The Courage to Be Me

"How do you rebuild your life after sexual abuse?...'The Courage To Be Me' combines science, storytelling and illustration to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape or sexual abuse.


Author: Nina Burrowes

Publisher: NB Research Limited

ISBN: 1910318000

Category: Adult child sexual abuse victims

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"How do you rebuild your life after sexual abuse?...'The Courage To Be Me' combines science, storytelling and illustration to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape or sexual abuse."--Back cover.


Collegial reinforcement, giving courage, the high power of camaraderie, the presence of approval and hope—these are the strengths of humanity ... His guts gave him the discipline to stay with me 134 COURAGE even as his gorge was rising.


Author: Gus Lee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0787981370

Category: Business & Economics

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In Courage, Gus Lee captures the essential component of leadership in measurable behaviors. Using actual stories from Whirlpool, Kaiser Permanente, IntegWare, WorldCom and other organizations, Lee shows how highly successful executives face and overcome their fears to develop moral intelligence. These real-world examples offer practical lessons for rooting out unethical practices and behaviors by Assessing them for rightness and integrity Addressing moral failures Following through with dialogue and direct action

Poetical Quotations from Chaucer to Tennyson

Me rather had , my heart might feel your love , The thing of courage , Than my unpleased eye see your courtesy . SHAKSPEARE . As roused with rage , with rage doth sympathize , And with an accent tuned in self - same key , You spurn'd me ...


Author: Samuel Austin Allibone


ISBN: PRNC:32101072901463

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

But there is something in me which I call courage: it hath hitherto slain for me every dejection. This courage at last bade me stand still and say: “Dwarf! Thou! Or I!”— For courage is the best slayer,—courage which ATTACKETH: for in ...


Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Fiction

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None, also translated as Thus Spake Zarathustra, is a work of philosophical fiction written by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche between 1883 and 1885. The protagonist is nominally the historical Zarathustra, but, besides a handful of sentences, Nietzsche is not concerned with a specific resemblance. Much of the book purports to be what Zarathustra said, and it repeats the refrain, "Thus spoke Zarathustra." The style of Zarathustra has facilitated variegated and often incompatible ideas about what Zarathustra says. Zarathustra's "[e]xplanations and claims are almost always analogical and figurative." Though there is no consensus with what Zarathustra means when he speaks, there is some consensus about that which he speaks. Zarathustra deals with ideas about the Übermensch, the death of God, the will to power, and eternal recurrence. Zarathustra himself first appeared in Nietzsche's earlier book The Gay Science. Nietzsche has suggested that his Zarathustra is a tragedy and a parody and a polemic and the culmination of the German language. It was his favorite of his own books. He was aware, however, that readers might not understand it. This is possibly why he subtitled it A Book for All and None. However, as with the content as a whole, the subtitle has baffled many critics, and there is no consensus. Zarathustra's themes and merits are continually disputed. It has nonetheless been hugely influential in various facets of culture.

Pietro Barilla Everything is done for the future forge ahead with courage

Inever went inside. One timeI finally worked up thecourage and went inside. It was a very elegant atmosphere and I felt out ofplace. Giorgio Bulgari himself came overto me, making mefeel entirely welcome. He put me completelyat ease, ...


Author: Francesco Alberoni

Publisher: Rizzoli

ISBN: 9788858648575

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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In the year of his birth centenary, the life story of one of Italy’s most important industrialists, including over 100 images from the Barilla Historical Archives. Francesco Alberoni has captured the thoughts and words of Pietro Barilla, a versatile entrepreneur credited with having made a fundamental contribution to Italy’s international image thanks to his innovative vision and conviction that pasta is the “crown jewel” of Italian cuisine. Joining the family company in 1947 while still a young man, Pietro managed to transform Barilla from just another small Italian pasta company into the world’s leader. A trip to the United States after the Second World War opened Pietro’s eyes to the importance of communication, leading him to develop the first packaging for pasta in the 1950s, and to create pioneering advertisements featuring Italian singer Mina and world famous filmmaker Federico Fellini. From the hardships of the postwar period, to the economic boom of the 1950s and 1960s and a courageous buyback of the company at the end of the 1970s, Pietro Barilla has connected the company name with values like tenacity, generosity, human and artistic sensibility and a love of the homeland, to the point where today he is considered an ideal example of the Italian family business entrepreneur.

