prostate
cancer prevention. ... We've provided you with a varied, nutritious Seven-Day
Menu Plan, as well as a sampling of recipes for many of the scrumptious meals ...


Author: Daniel Nixon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439100381

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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What foods should you eat if you want to keep your prostate healthy? How does sexual activity affect the health of your prostate? What are ways you can prevent prostate cancer? What should African-American men know about prostate cancer? What are the best alternatives to radiation and surgery in treating prostate cancer? What are the symptoms of an unhealthy prostate? These are some of the many important questions that are answered by Dr. Daniel W. Nixon, one of America's premier cancer research institute leaders, and Dr. Max Gomez, the charismatic health commentator whose reports are aired on NBC television stations nationwide. The authors not only provide indispensable guidance in cancer prevention but also offer a dynamic, new noninvasive treatment of prostate cancer. Packed with information, The Prostate Health Program explains in clear, simple language the link between obesity and prostate cancer, the difference between an enlarged prostate and a diseased one, the causes of frequent urination and pain, and the specific prostate problems pertaining to gay men. Drs. Nixon and Gomez offer a user-friendly plan of diet, exercise, and behavioral change that men can easily incorporate into their lives. The authors explain why aggressive treatment, such as radiation and surgery, is often unnecessary, less effective, and more dangerous -- often leaving men incontinent and impotent -- than other treatments. The cornerstones of this unique program are the Prostate Health Pyramid and the Transition Diet, both of which were created specifically for this book and are the ultimate tools in prostate cancer prevention, control, and treatment. First, the foods that protect the health of the prostate are identified; then, food changes are introduced slowly for more effective and long-lasting reform of eating habits. Best of all, quick and easy recipes created by chefs at the Culinary Institute of America provide a menu that is healthy and delicious. With its combination of cutting-edge research and highly respected, world-renowned authors, The Prostate Health Program is the definitive defense against a deadly disease.

Super Natural Cooking

'l'here is a lot ofconcern surrounding men and prostate health. and for good
reason. In 2003. nearly 22|.ooo new cases of prostate cancer were diag~ nosed.
The good news is that lycopene~rich foods seem to be not only powerfully ...


Author: Heidi Swanson

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9781587613746

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Everyone knows that whole foods are much healthier than refined ingredients, but few know how to cook with them in uncomplicated, delicious ways. Using a palette of natural ingredients now widely available in supermarkets, Super Natural Cooking offers globally inspired, nutritionally packed cuisine that is both gratifying and flavorful. With her weeknight-friendly dishes, real-foodie Heidi Swanson teaches home cooks how to become confident in a whole-foods kitchen by experimenting with alternative flours, fats, grains, sweeteners, and more. Including innovative twists on familiar dishes from polenta to chocolate chip cookies, Super Natural Cooking is the new wholesome way to eat, using real-world ingredients to get out-of-this-world results.An inspiringly stylish introduction to nutritional superfoods, with an emphasis on whole grains, natural sweeteners, healthy oils, and colorful phytonutrient-packed ingredients.Features 80 recipes, a comprehensive pantry chapter, and 100 stunning full-color photos. Shows how to build a whole-foods pantry with nutrition-rich ingredients like almond oil, pomegranate molasses, and mesquite flour--each explained in detail.Winner of the 2005 Webby Award for best personal website, Heidi Swanson's recipe blog ( attracts close to 500,000 page views a month, making it one of the most widely read recipe journals online.

Cooking for Healthy Healing

The healing recipes. ... New studies show tofu even helps fight prostate cancer ;
research on 8,000 Hawaiian men ( who traditionally have high ... It's a good
choice for meat eaters evolving into vegetarians , because it's so hearty and
filling .


Author: Linda Page

Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN: 1884334822

Category: Cooking

Page: 548

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Linda Page has been saying it for years: Good food is good medicine. Now, in her new revolutionary cookbook set, she presents the latest information about the problems with today's food supply and shows how to use food as medicine, for healing, and for wellness.

Comprehensive Textbook of Genitourinary Oncology

... intake of total or specific heterocyclic amines, although a 1.7-times higher risk
of prostate cancer was noted for those who consume well- done beefsteak that
was fried/grilled or barbequed compared to noneaters/other cooking methods (87


Author: Nicholas Vogelzang

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781749848

Category: Medical

Page: 907

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Thoroughly revised for its Third Edition, this volume is the most comprehensive, multidisciplinary text on genitourinary cancers. This edition has two new editors—Frans M.J. Debruyne and W. Marston Linehan—and more than 50% new contributors. Seventeen new chapters cover familial prostate cancer, biology of bone metastases, molecular pathology and biologic determinants, PSA and related kallikreins, needle biopsy, laparoscopic surgical procedures, 3D conformal radiotherapy, hormones and radiotherapy, integration of chemotherapy and other modalities, quality of life after treatment of localized prostate cancer, management of rising PSA after local therapy, the role of surgery in advanced bladder cancer, post-chemotherapy node dissections and resection of metastatic disease, and stem cell transplantation.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Characteristics of total prostate cancer case patients and control subjects,
Auckland Prostate Study, 1996–1997 Characteristic (n ... In our study, highe
quantities of heterocyclic amines wer found in meat samples cooked to a well
done or very ...




