Directing in Musical Theatre

This comprehensive guide, from the author of Acting in Musical Theatre, will equip aspiring directors with all of the skills that they will need in order to guide a production from beginning to end.


Author: Joe Deer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136246708

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This comprehensive guide, from the author of Acting in Musical Theatre, will equip aspiring directors with all of the skills that they will need in order to guide a production from beginning to end. From the very first conception and collaborations with crew and cast, through rehearsals and technical production all the way to the final performance, Joe Deer covers the full range. Deer’s accessible and compellingly practical approach uses proven, repeatable methods for addressing all aspects of a production. The focus at every stage is on working with others, using insights from experienced, successful directors to tackle common problems and devise solutions. Each section uses the same structure, to stimulate creative thinking: Timetables: detailed instructions on what to do and when, to provide a flexible organization template Prompts and Investigations: addressing conceptual questions about style, characterization and design Skills Workshops: Exercises and ‘how-to’ guides to essential skills Essential Forms and Formats: Including staging notation, script annotation and rehearsal checklists Case Studies: Well-known productions show how to apply each chapter’s ideas Directing in Musical Theatre not only provides all of the essential skills, but explains when and how to put them to use; how to think like a director.

Women in American Musical Theatre

At one point I was optioned to direct three Broadway shows, but they couldn't raise money on one. Now I understand that.40 After Carroll and Lawless had started their directing careers, Julianne Boyd made her mark by creating and ...


Author: Bud Coleman

Publisher: McFarland

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Throughout the twentieth century women have made significant contributions to the creation of American musical theatre. Directing, choreographing, writing, arranging, producing and designing musicals in a variety of venues throughout America, women have played a significant role in shaping the development of musical theatre both on and off Broadway and in regional, educational, and community venues. The essays in this book examine the history of women in musical theatre, providing biographical descriptions of the women themselves; analyses and interpretations of their productions; and several accounts of how being a woman affected the artists' careers. Topics include the similarities among the careers of successful but neglected lyricists Rida Johnson Young, Anne Caldwell, and Dorothy Donnelly; the Depression-era productions of Hallie Flanagan and Cheryl Crawford; the transformation of the classic "showgirl" image through the dances and stage movement created by prominent female choreographers; and a survey of numerical data highlighting the discrepancy between the number of men versus the number of women hired to direct professional musical productions in various venues across the United States.

The Art and Practice of Musical Theatre Choreography

Atkins , Irvin J. “ Directing for the Open Stage .” The Director in a Changing Theatre . Ed. J. Robert Willis . Palo Alto , CA : Mayfield , 1976 : 231–234 . Baldwin , Chris . Stage Directing: A Practical Guide .


Author: Cassie Abate

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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What does a musical theatre choreographer actually do? They just 'make up the steps', right? This book firstly debunks the misunderstandings around what musical theatre choreographers actually do, demonstrating their need to have an in-depth understanding of storytelling, music theory, performance practices and plot structure in order to create movement that enhances and enlivens the musical. Secondly, it equips the musical theatre choreographer with all the tools needed to create nuanced, informed and inspired movement for productions, through structured activities that build specific skills (such as 'notating the script' and 'scoring the score'). Traditionally, this training has been something of a series of secrets, passed from mentor to apprentice. The author demystifies the process to make the previously undisclosed “tricks of the trade” accessible to all choreographers, everywhere. Covering the entire process of choreographing a musical from the first script reading to the final curtain call, this book makea case for the absolute integrity of the choreographer to any musical theatre production and sets out the theoretical principles of choreography alongside the practical application during every step of the production process.

Musical Theatre Directing


Author: Paul J. Hustoles


ISBN: OCLC:11991268

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Directors and the New Musical Drama

British and American Musical Theatre in the 1980s and 90s M. Lundskaer-Nielsen ... 14 David Leveaux concurs, pointing out that directing plays and musicals requires some of the same fundamental skills: “The truth ...


Author: M. Lundskaer-Nielsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230611245

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This is one of the first books to offer a rigorous analysis of the enormous changes in the musical theatre during the 1980s and 90s. In addition, it focuses on the contribution of well-known, serious theatre directors to the mainstream Musical Theatre and it is the first book to offer a dual Anglo-American perspective on this subject.

Mainly on Directing

directing with Bernadette Peters. The editor thought publishing those notes would be extremely informative; display in detail how the process of directing a musical really worked in real theatre life (if that isn't an oxymoron).


Author: Arthur Laurents

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 9780307273420

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From Arthur Laurents, playwright, screenwriter, director—a mesmerizing book about theater, the art, the artist, the insider, the outsider—and the making of two of the greatest musicals of the American stage, West Side Story and Gypsy. It is a book profoundly enriched by the author’s two loves, love for the theater and love for his partner of fifty-two years, Tom Hatcher, who shared and inspired every aspect of his life and his work. Laurents writes about the musicals he directed, I Can Get It for You Wholesale, its producer David Merrick (the “Abominable Showman”), and its (very young) stars Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould . . . He writes about Stephen Sondheim’s Anyone Can Whistle, which starred Angela Lansbury and Lee Remick, marking the debut for each in musical theater. He summons up the challenges and surprises that came with the making of La Cage aux Folles, the first big Broadway musical that was gay and glad to be. He writes in rich detail about his most recent production of Gypsy, how it began as an act of love, a love that spread through the entire company and resulted in a Gypsy unlike any other. And about his new bilingual production of West Side Story. And he talks, as well, about the works of other directors—Fiddler on the Roof; Kiss Me, Kate; Spring Awakening; Street Scene; The Phantom of the Opera; LoveMusik; Sweeney Todd. Moving, exhilarating, provocative—a portrait of an artist working with other artists; a unique close-up look at today’s American musical theater by a man who’s been at its red-hot center for more than five decades.


This introduction to the art of directing musical productions shows all the steps and stages involved from beginning to end


Author: Robert Boland

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810833234

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This introduction to the art of directing musical productions shows all the steps and stages involved from beginning to end