Courage for Lambs

“I'mtrying tounderstand myself,” she mourned. “Idon't know why it tookmeso long. Why didn't I get out sooner?I stayed in that relationship for eleven years! It took me eleven years to get out.”Her selfdeprecating attitude showed me ...


Author: Dr. JoAnn Nishimoto

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490829975

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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All of us are touched by injustice. All of us suffer loss. We are all in recovery from something. In this extraordinary memoir of entrapment in an abusive relationship, the dynamics that held her there, and the struggle to recover an authentic life, Dr. JoAnn Nishimoto shares her poignant story of transformation from shame to freedom. Faced with a family member’s chemical dependency, the suicide of a loved one, and her own spiritual disillusionment, Dr. Nishimoto’s commitment to recovery served as the foundation for her future ministry and career. Dr. Nishimoto is a courageous teacher for anyone in recovery from abuse, addiction, or a life-dominating problem. With particular sensitivity to women harmed by pathological men, she provides practical help in overcoming abuse, self-hatred, fear, and shame. Concluding with fourteen essays, her memoir encourages us to courageously press on to freedom, whatever our own story may be. JoAnn Nishimoto, PsyD (pictured with Sadie) is a psychologist in Mundelein, Illinois “JoAnn Nishimoto explores the messiness of living authentically in a broken world, venturing boldly into the difficult topics of abuse, addiction, and death. Her tale is as compelling and spell-binding as any fiction, and yet it is her true story, masterfully crafted and filled with redemption.” —Dr. Mark R. McMinn, psychologist, professor, George Fox University; author of Finding Our Way Home “This is a book of hope, because the author has experienced the reality of light overcoming darkness and truth destroying lies. I highly recommend it!” —Dr. Sandra D. Wilson, seminary professor, spiritual director, and author of Into Abba’s Arms “The ending essays on shame, self-worth, boundaries, healing, and codependency are a goldmine for anyone in recovery.” —Leah B. Schaut, MSW, therapist, Highland Park, Illinois

Promising Care

And I will be lying there, in the bed you make for me, scared and wondering: Am I safe? Will I die here? ... Don't do it just for me . . . no, wait a minute—do it just for me. ... There's the courage: to see myself in others.


Author: Donald M. Berwick

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118795835

Category: Medical

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Promising Care: How We Can Rescue Health Care by Improving It collects 16 speeches given over a period of 10 years by Donald M. Berwick, an internationally acclaimed champion of health care improvement throughout the course of his long and storied career as a physician, health care educator and policy expert, leader of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These landmark speeches (including all of Berwick’s speeches delivered at IHI’s annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care from 2003 to 2012) clearly show why our medical systems don’t reliably contribute to our overall health. As a remedy he offers a vision for making our systems better – safer, more effective, more efficient, and more humane. Each of Berwick’s compelling speeches is preceded by a brief commentary by a prominent figure in health care, policy, or politics who has a unique connection to that particular speech. Contributors include such notables as Tom Daschle, Paul Batalden, and Lord Nigel Crisp. Their commentaries reflect on how it felt to hear the speech in the context in which it was delivered, and assess its relevance in today’s health care environment. The introduction is by Maureen Bisognano, CEO of Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and author of Pursuing the Triple Aim. Praise for previous books by Don Berwick Curing Health Care: "The book is an easy and affirming read for anyone who is familiar with and has used the TQM teachings of Dr. Joseph M. Juran and Dr. W. Edwards Deming and would be a simple and informative introduction to the concepts for anyone who has been hearing about TQM but has no idea what it is all about and wants to know more." —Permanent Fixes (blog) "Donald Berwick is the most clearly heard evangelist of applying industrial methods of continuous quality improvement in health care." —Annals of Internal Medicine Escape Fire: "With an effective blend of common sense, real-life stories, persuasive metaphors, and out-of-the-box thinking, Dr. Berwick’s presentations make for fascinating reading for anyone interested in improving America’s $1.7 trillion health care system." —Piper Report "Anyone interested in change in the healthcare system would enjoy this book. In degree programs, the various speeches would be useful for discussion in a health policy readings course." —The Annals of Pharmacotherapy

Leading With Emotional Courage

Element 1: Confidence in Yourself xxxvii CultivateCultivate EmotionalEmotional CourageCourage •• FeelFeel CourageouslyCourageously •• ActActBoldlyBoldly CH Part One: Know Who You Are Yes No 1 I stay true to myself, even if I know it ...


