The Blue Demon

'Or maybe the Blue Demon. Who knows?' 'Thereisno Blue Demon, Andrea. Therenever was.We invented all that stuff,remember? Your oldman came upwiththe ... The Blue Demon's real. I know.' This was crazy. Petrakis was crazy. 'Listen tome.


Author: David Hewson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230749641

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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The Blue Demon is the eighth in the Nic Costa series, David Hewson's detective novels of love and death in the Eternal City. Twenty years ago, a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans, and leaving in their wake a group of dead students, a murdered couple, a cryptic message and a kidnapped child. Now, the leaders of the G8 are descending on Rome for a summit at the Quirinale Palace. But when a politician is found ritually murdered, seemingly by a strange young man dressed as an Etruscan god, detective Nic Costa suspects that the old case was never really solved. The Blue Demon appear to have returned - and planning, under the leadership of the fanatical Andrea Petrakis, to unleash a devastating sequence of attacks on the city. As Costa and his team start to dig deeper into the past, they find that there are still too many unanswered questions – and much more to the history of the Blue Demon than anyone wants to admit . . .

Pink Gods and Blue Demons

Cynthia Stockley Pink Gods and Blue Demons 1st Edition | ISBN: 978-3-75242-678-6 Place of Publication: Frankfurt am Main, Germany Year of Publication: 2020 Outlook Verlag GmbH, Germany. Reproduction of the original.


Author: Cynthia Stockley

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752426786

Category: Fiction

Page: 72

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Reproduction of the original: Pink Gods and Blue Demons by Cynthia Stockley

Of Demons and Blue Moons

3 – one of The Seven shadow demons created by the first Succubus, Lilith. They are endowed with great powers and cunning in order to bring about Hölle auf Erden (Hell on Earth) through the subtle possession of national figures****.


Author: Andy Farman


ISBN: 9781326374600

Category: Fiction

Page: 460

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Meet the Moon Cursed Princess, 'Fae', aka Princess Aimee Adrianna of the Guardian Rings. Warrior, adventurer, demon slayer, closet witch and overt hedonist, an almost-hell-born, time-slipping Faerie, with a hell hound and a succubus for absentee parents. Scott Bennett, an invalided Royal Marine turned London cabbie, with a demonic price on his head for having saved Fae from rape and killing her shadow-like attacker, one of 'The Seven', the most terrible denizens of Hell. Holle auf Erden, Hell on Earth, is coming and the only way to stop it is to keep Fae alive while she hunts down the rest of The Seven. ........................................................ ""I did you an injustice, Princess, and I do not know how to apologise." "Well oddly enough, I can think of a way to make amends," The G-string slithered down. "Would you do me a great favour by changing, one simply adores the sensation of warm fur between her thighs?""

The Demon Under the Microscope

Das Blut ist ein ganz besonderer Saft " ( The blood is an absolutely remarkable fluid ) Goethe wrote in Faust . The German focus on blood as a combination of mythic symbol , political ideology , and biological mystery was long ...


Author: Thomas Hager

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307352286

Category: Science

Page: 352

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In The Demon Under the Microscope, Thomas Hager chronicles the dramatic history of sulfa, the first antibiotic and the drug that shaped modern medicine. The Nazis discovered it. The Allies won the war with it. It conquered diseases, changed laws, and single-handedly launched the era of antibiotics. Sulfa saved millions of lives—among them those of Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.—but its real effects are even more far reaching. Sulfa changed the way new drugs were developed, approved, and sold; transformed the way doctors treated patients; and ushered in the era of modern medicine. The very concept that chemicals created in a lab could cure disease revolutionized medicine, taking it from the treatment of symptoms and discomfort to the eradication of the root cause of illness. A strange and colorful story, The Demon Under the Microscope illuminates the vivid characters, corporate strategy, individual idealism, careful planning, lucky breaks, cynicism, heroism, greed, hard work, and the central (though mistaken) idea that brought sulfa to the world. This is a fascinating scientific tale with all the excitement and intrigue of a great suspense novel.

Demons and the Devil in Ancient and Medieval Christianity

Alle diese sozialen Kontexte der Satanssymbolik entsprechen nicht dem Kern der biblischen Satansvorstellung: der Absage an eine sich religiös verklärende Macht, die das Blut der Märtyrer in Kauf nimmt. Die Satanssymbolik stellt den ...


Author: Nienke Vos

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004208056

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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This collection of essays analyzes the role of demons and the devil in ancient and medieval Christianity. Proceeding from a variety of scholarly perspectives—historical, philosophical and theological, as well as philological, liturgical and theoretical—the volume’s diverse approach matches the complexity of its chosen theme.

Mexploitation Cinema

be accused of a certain degree of ruthlessness as a film producer: when Blue Demon su›ered a serious head injury in the ... Needless to say, most of Blue Demon's and Mil Máscaras' films were virtual carbon copies of the popular Santo ...


