Down to Earth Dressage

This enormously popular book for riders at every level, makes dressage training accessible with step-by-step guides for improving pace, riding movements and competing.


Author: Carl Hester

Publisher: Kenilworth Press

ISBN: 1872119204

Category: Pets

Page: 112

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This enormously popular book for riders at every level, makes dressage training accessible with step-by-step guides for improving pace, riding movements and competing.

Making it Happen

I was also working on my first book with Bernie, Down to Earth Dressage, which was born out of a whole series of articles we'd done for Horse and Rider, ...


Author: Carl Hester

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409147695

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Carl Hester is one of the greatest ever equestrians, leading Great Britain to Gold Medal victory at the London 2012 Olympics. In these vibrant memoirs, he tells the incredible story of the passion for horse-riding which revolutionised his life and made him the champion he is today. Carl grew up on the remote Channel Island of Sark, moving to the UK mainland at the age of 16 to work with horses, mainly as a way to leave home. He could never have predicted what a great affinity he would have for dressage. Carl's career enjoyed a stratospheric rise as he progressed from working as a groom/rider to riding international dressage horses full time for renowned owners Dr and Mrs Bechtolsheimer, to training his own horses, and other top riders, to international success. Carl's early career revealed someone capable of monumental achievements. He provides a rare insight into both the people and the horses that drove him to victory, initially the skewbald mare Jolly Dolly on which he won the 1985 Young Riders Dressage Championship. During the early 1990s he rode in the World Championships, the European Championships and the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, becoming Great Britain's youngest ever rider to compete in the Games. His riding skills have increased with age, culminating in the hugely successful years as part of the Gold Medal teams that won the 2011 European Dressage Championships and, of course, that made history at London 2012. He achieved both feats on the same extraordinary horse, Uthopia, while as a trainer he produced the even more remarkable combination of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. A first-class sportsman and a witty and engaging writer, Carl now offers his admirers the opportunity to read an intelligent, humorous and, above all, inspiring account of his life - from the ups and downs of his career to the motivations and techniques which have helped him to win 66 national titles, represent Team GB at four Olympic Games, two World Championships and seven European Championships, and become one of the best riders - and horsemen - in the world.

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension

... sit up tall (“stretching his/her branches toward the sun”) and keep the legs long (“stretching his/her roots down into the earth”), like a spruce tree.


Author: Sherry Ackerman

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317289

Category: Pets

Page: 152

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Dressage is often seen as the most formal and controlled of the equine sports, following an ancient, standardized training progression. For philosopher and dressage instructor Dr. Sherry Ackerman, dressage is much more. It — along with riding in general — can be a transformational art and an avenue for reflection, exploration, and self-knowledge through which a rider can experience liberation from the individual, egoistic self. This second, revised edition of Dressage in the Fourth Dimension is a pioneer work in awakening “dressage consciousness.” Drawing on such diverse sources as sacred geometry, ancient Western and Eastern philosophies, and esoteric spirituality, Ackerman seeks to heal humanity’s alienation from nature through riding. She points us toward the liberation from societal conditioning and normative thinking, and, ultimately, from our own egos. Her concept of the fourth dimension requires us to leave the analytic, objective mind behind and enter into the mystery of inspiration. A short, unique, thought-provoking work that has enjoyed a word-of-mouth reputation among horse people for years, Dressage in the Fourth Dimension will challenge riders’ assumptions about their horses and themselves.

The Beginning Dressage Book

The Beginning Dressage Book grew out of the real-life experience of Kathryn Denby-Wrightson, a professional trainer, teacher and judge, and Joan Fry, a backyard horse owner who sought to make riding a more rewarding experience for herself ...


