Double Dads One Teen

Meet Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes and follow their journey in the USA and Taiwan as they build their family and fight multiple legal barriers along the way from basic health care rights to domestic partnership, to civil union, to legal state ...


Author: Stuart F. Chen-Hayes

Publisher: Dio Press Incorporated

ISBN: 1645040127


Page: 224

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Who knew that when two men met for a first date in Chicago, Illinois on a subzero January day in the middle of winter in 1995 that it would lead to a 25-year loving relationship. Meet Stuart and Lance Chen-Hayes and follow their journey in the USA and Taiwan as they build their family and fight multiple legal barriers along the way from basic health care rights to domestic partnership, to civil union, to legal state and national marriage in the USA and fighting for marriage equality in Taiwan and immigration rights as a mixed-race, dual-national, multilingual queer family. Learn about the extraordinary gift that led to their becoming parents of Kalani and the ongoing legal challenges to protect their family on two continents. Enjoy the multiple rituals the couple developed to celebrate and affirm their lovefrom a sacred commitment ceremony to a special coming out ceremony for their teen. Learn from their experiences as gay dads with schools that were affirming and problematic for a 2-generation queer family that includes Taiwan's first out gay father and Taiwan's first teen dual national with 2 dads' names on both an international birth certificate and an international marriage license. Experience the power of fighting hate with love through being out, loud, and proud.

Voices of African American Teen Fathers

Seeing their mothers as superwomen—or as a “supermom” as one teen father referred to his mother—may partially explain why double standards exist in regard to what they perceived as their responsibilities as fathers versus their ...


Author: Angelia M Paschal

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136433672

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

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Find out what it’s like to be young, African-American . . . and a father Voices of African-American Teen Fathers is an insightful look at adolescent pregnancy and parenthood through the eyes of fathers aged 14 to 19. This unique book features candid interviews with thirty teens who talk about “doing what I got to do”—handling their responsibilities as best they can given their perceptions, limitations, and life experiences. Teens talk about how and why they became fathers, how they handle being a parent, their perceptions of fatherhood, the relationships they have with their parents and the mothers of their children, and how they deal with the everyday struggles, demands, and concerns they face. Nearly one million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant each year in the United States and most of the available research on adolescent parenthood focused on them. We know little about African-American adolescent fathers or about their perspectives on the cultural and socioeconomic conditions that define their experience. Voices of African-American Teen Fathers provides an understanding of these young fathers on their own terms and suggests theoretical frameworks, assessment tools, and effective interventions to develop a plan of action to help African-American adolescent fathers fulfill their roles. Helpful appendixes, including an interview guide and biographies of the particpants, are included, as are six tables that make complex information easy to access and understand. Voices of African-American Teen Fathers examines tough issues, including: intimate, amicable, or antagonistic relationships with their children’s mothers relationships with their own mothers and fathers racism and discrimination child support loss of independence transportation problems drugs socioeconomic issues and much more Voices of African-American Teen Fathers is an invaluable resource for counselors, family educators, social service organizations, community practitioners, and social scientists.

Cedar Ridge Collection Second Chance Summer My Kind of Wonderful Nobody But You

The teen's dad blamed one of the other dads, and then the moms had gotten into it, too, and also a grandma. The ensuing fight belonged on a trashy TV show and not on Hud's mountain. It was nine in the morning and he was already burned ...


Author: Jill Shalvis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472245410

Category: Fiction

Page: 1152

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Visit the delightful Colorado mountains of Cedar Ridge in this enchanting collection by New York Times bestseller Jill Shalvis. Her stories are guaranteed to make you laugh and fall in love. What do you do when you run into the man who broke your heart? Find out in SECOND CHANCE SUMMER... Lily's been back in Cedar Ridge for less than ten minutes when she bumps into Aidan, the former love of her life. So much for sneaking back into town unnoticed. And thanks to frizzy hair and armfuls of junk food, she's turning his head for all the wrong reasons. No one knows why Lily is home after ten years, and she's determined to stay no longer than the summer. But Cedar Ridge and Aidan have other ideas. As they set about persuading Lily to give them a second chance, she finds herself falling under the spell of the Colorado mountains ... and the one man she could never forget. If you'd been given a second chance at life, what's the first thing you would do? Find out in MY KIND OF WONDERFUL... Now that artist Bailey is finally healthy for the first time in forever, she's living life to the full. First on her wishlist is skiing in the Rockies - at least it will be if she can get down the mountain in one piece... Luckily, a ski patrolling Prince Charming comes to Bailey's aid. Learning that her mysterious rescuer, Hudson Kincaid, is also the subject of the mural she's been commissioned to paint in Cedar Ridge, Bailey is intrigued. As she uncovers the real man behind Hudson's strong, silent facade, Bailey begins to realise that the life of adventure she has always dreamed of could be closer to home than she ever imagined. What's the best way to heal a broken heart? Find out in NOBODY BUT YOU... Finally free of her cheating ex-husband, Sophie's escaped with his most precious possession - his boat - and not much else. It's the perfect revenge...if only she wasn't quite so seasick all the time. What she really needs is a free place to moor so she can start getting on with her life, and by an empty lakeside cabin seems just the spot. Only it's no longer uninhabited. Jacob Kincaid, Army Special Forces officer, has returned, craving Cedar Ridge's tranquillity to help him make peace with his own past. Sophie and Jacob agree they aren't looking for anything but comfort as long as their mutual desire lasts. Yet as their bond deepens, might it be that their attraction is the kind that actually lasts for ever? Want more warm, funny romance? Check out the Heartbreaker Bay novels, visit gorgeous Lucky Harbor or experience some Animal Magnetism in Sunshine, Idaho in Jill's other unforgettable series.

