Designs for Different Futures

Centered on ninety-nine innovative contemporary design objects, projects, and speculations, this handbook asks readers to contemplate our cultural attitudes toward technology, consumption, beauty, and the social and environmental challenges ...


Author: Kathryn B. Hiesinger


ISBN: 0876332904

Category: Art

Page: 272

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"Designs for Different Futures records the concrete ideas and abstract dreams of designers, artists, academics, and scientists engaged in exploring how design might reframe our futures--socially, ethically, and aesthetically. Centered on ninety-nine innovative contemporary design objects, projects, and speculations, this handbook asks readers to contemplate our cultural attitudes toward technology, consumption, beauty, and the social and environmental challenges we face on both a local and global scale in futures near and far. Thought-provoking projects are explored through interpretive texts and interviews by the designers themselves and the core curatorial team. Interspersed with the project pages are newly commissioned texts by academics, scientists, designers, artists, curators, and futurists that explore wide-ranging issues, from historical visions of the future to the use of biological/living materials in products and production processes"--

The Environment Towards a Sustainable Future

The various ways of looking to the future are described in the following section
with respect to each other; they are, so to speak, “different futures”. Exploration of
the possibilities by means of research through designs A society that is ...


Author: Dutch Committee for Long-Term Environmental Policy

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401108089

Category: Business & Economics

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A sustainable future: a world in which sustainable development is possible and guaranteed? In this book, the Dutch Committee for Long-Term Environmental Policy, an expert advisory board to the Dutch Minister of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment, shows possible ways in which society can move towards a sustainable future. The book goes in search of a new social order, an order in which sustainability is guaranteed. This search holds four main elements: signs of hope: which positive initiatives and developments exist which will lead to a sustainable future? transformations: which transformations are needed to reach a sustainable future? philosophical and methodological reflections: can one predict the future? institutions: what are the necessary changes in the basic institutions of society to reach a sustainable future? The committee has invited well-known experts from different disciplinary backgrounds to check the existing social order from a point of sustainability and to give recommendations for a sustainable future. The central conclusion is that we are in need of an evolving green strategy aimed at sustainability. The contours of this strategy are described and a large set of recommendations to reach a sustainable future are given. As the committee states: `There is no certainty and no statistical probability for a sustainable future, but there is at least a chance.'

Designing Constructionist Futures

The Art, Theory, and Practice of Learning Designs Nathan Holbert, Matthew
Berland, Yasmin B. Kafai. thesis is not amenable to refutation at all . Perhaps so ,
but that is a horse of a different color . The intention of Mindstorms ( Papert , 1980
) ...


Author: Nathan Holbert

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262361095

Category: Education

Page: 432

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A diverse group of scholars redefine constructionism--introduced by Seymour Papert in 1980--in light of new technologies and theories. Constructionism, first introduced by Seymour Papert in 1980, is a framework for learning to understand something by making an artifact for and with other people. A core goal of constructionists is to respect learners as creators, to enable them to engage in making meaning for themselves through construction, and to do this by democratizing access to the world's most creative and powerful tools. In this volume, an international and diverse group of scholars examine, reconstruct, and evolve the constructionist paradigm in light of new technologies and theories.

Mapping the In between Interdisciplinary Methods for Envisioning other Futures

“Community island” proposes a variety of inspirational ideas that might be
implemented in a future master plan of the site. It invites ... The main idea behind
the designs is the formation of links between different zones, components and
agents ...


Author: Lýdia Grešáková

Publisher: Spolka

ISBN: 9788097358006

Category: Architecture

Page: 144

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The bilingual publication Mapping the in-between: Interdisciplinary methods for envisioning other futures is the outcome of the international summer school that explored the potential of interdisciplinary mapping and utopian visioning as an alternative way of developing the city. During the school, various proposals were made as actual alternatives to those of the commodified real estate market and the dreams of large developments of filling in the ‘empty’ spaces of the many brownfields. The texts collected here are a unique insight into the new possible models of cooperation and collaboration that were developed in Košice, Slovakia, with the help of Never-never school’s participants.

1000 New Designs 2 and Where to Find Them

In an atmosphere of environmental and financial crisis, Sustainable design
dominates design debate and designers are ... not only ones that are desirable
but those that could be undesirable, critical designers make different futures
tangible so ...