Author: Kathryn Denby-Wrightson

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 1592280404

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 260

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The Beginning Dressage Book grew out of the real-life experience of Kathryn Denby-Wrightson, a professional trainer, teacher and judge, and Joan Fry, a backyard horse owner who sought to make riding a more rewarding experience for herself and her mount. That's what dressage is all about. It's a method of training that develops the horse's natural abilities--the way it moves and balances itself--so that it will seat his rider comfortably at any gait and is easily controlled under any circumstances. Anyone who can ride can ride dressage, and any type of horse will benefit from dressage. With the help of this practical, down-to-earth handbook you will be able to develop your own riding skills and reeducate your horse into a smooth, relaxed, responsive horse who is a joy to ride. And you can do it easily and inexpensively in your own backyard.

The Beginning Dressage Book

Anyone who can ride can ride dressage , and any type of horse will benefit from
dressage . With the help of this practical , down - to - earth handbook you will be
able to develop your own riding skills and reeducate your horse into a smooth ...


Author: Kathryn Denby-Wrightson

Publisher: New York : Arco Pub.

ISBN: 0668049693

Category: Dressage.

Page: 236

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Shows how to teach a horse to walk, trot, and canter properly, demonstrates basic riding skills, and explains how to master more advanced riding techniques

You Only Live Once

... Polly seemed like such a nice couple. both down-to-earth. both really friendly. ... I am a very good rider but dressage is such a specialised sport that ...


Author: Katie Price

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407088631

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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Break-ups, marriage and moving on. The last two and a half years of Katie Price's life have been anything but quiet. And yet through it all, while her private life continues to be played out on the front pages of the tabloids, Katie has always stuck to what she does best - combining a successful career with the two biggest loves of her life: her three beautiful children and her horses. In this, the latest dazzling instalment of her autobiography, Katie reveals the many highs and lows of the past few years, the challenges she has overcome, and the exhilaration of trying new things. Throughout a highly publicised divorce, her return to the I'm A Celebrity jungle, and her romantic Las Vegas wedding to Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid, Katie has always managed to make the most of every minute. From the woman who always speaks her mind, You Only Live Once gives her devoted and loyal fans the truth behind the headlines, as once again Katie's unflappable nature, humour and incredible determination allow her to set the record straight and tell her side of this rollercoaster story.

Golden Horse

Son of Galway and Cloud had an advantage because they had done dressage ... But, enough of dreams, we had a job to do so we better come back down to earth.


Author: Anne Rogers

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326052287

Category: Fiction

Page: 42

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This is the life story of a horse who despite all the odds being against her became a champion. This book will appeal to children and adults who love horses and horse sports. Some of this story is based on fact, therefore the names of people and horses have been changed to protect their identities. Some place names have also been changed. This book is also available as a print version

Serials Currently Received by the National Agricultural Library 1975

Dorset Down Sheep Breeders ' Association ( 45.9 D733 ) Down to earth ( 381 075 ) DRAFT ... Technische Universitat ( 509 D81 ) DRESSAGE Dressage ( SF309.5.07 ) ...


Author: National Agricultural Library (U.S.)


ISBN: UOM:39015070533099

Category: Agriculture

Page: 1333

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Serials Currently Received by the National Agricultural Library 1974

Dorset Down Sheep Breeders ' Association ( 45.9 0733 ) Down to earth ( 381 075 ) DRAFT ... Technische Universitat ( 509 D81 ) DRESSAGE Dressage ( SF309.5.07 ) ...


Author: National Agricultural Library (U.S.)


ISBN: UIUC:30112024882752

Category: Agriculture

Page: 1215

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Then I remembered Kai and was brought down to earth again: I was upset with ... feeling of becoming 'one' with the horse during a dressage routine—the flow ...


Author: Quincy Moore

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456891886

Category: Fiction

Page: 166

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When Elissa Lang discovers the body of an unidentified woman, she believes to be a patient in the hospital where she has just finished a shift, she can not foresee the chain of events she sets in motion. Feeling that her world is slowly falling apart, being victimised by the press, surviving an arson attack and finding out her son has been kidnapped, she is aided by DCI Joe Milton. As the pieces of the puzzle finally seem to come together, Joe faces the task to try and get Elissa's son back to her safely.

