Craft Cocktails at Home

Taste scientists, engineers, and talented bartenders with decades of experience all contributed their expertise to create this must-have guide for novices and professionals alike. Ever wondered what makes water taste good?


Author: Kevin Liu

Publisher: Kevin Liu

ISBN: 9780615766386

Category: Cocktails

Page: 254

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Think of It as Your PhD in Drinking. In Craft Cocktails at Home, you'll embark upon a one-of-a-kind journey as you learn how to make some of the world's most innovative, unique, and delicious cocktails. Taste scientists, engineers, and talented bartenders with decades of experience all contributed their expertise to create this must-have guide for novices and professionals alike. Ever wondered what makes water taste good? Curious about what really happens during the barrel-aging process? Interested in which "molecular" ingredients have the best texture? These questions and more, answered inside. With 250 pages and 65 recipes

Cocktails At Home

their fellow bartender the ordeal of cocktail mixing and the indignity of being observed by a keeper of the craft. The Negroni is one acceptable deviation from this rule however. Uncomplicated, yet challenging; strong, yet quaffable, ...


Author: Tristan Stephenson

Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

ISBN: 9781788793759

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

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An expert guide to setting up a home bar, plus over 75 cocktail recipes to try from one of the world’s leading bartenders, drinks industry innovator and best-selling author. Preparing a first-class cocktail relies upon an understanding of its ingredients and the delicate alchemy of how they work together. Here, Tristan Stephenson – drinks industry consultant, bar owner, restaurateur and author of best-selling drinks books – offers his expert advice on the fundamentals of home mixology and shares his perfected recipes for classic cocktails. Enjoy a Manhattan, Negroni and Martini, discover lesser known vintage gems including the Martinez and Aviation as well as modern favourites the Espresso Martini and Mojito.

Cocktails for Dummies the Ultimate Bartender Book

"Shaken, not stirred" is a good rule of thumb, except for hot drinks. This book opens you up to fundamental techniques and ingredient needed in mixing the perfect cocktails. Read on to discover.


Author: Salvo Moretti


ISBN: 9798712213924


Page: 28

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Mixing drinks is much more than just dumping them together, although in a pinch, many drinks can be made that way. "Shaken, not stirred" is a good rule of thumb, except for hot drinks. This book opens you up to fundamental techniques and ingredient needed in mixing the perfect cocktails. Read on to discover. GET YOUR COPY TODAY by Scrolling Up and Clicking Buy Now to get your Copy Today

Craft Cocktails

When building a drink—whether you're following one of our recipes or creating your own cocktail—you'll need to make sure that you combine at least three of the flavour components, and that they are well balanced.


Author: Geoff Dillon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780735235304

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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National Winner for Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2019 - Cocktails category From Geoff Dillon, founder of Dillon's Small Batch Distillers and leader of the craft distilling movement, a collection of cocktails for every season and recipes for the perfect snacks to enjoy with them. Grounded in a belief in using fresh ingredients, this must-have collection of cocktails offers impressive yet simple modern cocktails with an elegant vintage feel. The 100 recipes, divided by season, range from the classics, like a warm-weather Whisky Sour and a cool-weather Manhattan, to custom creations inspired by seasonal produce and local barkeeps. Imagine a glass filled with the fresh aroma of spring strawberries alongside the clean, crisp taste of lemon, with herbal notes of absinthe and a hint of rich sweetness from white port, then recreate this award-winning drink called the Royal Velvet at home. Quick and easy large batch recipes like Summer Sangria and Holiday Pomegranate Punch are sure to please a crowd, and snacks like Rosemary Maple Pecans, Roasted Cranberry Flatbreads, and Blackberry-Topped Brie will be the perfect complement to any cocktail. Whether you're craving a Plum Sparkler to refresh you on a sticky summer afternoon, or a Hot Toddy recipe to enjoy by the fire on a cold winter night, this complete collection of cocktails has the perfect recipe for every occasion and every season.

