Crazy Sexy Diet

Infused with Kris Carr's signature sass, wit, and advice-from-the-trenches style, Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource that puts you on the fast track to vibrant health and happiness. This new journey into a realm vital ...


Author: Kris Carr

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762774524

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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The author of the best-selling Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor takes on the crazy sexy subject of what and how we eat, drink, and think. On the heels of Kris Carr’s best-selling cancer survival guidebooks and her acclaimed TLC documentary comes her new journey into a realm vital to anyone’s health. Infused with her signature sass, wit and advice-from-the-trenches style, Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource that puts you on the fast track to vibrant health, happiness and a great ass! Along with help from her posse of experts, Carr lays out the fundamentals of her Crazy Sexy Diet: a low-glycemic, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing the pH of the body with lush whole and raw foods, nourishing organic green drinks, and scrumptious smoothies. Plus, she shares the steps of her own twenty-one-day cleanse, and simple but delectable sample recipes. In ten chapters with titles such as, “pHabulous,” “Coffee, Cupcakes and Cocktails,” “Make Juice Not War,” and “God-Pod Glow,” Carr empowers readers to move from a state of constant bodily damage control to one of renewal and repair. In addition to debunking common diet myths and sharing vital tips on detoxifying our bodies and psyches—advice that draws both on her personal experience as a cancer survivor and that of experts—she provides helpful hints on natural personal care, how to stretch a dollar, navigate the grocery store, eating well on the run, and working through the inevitable pangs and cravings for your old not-so-healthy life. Crazy Sexy Diet is a must for anyone who seeks to be a confident and sexy wellness warrior.

Summary of Kris Carr Sheila Buff s Crazy Sexy Diet

#12 The Crazy Sexy Diet is flexible. You can eat this way regardless of whether you are a raw foodist, a strict vegetarian, or a vegan. The acidic portions of your diet can include some animal products, but once you read how detrimental ...


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Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 9798822512771

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The Crazy Sexy Diet is a low-fat, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing your body’s pH by eating more alkaline foods. By increasing the amount of alkaline foods you eat while decreasing acidic foods, you reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

Crazy Sexy Diet

Draws on the wisdom of medical experts to offer a low-glycemic, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing body pH with whole and raw foods, organic green drinks, and smoothies, and includes recipes and a twenty-one day body cleanse.


Author: Kris Carr

Publisher: skirt!

ISBN: 0762777931

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 230

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Draws on the wisdom of medical experts to offer a low-glycemic, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing body pH with whole and raw foods, organic green drinks, and smoothies, and includes recipes and a twenty-one day body cleanse.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

My previous book , Crazy Sexy Diet , is the " why " of healthy eating . It digs deep into the philosophy and science of my diet and lifestyle , with a sample recipe chapter near the end . Crazy Sexy Kitchen is the perfect sequel .


Author: Kris Carr

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401941055

Category: Cooking

Page: 289

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Start eating the crazy, sexy way: a nutrient-dense, plant-happy approach to eating and living that harmonizes your beautiful body at the cellular level! The woman who made prevention hot is now making it delicious! Crazy Sexy Kitchen, the follow-up to Kris Carr’s New York Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Diet, is a Veggie Manifesto for plant-empowered gourmands and novices alike, and it’s filled with inspiration, education, cooking tips, and over 150 nourishing, nosh-worthy recipes. Infused with her signature humor, style, and personal stories, Crazy Sexy Kitchen redefines the kitchen as headquarters for America’s wellness revolution. The goodness born in the Crazy Sexy Kitchen will reach deep into the rest of your life—enriching your health, your home, your heart, and the planet. Crazy Sexy Kitchen gives readers all the tools and know-how needed to adopt a joyful and vibrant Crazy Sexy Diet and Lifestyle. What is the Crazy Sexy Diet and Lifestyle, you ask? A nutrient-dense, plant-happy approach to eating and living that harmonizes your beautiful body at the cellular level. It’s a celebratory way of life that’s deeply connected, healthy, awake and engaged. Now that’s SEXY! Like a long, luxurious meal, Crazy Sexy Kitchen is laid out in courses. You’ll start with a detailed review of the Crazy Sexy Diet. Next you’ll learn how to stock your culinary arsenal. Kris will show you how to find the best kitchen tools and equipment, and prep you with basic culinary skills and lingo. Handy symbols like, gluten-free, soy-free, kid-friendly—and for the time pressed—Crazy Sexy Quickies, help you to easily identify the recipes that are perfect for your dietary needs. Not sure how to put a whole meal together? No problem. Crazy Sexy Kitchen covers that, too—with a hearty dose of menu plans and recipes to inspire and delight. Joined by Whole Foods chef, Chad Sarno, Crazy Sexy Kitchen offers over 150 delicious, nutrient-dense recipes designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. From juicing to planning a three-course meal, Crazy Sexy Kitchen has all the essentials to fill your kitchen (and life!) with health, happiness, family, friends, and good times.

Crazy Sexy Juice

100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health Kris Carr. What's the difference between option for folks who love to eat plant - rich juicing and blending ? If I had a diets but whose digestive systems are too ...


