Dragon Moon

He'd gotten a bit too close to the visitor during the Dragon Moon a few years back and had paid the price. Nya had lost her concentration as her mind went to the Dragon Moon, which allowed Gavin the few seconds he needed to sneak up on ...


Author: ID Johnson

Publisher: ID Johnson


Category: Fiction


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Find the jewel, save the kingdom--and the dragons. Princess Nya Gould fears the Dragon Moon, the night each year when one young person in their kingdom is sacrificed to a dragon to keep him from destroying their lands. When it is her friend who is taken, she creates a plan to get him back. But when Nya discovers the dragon isn't feasting on the sacrifices and is actually using them to retrieve a missing jewel, one that can save his kind and restore his kingdom, she is torn between helping him and using this knowledge to the advantage of her own kingdom. It doesn't make things easier when she finds herself attracted to the dragon shifter when he's in his human form. Slate is a sexy beast of a man, with dark smoldering eyes and rippling muscles. Can he see her as anything more than the annoying, spoiled human princess who has infiltrated his lair? As Nya and Slate work together to find the jewel, their relationship grows, and Nya is left with a choice: Find the jewel and save the kingdom--or the dragon?

Dragon s Moon

Lucy Monroe. Berkley Sensation titles by Lucy Monroe TOUCH ME TEMPT ME TAKE ME Children of the Moon Novels MOON AWAKENING MOON CRAVING MOON BURNING DRAGON'S MOON Dragon's Moon ACHILDREN OF THE MOON NOVEL Lucy Monroe BERKLEY.


Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101581469

Category: Fiction

Page: 399

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Bestselling author Lucy Monroe returns to her “stunningly sexy” (Joyfully Reviewed) paranormal world where the fate of the Chrechte people rests with one woman and her sworn enemy… When Eirik, the only living dragon shifter, and prince of the Ean, killed her brother, Ciara was left alone to face her prophetic dreams. Now, in order to find the wolves’ sacred stone and save all the Chrechte from destruction, she needs her rival’s help. Eirik was only protecting the children of his people, but that day in the forest left a mark on him as well. Controlling his dragon’s fire is the most difficult thing he’s ever done—until he and Ciara are forced to face not only their shared tumultuous past, but a hallowed bond stronger than they realize. As avowed adversaries and predestined mates, their quest ushers them into a world of great danger, and a passion hotter than the dragon’s fire.

Dragon Moon

A full moon hangs low in the sky, a silver halo of reflected light around it. “It's a wonderful night to ... Our kind, the People of the Blood, call it Dwyla's Moon — though my mother always insisted on calling it a Dragon Moon.” “Why?


Author: Alan F. Troop

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101498224

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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A secret race as old as time, they have inspired our greatest legends, our grimmest fairy tales, and our grandest nightmares. Changelings by day and slayers at dark, they call themselves People of the Blood. Mankind calls them Dragons. One has stepped forward to tell his story. Four long, lonely years have passed since the murder of Peter DelaSangre’s beloved wife. Although he is devoted to caring for their young son, Peter longs for a mate, someone to fill the void left by his wife’s death. But only one female can satisfy his deepest desire: Chloe Blood, the younger sister of his dead wife. Intending to claim her as his bride, Peter travels to the wilds of Jamaica and settles into a lush jungle estate, where he plans to bide his time until Chloe comes of age. But there are those who do not take kindly to Peter’s arrival. And they will stop at nothing to make sure that Peter never leaves Jamaica alive.

In the Time of Dragon Moon

“There are three times of heightened power: at the new moon's birth, at its fullness, and on the night of its death. ... He named a few animal moons, repeating them as if to keep them in his mind; last he whispered, “Dragon Moon,” ...


Author: Janet Lee Carey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101593851

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 480

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A rich medieval fantasy novel from an author whose work has been called “TRULY ORIGINAL . . . FANTASY AT ITS BEST.” A perfectly crafted combination of medieval history, mythology, and fantasy, set on Wilde Island, featuring Uma Quarteney--a half Euit and half English girl, who has never been fully accepted by her Euit tribe--and Jackrun Pendragon--a fiery dragonrider with dragon, fairy, and human blood. On the southernmost tip of Wilde Island--far from the Dragonswood sanctuary and the Pendragon Castle--live the native Euit people. Uma wants to become a healer like her Euit father. But the mad English queen in the north, desperate for another child, kidnaps Uma and her father and demands that he cure her barrenness. After her father dies, Uma must ensure that the queen is with child by the time of the Dragon Moon, or be burned at the stake. Terrified and alone, Uma reaches out to her only possible ally: the king's nephew Jackrun, a fiery dragonrider with dragon, fairy, and human blood. Together, they must navigate through a sea of untold secrets, unveil a dark plot spawned long ago in Dragonswood, and find a way to accept all the elements--Euit, English, dragon, and fairy--that make them who they are.


With the beaker broken the smoke dispersed and disappeared into the storm; the storm broke, the rain stopped, the clouds thinned and dispersed. Letting the pale light of Dragon's Moon shine down on the valley.