The USDF Guide to Dressage

If you constantly feel yourself reaching for your stirrups or cannot ride with your toes up and heels down without losing your irons, then try shortening ...


Author: Jennifer O. Bryant

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781612122748

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

View: 936

Whatever your primary equestrian discipline, dressage is an ideal way for you to increase your riding awareness and enhance your relationship with your horse. Providing an overview of basic techniques and a series of helpful training exercises, Jennifer O. Bryant stresses the tenets of harmonious communication between horse and rider as she guides you through the graceful movements of dressage. With suggestions on how to find qualified instructors and information on necessary equipment, this comprehensive guide will inspire you to explore this exciting and rewarding world.

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The Secret World of Shlomo Fine

... other from plummeting down to earth. My mother took me and John to watch the show jumping and dressage at the Trade Fair in the Bulawayo Show Grounds.


Author: Smythe, K.M.R.

Publisher: AmaGugu Publishers

ISBN: 9780797491359

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 182

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K.M.R Smythe grew up in Rhodesia Her family lived in the grounds of Ingutsheni Mental Hospital in Bulawayo from 1953-1971 where her father worked as a psychiatrist. As a child she grappled with many frightening situations and found strength and self-belief by becoming a successful tennis player. The Secret World of Shlomo Fine is an exploration of concealment and prejudice on many different levels. It is a story about an isolated and isolating experience inside one of the largest lunatic asylums built during British colonial rule in Africa. The book raises questions about the role that psychiatry holds in the Western imagination as accepted wisdom for healing human distress. What took place at Ingutsheni - first under British colonial rule, followed by UDI and the leadership of Ian Smith - needs to be more widely known. Similar institutions were built throughout the Empire, and many still exist throughout the world.

The Book of Royal Useless Information

... (1984); Down to Earth (1988); Survival or Extinction: A Christian Attitude to the Environment (1989); Driving and Judging Dressage (1996); and 30 Years ...


Author: Noel BothaM & Bruce Montague

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781857827255

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

View: 466

Continuing the sensational success of the Useless Information Series, the Official Useless Information Society brings you another essential compendium of everything you never needed but always wanted to know. A celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee this amazing volume contains all things royal such as: The popular misconception that the royal family cannot vote in political elections. It is only the Queen, herself, who is not allowed to vote. Other members of the family merely choose not to; • The Queen learned to drive in 1945 when she joined the wartime army but has never held a driving license; On the occasion of the Duke of Edinburgh's birthday, a Royal gun salute is fired, and the Union Jack is flown on government buildings from 8am until sunset; Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles's uncle, tried to arrange a betrothal between his own grand-daughter, Amanda Knatchbull and Charles. Amanda's father and Prince Philip did not approve and put a stop to it; Harry has two secretaries to handle his fan-mail, which invariably comes from teenage girls asking him for a date. Hopefuls should be made aware that no royal contender may be adopted, divorced, Catholic or born of unmarried parents. In Tudor times Catholics were forbidden from living within 10 miles of the throne.

When Two Spines Align Dressage Dynamics

... her use her saddle as a frame of reference instead of grounding to the earth. ... Your knee falls down by virtue of gravity and supports you so you can ...


Author: Beth Baumert

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 9781570767739

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 248

View: 324

Within riding exists a fundamental conflict of interest: The rider needs to have control—her confidence depends on her ability to control the balance of her own body as well as that of her very powerful horse. The horse, by nature, needs to feel free—free in both mind and body to express himself through movement. In When Two Spines Align, author Beth Baumert, writer and editor at the equestrian magazine Dressage Today, resolves the freedom-control enigma by taking a close look at the individual components that make up riding and dressage and providing practical ways riders can learn to harness the balance, energies, and forces at play. Readers will discover how to use “positive tension” and their body’s “power lines” to become balanced and effective in the saddle. They will then find ways to understand and manage the horse's balance and “coordination challenges.” Ultimately, the rider learns to regulate and monitor the horse's rhythm, energy, flexion, alignment, bend, and line of travel by properly aligning her spine with his. When the center of gravity of a balanced rider is over the center of gravity of a balanced horse, that place where two spines align becomes the hub for rider and horse harmony.