The Best Craft Cocktails Bartending with Flair

... that a cocktail will never be better than its cheapest ingredients. We agree. The need for high- quality, hand-selected spirits is evermore important when tending to the craft cocktail bar. For those of you tending bar at home ...


Author: Jeremy LeBlanc

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781624140266

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Hand-Crafted, Delicious Cocktail Recipes From One of the Best Bartenders in the World Jeremy LeBlanc, lead bartender at a bar praised by Conde Nast as one of the top 10 roof top bars in the world, is sharing his signature techniques and one-of a kind recipes that define exceptional bartending. Now, with this bartending guide, experts and beginners alike will keep their friends and customers entertained, satisfied and always coming back for more of these meticulously created cocktails. The Best Craft Cocktails & Bartending With Flair features hand-crafted cocktail recipes like the Whiskey Pig, which features bacon-washed whiskey, the twist on a classic, the Rhubarb Mojito, and the refreshing berry cocktail, Smithey's Smash. With chapters dedicated to aperitifs, classics with a twist, exotic cocktails, refreshers and punches, there is truly a drink for every person and every occasion that features fresh ingredients and homemade, wholefood mixes and syrups. Whether you are looking to become head bartender, break into the business, or simply impress a few friends at home, this one-stop guide is all you'll need to master the craft with style and ease.

Mixology for Beginners

Accessible recipes--Create a solid beverage repertoire with straightforward, easy-to-source recipes for classic cocktails and new favorites. Gain the skills to craft cocktails at home with this mixology book that makes it simple.


Author: Prairie Rose Free

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN: 1638073988



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Shake, stir, and strain perfect cocktails at home The same drinks you enjoy at the bar taste a lot better when they're made skillfully at home for a fraction of the price. Become your own bartender and hone your craft in no time with the expert recipes and guidance inside Mixology for Beginners. You'll also discover a user-friendly layout that indexes recipes by liquor type and flavor profile, so you never have to look hard to find the right cocktail for the occasion. Go beyond other beginner cocktail books with insights on: Building your home bar--Get insider info and shopping advice for fully stocking your bar, including mixologist terminology, glassware, tools, and--of course--liquor. Expert drink making--Learn the fundamentals of crafting signature cocktails, including formulas, naming conventions, and tips on presentation. Accessible recipes--Create a solid beverage repertoire with straightforward, easy-to-source recipes for classic cocktails and new favorites. Gain the skills to craft cocktails at home with this mixology book that makes it simple.

Shake Strain Done

Craft Cocktails at Home J. M. Hirsch ... Trouble is, most cocktail books are written by those people for those people, and their recipes reflect the same complexity we'll gladly shell out $15 for at the bar, but haven't a hope of ...


Author: J. M. Hirsch

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316428507

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Revolutionize the way you drink at home with simple recipes and common ingredients -- no obscure liquors or fussy techniques needed -- from the editorial director of Milk Street, J.M. Hirsch. Are you done with generic gin and tonics, mediocre Manhattans and basic martinis? You can use pantry staples and basic liquors to produce more than 200 game-changing craft cocktails worthy of a seat at the bar. Many cocktail books call for hard-to-find ingredients and complicated techniques that can frustrate home cocktail makers. Shake Strain Done shows a better way: If you can shake, strain, stir and turn on a blender, you can make great cocktails. No tedious secondary recipes hidden between the lines. No mysteries. You'll know what each drink will taste like before you pick up a bottle. No fancy equipment needed. A shaker, strainer and spoon are as exotic as it gets. The ingredients are mostly pantry and bar staples--things you already have on hand. Every drink is rated by its characteristics -- Warm, Refreshing, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Fruity, Herbal, Creamy, Spicy, Strong and Smoky -- to help expand your horizons and find more drinks to love. These are drinks with the sophistication of a high-end speakeasy, minus the fuss, like: The Sazerac 2.0 - a spice cabinet update that takes the classic back to its origins A new White Russian that lightens the load with coconut water instead of cream A grownup Singapore Sling that's fruity without tasting like fruit punch A Scorched Margarita that uses the broiler to char those lemons and limes A feisty new Gin and Tonic in which black pepper is the star ingredient And plenty of originals, like the Pooh Bear. Butter, honey and bourbon? Yes, please! And Mistakes Were Made, for tiki time

The Craft Cocktail Party

Just like good food, cocktails are best when shared—whether at your favorite neighborhood bar, at a four-star restaurant, or at home on a Tuesday night. The truth is that a good drink is never more than five minutes away; cocktails are ...


