Seven Master Printmakers

David Hockney : A Retrospective . New York : Harry N. Abrams , 1988 K. E. Tyler . ... Portrait of David Hockney . ... San Francisco : Erika Meyerovich Gallery , 1987 David Hockney : Moving Focus Prints . London : Tate Gallery , 1986 R.


Author: Riva Castleman

Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art

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Jim Dine - David Hockney - Jasper Johns - Roy Lichtenstein - Robert Rauschenberg - James Rosenquist - Frank Stella.

David Hockney

These works from the Tate's collection form the magical essence of this vast oeuvre, including the double portraits My Parents and Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, or the iconic A Bigger Splash.




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David Hockney Moving Focus

Contributions by Owen Jones, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Ali Smith, Russell Tovey, and others. This book features over one hundred of Hockney's paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs in the Tate Collection.


Author: Helen Little

Publisher: Tate Publishing

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A unique overview of David Hockney's prolific range and activity David Hockney has been delighting and challenging audiences for sixty years and celebrated artworks from across his career are at the centre of Tate's outstanding collection. This book features over a hundred of these paintings, prints, drawings and photographs, helping the reader to understand the artist's changing sources of inspiration and, crucially, where his work is going. Beginning in the 1950s when he made his first steps to becoming a modern artist, the publication charts Hockney's ground-breaking images of the early 1960s through to his famous depictions of the Los Angeles cityscape. It also looks at Hockney's much-loved portraits from the 1970s and his discovery of a new way of dealing with time, space and perspective he called 'Moving Focus', as well as more recent landscapes and digital images that demonstrate his lifelong preoccupation with pictorial space and how we look at and experience the world around us. As well as providing a unique overview of Hockney's prolific range and activity, this book features new texts and responses to his work by established and emerging voices from the worlds of art, design, literature and performance. Breathing new life into the nexus of Tate's collection, it speaks to the artist's refusal to conform during periods of uncertainty and polarization as he traversed the boundaries of class, sexuality and high art and how his work still surprises, unsettles and addresses younger generations of viewers.

Ambition Love in Modern American Art

David Hockney , Looking at Pictures in a Book at the National Gallery ( London : National Gallery , 1981 ) . 37. Gert Schiff , " A Moving Focus : Hockney's Dialogue with Picasso , " in David Hockney : A Retrospective ( Los Angeles : Los ...


Author: Jonathan Weinberg

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Focusing on extreme moments in the careers of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Walker Evans, David Hockney, Sally Mann, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Alfred Stieglitz, Andy Warhol, and others, Weinberg explores how these individuals struggled to gain or maintain the attention of an increasingly jaded audience."--BOOK JACKET.

David Hockney A Life

Gregory wasn't easy, drugs and alcohol could make him violent, and David had several times driven him to hospital in the middle of the night, but he fought his ... A chapter called “Sequence and Moving Focus” piqued his curiosity.


Author: Catherine Cusset

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"Catherine Cusset's book caught a lot of me. I recognised myself" DAVID HOCKNEY "A perfect short exposé of Hockney's life as seen through the eyes of an admiring novelist" Kirkus Reviews "Hers is an affirming vision of a restless talent propelled by optimism and chance" New York Times With clear, vivid prose, this meticulously researched novel draws an intimate, moving portrait of the most famous living English painter. Born in Bradford in 1937, David Hockney had to fight to become an artist. After leaving home for the Royal College of Art in London his career flourished, but he continued to struggle with a sense of not belonging, because of his homosexuality, which had yet to be decriminalised, and because of his inclination for a figurative style of art, which was not sufficiently "contemporary" to be valued. Trips to New York and California - where he would live for many years and paint his iconic swimming pools - introduced him to new scenes and new loves, beginning a journey that would take him through the fraught years of the AIDS epidemic. A compelling hybrid of novel and biography, David Hockney: A Life offers an insightful overview of a painter whose art is as accessible as it is compelling, and whose passion to create has never been deterred by heartbreak or illness or loss. Translated from the French by Teresa Lavender Fagan

The Art of Collaboration

David Hockney , That's the Way I See It , Nikos Stangos ( ed . ) , London : Thames and Hudson , 1993 , p . 102 . 25. ibid . , p . 128 . 26. ibid . , p . 157 . 27. Ken Tyler , ' Layers of Space and Time : David Hockney's Moving Focus ' ...


Author: Jane Kinsman

Publisher: University of Washington Press

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This book celebrates master printer Kenneth Tyler's creative collaboration with key artists of the post-war American art scene. It reproduces works in the National Gallery's collection of editioned original prints, screens, paper works, illustrated books and multiples, along with rare and unique proofs and drawings from the Tyler workshop. Artists such as Josef Albers, Helen Frankenthaler, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella produced some of their finest works with Tyler, in an atmosphere where collaboration engaged heart and mind, inspired innovation, response, and reaction, and the printer shaped his approach to each particular artist's needs

The Artist His Model Her Image His Gaze

The title of the work is Reclining Nude and Man in Profile , 1965 , oil on canvas , pictured in Gert Schiff , " A Moving Focus : Hockney's Dialogue with Picasso , " in David Hockney : A Retrospective ( Los Angeles : Los Angeles County ...


Author: Karen L. Kleinfelder

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226439836

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Although Pablo Picasso's name is virtually synonymous with modernity, his late graphics repeatedly turn back to the traditional theme of the artist and model. Had the aging artist turned reactionary, or is Picasso's treatment of the theme more subversive than anyone has suspected? In this innovative study, Karen L. Kleinfelder rejects the claim that Picasso's later work was a failure. The failing, she claims, lies more in the way we typically have read the images, treating them merely as reflections of an "old-age" style or of the artist's private life. Focusing on graphics dating from 1954 to 1970, Kleinfelder shows how Picasso plays with the artist-model theme to extend, subvert, and parody both the possibilities and limits of representation. For Kleinfelder, Picasso's graphic work both mystifies and demystifies the creative process, venerates and mocks the effects of aging and the artist's self-image as a living "old master," and acknowledges and denies his own fear of death. Using recent interpretive and literary theory, Kleinfelder probes the three-way relationship between artist, model, and canvas. The dynamics of this relationship provided Picasso with an open-ended textual framework for exploring the dichotomies of man/woman, self/other, and vitality/mortality. What unfolds is the artist's struggle not only with the impossibility of representing the model on canvas, but also with the inevitability of his own death. Kleinfelder explores how Picasso's means of pursuing these issues allows him to defer closure on a long, productive career. By focusing on the graphics rather than the paintings, Kleinfelder contradicts the primacy of the painted "masterpiece"; she steers the reader away from the assumption that the artist must work toward creating a final body of work that signifies the culmination of his search for a coherent identify. Picasso's search, she argues, realizes itself in the creative process. She interprets the late graphics not as a biographical statement but as a tool for investigating the possibilities of representation within the limits of Picasso's medium and his lifetime. Richly illustrated, Kleinfelder's book will open up new approaches to the late work of this complex artist.