Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition

Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition was previously published as Awakening the Hidden Storyteller . ISBN 0-87483-565-8 5 1995 > AUGUST HAUSE ...


Author: Robin Moore

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874835658

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 138

View: 341

Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition focuses on telling stories at home with the family. Moore guides the reader through a series of voyages that help assemble a storyteller's tool kit from inner (memory, imagination, and visualization) and outer (voice, gesture, and movement) tools.

The Storyteller s Start up Book

Using Traditional Storytelling in the Home Allison , Christine . ... the Hidden Storyteller : How to Build a Storytelling Tradition in Your Family .


Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874833043

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 215

View: 636

Offers tips for beginning storytellers on getting started, collecting stories, networking with other storytellers, and deciding on a performance style

The Whole Story Handbook

Awakening the Hidden Storyteller : How to Build a Storytelling Tradition in Your Family . Berkeley , CA : Shambhala , 1991 ; reprinted as Creating a Family ...


Author: Carol L. Birch

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874835666

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 128

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Reading a story silently is a private act; hearing one told aloud is a communal act. Like musical scores that come to life when played, stories take on an added dimension when shared aurally. Carol Birch - storyteller, children's librarian, and teacher - tackles the slippery topic of the difference between memorizing a written story, reciting it aloud, telling it directly and engagingly to a group of listeners.

Crash Course in Storytelling

Awakening the Hidden Storyteller: Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition. Little Rock, AR: August House, 1999. Norden, Catherine.


Author: Kendall F. Haven

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1591583993

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 120

View: 525

A guide for librarians discusses a variety of techniques to engage young listeners and make stories interesting and exciting, including such topics as how to encourage audience participation and how to choose a story.

Story Listening and Experience in Early Childhood

Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition, Awakening the Hidden Storyteller Parkinson, Rob. Storytelling and Imagination. Beyond Basic Literacy 8-14 ...


Author: Donna Schatt

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030653583

Category: Child development


View: 826

This book shows connections between oral story listening and unique, enduring educational effects in and outside of the classroom. Using scientific studies and interviews, as well as personal observations from more than thirty years in schools and libraries, the authors examine learning outcomes from frequent story listening. Throughout the book, Schatt and Ryan illustrate that experiencing stories told entirely from memory transforms individuals and builds community, affecting areas such as reading comprehension, visualization, focus, flow states, empathy, attachment, and theory of mind.


Tell Me Another: Storytelling and Reading Aloud at Home, at School, ... Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition: Awakening the Hidden Storyteller.


Author: Josepha Sherman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317459385

Category: History

Page: 910

View: 817

Storytelling is an ancient practice known in all civilizations throughout history. Characters, tales, techniques, oral traditions, motifs, and tale types transcend individual cultures - elements and names change, but the stories are remarkably similar with each rendition, highlighting the values and concerns of the host culture. Examining the stories and the oral traditions associated with different cultures offers a unique view of practices and traditions."Storytelling: An Encyclopedia of Mythology and Folklore" brings past and present cultures of the world to life through their stories, oral traditions, and performance styles. It combines folklore and mythology, traditional arts, history, literature, and festivals to present an overview of world cultures through their liveliest and most fascinating mode of expression. This appealing resource includes specific storytelling techniques as well as retellings of stories from various cultures and traditions.

Just Enough to Make a Story

In Awakening the Hidden Storyteller : How to Build a Storytelling Tradition in Your Family ( Shambhala , 1991 ) , Robin Moore tells how to use simple ...


Author: Nancy Schimmel

Publisher: Sisters' Choice

ISBN: 093216403X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 57

View: 683

Offers advice on selecting material, preparing oneself and the audience, and presenting stories

Family Stories and the Life Course

Storytelling can be entertaining, both for the listener and for the storyteller, and can create a connection between the two. Family history also can be ...