Author: Julie Reiner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455581603

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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A Craft Cocktail book for the rest of us by the top female mixologist in the country. Julie Reiner, the co-owner of The Clover Club in Brooklyn and The Flatiron Lounge in Manhattan, has written a book that provides inspiration for the rest of us, not only the cocktail geeks. She wants to balance the needs of the everyday drinker with those of the passionate mixologist. Recipes are organized around seasonality and occasion, with different events and themes appropriate to the specific time of the year. Each section will include a mixture of holiday-inspired drinks, classic cocktails, and innovative new drinks, all along with fun cocktail lore. Tricks, tips, and techniques -- such as batching and infusions, tools of the trade, notes on spirit types, and easy substitutions to utilize what you already have on hand -- will round out the amazing amount of information in Reiner's book.

Growing Your Own Cocktails Mocktails Teas Infusions

Craft. Cocktails. at. Home. If fancy mixed drinks are your tipple of choice, there's no need to leave the house to imbibe. Craft cocktails are now coming to your mailbox. As meal kits have gained market share, cocktail subscription ...


Author: Jodi Helmer

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

ISBN: 9781620083840

Category: Gardening


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There’s nothing quite like a thirst-quenching beverage, especially when it’s made with fresh ingredients you picked from your very own garden! This book will show you what leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and roots to grow in your garden so you can enjoy them from your glass. Filled with beautiful photography and helpful information how to plant, maintain, and harvest each home-grown ingredient, this gardening guide also includes delicious recipes for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy any time of the year! Also included is advice for making your own syrups, tinctures, and purees. Written by Jodi Hemler, author of Grow Your Own Tea Garden, this book will inspire both small and large space gardeners to enjoy their bounty in a refreshing new way! • An inspirational and instructional guide to growing your own cocktail or mocktail ingredients in your garden • Discover what leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and roots to grow for garden-to-glass cocktails • Learn how to plant, maintain, and harvest each fresh, home-grown ingredient • Includes cocktail recipes for a variety of drinks and mocktails, as well as helpful tips and a guide to making your own infusions, syrups, tinctures, and purees • An ideal resource for a small garden set-up

Handcrafted Bitters Simple Recipes for Artisanal Bitters and the Cocktails that Love Them

In today's hot landscape of celebrity mixologists and craft cocktails, you've likely used bitters when making yourself a cocktail at home or noticed them at your local establishment. But do you really understand the magic of bitters?


Author: Will Budiaman

Publisher: Callisto Media Inc.

ISBN: 9781623156312

Category: Cooking

Page: 190

View: 190

With more bitters recipes than any other book—and twice as many cocktail recipes to try them out—Handcrafted Bitters belongs on the shelf of every cocktail enthusiast, kitchen crafter, foodie, and happy drunk. An expert at simplifying professional techniques for the DIYer, Will Budiaman has created an easy-to-use and adventurous guide that provides all the tools needed to craft your own bitters and take your cocktails to the next level. Seasonal bitters and cocktail recipes, professional tips and tricks, and plenty of cocktail lore and wisdom demystify the art of making bitters at home. Complete with a foreword by Doug Dalton, owner of Future Bars—including San Francisco’s Bourbon & Branch, Local Edition, and Swig—and expert advice from the founders of Scrappy’s Bitters and Hella Bitters, Handcrafted Bitters is your complete guide to making your own bitters…and the cocktails that love them. Recipes include: Orange-Fennel Bitters, Habanero Bitters, Lemongrass Bitters, Rhubarb Bitters, Chocolate Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters, and more!