Doubting Vision

Having identified and extricated these confusions, Turvey builds on the work of Epstein, Vertov, Balazs, and Kracauer as well as contemporary philosophers of film to clarify some legitimate senses in which the cinema is a revelatory art ...


Author: Malcolm Turvey

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195320978

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The film theories of Jean Epstein, Dziga Vertov, B�la Bal�zs, and Siegfried Kracauer have long been studied separately from each other. In Doubting Vision, film scholar Malcolm Turvey argues that their work constitutes a distinct, hitherto neglected tradition, which he calls revelationism, and which differs in important ways from modernism and realism. For these four theorists and filmmakers, the cinema is an art of mass enlightenment because it escapes the limits of human sight and reveals the true nature of reality. Turvey provides a detailed exegesis of this tradition, pointing to its sources in Romanticism, the philosophy of Henri Bergson, modern science, and other intellectual currents. He also shows how profoundly it has influenced contemporary film theory by examining the work of psychoanalytical-semiotic theorists of the 1970s, Stanley Cavell, the modern-day followers of Kracauer and Walter Benjamin, and Gilles Deleuze. Throughout, Turvey offers a trenchant critique of revelationism and its descendants. Combining the close analysis of theoretical texts with the philosophical method of conceptual clarification pioneered by the later Wittgenstein, he shows how the arguments theorists and filmmakers have made about human vision and the cinema's revelatory powers often traffic in conceptual confusion. Having identified and extricated these confusions, Turvey builds on the work of Epstein, Vertov, Balazs, and Kracauer as well as contemporary philosophers of film to clarify some legitimate senses in which the cinema is a revelatory art using examples from the films of filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock and Jacques Tati.

Mystics Quarterly

TABLE 1 : Recurring Mystical Vocabulary in the Visions , the Letters , and Poems
17-29 of the Mengeldicten 1. ... 22 , 28 ; Poem 18 27. toeuerlaet ( refuge ) : Vision
12 ; Letter 2 ; Poem 26 28. twiuelende ( doubting ) : Vision 8 , Letter 2 , 22 ...




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The Bible does not condemn all over us , or doubted our confidence in your and
every pleasure not spiritual ; nor yet word . ” does it say we ... Please do not lose
sight of that pleased ; your sober , thoughtful words word more . ' The fact of the ...




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My point is that we this shows up as a res income is more equally have good
analytic reasons for pectable or even spectacu distributed then , since the
doubting whether such a lar growth rate . In a situ poor are so many and the
process ...




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World Vision Magazine

Editorial view I do not doubt the Holy Trinity , or the Church , or the Bible . I do not
doubt that the ... Still and all , I have doubts . my What I doubt is the neatness of
any formula by means of which we may try to draw the line . There is here , of ...




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The Vision in God

Nor do the volumes of the Euvres complètes de Malebranche that have so far
appeared suggest any reasons for doubting the traditional view . If it seems vain
to challenge so well - established a tradition , all the more must it appear so when


Author: Desmond Connell

Publisher: Louvain : Editions Nauwelaerts ; Paris : Beatrice-Nauwelaerts

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The Visual Nature of Color

The reasoning is by analogy with touch , untempered by what we learn from
vision . Touch teaches that ... If William Blake said he saw an angel in a tree , we
hazard more in doubting the vision than in doubting that angels exist . No person
is ...


Author: Patricia Sloane

Publisher: Tab Books

ISBN: WISC:89037946951

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Discusses color and language, light, form, culture, and theory, and reexamines assumptions concerning color

Transforming Vision

Moreover , the view that doubt can only be terminated by will is contrasted with
the ' stupid opinion that one doubts by way of necessity ' ( p . 82 ) . The crucial
thing at stake , then , in the references to willing seems to be the freedom of both


Author: M. Jamie Ferreira

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

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The metaphor of a "leap of faith" is probably the element most widely recognized as a distinctive characteristic of a "Kierkegaardian" account of the transition to religious faith. Both in popular and scholarly circles this "leap" has usually been understood in terms of an act of will-power. Challenging such a volitionalist view, as well as some current alternatives to it which see instead only an ineffable "miracle" of grace, Ferreira argues that Kierkegaard's striking appreciation of a variety of roles of imagination supports a reconceptualization of the "leap" or "decision" in terms of a reorienting shift in perspective, an imaginative revisioning. Exploring the relation between passion and paradox in several of Kierkegaard's accounts of selfhood, and developing an account of transitional choice in which imagination is a constitutive element, Ferreira elaborates an understanding of the faith-transition in terms of such imaginative activities as "suspension," "synthesis," and "engagement." The analysis of imaginative activity in these ethical and religious transitions has, moreover, implications which go beyond Kierkegaard scholarship, for it bears importantly not only on other "conversion" accounts, but also on the question of transitions to alternative or incommensurable conceptual frameworks in general.