ISBN: UCBK:C069222090

Category: Cancer


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Healthy Eating The Prostate Care Cookbook

This is both a cookbook and guide written by expert Margaret Rayman, who created the Nutritional Medicine Post Graduate programme for the University of Surrey.


Author: Margaret Rayman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780857837424

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men and there is evidence that the health of the prostate can be helped by a diet of eating the right foods and avoiding harmful effects of others. This is both a cookbook and guide written by expert Margaret Rayman, who created the Nutritional Medicine Post Graduate programme for the University of Surrey. A detailed introduction looks at why diet is so important and how eating certain foods can help prevent development of the disease or its spread. Various top chefs have put their healthy hats on and contributed some great recipes that include Broad Bean and Apple Crostini, Moroccan Lamb Stew, Chicken with Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce, and Ruby Fruit Salad with Raspberry Coulis. Simple to prepare and made from easily accessible ingredients, these recipes can also be used for everyday family eating as well as entertaining.

Staying Alive

Not only does it help ward off prostate cancer, but it is good for breast cancer and
cancers of the digestive tract as well. But with tomatoes, cooked is better than
fresh because cooking concentrates the amount of available lycopene. Whereas
a ...


Author: Brenda Hunter

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 9780307552242

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Heal Your Body, Embrace Your Life. Few things are more frightening, confusing, or devastating than a diagnosis of cancer. If you or someone you love has cancer (or is at risk for it), you want reliable information, reasons for hope, and a plan of attack you can trust. Staying Alive provides this and more. A six-year cancer survivor, psychologist, and cancer coach, Dr. Brenda Hunter presents the program that has contributed significantly to her survival, as well as interviews with cancer experts and long-term survivors. Inside you’ll find: • life-changing strategies for beating cancer • an integrated, holistic approach to cancer care and survival that involves body, mind, and spirit • success stories and survival strategies from long-term cancer survivors • a proactive nutritional program designed to empower you and increase wellness • interviews with national cancer experts The good news? The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when life-changing strategies are applied. Dr. Brenda Hunter suggests that many of us can work to reverse–or prevent–cancer’s destructive course. Learn how you may be unnecessarily putting yourself at increased risk, and discover the steps you can take today to begin to restore or protect your health. A Cancer-Conquering Plan for Your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

Let s Get Real About Eating

show red meat that is grilled to well-done carries a greater risk over browned
meat for colon cancer.69 Meats cooked on high temperatures increase risk of
prostate cancer.70 Charcoaled and smoked meats have even higher cancer risk
due to ...


Author: Laura Kopec ND MA CNC

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452574288

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 218

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Finally, a book that breaks down everything we’ve heard and gets straight to the fundamentals of what we eat and how we feel. This book will not only open your eyes to what we eat, how it is grown, manufactured, and packaged but also the impact it has on our health, and then goes one step further and actually tells us what we can do about it. Whether you’re ready to take baby steps or make major changes, this book tells you how– plain and simple. “Let’s Get Real about Eating keeps it simple, clear, and honest. It’s not about being alternative or holistic or organic, it’s about being “right” and speaking the truth regard­ing our food. – Randy Naidoo, M.D. “Laura’s extensive in depth knowledge for nutrition is remarkable! Let’s Get Real About Eating could add years to your life.” – Melissa Irvin, mother of two “Laura Kopec has expertly guided our family through practical steps to better health. Her wealth of education has helped us develop a healthy eating plan and get on the right track.” – Hillary Jarrard, mother of three “This book is a must-have! Laura found a way to teach us in an easy, non-confrontational way of the dangers and concerns we should have regarding the foods we eat.” – Karimen Montero, mother of two “Laura gave us freedom from being trapped in the same cycle and taught us how to look outside the box. To open adult’s minds and to instill this knowledge is a true God given talent and we are forever grateful!” - Jennifer Goodman, mother

Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook

Presenting an array of foods designed to help readers reduce the risk of prostate cancer, a unique cookbook features more than two hundred tasty recipes for everything from appetizers, drinks, and snacks to main courses and desserts, that ...


Author: David Ricketts

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang

ISBN: 1584794755

Category: Cooking

Page: 336

View: 914

Presenting an array of foods designed to help readers reduce the risk of prostate cancer, a unique cookbook features more than two hundred tasty recipes for everything from appetizers, drinks, and snacks to main courses and desserts, that incorporate foods believed to fight prostate cancer, accompanied by practical advice on the diagnosis and treatment of the ailment. Original.

Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery

Grits and Eggs Eggs are a good source of protein and corn grits, as well as the
very similar polenta, are the perfect ... C and A, and the antioxidant carotenoids
lutein—associated with decreasing the risk of prostate cancer— and zeaxanthin.


Author: Susan Gins, MA, MS, CN

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

ISBN: 9781617052385

Category: Cooking

Page: 200

View: 705

For cancer patients undergoing treatment, foods that prevent and reduce side effects, promote healing, and increase your quality of life. Written by a naturopathic physician and a certified nutritionist specializing in complementary cancer care, Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery provides patients and their friends and family with over 100 quick and delicious recipes that provide nutrients essential at each stage of treatment while avoiding proinflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy, and gluten that may increase side effects. The recipes in this user-friendly cookbook: Will not interfere or reduce the effectiveness of conventional treatment Address the most common side effects of conventional treatment including diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, joint pain, chemo brain, loss of appetite, anemia, muscle aches, gas and bloating, and constipation Use widely available ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare with minimal prep and cooking time Are packed with flavor and aesthetic appeal, such as savory oatmeal, mushroom buckwheat soup, chicken with apricot and chickpeas, carob fudge, and mango lassi Provide essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients Include nutrition facts and calorie count Complement each other for a therapeutic balance of protein, good fats, carbohydrates, and fiber Feed the whole family, promoting health for loved ones as well

Cooking Well for the Unwell


Author: Eileen Behan

Publisher: William Morrow

ISBN: CORNELL:31924074214341

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 364

View: 843

A unique cookbook for parents, companions, and caregivers explains the special nutritional needs associated with various illnesses and offers recipes with nutrient analyses for handling specific health problems and requirements.

Cancer Research

Furthermore , a high PhIP intake was associated with a 22 % increased risk for
prostate cancer and a 28 % increased risk ... concentrations in very well done
meats cooked by high - temperature cooking methods , the correlation between
PhIP ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924101038432

Category: Cancer


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Veggie Power Burgers

When you begin eating beans in larger quantities, the fiber acts in a broom-like
fashion and cleans out the years of accumulated ... Consume beans in moderate
amounts and chew well. ... of almost 50% and have been found to have anti-
cancer properties against reproductive cancers such as breast and prostate


Author: Cathy Gallagher


ISBN: 9781456607517

Category: Cooking

Page: 111

View: 403

Cookbook with thirty veggie burger recipes, a healthy living section, sauces to compliment the burgers and menus for a totally nutritionally dense meal. Vegan and Gluten-Free recipes are included. Egg substitutes are included. Sauces to compliment the burgers and provide an international flavor are included. Recommendations on preventing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer using food are in the healthy living sections. The burgers are low in calories and assist in weight loss. The naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and healthful phytochemicals, isoflavones, lignans and flavonoids will keep you younger looking and full of energy.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Study Two : We found no association between meat type or specific cooking
method and prostate cancer risk . However , intake of well or very well done total
meat was associated with an increased risk of incident and advanced prostate ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105132702569

Category: Dissertations, Academic


View: 990

The Healthy Kitchen

Continueto cook for 3 more minutes, until the sauce thickens. ... You can now buy
many varieties of tofu in supermarkets as well as health-food stores and Asian
groceries, usuallypackedinwater inplastic tubs andkeptin refrigerated cases.


Author: Andrew Weil

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409004950

Category: Cooking

Page: 368

View: 297

Two of America's most popular authorities on healthy eating and cooking join forces in this delectable, inspiring and easy-to-use cookbook. Dr Andrew Weil - author of the best-selling Eating Well For Optimum Health - brings to this collaboration a comprehensive philosophy of nutrition grounded in science. Rosie Daley - acclaimed for her best-seller In The Kitchen With Rosie - brings to it her innovative and delicious spa cuisine. Lifelong good health begins in the kitchen, so this is a lifestyle book as well as a cookbook. But throughout, The Healthy Kitchen emphasizes the pleasure of food - in the writing, in the anecdotes, in the commentaries, in the superb photography (including pictures of the authors at work from garden to table) and in the recipes themselves. With 135 fabulous recipes and invaluable information on what constitutes genuinely healthy eating today, this revolutionary book will change the way you cook for yourself and your family forever.

The Simple Art of EatingWell

Since our offices in Charlotte, Vermont, are surrounded by farmland, our recipes
are inspired by what we find growing ... and immune system healthy, and
lycopene in tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit may help protect against
prostate ...