Crooked Little Heart

This was not an entirely unusual experience: two or three times a year the tennis dads went at it, usually the fathers of teenage girls who had been ranked one or two in the younger age divisions and who were maybe not going to go on to ...


Author: Anne Lamott

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307806734

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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With the same brilliant combination of humor and warmth that marked Operating Instructions and Bird by Bird, her two bestselling works of nonfiction, Anne Lamott now gives us an exuberant richly absorbing portrait of a family for whom the joys and sorrows of everyday life are magnified under the glare of the unexpected. The Fergusons make their home in a small California town where life is supposed to resemble paradise, but for thirteen-year-old Rosie (last seen in Lamott's beloved novel Rosie), reality is a bit harsher. Her mother, a recovering alcoholic, is still beset by grief over the early death of her first husband. Rosie's stepfather is a struggling writer plagued by doubts and hilarious paranoia. And Rosie, aching in the bloom of young womanhood and obsessed with tournament tennis, finds that her athletic gifts, initially a source of triumph, now place her in peril, as a shadowy man who stalks her from the bleachers seems to be developing an obsession of his own. Written with enormous emotional honesty, inhabited by superbly realized characters, riotously funny and wonderfully suspenseful, Crooked Little Heart is Anne Lamott writing at the height of her considerable powers.

Double Lives

The other halftime he lives with his two dads. ... Hoda only lived in one home with one mom and one dad. Her mother wasn't a writer ... Alas, my sweet little boy became a teenager seven months ago, and so nothing is predictable anymore.


Author: Shannon Cowan

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773577503

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Writing is intellectual, solitary work, and mothering too often seen as its antithesis. Marni Jackson's The Mother Zone, published in 1992, gave many readers their first insights into the life of a mother/writer. Yet despite having writers such as Adrienne Rich, Alice Munro, Tillie Olsen and Margaret Laurence to guide and inspire them, mothers who are writers still often feel overwhelmed - even in the 21st century, a writer new to mothering may wonder if she will ever write again. In Double Lives, the first Canadian literary anthology focusing on mothering and writing, twenty-two writers, who range in reputation from seasoned professionals to noteworthy new talents, reveal the intimate challenges and private rewards of nurturing children while pursuing the passion to write. Varying widely in age, marital status, sexual orientation, culture/ethnicity, and philosophical stance, authors such as Di Brandt, Stephanie Bolster, Linda Spalding, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Sharron Proulx-Turner, Sally Ito Rachel Rose and Susan Olding, make significant and illuminating contributions to our understanding of how writer and mother co-exist.

North Expose Sherlock Castle Breaking Bad Croc Dundee Undercover Brother Caddyshack Teen Wolf Gravity

Jowl fidgets and jumps up after one minute. ... “Ask him to dinner,” says One Who Waits For Ned To Man Up. Dad says his name is Frug Gerbil. ... Double Bubble bursts in on Merge and says, “I don't care if you killed those two guys.


Author: Jim Fenn


ISBN: 9781312071124

Category: Humor

Page: 76

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Join the hilarious adventures of Sheer Luck Homes and Dr. What's Up; mystery writer Ditch Hassle and his muse, Detective cat Bucket; Water "Uncertainty Principle" White, the Breakfast Bad drug dealer and his sidekick, Pinkeye; Muck Dumb Dumb and Sue E. Pig; Tighty Whitey and Secretly Black; Canny Nooner and Tide Wet of the Bushed Wood County Club; Spot Howler and Stales; Rainy Rock and Kowalski of Vanishing Point, make that 'Gravity, It's the Law.'

Teen Tips

Kathy Hamm, Apopka, Florida Parent-Teen Dates The importance of one-on-one time with a child cannot be overempasized. ... Denise Rounds, Tulsa, Oklahoma Dad, Daughter Double Date • A few months ago, I was talking with the father of my ...


Author: Tom McMahon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743474368

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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A thoroughly revised guide to raising happy and healthy teens explains how parents can keep order while encouraging independence, know when to back off, nurture self-reliance, become positive role models, and recognize warning signs of potential problems. Original.

What s Happening to My Teen

God gave us two ears and one mouth because He wanted us to listen twice as much as we talk (okay, not really, ... Ask your teen. Dad, if moms are usually guilty of talking too much, you're usually guilty of not listening.


Author: Mark Gregston

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736931885



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My Dad s Diary Part Two To The Bitter End

On a high note, Dad and his Cousin had a double wedding at the White Chapel one-year later. ... My Cousins Rachel and Daniel were born two years apart. It just so happened that once we reached our teens we all grew apart.


Author: Clive Hoad


ISBN: 9781446706435



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The Girl Who Became a Beatle

On that appointed day, Dad would rent two movies, and he and Mom and me would settle in for a double feature. ... the Colonial and Echo, mainly for the movies but also because it was one of the few times his entire family was together.


Author: Greg Taylor

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

ISBN: 9781429928779

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 288

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She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! When Regina Bloomsbury's band, the Caverns, breaks up, she thinks it's all over. And then she makes a wish—"I wish I could be as famous as the Beatles." The Beatles are her music idols. The next day, she gets up to find that the Caverns are not just as famous as the Beatles, they have replaced them in history! Regina is living like a rock star, and loving it. There are talk shows, music videos, and live concerts with thousands of screaming fans. And Regina is the star of it all. But fame is getting the better of Regina, and she has a decision to make. Does she want to replace the Beatles forever? Greg Taylor's The Girl Who Became a Beatle is a rocking young adult novel about the good and the bad of Hollywood, fame, and rock 'n roll.