Author: Peter Bregman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119505693

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 18 Minutes unlocks the secrets of highly successful leaders and pinpoints the missing ingredient that makes all the difference You have the opportunity to lead: to show up with confidence, connected to others, and committed to a purpose in a way that inspires others to follow. Maybe it’s in your workplace, or in your relationships, or simply in your own life. But great leadership—leadership that aligns teams, inspires action, and achieves results—is hard. And what makes it hard isn’t theoretical, it’s practical. It’s not about knowing what to say or do. It’s about whether you’re willing to experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of saying or doing it. In other words, the most critical challenge of leadership is emotional courage. If you are willing to feel everything, you can do anything. Leading with Emotional Courage, based on the author’s popular blogs for Harvard Business Review, provides practical, real-world advice for building your emotional courage muscle. Each short, easy to read chapter details a distinct step in this emotional “workout,” giving you grounded advice for handling the difficult situations without sacrificing professional ground. By building the courage to say the necessary but difficult things, you become a stronger leader and leave the “should’ves” behind. Theoretically, leadership is straightforward, but how many people actually lead? The gap between theory and practice is huge. Emotional courage is what bridges that gap. It’s what sets great leaders apart from the rest. It gets results. It cuts through the distractions, the noise, and the politics to solve problems and get things done. This book is packed with actionable steps you can take to start building these skills now. Have the courage to speak up when others remain silent Be stable and grounded in the face of uncertainty Respond productively to opposition without getting distracted Weather others’ anger without shutting down or getting defensive Leading with Emotional Courage coaches you to build your emotional courage, exercise it effectively, and create an environment in which people around you take accountability to get hard things done.

Disputed Truth

A prize for civil courage That same year the city of Munich gives me an experience and an encouragement of a special kind. On 11 July it awards me the medal for civil courage. In the morning I take part in a faculty conference in ...


Author: Hans Küng

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472910981

Category: Religion

Page: 576

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Hans Küng has been a major influence on post-war Christianity by any reckoning. a peritus for the second Vatican council, he then went on to publish a number of controversial books, including Infallible? An Enquiry (1971), which enraged the Vatican and caused him to lose the ecclesiastical approval of his teaching at the university of Tübingen. However, he remains a respected priest in good standing with his bishop. Throughout all the upheavals that the Catholic Church has undergone in recent decades, Küng has been an outspoken observer, turning himself from enfant terrible to béte noire. However his world influence has been great. Whether speaking at the United Nations or consorting with politicians and religious leaders, he is always listened to with respect and enthusiasm. A string of recent books has added to his reputation-notably On Being a Christian (1974) and Does God Exist? An Answer for Today (1980) What is not so well known is that, as a young man, Küng was a close friend and confidant of Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). Over the years, however, they increasingly came to represent exactly what the other most despised. On being appointed to the Holy See, Ratzinger had a long private meeting with Küng , the consequences of which may resonate within the Catholic Church for many years. In these thrilling memoirs Küng gives his personal account of all these struggles and ambitions. The result is a book of major importance for any student of the church in the 20th century. This second volume covers the period following the close of the Second Vatican Council right up to the present day.

What to Listen For in Opera

“Je dis, que rien ne m'épouvante” (“Nothing frightens me” or “Micaëla's air”). This is a song ofvocal beauty and personal dignity. ... Her voice must shine brightly, as a sign of courage, in this intimidating and dark setting.


Author: Charles R. Beck

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786496099

Category: Music

Page: 288

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Covering famous operas from 14 Italian, French and German composers, this handbook is designed to help listeners understand and appreciate the special skills required to sing famous operatic songs. The book includes a plot synopsis of each opera with information about each song, which are introduced in their dramatic settings along with the vocal requirements for the most demanding passages. Interactive literary and rhyming exercises help the reader become more engaged and knowledgeable. Foreign language passages are translated into English and key words are highlighted in each language. The operatic vocabulary is defined to help the listener better understand the technical demands for a highly trained voice. The book is designed as a useful handbook for both experienced and beginning opera listeners. Appendices provide information on singers, recordings and useful references.