Author: Michael W. Pratt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135632472

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 450

View: 664

This edited book draws from work that focuses on the act of telling family stories, as well as their content and structure. The process of telling family stories is linked to central aspects of development, including language acquisition, affect regulation, and family interaction patterns. This book extends across traditional developmental psychology, personality theory, and family studies. Drawing broadly on the epigenetic framework for individual development articulated by Erik Erikson, as well as on conceptions of the family life cycle, the editors bring together contemporary examples of psychological research on family stories and their implications for development and change at different points in the life course. The book is divided into sections that focus on family stories at different points in the life cycle, from early childhood and the beginnings of narrative skill, through adolescence, young adulthood, midlife, and then mature adulthood and its intergenerational meaning. During each of these periods of the life cycle, research focusing on individual development within an Eriksonian framework of ego strengths and virtues is highlighted. The dynamic role of family stories is also featured here, with work exploring the links between family process, intergenerational attachment, and storytelling. Sociocultural theories that emphasize how such development is situated in the wider cultural context are also featured in several chapters. This broad lifespan developmental focus serves to integrate the exciting diversity of this work and foster further questions and research in the emerging field of family narrative. The book is intended primarily for researchers and advanced-level students in the fields of developmental and personality psychology, as well as those in family studies and in gerontology. It may also be of interest to those in the helping professions who are concerned with family therapy and family issues, and may--due to its content and illustrative material--have appeal to a wider market of the lay public. The chapters are written in a readily accessible style and the analyses are presented in a fairly non-technical way. Because family stories are charted across the lifespan, it would be a suitable companion book to a more traditional lifespan textbook in certain courses.

Engaging Theories in Family Communication

Making Stories, Doing Family Kristin M. Langellier and Eric E. Peterson Families tell ... Intellectual Tradition of Narrative Performance Theory Narrative ...


Author: Dawn O. Braithwaite

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351790673

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 356

View: 447

Engaging Theories in Family Communication, Second Edition delves deeply into the key theories in family communication, focusing on theories originating both within the communication discipline and in allied disciplines. Contributors write in their specific areas of expertise, resulting in an exceptional resource for scholars and students alike, who seek to understand theories spanning myriad topics, perspectives, and approaches. Designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying family communication, this text is also relevant for scholars and students of personal relationships, interpersonal communication, and family studies. This second edition includes 16 new theories and an updated study of the state of family communication. Each chapter follows a common pattern for easy comparison between theories.

The SAGE Handbook of Family Communication

Since stories are the fundamental way for organizing and expressing identity, making sense of lives, and coping with difficult experiences, ...


Author: Lynn H. Turner

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483324029

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 504

View: 804

A thorough exploration of the critical topics and issues facing family communication researchers today The Sage Handbook of Family Communication provides a comprehensive examination of family communication theory and research. Chapters by leading scholars in family communication expand the definition of family, address recent shifts in culture, and cover important new topics, including families in crisis, families and governmental policies, social media, and extended families. The combination of groundbreaking theories, research methods, and reviews of foundational and emerging research in family communication make this an invaluable resource that explores the critical topics and issues facing family communication researchers today.

Inviting the Wolf in

Thinking about the Difficult Story Loren Niemi, Elizabeth Ellis ... ISBN 0-87483-454-6 Creating a Family Storytelling Tradition Awakening the Hidden ...


Author: Loren Niemi

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874836565

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

View: 904

A difficult story is any story whose content makes it challenging to tell or difficult to hear. Told for the wrong reasons, it can be as painful for the listener as for the teller. But as we know from literature and media from Sophie's Choice to The Sixth Sense, told properly, a difficult story can powerfully alter not only he who tells it, but those who hear it.

Global Cosmopolitans

Voices from the Past: Family Stories as Role Models In 1947, when British colonial ... he is creating new family stories that will pass the tradition of ...


Author: Linda Brimm

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230230781

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 252

View: 560

Discover how the most sucessful international leaders got to where they are today, and why being truly global in today's economy is so important

Encyclopedia of American Folklife

and gay families may not have family role models to follow, so they must create their own traditions, symbols, and meanings. These new customs could be a ...


Author: Simon J Bronner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317471950

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 731

View: 260

American folklife is steeped in world cultures, or invented as new culture, always evolving, yet often practiced as it was created many years or even centuries ago. This fascinating encyclopedia explores the rich and varied cultural traditions of folklife in America - from barn raisings to the Internet, tattoos, and Zydeco - through expressions that include ritual, custom, crafts, architecture, food, clothing, and art. Featuring more than 350 A-Z entries, "Encyclopedia of American Folklife" is wide-ranging and inclusive. Entries cover major cities and urban centers; new and established immigrant groups as well as native Americans; American territories, such as Guam and Samoa; major issues, such as education and intellectual property; and expressions of material culture, such as homes, dress, food, and crafts. This encyclopedia covers notable folklife areas as well as general regional categories. It addresses religious groups (reflecting diversity within groups such as the Amish and the Jews), age groups (both old age and youth gangs), and contemporary folk groups (skateboarders and psychobillies) - placing all of them in the vivid tapestry of folklife in America. In addition, this resource offers useful insights on folklife concepts through entries such as "community and group" and "tradition and culture." The set also features complete indexes in each volume, as well as a bibliography for further research.

Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children

Connor, the Superhero (Story 4) creating your own helping stories 35, 40 story ... 60, 64 storytelling tradition 22 family biographical stories 38–40 family ...


Author: Kim Golding

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9780857009616

Category: Psychology

Page: 176

View: 961

Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children is full of creative ideas for how you can use stories therapeutically with children in counselling, life story work or direct work. Psychologist Kim S. Golding shows how you can use stories to build connections with children aged 4–16 and support their recovery from trauma and stress. She illustrates the techniques with 21 stories adapted from her own clinical work with children and families, and explains how you can expand or adapt them to make them more relevant for a particular child. Advice and stories are arranged into sections dealing with common psychological issues, including looking back and moving on, lack of trust and need for attention. Golding also gives invaluable tips for planning stories and life story work, and for storymaking with children. She also describes how stories can be used therapeutically with parents of traumatized children and as a tool for self-reflection by counsellors. Imaginative and practical, this book will be enormously useful for counsellors, psychologists, therapists and social workers working with traumatized children, and will also be helpful for parents and carers involved in therapeutic parenting.

Dad Tell Me a Story

"Dad, Tell Me a Story" is ideal for all parents who wish to enrich family time by creating a storytelling tradition at home.


Author: John T. McCormick


ISBN: 0981863655


Page: 154

View: 321

"Dad, Tell Me a Story" is ideal for all parents who wish to enrich family time by creating a storytelling tradition at home. With candor and charm, John McCormick shows how one everyday dad created nightly stories with his young boys, weaving bits of their daily lives into a memorable collection of bedtime tales. "Dad, Tell Me a Story" offers valuable guidance on how to make up stories with your own children, while sharing parenting insights reflecting the wonder and joy of raising kids. Learn how the magic of storytelling can give your children the unforgettable gift of spending time with you in the world of make believe. (Ages 5 to 11). For more information about storytelling with children, visit

Strengthening Family Coping Resources

Families construct and share stories to create an identity as a unit. ... Families tell stories to record their history and preserve the memories of ...


Author: Laurel Kiser

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317860037

Category: Psychology

Page: 284

View: 670

Strengthening Family Coping Resources (SFCR) uses a skill-building, multi-family group framework to teach constructive resources to families who have a high exposure to stress and trauma. As an intervention for high-risk families, SFCR can cause a reduction in symptoms of traumatic distress and behavior problems and help families demonstrate higher functioning. The SFCR manual is based on a systemic, family approach and uses empirically-supported trauma treatment that focuses on family ritual, storytelling, and narration, which improves communication and understanding within family members. The manual is organized into three accessible parts: • Part 1 details the theoretical and empirical foundations of SFCR • Part 2 focuses on implementation and the clinical guidelines for conducting SFCR • Part 3 contains session guidelines focused on the multi-family group versions of SFCR Each session included in the intervention is structured according to specific guidelines, and instructions provide examples of what facilitators might say to a group. Formed through the input of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and anthropologists, Strengthening Family Coping Resources will help you reduce the symptoms of traumatic stress disorders and increase coping resources in children, adult caregivers, and the family system. It also provides a novel approach to addressing co-occurring traumatic reactions in multiple family members by including developmentally appropriate skill-building activities that are reinforced with family practice. For anyone working with families in a therapeutic capacity, this manual is a must-have resource.

The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity

clues to re-create the story images in their own minds. ... Awakening the Hidden Storyteller: How to Build a Storytelling Tradition in Your Family (Boston: ...


Author: R. Paul Stevens

Publisher: Graceworks

ISBN: 9789811188473

Category: Religion

Page: 1174

View: 437

“I am thrilled to know that The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity is being relaunched. A well-worn first edition of this book sits next to my office desk and I consult it often. There is no better collection of everyday issues examined from a Christian perspective. A wide variety of topics are addressed with a cleverly balanced combination of academic and practical perspectives, informed by thoughtful biblical and theological reflection. This is a wonderfully useful tool. I am pleased that it will be available to resource a new generation of Christians who are eager to understand more about what it means to follow Christ in every aspect of life.” — Alistair Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer: School of Theology, Mission and Ministry, Laidlaw College, Christchurch, New Zealand. Also Director of Faith at Work (NZ)

Family Storytelling

Negotiating Identities, Teaching Lessons, and Making Meaning Jody Koenig Kellas. Having a long complex family history of T2DM does not assure that family ...