Author: Doyle Greene

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786422012

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 202

View: 124

Thanks in large part to an exploitation film producer and distributor named K. Gordon Murray, a unique collection of horror films from Mexico began to appear on American late-night television and drive-in screens in the 1960s. Ranging from monster movies clearly owing to the heyday of Universal Studios to the lucha libre horror films featuring El Santo and the "Wrestling Women," these low-budget "Mexploitation" films offer plenty of campy fun and still inspire cult devotion, yet they also reward close study in surprising ways. This work places Mexploitation films in their historical and cultural context and provides close textual readings of a representative sample, showing how they can be seen as important documents in the cultural debate over Mexico's past, present and future. Stills accompany the text, and a selected filmography and bibliography complete the volume.

The Mexican Masked Wrestler and Monster Filmography

The first Blue Demon–starring film, for better orworse, illustrated both the fu- ture series' strong points and shortcomings ... Both El Santo's and Blue Demon's film debuts were low-budget a›airs, but El Santo was sailing in relatively ...


Author: Robert Michael “Bobb” Cotter

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476604190

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

View: 569

Any on-screen schmuck can take down a wolfman with a silver bullet. It takes a certain kind of hero to hoist that wolfman overhead into an airplane spin, follow with a body slam, drop an atomic elbow across his mangy neck, leg-lock him until he howls, and pin his furry back to the mat for a three-count. It takes a Mexican masked wrestler. Add a few half-naked vampire women, Aztec mummies, mad scientists, evil midgets from space, and a goateed Frankenstein monster, and you have just some of the elements of Mexican masked wrestler and monster movies, certainly among the most bizarre, surreal and imaginative films ever produced. This filmography features some of the oddest cinematic showdowns ever concocted—Mexican masked wrestlers battling monsters, evil geniuses and other ne’er-do-wells, be it in caves, cobwebbed castles or in the ring. From the 1950s to the 1970s, these movies were staples of Mexican cinema, combining action, horror, sex, science fiction and comedy into a bizarre amalgam aimed to please the whole family. Chapters examine the roots of the phenomenon, including the hugely popular masked wrestling scene and the classic Universal horror films from which Mexican filmmakers stole without compunction. Subsequent chapters focus on El Santo, Blue Demon, and Mil Mascaras, the three most prominent masked wrestlers; wrestling women; other less prominent masked wrestlers; and the insane mish-mash of monsters pitted against the heroes. Each chapter includes background information and a full filmography, and a wide assortment of striking illustrations—posters, lobby cards and other graphic material, some better than the movies they advertised—accompany the text.

Ghost Trail And Demon Shadow

the blue elfin. It extended its claws and scratched towards me. Ka-cha!* It was the sound of a bone breaking. It was clear and pleasant to hear. The cat-demon screamed and quickly retreated. "Damn it, what is this thing?


Author: Nong FuShenQuan

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781646776603

Category: Fiction


View: 518

Ever since I was young, I was an orphan. There was always a mysterious person who sent me money by letter to live with me, until I graduated from university and lived by myself. The mysterious person told me to go to a place called Green Rock Village and enter the Bei family mansion to search for something.Female ghost search for husband, metal coffin spirit sealed, return of undead, demon of ghost doctor and play ... That was how my life began.Furthermore, I did not expect that all of this was my fate. Furthermore, it was a curse that I could not escape from ...

Blue Moon Rising

Jagged bolts of lightning stabbed down into the Darkwood, scattering the demons. Dozens of the creatures staggered blindly through the battle, howling silently as they burned like torches. Other clutched at their throats and fell ...


Author: Simon R. Green

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101548295

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 373

Rupert didn't especially want to be a prince. And he certainly never asked to be the second son of a royal line that really didn't need a spare. So he was sent out to slay a dragon and prove himself-a quest straight out of legend. But he also discovered the kinds of things legends tend to leave out, as well as the usual demons, goblins, the dreaded Night Witch-and even worse terrors hidden in the shadows of Darkwood. Rupert did find a fiery dragon-and a beautiful princess to rescue. But the dragon turned out to be a better friend than anyone back at the castle, and with the evil of Darkwood spreading, Rupert was going to need all the friends he could get.

The Demon Sealing Story in Tibet

The trident on the head of the Radix Atractylodes pointed towards Sard, shooting out three rays of sharp blue light. The blue light was pure, just as Lang Ka's name implied — Sky, Sky Blue! Sard was moving extremely fast in the air, ...


Author: Nan ShanJiuZang

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781646776467

Category: Fiction


View: 168

In 1904, the defenses of Jiangzi were defeated by the unequipped Tibetan troops. The castle of Jiangzi was captured, the invaders were attacked by mysterious people during the looting of the Temple of the Zhongba River. The English army suffered heavy casualties, and the necromancers in the army were also severely injured. The invaders fled in a flurry, and the necromancers returned to find out the secret of Princess Wen Cheng's construction of the Twelve Towns of the Devil Temple after she entered the stronghold's stronghold.For the sake of this secret, many forces, including secret experts, Han Dynasty Warlocks, Conquerors, Northwest bandits, royalty, necromancers, Lhasa, Serpentine Tailed Land Gods, Demoness Appearance, War God's descendants, had launched fierce battles...