Describing Discourse

The book introduces students to specific discourses constructed for particular purposes, for example, from the domains of advertising, law, medicine and education.


Author: Nicola Woods

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781444116687

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For anyone approaching Discourse Analysis for the first time, theory means little when it is not related to actual knowledge and experience of language in use. Describing Discourse takes the unique approach of introducing discourse studies through the hands-on analysis of linguistic data. The book introduces students to specific discourses constructed for particular purposes, for example, from the domains of advertising, law, medicine and education. Each chapter provides examples, exercises and commentary designed to develop the analytical abilities needed in describing the characteristic forms and typical functions of different discourses. Describing Discourse provides the ideal entry into the study of discourse for students new to the subject.

Speech Representation in the History of English

... representation, providing a comprehensive system for describingdiscourse
representation in general (see Section 2). What the research of Semino and
Short (2004) has underlined is also the “leakage” of this general system of
description, ...


Author: Associate Professor Department of English Peter J Grund

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190918064

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Representing what someone else has said is an integral part of spoken and written communication. Speech representation occurs in many contexts from news reports and legal trials to everyday conversation. Although commonplace, it requires sophisticated choices regarding what to represent and how to represent it. These choices can highlight a speaker's voice, shape our perception of the reported speech, or support our claims of authority.While speech representation in Present-day English has been studied extensively, this book extends the discussion to historical periods. Speech Representation in the History of English explores speech representation of the past, providing in-depth analyses of how speakers and writers mark, structure, and discuss a previous speech event or fictional speech. Focusing on the Early Modern English and the Late Modern English periods (1500-1900), this volume covers topics such as parentheses as markers of represented speech, the development of like as a reporting expression, the gradual formation of free indirect speech reporting, and the interpersonal functions of represented speech. Chapters draw on a wide range of methodologies, including historical sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and corpus linguistics, and cover many genres from witness depositions, literary texts, and letters, to the spoken language of the recent past. In this comprehensive volume, Peter Grund and Terry Walker bring together a collection of works that use cutting-edge approaches to speech representation. Researchers and students of the history of English, sociolinguistics, and discourse studies alike will find Speech Representation in the History of English to be an invaluable addition to the field.

Working Papers on Discourse and Conversational Analysis

discourse ( in which the landowners ' ' world - view is expressed ) , and to be able
to describe its relevant foaturos . Otherwiso nothing could prevent the evaluation
by Voloshinov of being an idiosyncratic one . Furthermore , such a description ...


Author: Tony Hak


ISBN: IND:39000004459835

Category: Conversation

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Effects of Knowledge of Semantic Roles on the Comprehension of Discourse

... of Discourse Semantic roles , such as Fillmore ' s , have been an important part
of some proposals for describing discourse . Gulstad ( 1973 ) proposed a
discourse model in terms of topics and comments , where the verbs were
categorized ...


Author: Steven Lee Christopherson


ISBN: CORNELL:31924070916303

Category: Comprehension

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Linguistics Rhetoric and Discourse Structure

Charles Robert Stratton. In assessing what rhetoricians mean by " rhetorical
relationships in discourse , " I come to the conclusion that the sets of relationships
that I call rhetorical are somewhat deeper than those described by Kenneth Pike .


Author: Charles Robert Stratton


ISBN: WISC:89010873529

Category: Discourse analysis

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COLING Budapest

The paper discusses the problem of parsing discourse , and compares different
grammatical formalisms which could be used for describing discourse structure .
in the approach to discourse semantics outlined in this paper , every sentence is




ISBN: STANFORD:36105002001019

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Disorders of Discourse

Describing discourse as social practice implies a dialectical relationship between
a particular discursive event and the situation , institution and social structure that
frame it : the discursive event is shaped by them , but it also shapes them .


Author: Ruth Wodak

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 0582099560

Category: Psychology

Page: 200

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Disorders of Discourse offers an innovative approach to understanding communication and its barriers, in a variety of institutional contexts such as the outpatient clinic, the courtroom or the school. The study presents a new theory which Ruth Wodak terms 'discourse sociolinguistics' which is not only explicitly dedicated to the study of text in context, but places equal emphasis and importance on both factors. Ruth Wodak's approach identifies and describes the underlying mechanisms which help to construct speech barriers. Often embedded in a certain context - in the structure and function of the media, or in institutions such as a hospital or government ministry - these barriers inevitably affect communication. They depend on gaps between distinct cognitive worlds, the gulfs that separate outsiders from insiders, members of institutions from clients, and they are traceable not only to the use of unfamiliar professional or technical jargon but also to the immanent structure of the various discourses themselves. The result is 'frame conflict' in which worlds of knowledge and interest collide with one another. Those who possess linguistic as well as institutional power invariably prevail.