Author: The Editors of EatingWell

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 9781581576771

Category: Cooking

Page: 512

View: 766

Recipient of the coveted James Beard Award for best Healthy Focus cookbook, The Simple Art of Eatingwell is perhaps the definitive guide to healthy eating. It includes the best recipes and advice from nearly 20 years of experience at EatingWell Magazine. With more than 400 recipes, half of which can be prepared in under 45 minutes, start to finish, this cookbook makes it easy for today’s busy cooks to get consistently delicious, healthy meals on the table every day of the week. Most recipes call for fewer than 10 easily available ingredients. Key techniques are illustrated with helpful step-by-step photos. And tips from the EatingWell test kitchen teach you secrets of healthier cooking. Cooks will turn to this book again and again for versions of classic dishes like chili, lasagna, fried chicken, and mac & cheese—here prepared in delicious and healthy ways. There’s more to keep the adventurous happy too—like Grilled Fish Tacos, Thai Chicken & Mango Stir Fry, and Middle Eastern Lamb Stew. Sweets include cakes, pies, puddings, ice creams, cookies, and more. Finally, all this is now packaged in an innovative flexible cover that will lay open for ease of use and yet hold together for long-term durability. No kitchen should be without it.

Cooking for Regeneration


Author: Cecile Tovah Levin

Publisher: Japan Publications (USA)

ISBN: 0870406922

Category: Cooking

Page: 320

View: 604

Presenting nutritionally balanced, artful, and delicious dishes, this is a practical guide to the healing power of natural, whole foods. Divided into four seasons, the book offers 60 menus and includes nutritional charts. Illustrated.

Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention

Frying is an ancient cooking technique, used as early as 1600 BC by the ancient
Egyptians and later by the Greeks and ... This dietary pattern, besides its well-
established preventive impact on cardiovascular health, can also help Olives and
Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention. ... several dietary-related forms of
cancer like large bowel, breast, endometrium, and prostate cancer (Trichopoulou
et al., ...


Author: Victor R. Preedy

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080922201

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1520

View: 925

Long used in sacred ceremonies and associated with good health, the nutritional and health promoting benefits of olives and olive oils have been proven by an ever-increasing body of science. From cardiovascular benefits to anti-microbial, anti-cancer, antioxidant activity and effects on macrophages and aptoptosis to cellular and pathophysiollogical process, olives and olive oils are proving important in many healthful ways. For example, reactive components in olive oils or olive oil by-products have now been isolated and identified. These include tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid elenolic acid and oleuropein. Oleic acid is the main monosaturated fatty acid of olive oil. These have putative protective effects and modulate the biochemistry of a variety of cell types including those of the vascular system. Some but not all components have been characterised by their putative pharmacological properties. It is possible that usage of these aforementioned products may have beneficial application in other disease. However, in order for this cross-fertilization to take place, a comprehensive understanding of olives and olive oils is required. Finding this knowledge in a single volume provides a key resource for scientists in a variety of food an nutritional roles. Key Features: * Explores olives and olive oil from their general aspects to the detailed level of important micro-and micronutrients * Includes coverage of various methodologies for analysis to help scientists and chemists determine the most appropriate option for their own studies, including those of olive-related compounds in other foods * Relates, in a single volume resource, information for food and nutritional chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, nutritionists and dieticians * Presents information in three key categories: General aspects of olives an olive oils; Nutritional, pharmacological and metabolic properties of olives and olive oil; Specific components of olive oil and their effects on tissue and body systems

Cooking Light


Author: Doug Crichton


ISBN: 0848715985

Category: Cooking

Page: 400

View: 875

Presents recipes, listed month-by-month to take advantage of seasonal ingredients, and includes information on nutritional content and menu planning

Prostate Cancer

With diet, exercise, and mental health plans tailored to treatment protocol and cancer type, this valuable guide offers safe and effective tools and practices to support patients through every phase and protocol.


Author: Lisa A. Price, ND

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826148568

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 99

View: 807

Written by a naturopathic physician specializing in complementary cancer care, Prostate Cancer: Thriving Through Treatment to Recovery provides solutions for maintaining health and improving quality of life during conventional cancer treatment. With diet, exercise, and mental health plans tailored to treatment protocol and cancer type, this valuable guide offers safe and effective tools and practices to support patients through every phase and protocol. Organized into six easy chapters, the book summarizes the effects of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy; catalogs potential side effects; and includes recipes, exercise programs, , and mental health therapy suggestions based on symptoms and predictable side effect risks to build strength, promote healing, and improve outcomes. This essential resource will help prostate cancer patients reduce short- and long-term effects during and after treatment and includes: Scientifically-proven practices to support physical and emotional health using nutrition, exercise, and mind body therapies Concise explanation of how specific cancer therapies work and their effects on the immune system Exercises to build strength with an array of low-to-high-impact cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises Quick and delicious recipes designed to include daily protein, fiber, and carbohydrate needs for patients in recovery Psychological health and well-being promoted therapies that address patient concerns