Author: RFL. BURNS

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490732329

Category: Fiction

Page: 217

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A time of knights and magic, elves and humans, good and evil. The races of Nennetta must come together to save their land and their lives no matter what their differences are. The Dark Lord Jerrak has returned to take his revenge on those who had banished him. A group of friends are drawn into the battle and now must get the races to join together to defeat Jerrak and his minions.

Rise of the Dragon Moon

“From that day forward, Father Moon had a second name—the Dragon Moon. For when he rises, they wake, and the people must hide away under the ledge of stone. And when the dragons return from their travels and settle themselves in the ...


Author: Gabrielle K. Byrne

Publisher: Imprint

ISBN: 9781250195562

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

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The princess of a frozen queendom fights to free her mother from the clutches of terrifying dragons in Rise of the Dragon Moon, a middle grade fantasy debut from Gabrielle K. Byrne. Princess Toli may be heir to the throne, but she longs to be a fierce hunter and warrior. Alone in a frozen world, her queendom is at the mercy of the dragons that killed her father, and Toli is certain it’s only a matter of time before they come back to destroy what’s left of her family. When the dragons rise and seize her mother, Toli will do anything to save her—even trust a young dragon who may be the only key to the Queen's release. With her sister and best friend at her side, Toli makes the treacherous journey across the vast ice barrens to Dragon Mountain, where long-held secrets await. Bear-cats are on their trail, and dragons stalk them, but the greatest danger might be a mystery buried in Toli’s past. An Imprint Book "Enthralling, masterful storytelling—a perfect blend of adventure and coming-of-age, and deliciously scary in parts. My head is still filled with glorious dragons."—Karen Foxlee, author of Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy "The dragons...seethe and swirl off the pages. Fans of Erin Hunter’s “Warriors” series will enjoy." —School Library Journal A Junior Library Guild Selection


Dragon Moon (Part II) In sky dark It was a Dragon Moon Glowing bright For Dragonspark It rose magnificently In the silence Dragon Moon Dragon night When all was still The beating of wings Was heard Across the Moon In sky dark For, ...


Author: Matthew R Brackley

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781326544089

Category: Fiction

Page: 78

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The beautiful story, told in verse of a young dragon called Dragonspark. How he finds his way after falling from the sky.His connection to nature and love.A story of what is right and what values you should hold.A sense of wonderment and that knowledge is the true wealth that you can hold. love is forever.Matthew.B

Dragon s Tear

Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book Three M. J. Allaire. tipped his head downward into his paws as he tried to hide it. "The moon," Micah continued. "Is it always that color?" "Oh, that," Ragoo answered, but before he could respond ...


Author: M. J. Allaire

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434364319

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

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In the sequel to "The Prisoner," we find ourselves traveling with the boys from Uncava. Nicho and Micah, reunited in the Yarnie village, are instructed by Katielda to head east as they continue their search for the missing girls. Unbeknownst to them, they are also on their way to answering very important questions in an adventure of a lifetime. In the beginning of their journey they speak to Boheall, an ancient and mysterious creature who first tells them a story then instructs them to go to the Dryas Forest where they must locate another creature named Teresia. It is she who will guide them safely to the edge of the large body of water that is home to the Castle of Tears. They have no way of knowing that they are about to discover an ominously dark and dangerous lake where growling, unseen creatures lurk in the shadows. Once there, the boys both sense how imperative it is for them to find some way across this water as they search for the place where the mysterious blue amulet known in the world of Euqinom as 'Dragon's Tear' is said to be hidden. Will the boys succeed in finding this very special second amulet that has already fallen into an evil sorcerer's hands? And if they are able to find it, will they succeed in retrieving it and return it to the dragons without becoming victims of their own incredible journey? By the time you finish this, the third book in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series, you will be halfway through your own magical adventure! The other books in this series are: "Dragon's Blood: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book One" "The Prisoner: Denicalis Dragon Chronicles - Book Two" Happy reading!


MOON SHADOW . But what that thing ? MISS WHITLAW . It's a dragon . MOON SHADOW . But that shiny man kill it ! MISS WHITLAW . Dragons are wicked beasts . They go around burning towns and kidnapping princesses . They would have destroyed ...


Author: Laurence Yep

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 0822213265

Category: Drama

Page: 56

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In the early twentieth century, a young Chinese boy joins his father in San Francisco and helps him realize his dream of making a flying machine.

Grave robbing Treasure Legend

"Dragon Moon Formation!" I used the Dragon Qi to absorb the secret technique in the bamboo book and shouted loudly. There was a chain tied to the back of the Black Flood Dragon, and it was still struggling. Perhaps it didn't understand ...


Author: Lao NaShiFaHai

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648975653

Category: Fiction


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The first time I stole a tomb, I actually dug out a fairy woman from the Donghan tomb. In order to break free from the shackles of fate, I will head south to the Northern Ocean, west to the Kunlun Mountains, and use an ancient "Heavenly Book" to enter the Netherworld, slay the Black White Spinach, and search for the truth that has been buried by the flood of history! One by one, the mysteries of the buddhist dao from a thousand years ago were revealed.