Author: Kris Carr

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401941536


Page: 329

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"Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Juice is a completely original, up-to-date, and colorful (of course!) guide to the wonderful world of fruit and vegetable elixirs. 100+ all-new recipes--developed especially for this book--contain superpowers ranging from immunity boosters, inflammation fighters, happiness helpers, longevity leaders, mood fixers, and booty enhancers. The all-green healthful tonics and fruity and refreshing potions are organized by function, including The Cleansers, The Healers, The Boosters, and The Beautifiers. Fiber-rich superfood smoothies are likewise categorized, as star pH Warriors, Body Boosters, Age Defiers, and Superheroes. A section on Nut Milks helps you get your protein power on. Not only are there enough recipes to keep your juicer and blender busy through every season, but Kris also addresses every concern you may have about juicing and blending. From selecting the right equipment for your needs and budget, to choosing and storing the most nutritious produce, she takes you through every aspect of the process--and helps make it a habit that sticks for life. Whether you're an old pro at making liquid magic or if you're just starting out, you will experience juicing and blending as a fun and delicious journey into the healing powers of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds. Here's what else you can expect from this essential, concise (crazy, sexy) reference: Flavor combinations that tantalize your palate; Tips for blending and juicing on the go; Handy lists of helpful kitchen tools; The 411 on alkalinity and why it's important; A pick of the crop nutrient guide Handy substitutions for food sensitivities; Hints on handling mental and emotional hurdles that come with change; Plus an easy 3-day cleanse and so much more. Drink your veggies. Change your life. Join Kris Carr on yet another adventure in health, happiness, and the delicious food that can make a powerful impact on your overall vitality. Cheers!"--

Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

The resulting book is a warm, yet informative tool for any woman newly diagnosed with the disease and for those who love them.


Author: Kris Carr

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781599217239

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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The ultimate girlfriends guide to kicking cancer's tail. Part memoir, part tips, tricks and secrets, this handbook will educate you and make you feel like you're not alone. The Learning Channel broadcast the premiere of Carr's unforgettable documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer on August 29, 2007.

A Plant Based Life

Her dissertation research focuses on food waste and plant-based meals in the National School Meal programs, with the goal of informing policies that promote long-term health and food system sustainability. Kris Carr is a New York Times ...


Author: Micaela Karlsen

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814437087

Category: Cooking

Page: 353

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More people than ever are eating a whole-food, plant-based diet. Studies show that it is better for our bodies and better for the planet, but it isn't always easy. Whether you're taking your first steps on this path to wellness or recommitting yourself to success, author Micaela Cook Karlsen clearly maps the way. Her program enables you to set your own pace and stay the course--without relying on willpower. Drawing on personal experience and the latest research, A Plant-Based Life reveals how to: Find and sustain your motivation Gradually add more whole, plant foods into your diet Break old food addictions and establish new habits Translate favorite recipes to create delicious, nourishing meals Reshape your food environment (at home, at work, and on the go) to make healthy eating a no-brainer Cultivate relationships that celebrate and support your new lifestyle Especially valuable are directions for navigating roadblocks. You'll find strategies for getting family members on board and for allaying friends' concerns about your food choices with evidence-based nutrition information. Take advantage of shopping tips, pantry lists, menu plans, and more than 100 mouth watering recipes, with contributions from plant-based leaders. If your goal is a healthier, more energized life, make A Plant-Based Life your personal GPS. The journey will be more satisfying than you ever imagined.

River of Words

Her name is Kris Carr, she has cancer, and she wants to rock your world. The former actress got an ... Two weeks later, she started a video diary, which became the TLC documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. Carr explored every form of ...


Author: Nina Shengold

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 9781438434278

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An intimate group portrait of contemporary Hudson Valley writers.

Got Inspiration

Kris Carr's success is inspirational. Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare cancer when she was a young woman. ... Her second and third books, Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor and Crazy Sexy Diet, were published in 2008 and 2011.


Author: Lisa Head

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781646288670

Category: Self-Help

Page: 544

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Inspiration can be found every day in people, places, and things around each of us. This book can help you explore the inspiration around us. Reading these daily doses of inspiration can add positivity to your day and aid you in following your personal inspiration and achieving your goals. Inspiration can be explored and used as a powerful tool for your mind. The 365 daily doses of inspiration explored here can lead to personal inspiration and bright days for you!

If You Could Talk to an Angel

Website : Kris Carr is a multi - week New York Times best - selling author , speaker , and wellness activist . She is the subject and director of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer , which premiered at the SXSW Film ...


Author: Gerry Gavin

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401947507

Category: Angels

Page: 193

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If you had the opportunity to sit down in your living room with an angel, what would you want to know? If you could have heavenly advice on your most urgent questions, what would you ask? Gerry Gavin posed this prospect to fans of his first book, Messages from Margaret; on his radio show; and to leading visionairies in the mind-body-spirit world, including Mike Dooley, Kris Carr, Pam Grout, Nick Ortner, Colette Baron-Reid, davidji, John Holland, and Meggan Watterson. They responded with questions about angels, the afterlife, and reincarnation, but also questions about animal companions, relationships, life purpose, and manifestation. In If You Could Talk to an Angel, Margaret tackles all of these topics with her trademark humor, offering advice and breaking down even the most difficult subjects in an easy-to-understand manner.