The Sceptical Vision of Moli re

511 - 12 ) Sosie has finally been brought to the stage where he goes beyond
doubting his own identity . He must rationally and formally concede that Mercure
is Sosie ( or appears to be , that is , for throughout the scene Sosie rigorously
limits ...


Author: Robert McBride

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A Real World Doubting Mind

Each of the first two lines depicts a carefully controlled expansion of vision . The
process of a gradual widening of perspective , suggested by the participle '
stretching ' , achieves a fullness of range with the main verb ' opens wide ' ; and
the ...


Author: Tim Chilcott


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Category: Belief and doubt in literature.

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Neil M Gunn and Lewis Grassic Gibbon

But there is more ; for so distanced is Gibbon from his creation that the sardonic
and doubting vision is there too , in Kleon , the Greek intellectual , a permanent
reminder of ' the Horror ' with his castrated body and warped , coldly - amused ...


Author: Douglas Gifford


ISBN: 0050031988

Category: English fiction

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The Universal Vision of Saint Ramalinga

I have no doubt , uncertainty or confusion whatsoever about this . I have a firm
belief in that state . That great state about which the elders of our land
emphasised so single - heartedly , is now confirmed by many scholars abroad .
The findings ...


Author: Ma. Po Civañān̲am


ISBN: UVA:X001632964

Category: Hindus

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On the philosophy of Swami Ramalinga, 1823-1874, Tamil religious poet and founder of the Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga, syncretic religious movement in Tamil Nadu.

Ambrose s Vision

Which does the doubting Thomas doubt the more , the reality in stone or the
vision on paper ? The vision in stone or the reality on paper ? And Ambrose
laughed - a young man ' s chuckle - and Veronica laughed , a little put out by his
laugh ...


Author: Giles Gordon


ISBN: UOM:39015003687806

Category: Fiction in English

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The Poetics of knowing in Anglo Saxon Visions

The doubt serves to bring about the greater miracle , which showed Gregory
more . Doubt can thus invite the appearance of a more powerful medium of
producing a message . Similarly , the opposition of words and vision in the
healing of the ...


Author: John Patrick Murray


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The Vision of Hell Infernal Journeys in Medieval French Literature

One can hardly doubt that he believed himself in the truth of the pious stories he
recounted ; and it was in all sincerity that he reproved those who do not credit the
“ abovementioned visions , revelations and examples ” . 19 There is no doubting


Author: Douglas David Roy Owen


ISBN: UOM:39015000665797

Category: Civilization, Medieval, in literature

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American Imago

3 In principle , any kind of thinking could have sufficed as well as doubting for
showing that we exist ; for the “ I think , therefore I am , " as Descartes insisted
was no syllogistic argument , but a “ simple act of mental vision , ” and this simple
act ...




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Studies in psychoanalysis and culture.

Messages Miracles Visions and Dreams

The book starts with the development of a generation ship that takes the remaining survivors to Earth were they find that they cannot survive long on Earth without some form of genetic reengineering.


Author: Jennifer Pachan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781403365187

Category: Religion

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Unions End is a book about the beginning and the end of an advanced civilization that seeded Earth millions of years ago in an effort for their own race to survive. The book starts with the development of a generation ship that takes the remaining survivors to Earth were they find that they cannot survive long on Earth without some form of genetic reengineering. The attempts eventually lead to the human race and now the race is on for the survival of the human race. Mankind's safety and continued existence is left in the hands of one man. He finds that he will not be able to save everyone and does what he can to save as many people as possible. Through a series of events Earl Donahee finds that he is the only one able to take control of a Generation ship, built millions of years earlier, that holds a power so strong that it could destroy the entire solar system in the blink of an eye. The water that is needed to prevent the disaster is so close and abundant on Earth but getting it to where he needs it will take too much time using conventional ships that it seems there is little hope of success until Sam steps in with a plan that works. Only after the local danger is over, Earl finds out about an outside danger that had never been thought possible or even considered a danger. The massive singularity is returning to destroy the human race again and there is only one option for him to take, one that will lead him into controversy and lead the human race on an adventure some can only dream about.

Vision and Mission of Education in Nigeria

There is no doubting the fact that the Nigerian nation is in great need of economic
and technological development. There is equally no doubting the fact that gifted
individuals, when given appropriate education and nurturant opportunities, are ...




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International Record of Medicine and General Practice Clinics

In a case coinbining these two conditions it is safe to assume that binocular
vision was not maintained , and direct Proceedings of Societies . proof would be
required to show that it was maintained . In this case we are left in no doubt in this


Author: Frank Pierce Foster


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