Author: Jody Koenig Kellas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135704957

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 6

View: 862

Stories and storytelling are one of the primary ways that families and family members make sense of both everyday and difficult events, create a sense of individual and group identity, remember, connect generations, and establish guidelines for family behavior. With so many important functions, storytelling is a significant but still understudied communicative process for the family. Family Storytelling focuses on the ways in which stories are told in and about family in order to provide insight into the processes, functions, and consequences of family storytelling. This collection of empirical articles illuminates various ways in which family storytelling affects and reflects the negotiation of individual and relational identity in the family, teaches important family lessons, and helps members make sense of and cope with difficulty. Each of these functions is explored through both scientific and interpretive investigations, thus showcasing the contributions that research on family storytelling from different paradigms make to our understanding of the family. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Family Communication.

More Than Money

Every wealth creation event has a story behind it, and it is in those stories we find the seeds that have germinated and blossomed into a family history and ...


Author: Michael A. Cole

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119264804

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 336

A new, more comprehensive approach to long-term family wealth management More Than Money provides a high-level, integrated approach to preserving both financial resources and family harmony. Research has shown a failure rate of 70 percent in long-term multigenerational wealth management, and contrary to popular assumption, only five percent of that failure is due to bad investment, poor tax planning, or inadequate performance by legal and financial advisors. The number-one reason family wealth management fails is the family itself; poor communication, lack of trust, divergent visions, and a failure to prepare succeeding generations will tear down the resources the family has worked so hard to build. Traditional wealth management cannot fix this. Instead, this book offers a fresh approach that integrates strategic and tactical wealth management to align the family’s assets with the family members. With helpful tools and advice drawn from a real-world understanding of family complexities, you’ll improve your ability to preserve your family’s resources over multiple generations. With an expert’s perspective on the real forces behind successful family wealth management, this book provides a clear model and a practical roadmap for long-term financial preservation. Develop a shared family vision and mission Improve communication and trust among members Merge strategic and tactical planning Ensure the longevity of your family’s wealth The wealth management sphere tends to focus on taxes, investments, banking, and estate planning, but little thought is given to the people themselves—this overlooks the fact that individual family members are the most critical factor in multigenerational wealth management, and fails to provide solutions. More Than Money merges traditional strategies with family dynamics, communication, governance, and preparation to help your resources last for generations to come.

The English Short Story in Canada

... Trickster Stories/(Re-)Creating history, fantastic Stories/Parables, and family Stories. king effectively combines elements of the (originally white) ...


Author: Reingard M. Nischik

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476668598

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 109

 “Nischik has written another landmark study…the book is likely to give the sort of pleasure experienced when reuniting with a friend of long standing, whose conversation is sure to delight and enlighten in equal measure. The volume forms a tightly-knit whole, packed with information”—Canadian Literature “Here is as thorough and detailed an overview of the Canadian short story in English as might be found, tracing its trajectory broadly while also highlighting well-chosen examples by the form’s most eminent practitioners.”—Robert Thacker, Professor of Canadian Studies and English, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York “Nischik’s book is the most comprehensive work on the Canadian short story out there. It provides an excellent overview of the genre’s development and prevalent themes as well as close readings of individual stories…a must-read for anyone involved with Canadian short fiction.”—Caroline Rosenthal, President of the Association of Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries and Professor of American Studies at the University of Jena, Germany “Nischik lucidly analyzes the evolution, breadth, and finesse of Canada’s national art form. This important study celebrates the formidable contributions of well-known authors and introduces readers to the next generation of Canadian short-story writers.”—Marlene Goldman, Professor of English, University of Toronto, Canada “This is an important book by one of our foremost scholars on the Canadian short story and will prove invaluable to both scholars and students alike.”—J. Brooks Bouson, Professor of English, Loyola University Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, the Nobel Prize for Literature was for the first time awarded to a short story writer, and to a Canadian, Alice Munro. The award focused international attention on a genre that had long been thriving in Canada, particularly since the 1960s. This book traces the development and highlights of the English-language Canadian short story from the late 19th century up to the present. The history as well as the theoretical approaches to the genre are covered, with in-depth examination of exemplary stories by prominent writers such as Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro.