Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises

There are numerous clearing methods available to the plant anatomist. All have the same objective, i.e., to render the majority of the plant cells transparent by extracting most of their contents so that certain internal structures can ...


Author: R. Larry Peterson

Publisher: NRC Research Press

ISBN: 9780660197982

Category: Plant anatomy

Page: 165

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This easy-to-follow, full-colour guide was created for instructors teaching plant structure at the high school, college, and university levels. It benefits from the experience of the authors, who in teaching plant anatomy over many years, came to realize that students learn best by preparing their own microscope slides from fresh plant samples. The exercises contained in this book have been tested, require minimal supplies and equipment, and use plants that are readily available. Detailed instructions are given for sectioning and staining of plant material. The book contains a glossary of terms, an index, and a list of suppliers of materials required. A CD-ROM of all the illustrations is included for easy downloading into PowerPoint presentations. "Although a number of new plant anatomy texts have been published in recent years, none is as innovative, exciting and user-friendly as "Teaching Plant Anatomy Through Creative Laboratory Exercises" by Peterson, Peterson and Melville. What makes this book so usable from high school biology courses on through to upper level university plant structure labs is the wealth of experience that the authors have incorporated into this comprehensive clearly illustrated text. Using mostly photomicrographs of hand sections and wonderfully clear colour illustrations, they cover all aspects of plant structure from organelles to organs. The book also outlines some easy to use techniques, such as hand sections and clearings and macerations, which will certainly be very useful for any plant related lab. This book really does bring plant anatomy to life and will be a must for any course that deals with plant structure even if it's just to prepare plant material for molecular techniques. An excellent contribution to any botanical teaching where you want your students to get a hands-on approach to the subject."... Dr. Usher Posluszny, University of Guelph

Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit

... Health 79 The Bio-Accoustic Gaian Matrix 80 Environmental Uses of Sound 82 Sound for Space Clearing 83 Mantras 85 Chapter ... with Your Co-Creative Team 114 The accompanying CD serves as a guided meditation of the clearing process.


Author: Christan Hummel

Publisher: Space Clearing Kit

ISBN: 9780975479308


Page: 57

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The CD which comes with the Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing book is a guided meditation of the clearing processes outlined in the book.

Social and Critical Practice in Art Education

Four members of the research team developed the theoretical notion of feminist - hermeneutics in the Museum Clearing through a series of creative projects engaging early years pupils with the Horniman anthropology collection and the ...


Author: Dennis Atkinson

Publisher: Trentham Books

ISBN: 1858563119

Category: Education

Page: 168

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Essays describe how art can be used to explore cultural, social, and personal issues with students.

Connecting to Creativity

Ten Keys to Unlocking Your Creative Potential Elizabeth Weil Bergmann, Elizabeth O. Colton. space is when your Clearing all of these lets you open up a special space for creativity — your creative space . Clearing mental mind is cleared ...


Author: Elizabeth Weil Bergmann

Publisher: Capital Books Incorporated

ISBN: 1892123096

Category: Self-Help

Page: 133

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Creativity is the key to success, but it's a hard key to turn for most people. This book offers a proven 10-step program for unleashing its power at home and at work.

10 Practical Guidelines to Motivate Yourself

Be Creative Perhaps nothing is more stimulating to one's mind than to be creative. ... putting mind in the neutral gear, taking time out for creativity, clearing your mind from distractions, building your self-esteem, and brainstorming.


Author: Dr Irfan Amir

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781783332427

Category: Self-Help

Page: 154

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Practical tips and unique insights on self motivation. The ten-factor listing is based entirely on author’s own thoughts. The guidelines will help increase level of motivation enabling one to be more productive. The content also has the potential for making readers reassess their worldview. Another key benefit could be achieving higher levels of motivation while at the same time gaining peace of mind and solace which, in turn, could increase one’s ability to achieve yet greater levels of motivation, serving as a valuable self-reinforcing mechanism. Each of the ten factors is dealt with in a three-step process. First, the factor is defined. Second, its link with motivation is explained. Third, detailed practical tips are given to help reader adopt the required skill.

Instant Healing

... but he was really surprised when he came back into full awareness. He had been so involved in remaking the dream that he never even noticed his back pain had disappeared. CREATIVE CLEARING The technique I call creative clearing ...


Author: Serge Kahili King

Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials

ISBN: 9781250252999

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Harness the power of Hawaiian Shamanism to rapidly heal yourself using the power of your body, energy, and mind. Our bodies and minds are inextricably woven together in a complex and powerful way. In Instant Healing: Mastering the Way of the Hawaiian Shaman Using Words, Images, Touch, and Energy, readers will learn how to explore and strengthen that connection to promote wellness. Using the wisdom of Hawaiian shamanism, author Serge Kahili King offers a radical path towards drug-free healing. All forms of injury—whether mental or physical, from disease, trauma, or illness— incur physical tension and stress. King offers a radical reinterpretation by showing that this physical tension and stress is not the result of the injury or disharmony, but rather the cause of it. By working to eliminate this root stress readers can achieve physical and mental healing for themselves without resorting to invasive methods. Written in a jargon-free and easily accessible style, Instant Healing will teach you to use the power of words, the power of imagination, the power of touch, and the power of energy to aide in the healing of all types of ailments. This 20th anniversary edition includes a new introduction featuring a bonus healing technique. The book also features a special section on emergency techniques that can be used with a minimum of explanation to bring rapid relief. Instant Healing will transform the way you consider your body and empower you to take control in a new way.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

In Best and Thomas (2007) we suggested that, in order to prosper, creative processes require certain conditions (see Figure 3.2). ... Figure 3.2 The conditions for creativity Clearing the mindscape for creativity.


Author: Steve Padget

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415692830

Category: Education

Page: 146

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Creativity and critical thinking are central to effective teaching and learning and have a significant impact on students' attainment, engagement, attendance and behaviour. This book draws on recent research and policy to provide teachers with a clear framework for understanding creativity and critical thinking and practically demonstrates how they can be incorporated into classroom practice.

End of Art Philosophy in Hegel Nietzsche and Danto

It is only through recognition of nihilism that the creative power to craft a story of one's life that makes it the best ... Danto sees nihilism as a precondition for creativity, clearing the way for the drive of will: Will-to-Power ...


Author: Stephen Snyder

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319940724

Category: Philosophy

Page: 301

View: 234

This book examines the little understood end-of-art theses of Hegel, Nietzsche, and Danto. The end-of-art claim is often associated with the end of a certain standard of taste or skill. However, at a deeper level, it relates to a transformation in how we philosophically understand our relation to the ‘world’. Hegel, Nietzsche, and Danto each strive philosophically to overcome Cartesian dualism, redrawing the traditional lines between mind and matter. Hegel sees the overcoming of the material in the ideal, Nietzsche levels the two worlds into one, and Danto divides the world into representing and non-representing material. These attempts to overcome dualism necessitate notions of the self that differ significantly from traditional accounts; the redrawn boundaries show that art and philosophy grasp essential but different aspects of human existence. Neither perspective, however, fully grasps the duality. The appearance of art’s end occurs when one aspect is given priority: for Hegel and Danto, it is the essentialist lens of philosophy, and, in Nietzsche’s case, the transformative power of artistic creativity. Thus, the book makes the case that the end-of-art claim is avoided if a theory of art links the internal practice of artistic creation to all of art’s historical forms.

Creative Action in Organizations

For example , banks daily face the overwhelming problem of clearing everyone's checks — literally millions of checks received from and going to thousands of banks all over the continent . To facilitate the exchange , all checks are ...


Author: Cameron M. Ford

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 080395350X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 428

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Between ivory tower academics and reality

Creative Teaching in Health

The health instructor should meet the challenges presented in creative teaching by thinking beyond the realm of pure ... Finally , the creative teacher must recognize the need for creativity in all men . ... Clearing House , vol .


Author: Donald A. Read

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015007425773

Category: Health education

Page: 436

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