Death Comes as the End

Volume 43 in the Agatha Christie Collection (1945) Limited edition of 800 copies worldwide It is Egypt, 2000 BC, where death gives meaning to life.


Author: Agatha Christie


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Volume 43 in the Agatha Christie Collection (1945) Limited edition of 800 copies worldwide It is Egypt, 2000 BC, where death gives meaning to life. At the foot of a cliff lies the broken, twisted body of Nofret, concubine to a Ka-priest. Young, beautiful and venomous, most agree that she deserved to die like a snake. Yet Renisenb, the priest's daughter, believes that the woman's death was not fate, but murder. Increasingly, she becomes convinced that the source of evil lurks within her own father's household.

The Living Age

Let it not grieve therefrom with so determined a Diavolo that , per- the padrone
too keenly ; at that age and with those haps , if not the end of the world , at least
the end infirmities , death comes as a friend . " of Miss Jemima's tenure in it ,
might ...




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Pierre Bismuth

I am reminded of Ed Ruscha ' s lithographs and paintings of the words “ The End .
” [ PB ] Later on I found this Agatha Christie title Death Comes as the End , and I
was thinking of using it as the title . But maybe it was too close to the work , that ...


Author: Pierre Bismuth

Publisher: Flammarion Contemporary

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Pierre Bismuth's tackles the challenges of contemporary art by addressing the representation and the reception of a work of art ; by playing on the modalities and power of language and image ; and by reappropriating art history and modern cultural references, from fashion to cinema. In doing so, he incorporates all artistic mediums available, from origami and collage to screenwriting and art installations. Bismuth has exhibited his works extensively throughout Europe and North America. He earned an academy award in 2005 for co-authoring the screenplay Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Born in 1963, Pierre Bismuth lives and works in Brussels.

Modern Mystery Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

To those who hate “ loose ends ” we may remark that this author ties all her knots
neatly and bites off the thread . ... So I read the new Agatha Christie , Death
Comes as the End , and I confess that I have been had by Mrs . Christie . I did not


Author: Bruce Cassiday

Publisher: Burns & Oates

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Category: Literary Criticism

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Perfect for reference or browsing, this volume includes some 80 authors and explores in excerpts of criticism (from books, essays, and reviews) their work and influence. Throughout, the coverage is international and the emphasis is on the many rare and insightful comments that are made on these authors who are increasingly accorded literary status and regarded in the critical mainstream.

Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1930s 40s

There has been also the puzzle mystery , and this , I was assured , had been
brought to a high pitch of ingenuity in the stories of Agatha Christie . So I have
read also the new Agatha Christie , Death Comes as the End , and I confess that I
have ...


Author: Edmund Wilson

Publisher: Library of America Edmund Wils

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A second volume of a two-part collection of essays and reviews by the esteemed literary critic features pieces from the 1930s and 1940s, including The Triple Thinkers, The Wound and the Bow, and Classics and Commercials. 10,000 first printing.

Murder in Retrospect

Death by Fire ” ( Perry and Saxon ) , 139 Death by Misadventure : A Roaring
Twenties Mystery . See Cocaine Blues : The First Phryne Fisher Mystery (
Greenwood ) Death Comes as Epiphany ( Newman ) , 236 – 38 Death Comes as
the End ...


Author: Michael Burgess

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Build your fiction collection, advise readers, and find answers to questions about one of today's most dynamic genres with this important work, the first guide to historical mysteries.


Well , don ' t come out with that at your interview , " I said . “ Stick to the crossword
puzzles . ” I had chosen crossword puzzles as the perfect hobby for an invalid ' s
husband . He could ... Death Comes As The End . “ Read this one first . It looks ...




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Books in Print

Death Comes As Epiphany . Sharan Newman . 320p . 1993 . 19.95 ( 0-312-
85419-9 Tor Bks . Death Comes As the End . Agatha Christie . ( Agatha Christie
Ser . ) . 1982. 9.95 ( 0-396-08109-6 , Putnam ) Putnam Pub Group Death Comes
As ...


Author: Bowker Editorial Staff


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The Detective Novels of Agatha Christie

Each chapter begins with general comments on a novel's geographical and historical setting, identifying current events, fashions, fads and popular interests that relate to the story.