Author: Jennifer Hudson

Publisher: Laurence King Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215488185

Category: Architecture

Page: 352

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"With more than 1,000 full-colour images and all-new content, 1000 New Designs 2 is the completely updated edition of the bestselling 1000 New Designs. A visually stunning bible of the best in contemporary design, it features a huge range of striking new products as well as explaining the latest design trends." "The book highlights work by the finest international design talents, along with commentaries giving an insight into current design developments and in-depth studies on selected products."--Jacket.

Environment Information Access

(2 drawings, 2 photos) Zero Environmental Impact, Design Teams, and Other
Futures, Eldridge Lovelace, Landscape Architecture, Jan 1972, v62, n2, pl19 (3)
news feature. Future landscape design will evince a totally different approach to ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105013941153

Category: Ecology


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Computer aided Architectural Design Futures

product or structure by another , and ' trying again ' . Often this results in a
mismatch between the specific design stage and the definition of the design
produced . In traditional design all this is not apparent and may cause little harm ,
since ...


Author: Alan Pipes

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: PSU:000013036942

Category: Architectural design

Page: 245

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A conference focusing on new developments now and expected in the near future in the field of computer applications in the construction industry.

Food Futures

This compilation of food design projects illustrates the possibilities new technologies provide to designers and the ways society perceives food.


Author: Gemma Warriner

Publisher: Promopress

ISBN: 8416504652

Category: Cooking

Page: 264

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Food Futures is a compilation of unique design projects that act as visual stimulus for designers and food enthusiasts alike, illustrating the possibilities that new technologies open up to designers and the different ways society perceives food. The aestheticisation of food is a growing phenomenon for both designers and consumers alike. Designers are increasingly identifying food as an object that speaks a global language, as an effective communication medium to visualise and express their ideas. Aside from the role a designer plays in the process of food fabrication, industrial practices too contribute to the alteration of shape, colour, scent and consistency of food, transforming it before our eyes, for our eyes. Food Futures seeks to exist as a stimulating visual collection of experimentation and innovation in food design, posing questions and challenging how we perceive this everyday commodity. Food Futures is structured in three main sections, each of which will encompass design projects appropriate to different categories. These sections will help to shape an understanding of the various ways in which the project has been fabricated and will be titled, respectively, 'Two Dimensional', 'Three Dimensional' and 'Multi Sensory' (experiential). Gemma Warriner is a Visual Communication Designer and educator at the University of Technology Sydney. Her work reflects her interests in information visualisation, food design and brand experience, exhibiting a multidisciplinary approach to design with projects spanning across both print and digital platforms. Gemma’s designs have been and recognised by The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), Graphis, Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, Adobe and The Dieline. Kate Sweetapple is a senior lecturer at the School of Design (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) who explores the intersection of words and images through exhibitions, installations and printed matter. Her research interests include information visualisation that is poetic/playful; experimental and speculative design practice; and, the role of the designer as a cultural critic and agent.Kate is a foundering member of Page Screen, a design research studio, based at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Health Futures

On the other hand , scenarios need not be comparable if they are designed to
strengthen foresight by presenting ... 4.3 Putting the pieces together : an example
of a project design The components that often enter into a futures project have ...


Author: World Health Organisation Staff

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9241545216

Category: Forecasting

Page: 320

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Discursive Design

All products engage in a kind of futuring when they propose different and usually
preferable sociomaterial practices. Desirable products sitting on store shelves
evoke and bridge the present with seemingly better futures. 1 A commercial
design ...


Author: Bruce M. Tharp

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262349994

Category: Design

Page: 632

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Exploring how design can be used for good—prompting self-reflection, igniting the imagination, and affecting positive social change. Good design provides solutions to problems. It improves our buildings, medical equipment, clothing, and kitchen utensils, among other objects. But what if design could also improve societal problems by prompting positive ideological change? In this book, Bruce and Stephanie Tharp survey recent critical design practices and propose a new, more inclusive field of socially minded practice: discursive design. While many consider good design to be unobtrusive, intuitive, invisible, and undemanding intellectually, discursive design instead targets the intellect, prompting self-reflection and igniting the imagination. Discursive design (derived from “discourse”) expands the boundaries of how we can use design—how objects are, in effect, good(s) for thinking. Discursive Design invites us to see objects in a new light, to understand more than their basic form and utility. Beyond the different foci of critical design, speculative design, design fiction, interrogative design, and adversarial design, Bruce and Stephanie Tharp establish a more comprehensive, unifying vision as well as innovative methods. They not only offer social criticism but also explore how objects can, for example, be used by counselors in therapy sessions, by town councils to facilitate a pre-vote discussions, by activists seeking engagement, and by institutions and industry to better understand the values, beliefs, and attitudes of those whom they serve. Discursive design sparks new ways of thinking, and it is only through new thinking that our sociocultural futures can change.