Describing Language

In practice , the assignation of meaning is rather more complex , with people
producing a range of interpretations of discourse , depending upon their previous
experience , political commitment , etc . ( see also the discussion of ' cognitive ...


Author: David Graddol


ISBN: UCSC:32106011843692

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A student introduction to descriptive linguistics, Describing Language is essentially practical in its orientation. It is useful for anyone who wishes to refer to technical literature involving linguistic description, who requires a basic conceptual framework and technical vocabulary with which to discuss language, and who needs to make elementary but principled descriptions and analyses of real data (such as classroom interaction or counselling sessions). Topics covered include phonetics, prosody, word structure, syntax, text and discourse structure, word and utterance meaning, and non-verbal behaviour. This is a significantly revised, updated and expanded version of the successful first edition. In particular, it uses a new approach to syntax and a broader review of grammar including an accessible introduction to both Chomsky's Universal Grammar and Halliday's Systematic Grammar. It is an invaluable textbook for students across the social sciences.

Discourse Structures Some Suggestions for Visualization and Quantification

A primary theme through the six papers was the pursuit of methods for describing
discourse structures more clearly by visualizing the structures themselves and /
or quantifying the parameters for analysis so that they might have discriminative ...


Author: 藪内昭男


ISBN: STANFORD:36105113396142

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Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature

The common denominator in semiotic approaches to text is the viewing of
language as discourse , understanding discourse ... Hartmann amplifies this by
describing discourse analysis as an approach which " starts with the outer frame
of the ...


Author: Society of Biblical Literature


ISBN: UOM:39015040748751

Category: Religion

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In committing themselves to the study of texts, linguists have taken a long stride in a literary direction. As discourse analysis brings the tools of linguistic analysis to bear on stretches of material larger than the sentence, they come into close contact with the artistry of literature. In the last third of this century, scholars of the Hebrew Bible are gravitating in the same direction. Perhaps even more consciously, they are studying their texts as literature. Cross-pollination between these two groups is now in order. The present volume is intended to help that happen. It originates with biblical scholars and is addressed to our colleagues. Its purpose is to introduce to them the developing field of linguistics known as discourse analysis. In addition to students of the Hebrew Bible, those who study ancient Near Eastern literatures, the New Testament, and early Jewish writings should find the following essays immediately relevant. Students of literatures from other times and areas should also be able to benefit because of the pervasive emphasis on methodology. - Preface.

Conversational and Enactment Patterns for Different Inquiry Tasts

Classroom Discourse - Definition The conversational interactions between
teachers and students during critique sessions and the social interchange that
exists around these critique sessions can be described as classroom discourse .


Author: R Charles Dershimer


ISBN: UOM:39015070902393



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Proceedings of COLING 86

Dunin - Kęplicz Witold Łukaszewicz Institute ... of D ( iscourse ) R (
epresentations ) A DR is nothing else than a partial model , describing discourse
objects and their ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105033008660

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Getting Things Done in Naples

a researcher and are not presented as the reason why speakers are engaging in
discourse . ... may help us to see some of the difficulties of describing discourse
and the particular importance that a correct description of discourse structure has


Author: Susan George

Publisher: CLUEB

ISBN: STANFORD:36105000246970

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Journal of Technical Writing and Communication

discourse . For after all , discourse consists of more than its component parts (
individual sentences and words ) ; discourse ... In other words , they are
concerned with describing discourse without reference to its effectiveness ,
instead of with ...




ISBN: UIUC:30112008944206

Category: Technical writing


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Sociolinguistics in Indian Context

1 a researcher and are not presented as the reason why speakers are engaging
in discourse . ... linguistics may help us to see some of the difficulties of
describing discourse and the particular importance that a correct description of
discourse ...


Author: Śivānanda, Vi


ISBN: STANFORD:36105024302809

Category: Sociolinguistics

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Allegorical Structure in Literary Discourse Western and Chinese

... in our vaguer moments , to the " hidden " or " allegorical " meaning , which is
often described as having a lofty , serious ... value as we believe it , but rather as
it is understood according to some conventional system of describing discourses


Author: Chin-Ten Shu


ISBN: UOM:39015022017100

Category: Allegory

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The Intertexture of Apocalyptic Discourse in the New Testament

Q's worldview defies characterization as either typically “ apocalyptic ” or typically
“ sapiential , ” thus illustrating how these categories for describing discourse
need to be fluid in order to be useful to modern interpreters . The worldview ...


Author: Duane Frederick Watson

Publisher: Scholars Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105111966904

Category: Religion

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