Four Legs Move My Soul

The Authorized Biography of Dressage Olympian Isabell Werth Isabell Werth, ... It has always kept its down-to-earth attitude and its roots in tradition.


Author: Isabell Werth

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 9781570769634

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 280

View: 455

An illuminating look at the story behind the success of one of the best dressage riders in the world. German Olympian Isabell Werth has six Olympic gold medals and scores of championship titles to her name—there are few her equal on paper. But an equestrian’s success is wholly dependent on the relationship she has with her athletic partner―her horse―and Werth’s astounding accomplishments would not have been possible without her unique approach to working with the animals she’s loved since childhood. Even as a little girl, growing up on a farm on the Lower Rhine, it was clear that Werth possessed an extraordinary gift for empathizing with horses and foreseeing how they were likely to react in certain situations. This insight gave her a special ability as a rider and trainer. Here, Werth collaborates with accomplished sports journalist Evi Simeoni―someone who has witnessed and written about her career from the very beginning―to tell her life story. Readers will get the inside scoop when it comes to Werth’s accomplishments―and her failures, too. They’ll hear her personal thoughts regarding some of the biggest controversies to rock the dressage world: Rollkur and Totilas. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll learn about each of the sensitive and talented horses that has impacted Werth’s life, including Gigolo, Satchmo, and Bella Rose. There is a meme that is popular in the riding community that says, “Two legs move our body, four legs move our soul.” It is this sentiment that Werth feels perhaps best defines her.

Foucault and Animals

... Their Own Terms: Bringing AnimalRights Philosophy Down to Earth (Darien, ... War: Classical Versus “Modern” Dressage: Why Classical Training Works and ...


Author: Matthew Chrulew

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004332232

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

View: 991

Foucault and Animals is the first collection to explore the relevance of Foucault’s thought for the animal question. Chrulew and Wadiwel bring together essays that open up his influential range of concepts and methods to new domains of human-animal relations.

Brazen Horse

I kept Jazz around the dressage arenas so that I would know when it was my turn
. His long stride felt impressively ... of the long , dressage length stirrups . When
we came back down to earth I kicked Jazz hard to show him my displeasure .


Author: Isolde Pullum

Publisher: PONY

ISBN: 1933343303

Category: Horses

Page: 152

View: 157

When Paula's mare, Bella is attacked in her stable, Paula wonders if she'll ever have the heart to ride again. Then along comes a horse who truly needs her-Jazz, an unruly, unschooled, but very talented youngster. Paula falls in love!

Dressage Q A with Janet Foy

... suspension in his gait because that suspension would slow the horse down. ... to go forward may cover ground, but this energy will be very earthbound.


Author: Janet Foy

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 9781570767791

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 152

View: 756

USEF "S" and FEI 4* Dressage Judge Janet Foy issued an invitation to the dressage population: “Ask me your toughest dressage questions; ask me about the things about riding, training, and competing that you just don’t understand; or, just ask me the questions you’re always afraid to ask because you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re doing!” The result was an outpouring of queries, from riders at every level, and from both those who just ride for fun as well as those who show. Foy has earned a dedicated following over many years teaching popular clinics alongside US Olympians Steffen Peters and Debbie McDonald, and her vast knowledge of the sport of dressage and trademark sense of humor propelled her first book Dressage for the Not-So-Perfect Horse to bestseller status. Now, for her eagerly awaited follow-up, she’s responded to the hundreds of dressage questions she’s received in an easy-to-engage-with Q-and-A format. Readers find no-nonsense answers to everything from understanding how horses learn the movements to really “getting” the importance of the outside rein to gaining coordination and achieving “throughness.” As always, Foy’s enthusiasm emanates from her words, and her drive to provide solid understanding is underscored by her insistence that riding dressage is, above all, fun.