Syllabus for Environmental Design 100AX BX CX Design of Alternative Futures

They will range from systems design to product design . The third and fourth set
of projects will require the maximum coordination and cooperation . Every team
working on a particular city site will have to consult with every other team doing
the ...


Author: Jon Eric Dieges


ISBN: UCAL:C2973318

Category: Civilization, Modern

Page: 270

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Conference Proceedings

Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems, Processes, Practices, Methods, &
Techniques ... The three different design activities were ; “ Future Home
Environments and Media Forms ” – using situation scenarios , “ Virtually Living
Together ...




ISBN: UOM:39015049128906

Category: Computer software


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Knowledge based Computer aided Architectural Design

COGNITION AND DESIGN MODELLING In a technical sense , large - scale and
multi - expertise problems in architecture could be ... A good work functions in
different futures with respect to differing semantic and moral attitudes of man .


Author: Gianfranco Carrara

Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015032200225

Category: Architecture

Page: 396

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This text contains reports by researchers working in the area of knowledge-based systems for supporting architectural design. The issues discussed concern the theories, methods and the systems implementing this research, as well as the role of KBCAAD within architectural design.


Designing Interactive Systems, Processes, Practices, Methods and Techniques :
17-19 August 2000, New York City ... The three different design activities were ; “
Future Home Environments and Media Forms ” – using situation scenarios ...


Author: Wendy Anne Kellogg


ISBN: STANFORD:36105029479503

Category: Computer software

Page: 456

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Man made Futures

Imagine a row of engineers , each one given a different prime criterion for
designing a gasoline - engined passenger car . The first one to design it with
minimum money costs of operation . The next one to design it with stress on
safety for the ...


Author: Nigel Cross

Publisher: Hutchinson Radius

ISBN: WISC:89034002998

Category: Design

Page: 365

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Designing Education for the Future

Designing Education for the Future: an Eight-State Project. In contrast , traditional
man had no such freedom . Encysted in ... Modern man confronts experience with
different options about time . Indeed , for the first time in history man has the ...


Author: Designing Education for the Future: an Eight-State Project


ISBN: UOM:39076006134147



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most is the influence that social controversy exerts over technology development
and the design process . ... When taken together , the different elements of the
key role of controversy in design suggest the need for some fundamental
changes ...







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Digital Futures

We offer here an overview of this , along with some other models of digital library
architecture . ... itself the means to expand and adapt to most potential design
requirements for long - term digital information holding and access ( http : / /
ssdoo ...


Author: Marilyn Deegan

Publisher: Library Assn Pub Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015054392173

Category: Computers

Page: 276

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The rise of the Internet and the rapid expansion of electronic communication media, information gathering, storage and transmission have presented fresh challenges to those responsible for preserving the cultural memory of society. This book looks at how librarians and information professionals can locate the electronic resources most relevant to the needs of their users, integrate these resources into the infrastructure of their institutions, manage the necessary technology and anticipate future trends in the digital age. It is targeted at the needs of libraries and information organizations of all types: educational, public and corporate.

Learning from the Past a Foundation for the Future

Yet they have fundamentally different objectives and pursue different learning
outcomes . Petric and Maver ( 2003 ) , for example , suggest that the designers
are at the centre of the process . They are surrounded by a variety of media ,
which ...


Author: Bob Martens


ISBN: UVA:X004894789

Category: Architectural design

Page: 280

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The Future of Politics

At the other end of the spectrum come the designers of alternative futures , with a
much more action - orientated and interventionist approach . They reject
deterministic assumptions , taking the position that man can and does create
major ...


Author: William Page (B.A.)


ISBN: UOM:39015001725632

Category: Forecasting

Page: 234

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