Author: James Zemboy

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786451685

Category: Literary Criticism

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The most popular mystery writer of all time concocted a rich recipe of intrigue, character, and setting. All of Agatha Christie’s 66 detective novels are covered here in great detail. Each chapter begins with general comments on a novel’s geographical and historical setting, identifying current events, fashions, fads and popular interests that relate to the story. A concise plot summary and comprehensive character listing follow, and each novel is discussed within Christie’s overall body of work, with an emphasis on the development of themes, narrative technique, and characters over the course of her prolific career. An appendix translates Poirot’s French and defines the British idiomatic words and phrases that give Christie’s novels so much of their flavor.


That is the tale - a parable , full of religious connotations . Life is martyrdom , the
tale seems to say ; it is one long act of suffering , and nothing we can do will help
us avoid pain and sorrow . Only death comes as a friend at the end of it all .




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The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

Agatha Christie ' s Death Comes as the End , in its French translation , provides
the title for this catalogue of an ... of end , even more final than death : the end of
a perceived cultural and chronological continuum that began around 3000 BC .




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Agatha Christie

Come , Tell Me How You Live - 1946 autobiographical account of archaeological
trips pub . under the name Agatha ... Dead Man ' s Mirror Death by Drowning - ss
in The Thirteen Problems Death Comes as the End - 1945 novel Death in the ...


Author: Gordon C. Ramsey


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Category: Detective and mystery stories

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An appreciation of the author as a novelist and short story writer and a discussion of her techniques.

Faith and Fragmentation

during the period of clinical death and before being revived , even though they
had never physically been inside those rooms before . ) I frankly do ... By any
realistic account , death comes as the end of our physical experience here and
now .


Author: J. Philip Wogaman

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing

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Arguing about Religion

goes well . From the standpoint of eternity , we might ( and God presumably does
) observe a life truncated . Our atheist didn ' t turn to Christ , and so bodily death
came as the end . Overall , how - ever , we can see the life in positive terms ...


Author: Kevin Timpe

Publisher: Arguing About Philosophy

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Category: Religion

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Arguing About Religion is an ideal collection for students interested in contemporary philosophy of religion and related disciplines. This volume brings together primary readings from over 40 of the world's leading philosophers of religion, covering a broad range of issues. Set alongside these works of academic philosophy are excerpts from controversial popular works by Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins, in order to introduce the philosophical issues in a way that demonstrates their relevance to everyday life and sets them in the context of contemporary cultural discourse. The volume is divided into 6 parts, helping the student get to grips with classic and core arguments. Topics covered include: methodological issues in philosophy of religion God's nature and existence evil and divine hiddenness providence and interaction the afterlife religion and contemporary life Featuring lucid general and section introductions and a glossary by volume editor Kevin Timpe, Arguing About Religion is an ideal starting point for students coming to philosophy of religion for the first time.

Novelists and Prose Writers

1942 ; as Murder in Retrospect , 1942 . Death Comes as the End . 1942 .
Towards Zero . 1944 ; as Come and Be Hanged , n.d. Absent in the Spring . 1944
. Sparkling Cyanide . 1945 ; as Remembered Death , 1945 . The Hollow : A
Hercule ...


Author: James Vinson

Publisher: London : Macmillan

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Category: American fiction Bio-bibliography

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The Publisher

Illus . Cr . 8vo , p.992 , 21s . net LAURIE , Mar. '45 Death comes as the end ,
Christie ( A. ) Descent from nowhere , Barton ( R. ) Desert island discord , Sinbad
Devereux ( Roy ) -- Brown eye or so . Cr . 8vo , p.255 , Ss . 6d . net .... HALE , Mar.




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Mind Body and Society

... and that associated lust for life which finds expression in sex , love , marriage ,
creativity ( the concept of libido in the psychology of Sigmund Freud ) ; finally ,
there is the desire to overcome the inevitable fact that death comes as the end .


Author: University of Calcutta. Department of History

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Category: Social Science

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Contributed papers of series of lectures and seminars organized by the Department of History, Presidency College and Calcutta University, on the occasion of the birth centenary of Prof. Kuruvila Zachariah.

Mystery Index


Author: Steven Olderr

Publisher: Amer Library Assn

ISBN: UOM:39015015876520

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Provides indexes to American and British mystery novels by author, title, subject, setting, and characters.

Contemporary Women Dramatists


Author: Kathryn Ann Berney

Publisher: St James Press

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Category: Literary Criticism

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Concise discussions of the lives and principal works of contemporary women playwrights, written by subject experts.